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7:13 AM
@terdon I think @Benny means not posting stupid photos like me. I accidentally posted the photo without censoring my hard drives serial number :/
3 hours later…
9:55 AM
@terdon Hi, :) I remember this role (My own role) to avoid posting images I am not really sure if it because of copy/paste or image size, so I prefer to avoid this... But thanks for letting me know that is ok. @Pythoniscool Hi :), actually your image is pretty nice :))
10:26 AM
@Pythoniscool My advice for your answer - I think It's hard to understand your answer, is only an image of your hard drive and you say it works. but nothing more. Please consider adding what you did to make it works. Sometimes people look directly at the answers and not really understand the full story question.
10:46 AM
Sure. thanks @Benny
Q: Can not restore my ubuntu one password

Python is cool Hi guys. Today I was trying to get back my ubuntu-one account password by the link they send to my email. But when I entered the new password the showed this. It says I am a bot. What should I do?

Can someone help me?
11:25 AM
11:47 AM
@Pythoniscool Do check my comment on your question.
2 hours later…
2:09 PM
Q: The 'Raiders of the Lost Downboat' chat room

technastic_tc Who created the 'Raiders of the Lost Downboat' chat room? What is the room currently used for? What was the room used for? Who came up with the name 'Raiders of the Lost Downboat'? Who were the room owners at the creation of the chat room? Who are the room owners of the chat room now?

3 hours later…
4:58 PM
Hey guys. The dark flair widget seems to be broken.
Nevermind. It's back.
5:45 PM
Hey @Benny! If you can, please let us know what's your Ubuntu story.

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