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12:00 AM
Nice! Which one was it?
2 hours later…
1:36 AM
Stack Exchange corrected reputation calculation after observing that this is "Ask Ubuntu" not "Answer Ubuntu" Haha
heh oops :P
but the rep calc is global so :)
1:58 AM
I'm glad it wasn't just SO. That would have been really weird.
1 hour later…
3:05 AM
2 hours later…
4:36 AM
hey is there anyone who knows maya python scripting here ?
3 hours later…
7:30 AM
Morning all. My reputation at AskUbuntu increased by about 2k in the fast few days. Was this a general change affecting everybody? Or something else? I'm curious.
@LuísdeSousa yes, it was a general change. If you start reading the chat here you will see some relevant info.
This is becoming a bit wierd. My profile page shows a reputation of 11.4k: askubuntu.com/users/177437/lu%c3%ads-de-sousa?tab=reputation
But at StackExchange the reputation is still at 9.5k: stackexchange.com/leagues/89/alltime/askubuntu/2010-07-28/…
@Zanna Thanks Zana. It seems they are still updating though.
@LuísdeSousa that page is updated only once per day
@Zanna Alright, thanks again.
if you visit askubuntu.com/reputation you will see the full calculation details. But it takes some investigation to match the details there to your posts
7:46 AM
The drop down menu in the right corner still shows old reputation
@Kulfy which thing?
ooh yeah!
I wonder how that is updated
Well this is strange. Only AU's rep isn't updated.
I think the others were updated before AU
so whatever updates that view ran before the AU recalc but after the others
7:52 AM
Before I slept only SO and MSE were updated.
Maybe the sites were updates in the alphabetical order of the site name as stored in the database (we're ubuntu, IIRC).
Then The Workplace should be updated after that. But in the drop down menu, rep on The Workplace is updated.
maybe they chose to update bigger sites later
Evening all...
@andrew.46 good evening!
8:02 AM
@Zanna It has been a while :)
yes, good to see you!
You have received some largess from SE?
yes I think everyone who has ever received an upvote on a question has received some largesse
So maybe everybody feels warmer towards SE now :)
I remember childhood incidents where I will get injured and mom will give me a cookie to calm me down. Of course, a cookie can't fix the injury but only there to distract me from the pain.
Q: Change in the weight of upvote on questions: Distraction or bad timing and the absence of community involvement?

Ankit SharmaIt's not a secret that SE is running with multiple issues, the unfortunate loss of moderators like Aza which get escalated into the directions which nobody wanted and the SOpocalypse. Now after a day of absence, I see a mail of getting to 100k rep on movies.stackexchange.com which I was not expec...

8:16 AM
I can be bribed quite easily actually...
I feel giving +10 for questions only on Code Golf would be justified.
Since that ain't really a Q&A site.
@Kulfy haha those questions take sooo much effort and skill to make :D
9:06 AM
that rep change is bad, it will increase the number of dup question or some more low quality questions also :/
9:47 AM
when they experimented that change, they saw a little decrease of numbers of good quality question, while numbers of question increased more.
@damadam that data is about a different intervention, as far as I can see
also, it is not possible to determine from the data whether more questions would be posted if the new UI they were testing were implemented. It only shows that more people made it through the process between clicking Ask a question and actually submitting it. That could mean that the UI was more helpful, or perhaps less effective in finding similar questions where the user found an answer
also, the commentary states that after the tests that produced the graph showing a reduction in question quality (somehow measured?) with the new UI, they adjusted it and were able to eliminate that effect
It looks like they actually implemented the new asking UI on SO
> As of today, the new question workflow performs better in terms of task success (people who intend to ask a question successfully posting their question) and the same in terms of question quality.
I don't see some difference between SO and AU
well, you need to click "Ask a question"
I am seeing the new "workflow" on SO but not on AU... are you not seeing it?
I did, but just few advises text changes between each website
ahhhh, I see the major change!
"formatting tips", that's very lite, and new users probably won't really use it well, so I still have to do my first review post job :D
Audit tests are really mad currently, they gave me a comment as an answer (a good comment), so I don't do anything -> lose
same thing for that user yesterday : meta.askubuntu.com/questions/18865/…
10:09 AM
@damadam if it should have been a comment instead of an answer, in your opinion, should you not have flagged it as NAA?
I also failed an audit recently... I think it was in Close Votes and I also think I was probably right to do what I did
audits aren't designed by humans
regular promotion of my own meta post:
Q: Plea to reviewers of First Posts & Late Answers: consider Action. And, some Actions to consider

ZannaI often get a bit frustrated when I look at the history pages of First Posts and Late Answers and see that some prolific reviewers are clicking the No Action Needed button all the time or nearly all the time (you can only see this if you have >10k - otherwise the history page shows you only your ...

