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12:00 AM
It's just

if (p1 >= p2) return p2;
return p2;
well if it's just 2 numbers you dont need an array, but if you have a lot of them then it is the fastest way to do it I think
what does return do in java? prints that on the screen?
And about the Minecraft question, yeah, kinda. Always wanted to do some more serious game programming, but I'm horrible @ making models and stuff, so than voxels are the way to go :P
In what language do you mainly program?
well my current project is in flash
AS 3.0
a lot of people here hate it xD
Bah me too :p
Nah just kidding
but for gaming sites it's the most common... even though unity is on the rise now
12:02 AM
But what does return do in AS3? I assume it returns a value from within a function?
That's what it does in I think 99.7% of the languages
honestly, havent used return in flash
not yet
yea, I know what return is usually... didnt quite say it well back there but...
wanna see the game I am making?
the outdated version at least xD
12:04 AM
2d right?
you just need to run from the :) faces and get the :( faces
then go to the shop to upgrade stuff
it is the core game more or less...
now I really need to work on the presentation
this is the new menu btw, everyone here liked it and I love it was well
seems to be a LOT better than what it was back then
Yeah :P
I want to make a cool fun game
so many people play it
and hopefully if I had luck and a lot of plays
What an impossible game
I could get enough money with advertisings to buy myself a bag of potato chips ^^
yea, it's impossible at first
12:07 AM
but then you upgrade your sadbar and whatnot :P
gj on what? xD
Ah I see
The bag of potato chips :p
where are you from?
nowI am in italy
but am from portugal
well, so far I won like $0.35 from ads xD
speaking of chips
gonna fry some xD
12:09 AM
Fun little game, like it :)
well it is not much yet :P
and I'm gonna add bonus modes and whatnot xD
True, but it's a good start
And believe be, 2D games are a piece of a cake compared to 3D games... Pheeew.
Only working on this engine now for 2 weeks or so, and god, I have had so many frustrations, just because you now have to do all those calculations in 3D space...
But I think the result is kinda good for just 2 weeks of work :)
yea, xy IS easier than xyz xD
So why Flash?
Why not Java for example?
but I do like cheese...
as I said
it's the most usual for net games
12:15 AM
do you make your models and whatnot?
Well, it's a voxel engine so all the 'models
are just cubes :)
for example, in flash I can draw the things (which I did, my avatar was drawn on flash) and then use them
but you make the cubes? or look around for textures and stuff? :P
Oh no I make my own textures
Although they look almost identical to Minecraft's, at leaast I have no flaming on me or any legal issues :
so you just need to create the texture of each side and then tell the program which side takes which texture?
eheh nice :P
12:18 AM
what's the game gonna be? is it playable yet?
Made a little block info system for it, so it's really easy to add block types
Well yeah, you can walk around, place/break blocks, light works with shadow casting
And it's gonna be an MMORPG
can I play it for a test drive? :)
Sure, give me a few minutes to export it
windows 8 yeah
12:20 AM
Me too :)
so... facebook? skype? dropbox?
Your pick :)
make a dropbox and share the link
that way its easier for future references xP
how big?
12:25 AM
So how long have you been programming for?
well uhm
starting starting like more than 5 years ago probably
but just a bit...
I took a course 3 years ago though
and been more into it since then
that game I made was around june
12:27 AM
I'm studying for Application Developer now :)
I'm in Spain atm for my internship
Lol I like the name
oh really? We're living with 5 spanish people here xD
Internet is horrible here :s
and so is here! :(
12:28 AM
Got the exe?
the best ping I have usually is around 200
with luck
yea but windows "protected" me xD
bypassed it
Left = break, right = place dirt
middle = place lamp
more like... I open and it closes :/
12:30 AM
Don't tell me your graphics card doesn't support OpenGL 3.1???
I dunno
it opens, the window is black
then closes
same with my bro
Give me the opengl version that it gives you
ah saw it
12:36 AM
maybe that exe only works with you because you have all the files as well?
Everything is in the exe
Maybe run as admin?
that's what I did the first time
well, if you move the exe to anywhere of your computer... you can run it right?
do you have more computers where you can test?
well... can you compress all the files into a .rar or something and send me so I can see if it works?
12:44 AM
Is it on your desktop?
no, its on a folder
Shift->right click in that folder, "Open commandprompt here", and then type

