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5:23 AM
I haz hat.
:) yeah i see
same as me
fresh blood :D
5:46 AM
dupe The accepted answer is just a link to the same duplicate question.
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8:14 AM
@karel duped.
2 hours later…
9:59 AM
Q: Can't connect to SMB shared Storage from Ubuntu 18.04

proless8i have an external hard drive connect to my TP-Link router and shared using USB Share, i am unable to connect to this Share from Ubuntu, i can only see shared volumes but can't gain access. I can connect to it from Windows and even from my Android device using X-plore File Manager. What can i do...

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11:47 AM
Q: HDMI port not detected in Ubuntu 18.04

inespmI have recently bought an hp Zbook 15 G5 where I have installed an Ubuntu 18.04 partition. I want to connect it to a monitor, but if does not work. The HDMI port is not detected at all. This is the output of the xrandr command: xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default Screen 0: ...

12:33 PM
Q: Server can ping host file addresses but cannot others

IdhrennielI'm using dnsmasq in order to create a dns local server. And it is working well. But now i cannot ping, from server, other websites out of hosts file addresses. for instance, i cannot ping google.com but i can ping, which is google.com ip. Do you know what could it be?

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3:35 PM
nothing like renaming important system files to add a dash of adrenaline to the day
4:07 PM
@Zanna Lol. Why do you need to do that?
to test an answer haha
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5:58 PM
Q: ps is not showing all processes

NoshiiiI used the script command immediately after i started the terminal,it started recording my current session but when i used ps command after that it is showing only two processes, one for bash and one for ps itself but it is not showing any process for the script command that is running in the bac...

6:45 PM
Q: Write an login script on Ubuntu

Mousplease help to to write an script in ubuntu The idea is that i need to write the username and the password and the cript tell me who i'm if: username: admin pass: admin the script echo: "you are an admin" if: username: user pass: user the script echo: "you are an user" if: username: anonymous pa...

7:14 PM
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L I just read the above question and felt like writing an answer. Now I'm curious how the U&L guys will perceive that. I mean, the Q was DV'ed 5 times and I'm pretty sure it would have had at least 3 UVs here on AU.
@PerlDuck You know that’s a bot, don’t you? :)
Yes, I actually wanted to refer to that Q and saw the "reply" button. So I clicked it. As in "DON'T PRESS THIS BUTTON".
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Maybe I get a prefabricated letter. Like "Thank you for your request. We'll attend to it."
7:30 PM
Hi @Zanna. Sorry to bother you again with questions about English. Do you know the expression of "Good intentions" or something similar for the new year?
@PerlDuck that’s called a “New Year's resolution”
Ahh, thank you @dessert.
Q: Ubuntu 18.04 netplan configuration for WPA-EAP

cwdBackground I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 server (on a laptop, for development) and am trying to get my wifi configured to work with an WPA-EAP network. To enable Wifi I followed the guide Wifi on Ubuntu 18 server I looked at the Netplan Examples (none with WPA-EAP ) I've read the Netplan Full Docum...

@dessert These online translators sometimes yield weird results and I don't always trust them. In this case it seems right.
7:50 PM
my apologies @PerlDuck, I didn't notice your ping until I got a notification - was writing an answer about vegan infant formula haha
@Zanna No worries. @dessert already helped me.
Hi, I'm kinda stuck here, any halp would be greatly appreaciated! This afternoon I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS on my laptop and suddenly, a Java application that used to take ~30 seconds to start up now takes more than 10 minutes to start up and I can't figure out why that is the case.
I've already tried disabling some powersaving features in the BIOS, such as SpeedStep, but that is not having the desired effect...
Btw, you really don't need to apologize when you don't answer my off-topic questions at once. I'm already satisfied to see that I can ask such questions here.
the phrase "new year's resolution" is indeed so ubiquitous here as to be sickening as soon as christmas has passed, since advertisers are eager to remind us that we have over-indulged and ought to redeem ourselves by buying fad diet books, meal replacement shakes etc...
well, I like being asked :)
Same here. They also show a lot of ads for "Nicorette" (nicotine plasters).
7:56 PM
yeah haha
but now there's vaping, that's where the money is
keep 'em hooked without killing them off too quickly XD
I like living in the country (and not owing a TV), it’s been weeks since I saw an ad (internet excluded).
aaah sweet... for several years I only saw TVs at the gym
now I live with my parents and the TV is always on
but I do appreciate the channel 4 news
Some years ago I made a huge mistake and put the old TV from the living room into my bedroom. Since then I didn't read a book. :-(
8:00 PM
And I loved reading.
you can reverse this...
I used to spend more than 3 hours a day reading books while commuting
now I just read for about an hour when I wake up in the morning
time to wind down a bit, later all!
I commute by car. so that is not an option. if i'd took public transport, i'd spend 2 hrs a day in the tube and be surrounded by strange and sometimes scary people. so I prefer the car. just 1 hr a day and no freaks around.
plus: german public transport isn't that reliable as London's is. Okay, it's more modern, silent, and air conditioned. but if I miss my train I must wait for 30 minutes – not 50 seconds as in London.
8:38 PM
"Since Playonlinux takes care of all the major setup for the GIMP, written by Nathan Osman."

Happy Birthday my fellow Decemberite ;)
9:18 PM
hello all
could somebody assist me with understanding and resolving my queries related to iptables
1 hour later…
10:45 PM
Hi guys. I was wondering if I might be able to get some help upgrading my kernel version?

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on an intel cherry trail compute stick. Current kernel version is 4.10.0-42-generic.

It exhibits issues that I believe are fixed in the 4.15.0-42-generic kernel.

I've run apt-get install --install-recommends linux-image-4.15.0-42-generic, which finds the image and headers correctly, and updates grub.

The new kernels fail to boot, and I have to revert to the currently problematic kernel.
11:10 PM
An update to this, as I am not in front of the devices - I've been told they're booting to BusyBox and showing an initramfs prompt
@nospi Can you post the link to your question on-site?
@Fabby Oh sorry I hadn't asked one yet; I found this chat room directly via google

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