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2:56 AM
Any more people want to get their accounts deleted? WOW! I have lost more points over the last two days than I gained over the last week. 😬 It happens! :)
3:23 AM
hmm... why so many account deletions?
No idea. Just thought it was interesting. I'll regain. :)
3:47 AM
I lost 60 points within the last hour because a user was removed. And Rinzwind's rep went up 2 points because a user was removed yesterday. Grrr ...
65 in the last hour for me. :(
20 here. Ok so everyone is suffering some loss. xD
@DKBose Wait..... Rinzwind went up because of a deletion? How does that work? ;)
I think it figured out who left.
I was wondering about some 30K+ user who normally is active in GNOME. No posts for the last couple of weeks. Valuable asset gone :(
No, I'm wrong. Fortunately, I didn't make a complete fool of myself!
@DKBose LOL! I totally missed that!
@Kulfy Yeah, I read that part. I am thinking though someone here that likes us and did upvotes because DK and I both lost almost the same amount of points in the same amount of time.
@Terrance anyway, it's happened before and we're not supposed to care about reps and badges and other earthly things ;)
@DKBose 😉 Well, I care! Kind of...... Not really...... ;)
4:00 AM
@Terrance so do I but I wouldn't say easy come, easy go. No doubt someone will post in meta and it'll be closed as a dupe and live will go on. Now, to deal with unwashed dishes.
It's definitely not easy come easy go. I hate to see good people leave. Not sure who it was, but I cannot change what happens.
@DKBose before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water :)
4:25 AM
@Zanna that reminds of Bodhi.
it is a zen proverb I think
1 hour later…
5:37 AM
@Rinzwind mostly crooks upvote mine: user removed -> -205
6:26 AM
Q: Permission denied when i use crunch in terminal

Timy StrikeI wrote this line in Terminal : crunch 6 6 123456789 -o /root/Desktop/timy.txt and it said this chunk1: File START could not be opened The problem is = Permission denied

6:36 AM
@Terrance a downvote got deleted ;-) that's a +2 if that happens
@dessert that's right, thanks.
This is weird, recently the SO chatroom tab on my Chrome gets closed sometimes automatically
@Rinzwind lucky
people like me. even those that get their account deleted :+
7:14 AM
@Kulfy I lost 45 on AU, 10 on tex and 5 on each woodworking and pets – we can (re)construct a user profile from that. :)
if we're playing that game, I lost 110 on AU, 5 on Android Enthusiasts, and 155 on Vegetarianism and Veganism haha
7:45 AM
@dessert Calls Sherlock Holmes....
8:45 AM
Q: input/output error when copy or link a file containing escape characters from home directory to a nfs system

Allen ZhangSuppose that I have a home directory /home/mydir(not have sudo permission),which have some file contain time format (YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS) in filename, when I try to copy or link these files to a nfs directory, it will report an error,something like cp: cannot stat './2013010206/NARR_3D:2013-01-...

One candidate: user497767 (on AU).
2 hours later…
10:34 AM
Q: What is a "very high reputaion score?

mook765When a user is deleted, reputation of users voted by the deleted user will change. From https://askubuntu.com/help/user-was-removed I see This removal occurs whenever a user is deleted, unless that user had a very high reputation score. That's i bit vague, is there a limit or does someone ...

10:58 AM
I could test it with my account if you want :=) — Rinzwind 12 secs ago
I guessed 10K but the poster wanted something official so I quickly removed my comment in meta.
11:56 AM
Oops. I commented a guess of 20-25k b/c at 25 you're as close to being an unelected mod as you can get.
@RobotHumans My guess of 10K is because a 10K user with whom I interacted quite a bit in the past left (or whatever because it now shows user47206 instead of cipricus) but my rep was unaffected.
Oh, you were ciprus? I think I fixed a vlc script for you. @DKBose
vlc-subtitles-finder or some such
@RobotHumans no! I am me. cipricus was the user who is now user47206 and I'm assuming that's because he left/removed.
Oh. Ok. Got it.
12:16 PM
I don't know if it can be done and can't remember what the database explorer app url is, but user* with rep > 100 should give a succinct list of anonymous users who still have rep on site.
SELECT user WHERE username LIKE 'user%' AND reputation > 100; or similar then sort by rep ascending.
sorry, select *, but you get the idea
Doesn't work. They purge the profile and you can't see previous rep. data.stackexchange.com/askubuntu/query/edit/1055780
Sorry @DKBose - I tried it with ciprus's old account and I couldn't find it with a direct query to that account, so the data is purged. The only way that gets an answer is someone with inside knowledge.
12:36 PM
@RobotHumans my thinking is that when cipricus left or "was removed", my rep was unaffected. Since he had just crossed 10K, I thought that that is what is meant by "very high" rep. (Yes, I know there are people with 100K+ reps :) .) The other person who seems to have left and who may have upvoted my questions or answers in user497767. I had to visit archive.org to get some clues.
Makes sense. I just thought I should be able to find it in data-explorer. Turns out, you can't. Thought I'ld make sure you knew so you didn't waste time on it.
@RobotHumans, no, I have no experience of using data.SE. So there's little chance of me finding out anything that way :D.
1:05 PM
Whose account has been removed? I lost 420 rep today. That must be someone known.
A: Massive user removal in one night?