java -Xmx1024m -jar Madcowe.exe
but its the same thing really
'java' is not recognized as an internal or external...
12:49 AM
Java is not in your classpath
Find the location where your jre/jdk is saved
Prbably program files/java/jre7/bin
wait I'm updating
now that I think about it, I do sometimes get a warning that a certain program needs java to run which isnt present or something
@Basaa you sure you can run an exe file with java?
12:53 AM
Tried it?
still installing...
Hmm thanks for letting me this know :P
hm I tried to run the compatibility problems but it gave an error
it is unknown but comes from the command line apparently
12:56 AM
What's the error
no idea, but the error is about the troubleshooting function, not the exe itself
What do you get in your cmd when the application closes?
@Basaa I meant should it be a jar file instead of exe?
No you can run .exe as well with the java command
I cant run it like how you said
or I didnt do it right
12:59 AM
ok so I open the command like and go to the directory where the game is?
I could run it without any problems
and the lights are really good.
Ah see? :P
And thanks :P
how? what am I missing? :C
1:05 AM
He can run it without problems :P
@Madcowe I don't know, I just simply tried running it
And btw, lighting isn't finished yet, still have to implement ambient light based on the position of the sun/moon
so it's written in java?
well... disabling the anti-virus and windows smart screen didnt help...
oh well...
brb guys
may take a while so party hard during my absence.
It is written in Java
1 hour later…
2:21 AM
bye guys
8 hours later…
10:02 AM
hey can anyone shorten this thing

activeScene = [level2_1Scene node];
[[CCDirector sharedDirector] pushScene:activeScene];

else if(selectedLevel==1)

activeScene = [level2_2Scene node];
[[CCDirector sharedDirector] pushScene:activeScene];

else if(selectedLevel==2)

activeScene = [level2_3Scene node];
[[CCDirector sharedDirector] pushScene:activeScene];
something like this...

activeScene = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"level2_%d",selectedLevel+1] node];
[[CCDirector sharedDirector] pushScene:activeScene];

3 hours later…
1:06 PM
@BaSha could have an NSMutableArray of scenes, and just do activeScene = [m_sceneArray objectAtIndex: selectedLevel]
Got a pretty good and fast lighting engine now in my voxel engine, but I want to take it just 1 step further: SMooth Lighting. Now, it looks like:


And I would like to make this lighting 'smooth', by maybe interpolating the lighting values of nearby blocks? Any thoughts on how to do this?
not from me; not a lighting expert :(
Would you know how to get the correct lighting value for each fragment in my face, by interpolating 4 vertices?
Like light values are


How to get the correct value?
2:07 PM
can anyone give me a link to a page, with pros and cons of all popular programing languages?
i want to help some dude, to choose a language
what's your goal
@visDEVion ask him what he is going to develop
for which platform?
no, what do you intend to do
you looking for a job?
2:10 PM
@Almo me?
your real goal in programming has a huge effect on what you learn
for just home hobby work, pick what you like
for getting a job, pick something employable by the type of firm you want to work at
@Almo no, you missunderstood. I already picked what i wanted. Now i'm helping some other guy
ok I didn't read your sentence right. Comma was weird and threw me off ;)
then ask him what his real goal in programming is
@Almo I'd say games are usually developed by C++, C#, Java, or Obj-C
based on which platform you want to work on you can choose between those languages.
personally I don't like neither Java nor Obj-C, so I know what I want to do
right so he's gotta know where his friend wants to work
2:14 PM
he wan't to develope games, to improve his programing skills
he's young
@visDEVion if so, he can try using the languages he is already fluent with.
he's not thinking about a profesion yet
so does he want to learn a new language just for the sake of it? some people are like that
if not, and he's not looking at job market yet, work with what he knows
2:19 PM
@Chunk-e-Yamani, you have anything to say about my previous question chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/8612274#8612274 ?
@Basaa using light maps instead of vertex color could help
vertex coloring it self can help too if you are not using it already
Well when I place a lamp, I simply raycast all the blocks in-range and give the faces their correct lighting values, I store those floats in my Block class, and send the float to the shader, and there i calculate the light based on ambient, sun and torch with this fragment shader:

varying vec2 texture_coordinate;
varying vec3 normal;
varying float light;
uniform sampler2D texture;

void main()
vec3 lampColor = vec3(0.1f, 0.05f, 0.001f);
vec3 lightAdd = vec3((max(light, 0)*10) * lampColor);

vec3 textureColor = texture2D(texture, texture_coordinate).rgb;
as I though you are doing your lighting per face, changing it to per vertex lighting can surely help a lot
wait a minute, what's your vertex shader?
okay, so that guy wants to learn game programing
he wants to start with 2D games
(the whole game would be made form quads)
@visDEVion no graphics mean text based
2:28 PM
well with simple graphics
2:41 PM
@visDEVion does he want to learn graphics programming or is he more focused on making a game?
@ToddersLegrande he is focussed on game programming. All of it :D
"All of it" isn't exactly a focus :P
@ToddersLegrande i guess that's an english fail
Nah. Just getting you on a technicality. It's something any native english speaker could have said just as well.
What languages does he already know?
@ToddersLegrande C++
2:49 PM
then he should probably stick with tht
@Chunk-e-Yamani My vertex shader:

attribute vec3 in_position;
attribute vec3 in_normal;
attribute vec3 in_texcoord;
attribute float in_light;

varying vec2 texture_coordinate;
varying vec3 normal;
varying float light;

