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2:21 AM
Q: Mounting a non-partitioned harddrive (beginner)

HackermanI'm trying to mount my two harddrives (sdb and sdc) on Ubuntu 18.04 $ sudo fdisk -l Disk /dev/sda: 111.8 GiB, 120040980480 bytes, 234455040 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Dis...

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4:23 AM
Q: How to monitor if a binary has been executed with no additional tool?

Anthony KongI want to be able to tell if a certain executable is called on a ubunutu machine. The binary is to be called by a java process. I have no permission to install additional software. Here is what I have done: Start up iTerm Login to the box and start running watch "ps aux | grep png" (The execut...

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5:42 AM
@Fabby I still use that at a client of ours
6:02 AM
Q: set kms specific resolution at boot time

nsklausi'm trying to set a specific resolution for kms, at boot time. by default kms choose the highest resolution available (2500x1600) which is a bit hard to read. i'd like to set 1440x900 instead. i tried two things via grub, the first one: GRUB_GFXMODE=1440x900 GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep GRUB_GFXP...

6:37 AM
@Rinzwind Serial cable?
6:59 AM
usb-c to vga >:)
That's a DB-15 connector AFAIK
not a DB-9
Q: grub-reboot and grub-set-default dont work properly

Falsei have a fresh installed Ubuntu (Server) 18.04. I added a custom menu entry /etc/grub.d/40_custom: menuentry "Backup" { set root=(hd0,3) linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda3 ro quiet splash initrd /initrd.img } Until now anything works fine, the custom menu entry is visible and i can boot from it. No...

ah yes db-15 is blue iirc
It used to be grey and black like all other cables when the PS/2 came out.
the colour coding was initiated by Compaq AFAIR
this is not really about Ubuntu :P
Q: Primary Partition Limit of 4 ... well I have 15 and ciunting

PWCI have a multi distro (ubuntu mate / mint cinnamon / debian) boot laptop (32 bit inspiron 6400 2Gb ram 320GB WD HDD) that ignores the alleged limit of 4 primary partition I have 15 and counting. I'm new to modern linux and am having a play. I last had a play back in the 90s with slackware GNU I a...

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8:16 AM
hmm, it's not exactly a dupe, even though the answers to that other questions answer this question too
or rather, they include the explanation for it
spilled coffee over my laptop and apparently it shortcircuited the power button, now it keeps powering off and on :D
IMO dupe means same question, not same answer(s)
@dessert maybe it's just a bit over-stimulated
Q: Writing logs for openvpn in Ubuntu18

callistoI've installed openvpn on Ubuntu18, and it works. I'd like to have a log containing only the times when users connect and disconnect. Found a hint how to do it at [https://github.com/furlongm/openvpn-monitor/issues/27] use OpenVPN's hooks to have it log when users connect/disconnect. It's t...

@dessert why? For me, if a question is answered by the answers on another question, that is a perfect example of a dupe. Think about it. The reason we close dupes is to avoid duplicating content. So if we need to post the same answers on the new question, just because the question is slightly different even though the answers are the same, then we gain nothing by not closing and we are forced to duplicate content.
These two seem like perfect examples, actually. The question of "why does this machine allow >4 primary partitions" is indeed answered by the answers to "what are the differences between GPT and MBR".
8:32 AM
but there could be, could there not, an answer to either question which would not be postable as an answer to the other?
in this case anyway there is no need to duplicate any effort at least
effort has already been put forth
Q: in a new install of your distro, does ~/.local/share/applications exist by default? It doesn't exist in Kubuntu 19.04.
@Zanna Yes, there could. Which is why dupes aren't deleted.
I don't think that is why dupes aren't deleted - I think that is so they can serve as signposts
Precisely, and also keep their answers.
if there is potential for unique answers, then answering should remain possible, I think
8:40 AM
But consider, for example, a question that asks "How can I bulk rename files on 16.04". Wouldn't that be a dupe of "How can I bulk rename files on 18.04"?
@Zanna Sure, if they can truly be unique. I don't really see this here though. Any answer to "why does this machine allow more than 4 primary partitions" wouldn't really add anything new to "what is the difference between GPT and MBR" since that will explain that GPT allows more primary partitions.
@terdon yes... but that's really the same question, not a different question
@Zanna You'd be surprised at how many people would argue they're different. Sigh
But yes, that isn't a very good example, granted.
@terdon I wouldn't be very surprised because I've been here reading their comments too ;)
@terdon I see it like this... if two questions are different, I mean they actually ask different things, like this case here, it might be that valid answers to one already exists in answer to the other, but those answers are a subset of all the possible answers to both of these questions.
If there is no way for an answer to be posted to one question that would not also answer the other question, then it can be closed, because whoever wants to answer it can post their answer to the target. But if it is possible to imagine (and I think I should push my imagination a bit, because I'm just one person) someone wanting to post a good answer to either question that they couldn't post to the other, then neither should be closed.
8:52 AM
@DKBose Yes. At least in Ubuntu 18.04. It isn't there in Kubuntu 18.04 too.
@Zanna For me it boils down to this: if there is already a more generalized version of a question, whose answers cover the specifics of the new one, then they should be closed as dupes. There is no value in the specific when we already have a general one.
Here's a good example.
Q: How to redirect stderr to a file

André M. FariaWhile using nohup to put a command to run in background some of content appear in terminal. cp: error reading ‘/mnt/tt/file.txt’: Input/output error cp: failed to extend ‘/mnt/tt/file.txt’: Input/output error I want to save that content to a file.

