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12:22 AM
Q: Not enough reputation points to post an answer

Stevin JedI'm an infrequent user of Ask Ubuntu, and have fallen into the same trap a few times now... I see a question I know the answer to, take up to an hour to figure out what I did to solve the problem, compose an answer, post it, only to find out I didn't have enough 'reputation points' to answer the...

1:13 AM
Q: Glob files matching a search pattern and feed as sequential input to python program

user3180I have these directories after "ls": 08-21-resume-numrelblocks3-nqh2-numblocks2-stackonlyFalse-dockimgnegativereward-gpfg-uniformxy 08-22-32-nqh2-alpha-stack1-stack2-numrelblocks3-nqh2-dockimgnegativereward-gpfg-uniformxy-epsgreedyprobaction0.1-stackonlyFalse-SNA-Truemultihead-nonlinearitybefore...

8 hours later…
9:27 AM
Q: Creating bash script for auto-mailfetching and extraction to a specific location

GneissI'm new to bash scripting and I've read tons of manuals for programs like mutt, procmail, ripmime, and such and still have no clue how to this script or even use these programms properly. If someone could help me out with that, that'd be great.

3 hours later…
12:12 PM
Q: How to find ID from an answer on askubuntu

567hzI will know how to find the ID from an answer on askubuntu.com Forum. An example: Here; How can I change my own user ID? I will have the ID answer from 0b0, how to do it?. I ask it because I will ask a Question and to need the ID from 0b0. I to do how mook765 to say, , you'll find the us...

4 hours later…
4:35 PM
@Fabby I think this meta question you asked could benefit others, and I'm inclined to vote to undelete it so it can be answered based on (part of) terdon's comment. What do you think of this? The question was deleted automatically by the system because it had a negative score and no answers (and was not locked). The Community bot doesn't read comments or look at 'status-` meta tags. :)
What you posted about there--actually, a less confusing variant of it, where it was a new month but not a new quarter--has puzzled me in the past. IIRC, I managed to figure out what was going on without too much trouble--but it would've been much easier if I could have found a meta post like that by searching. Anyway, if you happen to agree, I think your own undelete vote (as post author) may be sufficient, due to the way it was deleted. If not, we'd only need one more high-rep undelete voter.
5:20 PM
@EliahKagan I voted to undelete but it's still deleted...
5:40 PM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Yeah, I think Fabby is the only one (besides moderators) who could undelete it with a single vote. I think I recall something about post authors being able to do that one question that were deleted automatically as dead or abandoned.
@EliahKagan OK. Well you or @Fabby can let me know if I need to retract my delete vote or do something else to help.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Unless I'm missing something, this should be undeleted, so your undelete vote is good. Really I should cast one myself, but I'm curious how the system works around this, plus I think Fabby is the most likely user to cast a second or third vote anyway. If I notice a second delete vote has been cast, I'll cast mine rather than wait. (If for some reason it ought to end up deleted in the end--which I don't think is so--then Fabby can redelete it, having never originally deleted it.)
Also, unless there's been a recent change to the system, I don't think delete and undelete votes can be retracted. I wish the system let us do that, but it doesn't seem to.
2 hours later…
8:04 PM
Q: Where can I found the questions I have stared?

Arthur Henrique Della FragaAbove the vote-up and vote-down arrows, we can use the star icon to favorite an question. However, where can I access the list of my stared topics?


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