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12:01 AM
Equador cut off internet access to Julian Assange because his Wikileaks was posting about Hillary Clinton and they don't want to help him influence US elections... HISTORY MAKING EVENT!!!!
There's plenty of kindling for conspiracy theories right about now...
He's really in defacto prison as some claimed a few years ago which I denied. I can say anything about Clinton I want, but he can't... So maybe I am better off and I was wrong back then.
I don't see how it's a conspiracy theory... it's in the news.
yay convoluted repetitive java code
@WinEunuuchs2Unix how does the news make it not a conspiracy theory?
@KazWolfe you mean all of it?
12:06 AM
@Zacharee1 You can write this section actually lol
oh noes
lemme finish these CVs
@KazWolfe I didn't call you this morning... Serg posted a picture of you and I said it was you was all.
how was that picture of me? just curious...
@Zacharee1 I tried to close this question but ElderGeek wants to leave it open but he's emotionally involved: askubuntu.com/review/close/631710 - NEVER MIND MY BROWSER WAS OUT OF DATE!!!!!
@Serg can you post that picture of KazWolfe development from junior to teen to adult again?
Why are they voting to close this question: askubuntu.com/review/close/631786 when they don't like the title, why don't they just edit the title?
condensed form of Trump's cybersecurity platform:
@munin @ErrataRob "cyber cyber cyber cyber review team cyber joint task force cyber offense cyber defense cyber hillary email server cyber"
12:21 AM
yo, wassup goat man
@Zacharee1 this CV is painful... I end up editing the question with proper title so the voters can't complain.
the CV reason isn't the title, it's that the question is unclear and broad
The people voting to CV based their arguments the title didn't match the body.... they could have changed the title instead: askubuntu.com/questions/524142/…
@WinEunuuchs2Unix no, one person did. I did not
How do I see who voted to close... I would tend to jump on the bandwagon if you voted to close.
12:25 AM
you can see what people did in the queue after you review it by hitting the back button
Is there a badge for being outside the pack with voting trends? I'd probably get one!
You have already reviewed this item. It needs more reviews from other users to be completed.
WinEunuuchs2Unix reviewed this 4 mins ago: Leave Open
Zacharee1 reviewed this 23 mins ago: Close
Kevin Bowen reviewed this 4 hours ago: Leave Open
@Seth That is legit hilarious... and terrifying.
@NathanOsman well I can't imagine Hillary's being any better :/
so yeah.
@Seth 2016 summed up in one word: "cyber".
yep. xD
12:32 AM
I bet @sparky_005 is a Clinton employee or fanatic.
12:45 AM
@Zacharee1 @ByteCommander @EricCarvalho so, who of you downvoted this : askubuntu.com/q/838934/295286
totes me
@NathanOsman thanks for the kdenlive tip! I used it, seems to be quite simple for those small video trimming tasks
Downvote by default means question isn't useful. If question is a duplicate , there's no reason to downvote. Dupes are useful, because dupes bring people to the canonical answer, ( which are sometimes PITA to find )
@IanC You're welcome! And it has some more advanced features too once you get used to it.
The chroma keying effect was used on a few of George's videos.
nice! Does it have motion tracking also?
I've seem you testing motion tracking on your channel I guess
I think I just tripped, you probably used blender for that right?
12:49 AM
what's this
chroma key? @Zacharee1
Argh. Chrome won't let me bypass the invalid cert error now.
Chrome, let me be the judge of what I can do.
you should always be able to bypass
12:56 AM
the https invalid cert block
1:13 AM
@NathanOsman use Chromium.
but I'm surprised. are you sure? Chrom(e)(ium) is incredibly picky about certs so there should always be a way to bypass the warning.
Can someone test real quick if sudo apt-get remove gnome-terminal says Unity depends on it or not ?
I've terminator set as my default terminal , so too much trouble just to test one thing
The following packages will be REMOVED:
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 19 not upgraded.
After this operation, 1,138 kB disk space will be freed.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
@Serg apt-cache rdepends gnome-terminal
(thinks to self.... answer "N")
➜  ~ apt-cache rdepends gnome-terminal
Reverse Depends:
1:17 AM
the meta package 'ubuntu-desktop' depends on gnome-terminal, so removing it could cause unpredictable behavior in future.
I would not recommend it.
@Serg the question you mentioned: askubuntu.com/questions/838934/… I want to post my own answer about the coloured prompt but I don't see the answer button. Is that because it's been flagged as duplicate already?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix yes
it's duped already
Which I don't think is a dupe
@Serg I agree... but I think his question is wrong because green color @ something isn't the default... it's white color@something.
You have to uncomment #forcecolorprompt in ~/.bashrc to get green colour@something prompt.