animusonThere's no such thing as a database cleanup that would affect reputation, because we don't automatically delete profiles that have voted. One or more users deleted their profiles, and there's really not anything further we can discuss about the topic for privacy reasons.

My guess is user497767.
I don't know any more that that either, but do note that the user(s) might not have been high rep. No need to have much rep to vote a lot.
Maybe that's right. But why they remove accounts that's a question
and one you never will get an answer on :)
even if a mod or even a user would know he'd have to keep silent: I would assume it would break the privacy rulings on SE.
1:12 PM
Life is so weird at times
I never rage quit games and just did with sekiro :=)
well never never
I once broke a ps4 controller by throwing it against a wall. so I did twice now :=)
But there must be a special investigation into how @Rinzwind got an increase in rep!
that's easy: it was a downvote
Well, if I remove my account, so many people will be happy
I thought @Rinzwind's rep went down by 280
1:16 PM
It is fun to downvote
@Kulfy nope I had a +2 with a "user removed"
Oh htat was a 2nd user I am guessing
SE hides +2 and shows -280. lol
the +2 was 2 days ago. not today.
@Rinzwind all the same, investigate, investigate, investigate. @Fabby can be special prosecutor :D
@Pilot6 i) because the user asked them to or ii) because the user did something very wrong.
1:21 PM
@Rinzwind Cool! Never happened to me: only -50 and -20 and -100 and shit
@Fabby -230 today it seems.
The Pilot is on the airplane???
ah well that's just a 200 bounty awarded day for me
@Rinzwind but it hardly matters when you just want to catch up Oli, I guess.
@Kulfy naah
Oli got a -35 :=)
but he hardly makes 100 a day :X
1:24 PM
Why do I always get more of those minuses that everyone else? :-(
@Pilot6 Would you like 500 unicorn dollars in return?
Well, after reading the link Terdon posted, I guess I got off lightly.
If yes: tell me which answer you want a bounty on.
IMHO there is no need to have > 20K rep unless you're competing with tomeone else and want to surpass them...
@Fabby yes there is!!!!!
@Fabby No, thanx. The last time I got enough rep dropped off ;-)
1:25 PM
100k got me SWAG!
@Rinzwind Edited, because I knew you were going to say that!
@Fabby say that again ->
It's not often we get to reach out and thank someone individually for their contribution to a site, but we wanted to take this time to congratulate you for reaching 100,000 reputation on Ask Ubuntu! To be in the top, top rankings among the millions of Stack Exchange users puts you in some really elite company.

Hitting a milestone like this is a great opportunity to take a step back and remember what the points are really about. It's not just the tens of thousands of community members who took the time to up-vote your posts; it's the uncounted millions of people — yes millions — who have al
HA!!!! :+)
@Rinzwind I was thinking about you wanting to catch up on Oli!
that is just 1 of a few mails I kept :D
What's the score now?
Rinzwind: 213,404 - Oli: 226,066
Give it another 2 months and you'll be top dog!
1:28 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if someone starts Oli vs Rinzwind reputation count on YouTube
naa. gonna take longer. I have not had a good run the past 6 weeks
I'll drop by with a bottle of Champagne and KFC...
2 things I hate: alcohol and fast food
@Pilot6 I'm too high rep for my votes to be reversed.
You just broke me @Fabby - Champagne and KFC is just wrong on so many levels.
1:30 PM
I am a coca cola dude.
@Rinzwind mmmmh... Home-made food and some interesting Elderberry tonic?
I always store empty bottles at home and bring them collected at the end of the month.
@Rinzwind Cherry coke and Chilli con carne then???
Don't forget the mastodon steak. Very rare.
most I had was 120.
and that's 1.5ltr bottles ;) I don't do 1ltr
1:31 PM
@RobotHumans It was supposed to be shocking. :P
2 mins ago, by Rinzwind
2 things I hate: alcohol and fast food
@Fabby But they were reversed if you remember once.
@Pilot6 Yeah: that was the "vote for friends a lot thingy...*"
@Fabby )))
Old screenshot ---^
need to clean them up
@Fabby I have the same thing
1:35 PM
Q: Lost 235 rep due to user removal