I would keep that post in favorite, there is plenty of useful informations about improving a post / an answer, even if correcting English or title won't be a perfect job for me :/
10:34 AM
If you suspect something else might need to be done in addition to what you did, you can always do something and skip
I do that a lot!
Yeah, I do something and click Skip in those queues more often than I do something and click I'm Done.
I didn't expect using the "Skip" option like that, I was using "I'm Done" instead (probably because I know that my edit was sent to the Edit suggestion queue)
I must stop using a lot that "I'm Done"
@damadam when I see a post in the Suggested Edits queue, I sometimes notice that there is something I want to do to the post other than editing it, such as voting on it. But the workflow of the queue means I usually have to press the back button to do that and go through all the things I saw to do the actions I wanted to do. So sometimes I get distracted by something else and don't do those things
(this isn't a criticism of your action, I'm just saying that the Suggested Edits queue makes it difficult to do anything to the post except edit it, and it also gives no context)
(by contrast, in First Posts and Late Answers, all the things we can do to interact with a post are possible, and some context is provided)
11:33 AM
@Kulfy I think the rep recalc is complete now.
@damadam this edit suggestion of yours was good and I approved it, but I changed the title back more or less to what it was for two reasons that I want to mention
firstly, the exact error message is probably a more useful search term than a paraphrase of it, so if the title is not getting too long (i.e. over the character limit), it may be better to preserve the original error message
secondly, I don't think it is a good idea to strengthen the evidence that the question is about Xubuntu. I assume flavor is irrelevant to this question in particular, but in general I would not transfer from a flavor tag to the title unless the body actually asserts that that flavor is in use, because I have noticed that people often use those tags incorrectly (because, I suspect, they search for "ubuntu" and it is not there)
I would not remove such a tag but I would not mislead others into thinking that the tag is certainly correct by adding it to the title or body
(I apply the same caution to version tags)
In this case the question body mildly contradicts the tag, although people often say I'm using Ubuntu when they are using something based on Ubuntu, so that is also uncertain
12:09 PM
@Kulfy Good point.
Btw (and unrelated to the recalc), from the comments at Why do lines with “c-n-f Metadata” appear in the output of sudo apt update?, I'm wondering if you might be able to post an answer.
@jrg Yeah. That's updates in the menu but rep leagues are still behind
@EliahKagan I really wanted to answer that question. But I'm unable to find official documentations to support my claim :/
1 hour later…
1:23 PM
Now I am trusted user of AskUbuntu and crossed all reputation criteria :)
1:36 PM
@Paṇḍyā congratulations!
1 hour later…
2:41 PM
Zanna seems to be everywhere on AskUbuntu. Only way I would have found this chat, I think. :P
@ITGremlin your gremlin picture is very cute
Thanks, I also use the one with a tiara and changed it from " I <3 NY " to "I <3 Linux "
My desktop is full of gremlins as icons because the work servers seem to have gremlins in them. We had a faulty HDD controller a few years ago and weird things have happened ever since.
3:08 PM
I like the idea of gremlins.
They existed as mythical constructs before the film, so only the images are copy-righted ... >.>
Do you happen to make a custom keyboard layout?
to know how to make*
It reminds me of the domovoy as depicted in the novel Deathless which has been my only encounter with them. I cannot recommend that novel at all, in fact I hated it, but the domovoy were the best thing about it.
@ITGremlin I do not :(
I like how impish they are in the film, bit insane.
but you may find what you are looking for somewhere in this question
Wanting both £ and \ on a US keyboard ... sad times. Currently using two keyboards XD
3:15 PM
my keyboards are also troubling me. I am planning to buy a keyboard hahaha
@ITGremlin I used to have a USian Asus netbook running Windows XP... I don't recall having a problem getting £ and \ but, my memory has got holes in it
@ITGremlin The universe sometimes behaves in an impish and insane way :)
I have just been visited by a down vote fairy, lost a bunch of points in the last 10 minutes. :(
I highly recommend either Redragon if you can get it in the regional layout you want or Drevo's Tyfling V2
They are both cheap and their quality is good.
(Redragon isn't a typo, their brand has that missing d)
we are discussing one post of yours in the Downboat because it is a link-only answer
Drevo on Amazon is well listed, so you can pick different switch types. I think I like browns the most with damper rings (also cheap) installed on them. They give you the tactile feedback when it registers the key press and they are more quiet that blue switches.
Which one?
3:26 PM
I think you have correctly identified a duplicate target for that question :)
Red switches are very smooth, if you have a high quality membrane keyboard with a very short down press distance, you will want reds or even silver switches but silvers are typically on expensive boards.
I like tactile
Then browns or blues. I also don't like the feel of blues, there is some sort of double click to them that feels unnatural but they are the most popular ones.
this rainbow universe is all new to me
Oh, my Drevo has rainbow RGB backlights but with the settings, I just made them deep purple and low lights. Helps if I make the room dark and watch a film.
brb need to do some work. ;P
3:30 PM
@ITGremlin wow awesome
@ITGremlin me too XD
3:49 PM
Hello, Can someone explains me why I can login with a blank password ?
Have you just installed your operating system?
There is a tickbox during that process to say your password is not required during login.
You can also change it under Users and Passwords, same sort of phrasing.
Its unchecked in the settings.I can do "su $USER" without password. But if i type my password it asks me again and then I type my password it succeed
Have you altered your sudo file?
Oh i got a new error message about cached password
Which reminds me that I tried to install kerberos stuff for my enterprise network
Oh .. erm .. fun. I am currently lost with NLA problems ... so you are in deeper waters than I swim. Goood luck. ;P
1 hour later…
5:02 PM
"Stack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation & reinstatement." Source: meta.stackexchange.com/q/338270/629261
Q: SSHFS: Cannot umount / re-mount remote directory after connection is interrupted