How do we "unduplicate" vote?
Band names are so creative nowadays
( sarcasm )
What kind of bloody name is Arctic Monkeys ?
1:24 AM
There are no monkeys in the arctic... but I live in the arctic it seems like burrr
sounds like a slur against eskimos.... lets do a collective lawsuit thingy.
time to cook and clean... going 10-6.
I don't see an option anywhere...
You know what's fun? Saying Chinese names to Google Voice Recognition
@Zacharee1 same as saying them to any american ear
"Zang what ?" , "Not Zang, Zhang. Zhang Zi Yi"
And it's not Wang as in Bruce Wayne , but Wang as in wonder
The chat script is enjoying its new home on my 16.04 server.
(Just FYI.)
Also, FYI, the Twitter chat bot is going to be down for a few minutes (10-20?) while I move it to the new server as well.
This will have no impact on the tweets or anything like that, just the web UI will be unavailable for a bit.
1:36 AM
have you guys seen the new indicator from Tony George ? The Indicator Diskman
quite interesting. Minimalistic in design, written in vala, apparently can do LUKS encrypted partitions as well
@Serg I've been trying to say my friend's name to it and the closest it gets is Denton jail
@Zacharee1 what's the name though ?
Yanteng Zhao
@NathanOsman I was thinking of setting up a Ubuntu Server today... but what could it do? Maybe mirror AskUbuntu and filter questions and answers for my own interest somehow?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Mirroring Ask Ubuntu would be tricky.
1:50 AM
@Serg autocorrect also likes to change it to yanking again
I'm not sure if there are any apps out there that do that.
I suppose there's StackMobile but it's nearly four years old.
@NathanOsman not "mirror" in the technical sense... I mean like read it and filter it.
Oh, lord . . .
autocorrect and voice recognition have a loooooooong way to go
@Serg my first boss was big on voice recognition.... in 1984 :D
IBM PC Portable...weighing 30 pounds, 9 inch monochrome screen, 10 MB hard drive, leading edge dual floppy drives.... boss sitting there with headphones and microphone training it... kind of hilarious
@WinEunuuchs2Unix StackMobile did something similar: stackmobile.com/askubuntu
I think the cache is set to 10 minutes or so.
1:54 AM
@NathanOsman I'm not going to publish my server... just have my server download everything and see what you are saying about me when at work :p
I was writing a python library of my functions . . . where did it go ?
@NathanOsman the bottom of the webpage you linked says "© 2012 - Nathan Osman - [About]" coincidence? :)
So that's why so many cert. requests are failing.
DNS propagation. Wow.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix See, four years ago, just like I said :D
So my great idea is four years old cry
I was responsible for writing a number of apps for the Stack Exchange API back in the day.
1:58 AM
I just started using Stack Exchange app on my Android phone at work recently... it's pretty good... needs some improvements though.
That one isn't mine :D
Yes I realized that.
Can we hack Stack Exchange to give me more points than Serg?
They run Windows servers so... maybe? :D
@WinEunuuchs2Unix legitimate competition brings more satisfaction
Pretty sure he was kidding...
2:00 AM
doesn't doubt he was kidding
@NathanOsman It would be totally illegal to give me more points to Serg... that's like profiteering.... let's give Serg less points than me!
Mkay , what else should I do for UDisks Indicator, besides unmounting option and LUKS support
Meh . . . I'm not scared
@Serg Did you add the "show free space" feature yet?
@NathanOsman you mean instead of usage show how much is free ? That's a good idea . . .
Or wait...
2:02 AM
j/k bud... What is LUKS I've been reading it lots on the board... I know it's related to encryption which I don't use.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix it's type of encryption for hard drives
LUKS = Linux Unified Key Setup
@Serg I first installed Ubuntu 14.04 with encryption. When I installed it the second time a couple weeks later I left encryption turned off and never looked back.
In computing, the Linux Unified Key Setup or LUKS is a disk encryption specification created by Clemens Fruhwirth in 2004 and originally intended for Linux. While most disk encryption software implements different and incompatible, undocumented formats, LUKS specifies a platform-independent standard on-disk format for use in various tools. This not only facilitates compatibility and interoperability among different programs, but also assures that they all implement password management in a secure and documented manner. The reference implementation for LUKS operates on Linux and is based on ...
It can bite you when you least expect it to though.
For example, I usually store SMB credentials in ~/.smbcredentials and then point the mount options in /etc/fstab to that file so that the disk can be mounted at boot.
As you can imagine... that doesn't work when the home directory is encrypted.
encrypt the encryption.... interesting
2:04 AM
Although... I wonder if systemd could be made to mount it immediately after login...