heynnemaIs there any tidy way to let me know which user was removed? That's a pretty big hit to take from one user's removal. Just curious.

oh and could be more than 1 user too
I haven't seen the rep downspike everyone is talking about, so I guess I'll shut my mouth.
@Pilot6 What I actually dislike most about that thing is that it was done at a single point in time...
So that'll be on my record like: forever...
@RobotHumans oh there was a very big one. what 2 years ago. again... I was not hit hard then either :D
Even when you steal and rape people, it'll eventually be scrapped of your legal record, but that'll be there forever,
1:42 PM
@Fabby And it was not fair at all. I never voted for friends because they were friends.
so if I want to look for a new job, I can never ever use my Stack exchange Flair* again...
My votes were fair.
@Pilot6 I did: I admit that.
I use my SE flair, but I have a really steady curve
But the way it as handled was bad.
1:44 PM
@Pilot6 Quite possibly not. But others did and voted for you, apparently.
@Fabby You know, considering how you behaved at the time, I would strongly urge you not to discuss this. We have been very considerate over the years but I am fed up with you trying to pretend you were a victim. So drop it.
@terdon Mea cupla, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa CC @Pilot6
I agree that was not a best way to handle it. I think Fabby voted for me
But I thought that was because my posts had been great ;-)
@terdon Telepathy...
(see Latin below)
@Pilot6 They were!
@RobotHumans :D Linear!
1:46 PM
@terdon I voted fairly and got lot's of upvotes. Than it suddenly appeared that I was unfairly upvoted.
@Pilot6 In many cases, that was certainly true. Unfortunately, a small group of users decided it would be fun to game the system and vote for each other. There was no good way of knowing which votes were honest and which were not, so many votes were removed. Was this perfect? No. But it was the only avenue available that didn't allow fraudulent votes to remain.
Yes! It was me!
My apologies!
The moral of the story is: don't cheat, dammit.
Yep, linear. At this rate, I'll be at 25k next year or so. @Fabby
@RobotHumans ever seen this part: askubuntu.com/reputation ?
1:48 PM
@Rinzwind that i had not seen
@Pilot6 You probably were. That doesn't mean you did anything wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes the innocent are also affected.
@RobotHumans and do you know about the database search?
@Fabby That is one deranged smiley!
@Rinzwind yes. i posted a link to db search earlier.
1:50 PM
@terdon I have a few more of those... Use them a lot with customers...
@terdon Innocent are always affected ;-)
@Fabby Oh man, they must expect you to visit them with a chainsaw soon!
@Rinzwind What the hell is that???
reputation summary per site per you.
@Fabby rep recap of your account
1:52 PM
@terdon I used to be bullied. When I put up the "I'm totally deranged act" it stopped for some or other reason.
Told my boss just yesterday that him typing "Steve " would have been less work than him DMing me "Hey, put 'Steve' on that project!" ...
with a big LOL smiley.
Funny, made him laugh, but I still said it!
@Rinzwind Ah, that makes sense about the +2. Wish that would happen with me! ;)
That act either works or really backfires. Example, "This is what I was talking about when I said we should have separate tables for each event type in the beginning. No query should take 15 seconds to complete and timeout chrome but work in postman" @Fabby
Always look on the bright side: youtube.com/watch?v=JrdEMERq8MA
@RobotHumans That's not funny...
@Fabby It's true. Happened on my last job.
1:55 PM
Have I ever mentioned before how much I hate the downvote system here? I think that before you choose to downvote someone they need to put up a message that states please consider leaving a comment about what you feel is wrong instead of placing a downvote with no explanation. :)
@DKBose What's that from? It's recent and is that the Royal Albert Hall?
@terdon no and yes
Gotta love Monty Python! :D
@Rinzwind Not recent? It must be relatively recent given their age.
@RobotHumans You should have said: "It's better to throw database redundancy theory completely out of the window because in theory no redundancy is better, but in practice, redundancy increases speed. And in theory practice and theory are equal, but in practice, practice smashes theory up, stomps int into the ground and then shoots it in the head twice and puts the gun in its left hand! (=totally deranged and funny)
1:58 PM
@terdon it was posted 2010 so ...
@Rinzwind ah, fair
Now I have to go watch the Life of Brian. ;)
@Terrance :50431835 The problem with that is that it would discourage downvotes. We need downvotes, probably more than upvotes. When you leave a comment, it very often results in your being hounded and attacked. I tend to leave comments almost always but I have the armor of high rep and a diamond. I can very well understand why people are reluctant to.
@Fabby yeah. well the thing is. Using the id's to connect between tables speeds things up too
@Fabby Hahaaa. It was because we were using eventsourcing and the academic thought that performant on 10 records would be performant on 5000 records.
1:59 PM
@Terrance That discussion has been on-going for years! It'll *never happen!
@Fabby I can see that. And Agreed!
Revenge downvoting can become extremely tiring. As can spending hours trying to explain why the answer is wrong to people who take your technical disagreement as a personal attack.
@RobotHumans :D :D :D
@terdon I think that people just need to grow up! I find it more discouraging when you have no clue what you did wrong. If you can't take constructive criticism then you shouldn't be posting here anyway.
@terdon Now that is something I've never done!!!
2:01 PM
@Terrance Agreed. But growing up also includes accepting downvotes as a part of SE life :)
And many, many people cannot take criticism. Constructive or otherwise. SE users are no different.
@terdon Oh, I accept them. I just want to know what I did so that I can correct it, but when you have no clue then you do have to live with it. Which I have done.
I've done tons of sympathy upvoting: (E.G. Why does this question have a downvote? That's not fair! Lemme upvote! or Hey: friend's duplicate answer: lemme read and upvote but never any revenge downvoting!)
@Terrance It's entirely possible you didn't do anything wrong. When I get a downvote, I go look over my answer and fix anything I can find. If I can find nothing, I simply assume the downvoter misunderstood, or is having a bad day, or hates guitar players, or always downvotes any answer posted on a Tuesday or whatever.
@terdon LOL! You win! :D
2:04 PM
@terdon I wish I could star that one thrice!!!
:D ;-)
I needed my morning laugh! Many thanks! 😃 😃 😃
@terdon You're killing me with answers posted on Tuesday.
@ByteCommander Good one! (Missed it, not starring it though)
@RobotHumans Tuesdays are the worst, man.
I really wasn't even angry or mad today about it. 😬 But that comment just did me in! 😉 Now I need a breather to catch my breath!
It is hard to read a screen through the tears of laughter! 😃
2:07 PM
@terdon I disagree
>:-) ;-)
/r/shortstories  --

