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3:48 AM
Q: How to scan text documents from the command line?

sdsI like the way simple-scan produces small pdf files for text documents. Alas, since I upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 (and still on 18.04), the keys C-1 (scan 1 page) and C-n no longer work, so I have to move the mouse (which is slow), so I am looking for alternatives. Compile pdf file from multiple im...

Q: Ubuntu 18.04 error while installing openjdk-11-jre-headless for updates

gongyuan$sudo apt update $sudo apt list --upgradable Listing... fonts-deva-extra/bionic-updates,bionic-updates 3.0-4ubuntu0.1 all [upgradable from: 3.0-4] gnome-initial-setup/bionic-updates 3.28.0-2ubuntu6.16.04.1 amd64 [upgradable from: 3.28.0-2ubuntu6.1] gstreamer1.0-tools/bionic-updates 1.14.1-...

4 hours later…
7:38 AM
Is crontab @reboot known to have reliability issues?
@deostroll nope.
@Takkat gratz on 100k! 7y8m aint bad for 100k
Quite XD
and @Takkat enjoy the swag :)
Thank you both !!! :)
wrong :=)
@takkat I got an observation
you are the slowest to 100k of the now 100k+ users :X
Ha ha - and worst of all I missed a single day in my consecutives
7:52 AM
@Takkat for shame...
wait, no badge? ;p
no 100k is not a badge. I got a mail for swag when I hit 100k
Platinum badge would be nice ;)
Naw fanatic
no-lifer :=)
Fanatic is too easy to get...
7:55 AM
Lol ya
No-lifer should say Made-the-best-of-their-lifer. 2 minutes/day on AU makes for a good life balance
8:11 AM
I am less than 10k away from 200 >:)
7y2m >:)
@Takkat did you also find that the 1st 50k was easy? :D
8:22 AM
Q: Date of answer earlier than question

sancho.sQuestion Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Network Manager cannot add VPN - greyed out is dated as "asked Apr 9 '17 at 17:52". This answer is dated as "answered Jan 28 '17 at 20:50". How can this be understood? Am I missing something?

@AskUbuntuMeta newbie spotted :+
@Rinzwind all 10k were hard in the end, but the first 50k were more fun, I admit.
8:36 AM
@Fabby that was intended my friend ... hahaha ... :D :D :D
8:53 AM
Q: Mount volume on ubuntu instance

DanishI am unable to mount snapshot of disk. I want to mount xvdf ubuntu@ipaa:~$ lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT xvda 202:0 0 8G 0 disk `-xvda1 202:1 0 8G 0 part / xvdf 202:80 0 12G 0 disk `-xvdf1 202:81 0 12G 0 part xvdg 202:96 0 8G 0 disk /home...

9:42 AM
@Rinzwind >:-) ;-) >:-)
10:05 AM
Good morning @Fabby @Rinzwind @Takkat ! :) Have a nice day ! :)
Good morning to everyone else too, of course ! :)
10:30 AM
@cl-netbox :-) :-) :-)
Good afternoon (after 12...) ;-)
I was having lunch, so I decided to log on for a few moments...
gone again!
@cl-netbox Good morning :)
11:15 AM
Ordered a new mount for my beamer. Delivery will be between 8 AM and 10 PM :P
11:57 AM
:D So much for good scheduling. Will they SMS you an hour beforehand? (that's what they do around here)
12:08 PM
They must have hired a software developer for delivery, going from those amazing estimation skills.
@Fabby not them no. There is a company here that SMS's the moment they depart and when they are 15 minutes away from your address.
@ByteCommander :D :D :D Fixed string in the application
@Rinzwind That sounds more logical...
There is one delivery service I never ever use again: they leave the package on the ground in front of the door when you are not there.
@Fabby yeah well. It is a mount for my beamer and they where 90 euro more expensive :P
and since I only need to do groceries today I went for the cheaper option :D
As it's a mount, I know is for the wall projector and not the BMW...
just got an update
12:12 PM
They're there: they just rang the doorbell.
they will be here between 2 and 22.
must be because it is now 2 :X
27 JUN.10:54
Onderweg met de bezorger
Q: Delete multiple rows in csv file

LotteI'm working on this assignment to delete rows from a csv file with different customers. I've figured out how to delete one specific customer by using this code: delete() { awk -F "\"*;\"*" '$1 != '$@' {print $ALL}' input.csv > output.csv } delete $@ However, now I have to delete multiple ...

who wants that? >:)
create array, for next loop :P
12:38 PM
... And Telegram is down...
user image
Down in Mars too.....
1:28 PM
Hi all!
Spotted in the side bar:
Q: How do I tell between compliments and 'ball' jokes while juggling?

