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8:21 AM
Hey guys. I have a .img file but Ubuntu startup disk only works with .iso Can you recommend a good imager for Ubuntu?
2 hours later…
10:33 AM
@Pythoniscool I have no idea. But I suggest you to ask a question in the main site as more people are there in the main site than compared to this chat room. But I will be glad if anyone else can help you out here.
1 hour later…
11:45 AM
@technastic_tc Thanks. I had to find a disk imager that can write .img too But there aren't many cool things for ubuntu. I have to use DD and now I am trying to learn DD. It is a COOL tool.
The coolest imager ever is Rufus but it isn't available for Linux.
@Pythoniscool don't use dd
use cat
Q: dd vs cat -- is dd still relevant these days?

kizzx2I recently realized we can use cat as much as dd, and it's actually faster than dd I know that dd was useful in dealing with tapes where block size actually mattered in correctness, not just performance. In these days, though, are there situations where dd can do something cat can't? (Here I wou...

But there are loads of GUI tools if that's what you want
12:38 PM
@terdon I finished actually but thanks anyway. DD wasn't so bad. i did sudo dd if=<the image file> of=/dev/sdb
12:53 PM
@Pythoniscool It isn't bad. It is just very complex and extremely easy to get wrong and a mistake can destroy your system. If you use of=/dev/sda instead of of=/dev/sdb by mistake, you just deleted your OS. And if you are on an EFI system and use the EFI partition by mistake you could even brick the machine. This is also a risk with cat, yes, but because the syntax is simpler, it's easier to spot mistakes
2 hours later…
2:26 PM
@Pythoniscool You're welcome.
@terdon Oh my god! Why can't it inform the user that it's dangerous and will erase the OS?
Please help my system are running. What should I do.
@nobody I didn't understand. Can you please be more clear?
I'm a little bit bored. Nothing to repair in my 3 OS.
@nobody lol..
So you love repairing broken operating systems?
@technastic_tc how can it know that isn't what you wanted to do?
Nov 30 '16 at 17:59, by terdon
> It is not UNIX’s job to stop you from shooting your foot. If you so choose to do so [sic], then it is UNIX’s job to deliver Mr. Bullet to Mr Foot in the most efficient way it knows.
2:37 PM
It depends what is broken. dpkg or apt fine . Network is for me a pain
@terdon at the end of the day, operating system is meant to be user-friendly.. or at least that's my opinion.
@nobody ok..
3:02 PM
@technastic_tc no, it isn't. There are only two systems that I know of whose main aim is to be user friendly: Windows and Macs. Most others' main aim is to be powerful and let you do what you want to do in an efficient and fast way, but not necessarily a safe one.
After all, not all OSs are designed to be used by non-expert users.
One of the things I hated the most back when I was using Windows 20 years ago, was its annoying insistence on needing me to confirm actions or hiding things from me "for my own good". Now, that's a great feature for many people, but it was nothing but an annoyance for me. I knew what I wanted to do so this thing was just making it harder for me to use the system.
hmm.. fair enough.
So a Linux system that would block me from doing something because it perceives it as dangerous would be horrible! Of course, we always make mistakes, but in the Linux word it is usually your responsibility to be careful. I don't expect the system to protect myself from my own stupidity, that's my job!
@terdon "my own stupidity".. haha
TBH, even Windows seems confusing some times.
having two apps to control system settings is weird.
3:38 PM
We need to use sudo in all of the commands mentioned in this answer(askubuntu.com/a/1295694) right?
3:49 PM
Guys. I know it can screw the system. I actually listened to @technastic_tc solution. I have ubuntu but I have an ubuntu in gnome-boxes too. It is somehow a little ubuntu in ubuntu. Nothing would happen there.
Anyway if I get screwed it was my fault. Not like windows which is microdofts fault
@Pythoniscool What do you refer by "it" in "it can screw the system"?
Are you talking about the dd?
@Pythoniscool oh.. ok
3:51 PM
I was replying to terdon
Anyway Hi how are you?
@Pythoniscool You can reply to specific messages by using the reply option :)
I forgot sorry
@Pythoniscool It's ok!
@Pythoniscool I'm fine. How are you?
Cool. Just chilling XD
3:55 PM
dd is actually cool. I loved it's speed you should really try it
@technastic_tc Yes. The author also notes that. "Try the following commands as superuser:"
@Pythoniscool My PC is messed up :(
oh Why?
@BeastOfCaerbannog Thanks! I missed that!
Q: Ubuntu is freezing (even in live session)

technastic_tcPC specs: RAM: 3.8 GiB Processor: Intel® Dual-Core Celeron® N3050 SoC (1.6 GHz) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-N3050M-D3P (If I recall correctly) I've been using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS since past couple of months. I've had some freezes in the past (like this). Since past couple of weeks, Firefox started cr...

@technastic_tc No worries! :)
4:03 PM
@technastic_tc installing linux distros really sucks. Whenever I want to boot into a USB containing a Linux distro it fails most of the time .
@Pythoniscool :(
I think you should make a little partition(3GB) with format of EFI BOOT so it will boot better with less crashes
@technastic_tc I put the answer in your question. Did it work?
@Pythoniscool Do check my comment on your answer.
4:17 PM
aI did
@technastic_tc It was link of here
When I can't even boot my PC normally, it's tough to implement any solution :(
I think your only option is to reinstall. Or if you have a backup OS on a USB( I have ARCH on USB) you can boot and fix the problem
The PC is not starting at all :(
Does the company logo appear?
Or can you open boot manager or bios?
@Pythoniscool nope :(
Looks like you didn't read my comment on your answer.
4:21 PM
Sorry to say but I think your hardware is screwed over. Nothing much you can do.
@Pythoniscool :(
Do read this message: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/56226803#56226803 – technastic_tc 5 mins ago this is your comment
The hardware is so bad. It can be literally anything. Ma be your CPU or hard or mother board or bios chip or graphic card
@Pythoniscool yeah
@Pythoniscool :(
But the question is what happened. This may tell every thing. Did it over heat or made sounds?
4:28 PM
I am so sorry to hear that anyway. I hope you fix it. It depends on your region too. Where I live, a laptop is 100 Million T and if I lose mine I will be screwed
I do have another PC now. I don't think I'll fix the broken PC anytime soon (I'll fix it probably post COVID-19). I will back up files from the SSD.
ok. have a nice da/night. bye
I advise you to make your answer more clearer. Or else people will down-vote. @Pythoniscool
@Pythoniscool Same to you!
3 hours later…
7:19 PM
True, try to avoid posting images in answers or questions.
@Benny Why? Nothing wrong with images if you're showing something in the GUI. It's just images of text (things like screenshots of your terminal or your code) that we want to avoid because there the image does not help and, in fact, makes things worse since you can't copy the text from it.
But there's no rule against images in posts in general
Q: Why do people post screenshots of their terminals?

terdonI have noticed a lot of posts on AU with screenshots of their terminal showing commands and their output. This is seems like a very bad idea to me because: You can't copy/paste the commands They won't come up when searching The post is heavier (in terms of the amount of data) and will take lon...


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