it was a tuesday like any other, terrible.
@Terrance :D :D :D
I'm going for a smoke.
@Fabby Pfft, hating Mondays is so mainstream!
@terdon If I win the euromillions lottery, I'll invite all the AU mods into London, pay for their flights, 5 star hotel and want to get drunk with you one night!
Monday is the given suck. I do more on the weekend than I do on Monday. It's Tuesday where you have to pick the pace back up again to be on target for Friday... hence the suck of Tues.
2:09 PM
@Fabby Sounds good. You don't even need to get me a flight! :P
@terdon I know... You've told me before you're not living in the oldest democracy in the world any more...
Actually, I am, aren't I?
>:-) ;-)
Greece only became a democracy in 74 or so.
It depends on your view: the oldest democracy in the world is Athens, the longest continuous democracy is Iceland AFAIK.
They beat the US of A...
2:11 PM
Yeah, the allthing.
They beat us in curling and skiing too.
But the US of A is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy.
Let's not take it political, because then we have to do the whole democracy is bad bit where we talk about mob rule and voting for theft.
My lips are now sealed about it.
2:24 PM
@N0rbert Re: askubuntu.com/questions/1146109/… I copy/pasted the instructions from the same page under the heading which says: Adding this PPA to your system.
Q: Strongswan ipsec.conf

wazhaI need to know the best strongswan configuration to connect to a vpn server with the following details, I need to access two networks on remote network: My IP Address (Left example): Server IP: ***Phase 1*************************** Authentication Method: Pre-Sh...