Stephen MeschkeWhile training juggling in a park, from behind me I heard a female's voice say, "You are really good with your balls." The vocal inflection was that of a compliment, but she didn't reference juggling so my initial reaction was that she had made a lame ball joke. I turned slightly to avoid eye co...

1:44 PM
@Fabby Thanks for the heads up. I posted an answer to the question and hope it will be helpful.
IPS is weird
People are weird
2:08 PM
yay they made it :)
2:20 PM
What is a nice way to put down that we don't support movie piracy? askubuntu.com/questions/1050163/…
Q: Moderators are *not* the Software Police! (Read for details!)

Thomas Ward TL;DR because I know there's people who don't want to read all this. If a user is simply referencing that they are having an issue with a piece of software and that it is cracked (like a MInecraft launcher, for instance), but aren't otherwise breaking the Terms of Service or the law, ...

@Terrance You could say it like you did just know: "Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! I'd like to let you know that we don't support movie piracy."
Nonetheless the underlying technical issue is on topic.
@DavidFoerster I agree that the underlying technical issue is on topic. However, I am not going to be the one troubleshooting why a pirated movie site is not playing through VLC.
1 hour later…
3:34 PM
@Terrance Yep. If it's about movie piracy, I'm certainly not responding to the question. That's not to say I've never set an undismissable ad to opacity 0 or anything, but it's one of those - If you want to do that, you're on your own things. I do like that the post notes something about "if it's a valid question anyway then allow it", but I avoid those questions like the plague, because there's no way for me to know if it has more to do with the cracked software than an actual problem.
Like if someone said they had trouble with a sublimetext3 bug that I never saw but also pointed out they were using a patched version to get rid of the nag window, I would dismiss the question out of hand. For that reason, I think it's important NOT to edit it out of the question.
weighed in on the meta not as an argument, but as why I won't touch those questions and don't think "I'm using cracked software" should be edited out unless there's a working answer.
3:53 PM
and that’s exactly what Zanna said about minty et al. questions the other day
4:08 PM
Yeah, I also disregard mint questions.
4:59 PM
Q: if anyone help me how can unistall or reinstall googlechrome?

سيف عبد الجوادI've installed Google Chrome and when I restart my computers when I open Google Chrome errors appear on parrot osenter image description here com/2zTZ1.jpg

5:23 PM
ah Joe Jackson died :(
5:46 PM
Michaels dad that is ; not the singer. So no big loss there >:)
@chili555 And I'm sorry for creating FUD on your active session. Next time I'll ping you on an accepted answer... -)
Goingto upvote now already!
:D :D :D Iceland!!! ;) ;) :)
@ByteCommander Starred!
6:20 PM
Germany gone \o/ If only Argentina went out y-day
6:40 PM
UGH! I hate it when people steal your answer: askubuntu.com/questions/1050223/is-ubuntu-using-vim-or-vim-tiny/…
@RobotHumans I agree with you 100%. I am just going to vote to close as unclear from now on or VTC as a dilemma about putting myself at risk to reproduce and fix the issue which I will not do. =)
7:18 PM
@Rinzwind :-P
@Terrance whoa… well, their answer is slightly better, as it goes a bit more into detail – still nasty though.
Q: Wrong font for some unicode characters

Tomáš SlámaI have been experiencing some issues with how my terminal shows some of the Unicode characters form my language. The picture shows the issue in the editor in the left terminal. It seems like some of the characters are shown in a wrong font. A note to be made is that this issue seems to have sta...