maybe init-top in grub can do it.... lots of interesting mount options in grub hooks.
back in a bit (BIAB)?
2:27 AM
Trying to decide what service to migrate next...
what kind of services?
I've got a dozen or so running on my server.
Some of the stuff I'd like to move includes the NitroShare website, the Jenkins master running here (ci.nitroshare.net), my personal blog, George's blog, etc.
Who is George?
George is the living embodiment of God.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix georgethedev.xyz
And his YouTube channel: qms.li/ge
2:34 AM
Oh please Kaz... that has been plaguing me since 1998... don't mess with my mind.
@NathanOsman ahh... George is a Penguin... I noticed since I bought my Penguin hat it got colder in Edmonton.... LOL
Yeah you can order Linux hats... I bought one after AU rebirth in September/October.
@nathan cool chatbot manager is that open source?
@Zacharee1 ಠ_ಠ
@PhilipKirkbride yup - github.com/AskUbuntu/tbot
@NathanOsman how creative !
Bacon lazers
2:40 AM
@Serg... you must know transistors and NAND gates right? Nathan and I were discussing light organs the other night for our christmas trees... know much about individually addressable LED's and setting them up as pixels as an XRANDR screen? so a Santa can dance across the tree, or a goul can appear on halloween or the easter bunny at easter, etc?
just pls release the new K95. I need full RGB on my keyboard for reasons.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix why not simply use a Raspberry Pi with a small monitor or something like that . . . .
I'm waiting for the MX Blue version of this with the updated lighting controller.
which doesn't look like it's coming...
2:45 AM
and LEDs can be made individually addressable via GPIO pins on raspberry,too
Oh @KazWolfe. LG V20: $800 phone. T-Mobile is selling it for $760 + free $160 earphones + free LG G Pad with plan. All on an unlocked bootloader.
man, that's funny!!
did you write it @NathanOsman?
LED light strings can only be addressable by a WAC8012 controller or something like that I thought?
@Serg but there are only so many GPIO pins... sooo.....
@Zacharee1 OnePlus Three: $400
2:46 AM
I'd love to buy some pie for 35 bucks though, sounds like fun if it would work.
plus i still need to get rid of my iPhone, which at least is gonna get a perfect new screen.
@KazWolfe yeah but that's not a flagship. Not trying to make you get one, just pointing out that T-Mobile really is at least the lesser of 4+ evils.
@Zacharee1 The OP3 has the specs to beat any flagship.
Alcatel Idol 3 is beats flagships at half price!
1440p screen? Nope. Removable battery? Nope. SD card? Nope.
I can continue
2:48 AM
You dno't need to remove the battery you through the phone away like a bic lighter!
@NathanOsman we need defense
It's a flagship killer not a flagship
The Axon 7 is the actual $400 flagship
the OP4 will probably come with SD, I hope.
If they add SD support, I might consider them
@KazWolfe well,that's why I suggested an external screen first
2:49 AM
Plus no phones have removable batteries anymore.
Which is sad.
My Alcatel Idol 3 has 64GB sd micro... you can add 128GB instead... if you can afford one.
Until then, I need my IR, removable battery and 1440p screen
@KazWolfe lg v20
Why the hell do you need IR?
And once again, clock out time is drawing near and nothing is being done
And 1440p screen?
2:51 AM
@KazWolfe I'm like the one person left in the world who uses my phone as a universal remote
Uh oh... I just clicked "permalink" underline pop up... and everything turned yellow.... was that a mistake?
On a five inch or so screen, how much difference is there between 1080 and 1440?
@KazWolfe I can't stand seeing the pixels. I can see them on 1440p too, but it's not as bad
@Zacharee1 Logitech Harmony Hub
@Zacharee1 So you don't care about res. You care about DPI
@KazWolfe because that's something I'll carry around with me
2:52 AM
@KazWolfe I agree 1440 isn't necessary... then again mine is 1080 too so I'm biased :p
@KazWolfe yeah, but 5.5 1080p isn't good
5.7 1440p is OK
And since most screens are around this size now, resolution is what matters, since there's not much scaling on DPI
@Serg I asked mod to reopen the question you objected to being closed: askubuntu.com/questions/838934/… albeit for different reasons.
@Zacharee1 why do you need your IR remote at not home
also, js, i have an iPhone, which is 1334-by-750, and I see no pixels unless I look really bloody close.
Heh - now I'm glad I only use Facebook for business.
4:04 AM
wb Serg... having fun introducing Python to the masses?
Nah, just came home, gonna have dinner
@edwinksl same thing as before, just making it official
Don't understand how you can mess around here and still stay focused on EE degree.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix that's the problem - i spend too much time here and don't focus on EE enough, hehe
@Serg Well as much as I like myself... I think you should throw me away and focus on transistors, resistors, capacitors and all that jazz.
Oh, oops. Wrong one.
There, that's the one I wanted :P
4:22 AM
Q: Export The $PATH Variable, Line-By-Line

