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2:22 AM
Q: Is it appropriate to contact users offsite to question their site actions on Ask Ubuntu?

Kevin BowenI recently had a user contact me outside of SE/AU questioning one of my moderation decisions in the queue. To be clear, it wasn't hostile, but it seemed a bit odd/off-putting(?). Over the years, I've had my contact information occasionally used to follow me on twitter, contacts me for jobs/cont...

2:56 AM
Q: error: Regular expressions are not functional, you need g++ 4.9.0 or greater

244boyWhen I install the stacks in my Ubuntu 16.04: ... checking for sqrt... no checking for functional regular expressions... configure: error: Regular expressions are not functional, you need g++ 4.9.0 or greater. I check my g++ there is 8.2.0: suser@suser-S2600CP[stacks-1.48] g++ -v ...

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10:33 AM
Good morning/afternoon/night
What do you think of reopening this question:


I had flagged it as unclear and added a comment on how to give the required info. It seems the OP has added the correct info into the question now.

I had also shared the question as an example when answering the "Are we too fast in closing questions as unclear" under meta. Here's the link:

@Parto Already casted my vote. And thank you for your valuable answer to my question on meta. ;-)
@Kulfy Awesome. Thank you. With the edits now, that question is now answerable. Anytime.
Are laptop temperatures of 50 - 60°C normal?
I have an old HP Pavillion dv6. This is the output of `sensors`

subroot@subroot:~$ sensors
Adapter: Virtual device
temp1: +51.0°C

Adapter: ISA adapter
Core 0: +48.0°C (high = +90.0°C, crit = +90.0°C)
Core 1: +49.0°C (high = +90.0°C, crit = +90.0°C)

10:49 AM
user image
@Parto Was that you?
@Kulfy Hahahah. This is hilarious. I also had a similar one, let me look for it.
lol. I saw the revision
Q: E: unable to locate package airmon-ng

airi`ve been using chromebook with chrome os and i installed ubuntu with this tutorial ( https://lifehacker.com/how-to-install-linux-on-a-chromebook-and-unlock-its-ful-509039343 ), and now when i want to install airmon-ng it gave me this E: unable to locate package airmon-ng how to solve this ?

Q: Unable to remove time in Command Prompt with PS1

user1342124I have searched multiple threads and there is no solution to removing the time as shown below. As seen below, I am in root and echo $PS1 shows my current setting. When I set to empty, the command prompt still shows the time in bracket. I have another vm that doesn't show the time in bracket at al...

In this question https://askubuntu.com/questions/1126719/authentication-required-by-wireless-network-on-ubuntu-18-04-2-lts, @Pilot6 suggested "Please edit your question and add output of `lspci -knn | grep Net -A3; rfkill list` terminal command."

The OP then edits the question and just adds:

> output of lspci -knn | grep Net -A3; rfkill list terminal comman

Check revision history
well he did what was asked
11:10 AM
This reminds of an incident. When I was in 6th standard, one of our teacher asked to expand (a+b)². We wrote a²+b²+2ab. Teacher said that we all were wrong. The answer is ( a + b ) ² And we were like, are you serious?
11:21 AM
@Parto This is not the first time people react this way.
11:32 AM
It's like the joke on helpdesks: "Sir, are you sitting behind your screen?" "Wait....., wait........ now yes, but now I can't reach my keyboard anymore."
OP finally added the correct output, bit I have no idea what is the problem. Most likely a wrong password, Caps Lock, etc.
2 hours later…
1:22 PM
@Parto reopened, please answer! :)
2:11 PM
Q: Question is on hold

IgorGentlemen! Those who put my question on hold. Did you try to understand what was going on there? I have been struggling with the problem for about 3 weeks. Plenty comments left. I am at the same point. Does it worth to go on? I am not suppose to dig through tons of manuals, searching the net. I...

2:26 PM
I am ignoring that last one on meta :+
2:40 PM
Hi, could I get some help on my recently posted question? thanks ask.openstack.org/en/question/120627/…
@RiccardoMagrini that isnt a Stack Exchange site - you could post the same question here - or on StackOverflow - stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/openstack
@fossfreedom ok thanks
3 hours later…
6:16 PM
Q: Ubuntu Wifi Problems (No adapter found)

Carter TomlenovichSo I just fresh installed Ubuntu and would like to start using it as a daily driver. I am currently unable to connect to the Internet via wifi. lspci: 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8265/8275 (rev 78) lshw -C network: Both of the interfaces don't show the DISABLED noti...

6:32 PM
How to make an already existing tag a synonym of another tag?
6:45 PM
@Kulfy Uh no clue, isn't that a moderator thing @terdon, my advice would be to open a meta post about the tags you have in mind explain why and so on you would consider tag x a synonym of y.
I believe "iwlwifi" can be considered as a synonym of "intel-wireless". So there's no need of having separate tags.
iwlwifi is the driver name of intel-wireless cards
7:13 PM
@Videonauth I'm about to board a plane so I can't give you the details, but no, it isn't a mod thing. Users with a certain level of rep for a tag can suggest synonyms. It should be explained somewhere in the help center.
@terdon Safe flight! Bugger off!
>:-) :D
Bugger back! I'm on my way back home from Prague.
:-) Going home is always faster than going away!
7:52 PM
@terdon have a safe flight
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11:03 PM
Q: From the Attackers Perspective such as a Terrorist

computerhackerWhat are the benefits for an Attacker such as a terrorist for having these machines running windows NT, win 8, windows vista, windows microsoft xp professional, ubuntu/linux and linux mint as its operating system?

@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L what the ...?

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