I answered that (and it's my highest voted answer on AU) but @ByteCommander (before his recent modship) pointed out that it's a dupe of the more general "How do I save terminal output to a file?", so I closed it.
The answers of the dupe already covered redirecting stderr so nothing new was being added.
But the questions are indeed different.
@terdon oh I really dislike specific questions being closed against general ones unless the general one really exhaustively answers everything about the specific one
I will often leave a comment to help the OP adapt the general to their specific case, but I don't see much point in lots of specific questions when a general one exists. But yeah, this is one of the classic SE arguments with people and good arguments on both sides.
@Kulfy okay, thanks!
@terdon (which in turn has my highest voted answer :D )
whoa, 740 already. damn. it really keeps growing.
8:59 AM
it depends on the case. One that really bothers me is closing every question about compiling something against "How do I install a .tar.gz file?"
Oh yes, it absolutely depends on the case.
And that, in a nutshell, is one of the worst issues we have here on AU. People trying to get absolute rules and apply them everywhere without consider what the objective of a rule was in the first place.
But that's a whole different kettle of fish.
9:14 AM
not if the software used in 16.04 got replaced by something else.
The 1st q should not have had 16.04 in the title though and the answer should be for the current release and could be expanded to include the new current release @terdon
@terdon, re. "And that, in a nutshell, is one of the worst issues we have here on AU. People trying to get absolute rules and apply them everywhere without consider what the objective of a rule was in the first place." I get what you're saying but then "participating in moderation" gets quite complicated.
@DKBose Nobody said it would be easy :)
But I would really prefer if more people focused on the spirit of the law instead of the letter.
@Rinzwind since 17.04 I think, it was necessary to install the Perl rename package which was previously installed by default. So there is some difference between these two questions. It's just not the kind of difference that makes it productive to have them be separate
and when I say productive, I mean creates answers, creates useful stuff
@terdon, one is written, the other isn't. I like clear rules that don't need a lot of thinking. So far, flagging spam seems to be a pretty safe activity ;
that is what a good unique question has the power to do
even if it is to some extent a subset of another question
there are people who say biology reduces to chemistry which reduces to physics which reduces to maths, but just try explaining any concept in biology with maths...
at some level of difference there becomes something worth saying hahaha
9:27 AM
Yes, but that's precisely it. Finding the specific level of difference is not easy.
And it is bound to come down to a question of personal opinion.
well, it's subjective
I think it's a matter of imagination. That's my take :)
which is why it's so hard (impossible) to get absolute rules about this.
9:30 AM
so I won't say oh this is a wrong closure. But if someone expresses an interest in posting an answer, then I'll be pushing for reopen right away, because it's more answers that I want
was someone looking for an absolute rule here?
@ByteCommander it is funny that purity comes with prestige, because nothing is more interesting to study than a total mess like human society XD
I always objected to the inclusion of that obsolete, passé chemistry "science". ;)
hahaha but how do you explain protein folding without it?
You could actually argue that's far more physics than chemistry.
yeah, but my specialism is physics, so I can't help thinking about physics and I can't be relied on to give chemistry its due
But I wasn't being serious, of course. Just joking about the fact that there is very little interesting work left to be done in chemistry. What's left is in the realms of biochemistry or physical chemistry. Most (all?) of the Big Questions® in chemistry have been answered.
9:36 AM
the thing is though, chemistry is really useful for impressing teenagers. Like, did you know if you boil wax and drop it in water you get a MASSIVE fireball?
There's a lot of work to be done on specific problems, of course, and it is very, very far from simple or easy. But the big issues have actually been addressed.
Some of my best friends are chemists!
See? I'm not a fieldist!
haha I did this subject knowledge enhancement course in physics
all the teachers were awesome
but my favourite was the crabby, strict guy everyone else didn't like. He set the best problems and he never fudged the details or wasted words
when we were doing gas laws he admitted to being a chemist
most of the chemistry teachers I've met as a teacher seem to be mainly interested in setting stuff on fire or blowing it up, but the chemistry teachers I've been taught by were all details people who taught me something I won't forget
like my year 11 chemistry teacher wouldn't let us use the word "amount" "unless you actually want to be vague"
so since then I've had a habit of thinking about which word will most precisely express what I want to convey haha
@Zanna That teacher will never amount to anything.
ls ~/.local/share/applications
mimeapps.list Superposition.desktop
9:47 AM
he would say if this tennis ball here were the nucleus of an atom, the nearest electron would be out in the tennis courts (on the other side of the school). That kind of vivid example I am still using to explain stuff to kids even now
@ByteCommander Holy shit moly!
@DKBose That is true for all rules & regulations... And even tough the mods here try to do their best, AU is part of the SE network of sites and the money company ulimately decides what the direction should be.
@Zanna Starred!
@DKBose yes, there has to be some means to make decisions, I think... Fortunately there is always the skip button <3... The more time you spend with the site, the finer grained you can make your own internal rules or heuristics. I end up changing my mind over time which is great fun haha
@terdon Who would make everything you use today then? Soap, plastics, paints, medicine, ...
Heh, did talking about chemistry summon you?
@terdon True...
@ByteCommander It just looks like that...
Needed some entertainment after a job interview where I went:
Was this good or bad???
The guy is a soapy snake: I cannot get a feeling for him.
10:12 AM
@Fabby Oh sure, chemistry is still useful for that kind of boring stuff :P
Yeah, not so much for research any more...
Joking apart, there's still interesting work being done in developing new methods for things.
Just not much fundamental work left.
One of my friends is working on mass-spec and there's loads of work there.
Well... I'm working in IT and not as a chemist, right? ;-)
Sheldon Cooper would fit right in!
10:29 AM
@Fabby And I'm working as a programmer (albeit in a biological context) and not a biologist! :P
Well, OK, a bit of both, really.
@DKBose Starred!
@terdon In a few years, we'll have an open database of genes and they will be used as "parts" in a "material Database" to build new and exciting life-forms from scratch.
(We're modifying existing ones already using this approach)
@Fabby then we invent grey organic goop and we're all doooooooommmeeeedddddd
@JourneymanGeek Grey Goo is the result of self-replicating carbon-devouring Von Neumann machines...
There was an argument between Sheldon and Amy about whether neurobiology subsumed string theory.
10:44 AM
I was under the impression a mod's hammer was heavier or are there levels of mods? @ByteCommander
@Fabby hmm, I guess I voted for this before I got elected.
there are posts closed by 3 or even 4 mods I think haha
@Fabby if we closed posts before we were mods the diamond is still attached
@Fabby I am still waiting on the Mastodon I was promissed.
Makes sense... Thanks Journeyman, Byte...
@Rinzwind Dat is de fout van je buurman: te veel geel poeder...
11:01 AM
@ByteCommander Yes, you voted on the 20th of May.
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2:18 PM
Q: NGINX logs not getting rotated using --force