Kaz WolfeInspired by this question on AskUbuntu. Your job is extremely simple. Take the PATH environment variable (echo $PATH) and export it such that each entry (separated by the : character) is on its own line. For example, if the PATH is /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin, your program should output: /bin...

+1 for PPCG :D
4:24 AM
Waits patiently for the comeback...
4:29 AM
The starwall is never gonna be the same...
Fixed. I think we can all agree nobody should have to see that unless they choose to.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Regardless of the amount of focus on all that jazz, i think it's really about luck for me at this point
4:31 AM
youre no fun
chromium you POS , why are you showing me right click menu like 250 pixels away from the cursor ?
ok I was going to go to bed 15 minutes ago but that was entertaining
I don't mind making fun of Go, but THINK OF THE KIDS.
good night all
That's just the classic Linus, nothing offensive there
4:32 AM
Linus gets a free pass imo.
@KazWolfe That's better than minified JavaScript - the error's always on line 1.
user image
4:35 AM
Okay, you can haz a star for that one.
brackets ? really ? XD
9 hours ago, by Kaz Wolfe
user image
^--- appropriate
Have you ever seen lisp program ?
4:39 AM
that's . . . kinda appropriate
This is turning into a really unproductive evening... :P
Oh well!
Classic one
BEtter resolution
4:47 AM
noooo i found a great one that doesn't let me hotlink
And as for Ruby:
and i have things to do so byeee
4:55 AM
rip starwall
One more:
Time for a bookmark of this fun time.

Meme War 1

40 mins ago, 39 minutes total – 79 messages, 6 users, 6 stars

Bookmarked 34 secs ago by Nathan Osman

@Serg Nooo.... that message was just a little bit too late.
@NathanOsman it's OK, I wasn't actively participating anyway
anyone who likes cooking here ?
Once in a while, yes.
If it's bacon, absolutely yes.
4:59 AM
I think . . . I found my next favorite sauce : onion powder + soy sauce
I'd love to try it on sushi, but have none so far

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