@Terrance True! But I (normally) never bring this up with Americans... Good to know you're taking the holistic view. >:-)
(unless.... You're Canadian?)
2:45 PM
@ByteCommander So how did the first week of modding go??? More enthusiastic about AU than ever now?
@Rinzwind Thanks to you, I now remember the reason why I came out of the woodwork of being an anonymous user and registered and started answering questions instead of just looking for support anonymously...
:-) Thank you! :-)
@Fabby it hasn't even been a week yet. Just... three days? I guess?
But yeah, many hidden corners and buttons to discover everywhere :)
It's certainly interesting and still offers a bit to learn.
Good for you! :-)
@Fabby :-)
3:03 PM
@terdon that Monty Python version is, I hope, less likely to offend anyone than the more common one ;)
@DKBose There's something offensive in the common one? Is that one different? It seemed the same to me.
@DKBose Would you mind undeleting your screenshot answer? I think it is certainly valid, even if the dconf way might be preferable. The OP seemed to have gone your way, according to their answer (which is NAA and I'd like to convert it to a comment below your answer if you're fine with that).
@ByteCommander I already deleted it. I think Win's answer is elegant!
@Terrance Please use the reply button when replying to a post instead of a general ping. (Otherwise it looks like you're replying to my last post)
@DKBose I see that, but I think yours is valid too. Maybe not the better one, but definitely useful to have.
3:11 PM
@ByteCommander , okay! Will do.
E.g. if you don't want that behaviour for all screenshots, but on a separate shortcut instead
Thank you.
@DKBose Link?
@Fabby for what? This: askubuntu.com/questions/1146144/… ?
Thank you
I could have undeleted it myself (diamond magic etc ;) ) but I didn't want to impose the decision on you if you might have decided to remove it for other reasons.
@DKBose Upvoted... Tip: For N00bs For myself, I always include the long version for the command I.E. --include-pointer as they will not remember WTF what -p was after 24 hours...
3:17 PM
@ByteCommander, no! No other reason than I think that Win's answer was the easier way to go. Of course, sometimes one may not want the pointer but I wouldn't know why/
@DKBose Just make two shortcuts then, and I wish I knew about this back when I posted this answer:
@Fabby Makes perfect sense. I'll keep that in mind.
It's always good to have more than one way to achieve something. Sometimes one may be preferable over others, sometimes the other way round, for whatever reason that may be.
A: Reveal mouse pointer position

FabbyWhat you want is hidden in the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) Accessibility settings. sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager and then: Open CCSM Navigate to Accessibility Click the checkbox before Show mouse Click on Show mouse Click on the first button after Initiate Press a ...

