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6:55 AM
Q: broken Ubuntu after failed release-upgrade

nico royI recently attempted a do-release-upgrade, which unfortunately was interrupted during the process (it is a remote machine, that I can only access through ssh), and I now encounter many broken dependencies that I'm unable to fix. Also I'm unable to install other packages (for example apache2) beca...

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2:17 PM
Q: Ubuntu won't reply on same interface

symcbeanI have an Ubuntu 18.04 (i.e. NetworkManager / netplan / systemd-networkd) VM which was working nicely until I tried adding a second interface. I initially had problems with the DHCP still running after I had configured a static address (it was still setting an additional default gw and DNS) which...

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4:00 PM
Where did everybody go?
I have a Lenovo E585 Thinkpad. It is not advertised as Ubuntu compatible, but there's a fairly large user-base using it from what I can see. Today my wife was complaining that chrome tabs were constantly crashing, so I suggested she reboot, and on reboot she couldn't log in. Any suggestions? Upgrade the OS (she's on 18.04 now)? Other ideas?
4:59 PM
@AaronHall make sure in /home/$USER/ these files are set like this
-rw------- 1 rinzwind rinzwind 57 sep 19 18:55 .Xauthority
-rw------- 1 rinzwind rinzwind 3766 sep 19 18:55 .xsession-errors
-rw------- 1 rinzwind rinzwind 35568 sep 19 18:55 .ICEauthority
where user and group need to be your wife's.
those 3 if wrongly set block login
and you did ask her to watch the capslock? >:)
5:44 PM
@Rinzwind ok, yes to the CapsLock, IDK if I'll be able to. I'll try starting it in safe mode first.
I can probably do it with a live thumb drive.
any thoughts on the crashing tabs?
6:13 PM
that could be browser specific. start the browser from command line and see if the terminal echoes an error on crash
6:25 PM
5 hours later…
10:56 PM
@Rinzwind Those files exist, doesn't seem to be anything in .xsession-errors and .ICEauthority, and 62 bytes in .Xauthority
It seems like the issue is like the one this page is addressing: maketecheasier.com/fix-ubuntu-login-loop but it doesn't say root owns the file, it says 1000 owns the file - but that's not my wife's account name.
11:14 PM
boot loop
opening tty3, logging in, and sudo startx works.
oops, but opened a terminal and I'm root. :/
11:32 PM
no space left on the device
11:47 PM
ok, freed up some space. Wife thought she had unlimited space. I explained her space is limited. Stages of grief ensued. Then she fetched me a thumbdrive to back stuff up on. Lo and behold, the biggest thing I could find and wanted to delete, was already backed up. now I'm doing update and upgrade as I can...
googling boot login loop with light display manager
And of course now root owns the .Xauthority... delete it or chown it? I'll do the chown...

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