@dessert I actually think OP and them are working together. It was accepted as the answer within a couple minutes after it was written and they were modifying each others wording. But it was interesting that the words in there are exact for what I wrote with more detail added.
Looks like bucking for fake internet points. I was more concerned about Plagiarism.
7:34 PM
@dessert The first part of the answer is an almost literal copy of @Terrance's. That's indeed nasty but the German idiom that I'd apply here is "Was kümmert es den Mond, wenn ihn ein Hund anbellt?"
Translates to "The Moon won't care when a dog barks at him". Dunno if there's a similar proverb in English.
I’d rather say “Hätte der Hund nich geschissen, hätt’er den Hasen gefangen.” :)
I understand it, but for me it causes me to lose any credibility I see in the person writing the answer.
@dessert No, that's a different meaning.
@PerlDuck yes, but still matches the situation as I perceive it.
let’s test google translate:
> If the dog had not shit, he would have caught the rabbit.
close enough :D
7:39 PM
this verb actually has ablauting forms: shit, shat, shat
But the "Moon" thing rather says "I don't care about something insignificant to me". Whereas the "shit" thing rather means "Yes, things happen. Deal with it!"
Perhaps both apply. But in this case I prefer the Moon.
It's more generous.
But someone copying my stuff here this is not the first time. A long time ago I watched someone write an answer based completely on the chat I was having with OP and they would update their answer every time I would ask another question to OP and I would suggest something. I have found it, but I am not going to point any fingers.
7:57 PM
Ok, @Terrance then I'd get pissed not amused as well. I thought the intersection of people in the chat and people at AU is rather small (and constant). So I'm surprised.
So it's not someone we would know, right?
Actually it might be someone you know. They are at 22K now
But I am going to let it go for now. I am more of here to help than to worry about if I get internet points or not. It was just irritating that it happened again to me.
Oh, that's strange. 22k people should know better. I mean, I'm not even 3k and know better.
It happened back in 2015 and I don't think they were that high in points then.
Ok. However, I'm sorry for you. But I have to leave now. Meal is prepared... CU
@PerlDuck Have a good one! =)
8:08 PM
Just fish. No Chips.
Fish sounds really good tonight. =)
8:34 PM
now I want fish and chips
8:50 PM
uh oh
> Der Wert von 'Ihre Nachricht' entspricht nicht dem erforderlichen Muster '^[A-Za-z0-9'`´ ,.?!:;()=<>&"+\-\x80\u20AC\u00BF\u00D7\u00F7@#§*^°_$%/ÀÁÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔÕÖÙÚÛ‌​ÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõöùúûüýþÿäöüÄÖÜß²³[]{}\n\r\]+$'
“the value of 'Your message' doesn’t match the required pattern …”
where did it say that?
what'd you even say?
I just used a regular em-dash !
(or is this “en”? always confuse those…)
— em
- en
8:54 PM
and –?
wait sorry
this is the german “gedankenstrich” – used for things like that
- hyphen, – en, – em
ah, ok
TIL you're supposed to use the en dash for ranges
1–4 not 1-4
8:56 PM
exactly, Mon–Fri
I just use the hyphen
ugh, that is stupid
1 hour later…
10:08 PM
odd, https is broken on chat.askubuntu.com
10:45 PM
@dessert I just use python :3 range(Mon, Sat) There's a trick though, try to spot it
python -c 'import sense_of_humor'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
ImportError: No module named sense_of_humor
@Terrance Meh, at least you got a lot of sympathy votes...
@Fabby Good point! =)
@dessert Aas moos vleis waas, vroten the katten de kuul aaf.
(If cabbages were meat, the cats would graze on them)
English equivalent:
If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle...
cc@PerlDuck ----^
@PerlDuck Equivalent in American: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me...
11:02 PM
Q: Do I need to compile ASIX Electronics AX88x7x/760 USB Ethernet driver to my kernel?

user136952I have box running 4.4.0-62-generic #83-Ubuntu x86_64 GNU/Linux I also have this Moshi USB/Ethernet Combo https://www.amazon.com/Moshi-USB-Gigabit-Ethernet-Adapter/dp/B00NMPB4H8, that has ASIX ax88760 chipset. When I connect the USB device to the system the ethernet port does not appear to li...

@Zanna Is there a British equivalent for sticks and stones above?
11:36 PM
@Rinzwind Basically, every delivery service like that in the U.S.
11:51 PM
Q: Ubuntu server/Debian/CentOS randomly halts while booting

JeremiahI have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 (Dual Intel Xeons @ 2.5GHz, 32GB DDR2, An old 80GB SATA3 drive [RAID controller died]) and it randomly halts while booting, I'm using Ubuntu server which seems to show more progress during startup, however the same issue happens with CentOS and Debian. Ubuntu server...

@Fabby: I think it's the same.

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