I think valid answers should never be deleted because there's a subjectively better, different answer. That is to be decided by the community via up/downvotes
IMO, only delete your answer if it is wrong, or if it is a duplicate of another answer to the same question (which is either older or way better explained)
3:19 PM
@ByteCommander As in the English idiom: "There is more than one way to skin a cat" (Viele Wege führen nach Rom)
@Fabby that was a really neat feature of compiz. Is it still there? Kubuntu has something but it isn't pretty at all.
My German is improving because I insist everyone speaks German on a German meeting once/week...
@DKBose I'm still on 16.04. Because... I actually like Unity.
Nine Spreaken De Deutch!
Sehr gut!
@Fabby me too
3:21 PM
I like Unity too @Fabby I even use it on 18.04 right after upgrading from 16.04
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Ich spreche kein Deutsch.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix OpenUnity???
Nine Spelling De Deutch properly too :)
@Fabby I spent three years in Munich but never got a chance to improve my German. People preferred speaking to me in English. Anyway, my German is extremely minimal except for an arsenal of cuss words.
Is it possible to delete the Gnome DM and keep unity on 189.04?
but 18.04 still has unity in its repos anyway, so I'll probably upgrade some time wen I have more time to invest for maintaining my machines (and enjoying the playing around, not just needing it to work again asap)
3:22 PM
@DKBose I can insult you in 11 languages!
I guess you can use the minimal iso and just install the unity desktop then
@Fabby No I mean every few months I upgrade Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 and sign on with Unity desktop. What is "OpenUnity"???
wouldn't advise multi-DE installs, and removing a desktop is tricky
@Fabby what did I do now?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix ByteCommander already answered my question:
43 secs ago, by Byte Commander
I guess you can use the minimal iso and just install the unity desktop then
3:23 PM
@ByteCommander I don't install Unity 18.04, it's already there after converting Unity 16.04
sure, that works too. Referring to fresh install
@Fabby Sorry still waking up :(
@DKBose Which of my dumb ramblings are you responding to???
Upgrade of course preserves the installed packages
@DKBose You didn't do anything wrong!
3:24 PM
@ByteCommander there is a common misunderstanding that running, for example, sudo apt purge lubuntu-desktop, would revert back to the original de taking out all the metapackage's "dependencies".
Any ideas if a high rep user was removed last night?: meta.askubuntu.com/questions/18644/…
@Fabby the 11 languages :D
@Fabby RAM bling? ;) (not RAM but flash, but I didn't find a better picture)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix the chat has been full of that! How much did you lose?
I'm learning a new language @DKBose -- Python :)
3:26 PM
@Rinzwind was the only one to benefit from the carnage!!!!!
I lost 425 points to removed user :/
See meta.
He gained 2 points which really upsets me!
@DKBose haha so the user removed had downvoted Windy extensivey?
3:27 PM
@DKBose Ah! I just meant to say: That's how you learn a language: by studying the insults...
Guess we're doing a solid job there right now :D
@WinEunuuchs2Unix he had good taste!
@DKBose haha poor windy first pilot rags him and now you :P
@WinEunuuchs2Unix just once.
hence the +2...
Fabby I made comment before +2 was revealed....
3:28 PM
@Fabby you mean he doesn't deserve the ragging?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Sorry!
Hmm, I lost 265, just noticed. Oh well whatever
So all the points we lost should be prorated and we demand Windy give a fraction of his two points to us?
Was it just the one person? To my mind it's user 497767 but nobody else agrees :( :(
3:30 PM
@DKBose Same as for Terrance: please use the "reply" button or I don't know what you're responding to...
@DKBose How do you know?
^^^^ yeah and who is 497767?
@Fabby, I tried to explain how I figured the user out here: meta.askubuntu.com/questions/18646/…
@DKBose going to archive.org now.
@Fabby I went through 180 of my answers to see if any of the questioners was now inactive and that was the only one that came up. Of course, it's possible that it could be someone who I never directly interacted with: just some "benevolent" upvoter :)
People get a badge for massively upvoting. When I was new I used my maximum upvote allowance for a month in order to get the badge.
3:35 PM
@Fabby see one hit: i.stack.imgur.com/buf2X.png
@DKBose Thanks... I spoke to him only yesterday
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I noticed some badges for casting a certain number of votes per day. I don't like them.
@Fabby who did you speak to and why? Did you make hime do what he did?
@DKBose :D
I just asked him which script his avatar was in.
Oh: just noticed: -95 for me...
@Fabby the guy I'm thinking of seems to be one Lohran aka lll.
@DKBose Ah
3:41 PM
I doubt that.
Doesn't look like an account with much activity
@Fabby so now what I'm curious about is whether others also have interacted with the guy in terms of answering his questions. Andrew.46 is one.
Time to go cook food!
@Fabby, that looks like a classic Om sign that Andrew.46 has. Bob apetit.
bon apetit too :)
@ByteCommander but then who else has turned inactive recently? Of course, I can't see the past activity directly now but upvoting is a different type of activity as opposed to posting questions.
3:45 PM
@Rinzwind I decided you should take your 2 point gain from user being deleted and award it to us with the 20,000 point loss!
I do not know. It has been an account with many votes across the whole network apparently, and for some reason I do not know certainly either it seems they qualified not for vote preservation. As terdon said in meta.askubuntu.com/a/18648/367990 that someone requested deletion of their own account, and that's basically all we know and are supposed to share.
@ByteCommander how do you gain powers to convert answer to a comment? ^^^
these powers make you blue and attach a diamond to your name...
umm... ok so I need to ask "how do I become blue and marked with a diamond?" instead?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Run for mod at the next election.
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