matohakI often use sshfs to mount a remote directory to make it appear as local: sudo sshfs -o allow_other myname@server:/remote/path /mnt/remote/ Occasionally there could be interruption to the connection so /mnt/remote will appear as empty. If I try to re-run the above command, I'd get '/mnt/remot...

"To date, we've been very hands-off with the ads served through this program, but removing off-topic protests and other such commentary is necessary and appropriate, even if it wasn't about Stack Exchange" Source: meta.stackexchange.com/a/338271/629261
5:57 PM
Q: All of a sudden reputation changed from ~7000 to ~7300. How is this possible?

PRATAPToday morning when I logged in to Ask Ubuntu, all of a sudden my reputation points changed from ~7000 to ~7300 but there are no traces. How is this possible? How can I trace these reputation changes? Also I was getting reputation +5 for a Question up voted to me. But I am getting +10 roughly aft...

1 hour later…
7:09 PM
Q: UBUNTU 18.04.1 hard freeze issue

Richard PriceLately my desktop has been freezing solid and needing to be hard reset [power off/on]. While frozen the cursor will move but nothing else happens. I have tried a number of ways to reset or get information about this condition without a hard reset. I have tried the set of commands which are refer...

1 hour later…
8:10 PM
Is the network down for anyone else?
runtime errors on all SE properties
@terdon BTW, might be worth having a conversation with the mod team about if moderator emeritus should have room ownership privs.
i have a lot of buttons i shouldn't have lol
@jrg yes
@jrg ban them all :D
I still have the kick-mute user button
i don't think i should have that in this room if it's been historically moderator only lol
8:30 PM
@jrg It isn't, actually. I mean, it's been mods only in this particular room because we've usually had enough mods to not need non-mod RO (room owners), but in general, ROs are not mods.
They're trusted chat regulars. And, well, I feel you qualify, to be honest.
@jrg yes
@jrg ban them all :D

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