Tom BrouwerI'm looking at rotating the log files of NGINX on Ubuntu Server. As far as I can see (1) there's already a cronjob for logrotate to run daily and (2) there's already a default /etc/logrotate.d/nginx. From the logrotate status file, I see that it's correctly run on a daily basis. However, my NGIN...

Q: How to see election stats and who you voted for?

R SI want to see what percentage of votes each of candidates (for moderator) got and who was my 1st,2nd and 3rd choices. Is there way to do it?

3:07 PM
a user got removed and I go up 2 :+)
Always fun when they find downvote accounts.
He or she must have downvoted you. Pure justice has been done.
If my account was deleted, it would be mostly rep loss. I have been criticized for the rarity with which I downvote.
Yep, I only downvote if an answer makes incorrect statements or is dangerous.
I don't believe in a "this answer is not that great, let's downvote"
I DV if it's factually incorrect or patently obnoxious sometimes. Dangerous falls under patently obnoxious.
3:12 PM
I do downvote sometimes on questions though if someone really and obviously obstructs creating a decent answer.
I think I have downvoted because someone went out of their way to make something obscure. Maybe not. If the answer is more confusing than the question, that merits a downvote.
also falls under patently obnoxious
Hehe If the answer is more confusing than the question <- nice one
Thank you thank you, I'm here all week.
4:08 PM
19.10 will have Nvidia gpu driver included in the installer
1 hour later…
5:29 PM
why does this command remove the content of f1?
nl -w 3 f1 > f1
@Moytaba it will be if the left part turns up empty
6:14 PM
I checked that but it's not empty
1 hour later…
7:20 PM
@Moytaba because the shell first opens the file and clears it before it is read by nl
7:35 PM
Q: Ubuntu not using discrete GPU as primary graphics

Filipe JunqueiraI have a problem. So apparently my laptop will not run the graphics trough my discrete GPU, only the integrated one. I've tried a few things to correct that but so far without success. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.02LT. Specs: I own a DELL 15 XPS9570, which comes with an Intel i7-8750H with integra...


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