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12:56 AM
@EliahKagan the picture of the average Vim user made me lol
1:39 AM
Q: .desktop WINE -- open file in running program

LeeI am using Ubuntu 18.04. I'm running a text editor under WINE and am trying to figure how to add the ability to right-click on a text file in a file manager and have it open in that text editor, or at least make it part of the options. I already have the following to start the editor: [Desktop En...

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4:18 AM
Q: Organising "classrooms" for 10th birthday celebrations

ZannaThis follows up on How should we celebrate 10 years of Ask Ubuntu?. The answer by jokerdino suggesting Ask Ubuntu Classrooms was very popular so this post is an attempt to start organising it. I will also try to post about making a banner or other means of notifying people about events. The idea...

4:30 AM
Q: unable to open Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file in ubuntu 20.04

seismoI have many .eps files in a folder . I just want them to see how it looks. So i tried to open .eps file using document viewer it doesnot open. Again i tried through gv file.eps still it gives error like undefined Obj.....again when i tried to open through gimp file.eps there is also some problem ...

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9:46 AM
Q: TestDisk help to recover mistake

Tim AlexanderIn my rush to create a new USB installation media I selected the wrong USB disk and blatted my ext4 formatted USB disk with all my data on it. Am hoping to be able to recover the partitions but it keeps detecting “NONE” as the partition table. I can then analyse and find a load of ext4 info but...

10:35 AM
Q: How to enable use of cursors to navigate commands in Linux Shell

JohnLBevanI'm running a Docker container on Windows to enable me to work with Linux for some projects where that's required. When using the CLI I'm unable to use the cursor keys to navigate the commands / the command history. I'd expect pressing the up/down arrows to navigate through the previously run c...

11:26 AM
@Zanna You're welcome! 0:-)
So far I'm happy with Manjaro as it has very good kernel support (even for RC kernels) and I'm quite liking KDE so far. (Still liked Unity better, but alas that ship has sailed a long time ago...
well the current GNOME DE on Ubuntu looks very unity-like to me
I'm using Lubuntu these days
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2:38 PM
user image
3:28 PM
Q: Polyphone virtual keyboard doesn't show up

Parsa MousaviI installed Polyphone 2.20 from the Official website for ubuntu 18.04 to create a soundfont.Then I noticed that I cannot open the virtual keyboard feature: Any ideas?

4:17 PM
Hi does anyone know if there's an API to leverage pkgs.org ??
If not is there anything similar that provides an API that people can use?
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7:32 PM
Q: (export LC_ALL=C; xxd -revert -plain <<< 1234abcd | rev | tr -d '\n' | xxd -plain | tr -d '\n') not work why?

tseries(export LC_ALL=C; xxd -revert -plain <<< 1234abcd | rev | tr -d '\n' | xxd -plain | tr -d '\n') rev: stdin: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character its most return cdab3412 but return rev: stdin: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character how to fix that ?

8:21 PM
Q: How to allow cursor to not become confined to one monitor in global fullscreen mode with Ubuntu 20 - i3wm

GeraldI am running i3wm on Ubuntu 20.04. When playing games on Steam, I'm trying to utilize both of my monitors. I use Proton which, in turn, uses WINE to run Windows games. Some games scale appropriately when entering fullscreen global mode in i3 but confine my mouse to the monitor in which the app or...

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9:59 PM
Q: Replace file with my own version when an external program changes it

Eric RyanI was wondering if anyone knew how to replace a file with my own version when an external program changes it. My system is running on ubuntu 20.04 Thanks in advance!


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