void main()
gl_Position = gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix * vec4(in_position, 1.0);
normal = in_normal;
texture_coordinate = in_texcoord;
light = in_light;
@Basaa what's the problem?
I would like to have smooth lighting in my voxel engine, rather than this blocky lighting
@Almo can you offer some good resources about 2D game development in C++
not really
I would just go hunt google for it
so I wouldn't necessarily find anything he couldn't
2:52 PM
@Basaa your shaders are computing lighting per vertex.
Yep, so let's change it? :P
@Basaa you want per pixel lighting?
I'm wondering if you are assigning different values of light per vertex?
or per fragment
Yes, based on blocks next to it
2:53 PM
hey there sexy peoplez
PEr pixel / fragment is the same right?
And no, I'm assigning light values per face
Could be changed though
@Basaa changing only that should be more than enough.
just compute light value per vertex instead of per face
The calculation is no problem, I will figure that out, but how can I set a 'vertex' color with modern-opengl?
Ah, glFrontColor right?
3:01 PM
@Basaa you're not using modern opengl
I am?
I'm not using any deprecated functions or variables, except for glModelViewMatrix?
in modern opengl you dont use built in atributes like gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix and stuff
That's what I said :P
3:03 PM
you may inprove your glsl prgrams with more modern opengl
Wow, that's alot of tuts :P
@Basaa as i know, in modern opengl you use in, out and uniform instead of attribute and varying
you should also make your own projection and modelview matrices
True story
But too lazy for that :P
So how do I set a vertex color in my vertex shader?
that's not that hard
i adapted to modern opengl form the old stuff in two days
and i'm really happy with the result
More fps?
3:08 PM
and i didn't needed to read anything but that tutorial
@Basaa well i guess, but i didn't checked that
to me the main advantage of modern opengl is that it's much more flexible
3:27 PM
1 hour later…
4:42 PM
Just watched a video on Planetside 2... not sure why i never really looked into this game before. Looks crazy fun.
can anyone help me find a free software for tarrain editing?
or offer some other way to make terrain for my game
@ToddersLegrande Yeah, it's pretty fun, although it's best if you join a platoon
@visDEVion We'd need to know more about your game. 2D, 3D, heightmaps, tiles?
@JohnMcDonald 3D game. Since i learned modern rendering, i'm rewriting my project
so there is no terrain system at all
you can help me choose the best solution
you can help me choose the best solution
5:03 PM
Well... I know there are apps out there that can turn a 2D height map BMP into some kind of 3D terrain that you can load
@JohnMcDonald is a platoon an in game thing or is it like an unofficial clan? Clans / guilds / etc. drive me insane because usually they have rules I don't like to follow that usually involve scheduled playing times and an activity requirement. I'm too casual I guess :)
going to the store
anyone want something? :3
srsly now, which megaman battle network should I buy?
from 2 to 5? xD
oh well gtg
5:29 PM
@ToddersLegrande It's both. Most clans are happy to take on ringers and will have open platoons. Platoons are the in-game groupings of playing soldiers (like right now) and Outfits are the Guilds, which usually have an active Platoon or two
@JohnMcDonald cool. I'll probably hunt down aa casual Outfit or at the very least look into grouping up with a platoon when I play
Whats the run down on Microtransactinos in the game? Is it fun enough without them or should I expect to drop some money? $20-50 in Microtransactions is reasonable to me considering the game is free to play otherwise
It's fun for ~20 hours without paying I'd say. Beyond that, it's most fun if you drop like $20 on a 3x Station Cash sale
SC doesn't go very far, so spend it wisely
Gotcha. Thanks
I've spent most, if not all of it on vehicles
Your basic soldier weapons go a long way
5:46 PM
We've got something new to share, and we're bringing it to PAX East! If you're attending, be sure to arrive at the Naga theater early in order to secure a seat for our presentation. If you're not going to PAX East this year (or you just went a little too crazy the night before), we've got you covered -- the whole thing is being streamed live on the official PAX Twitch channel at 10:00 a.m. EDT Friday, March 22.
WHAT IS IT?!?! Speculate now.
World of Starcraft
Warcraft Adventures
That must be it!
@Chunk-e-Yamani every day... :(
But that's SharePoint for you :P
@ToddersLegrande even every minute...
and that's c++ for you
getting back on the code sure is hard...
it's the third fay I want to start working but I don't feel like coding at all :(
5:52 PM
@Jimmy Wasn't that something they wanted to release after Starcraft 1?
yeah, cancelled a long time ago
I just thought it was funny they were actually making a point-and-click adventure game
heh, yeah
StarCraft GHOST :O
well releasing an FPS isn't exactly a risky move for a big publisher
A newcommer to the market though?
5:56 PM
Blizzard has one of the most loyal fanbases in the industry
I'm hoping for Rock and Roll Racing 2 personally
didn't they re-release their old games recently?
@Jimmy All that means is that it'll sell, but I kinda doubt it'll be any good
like lost vikings
Ohhh, I bet it's Warcraft IV
5:58 PM
@JohnMcDonald I don't play FPS's as much as you do, so I'm sure it would be up to my standards. I'd just be playing for the campy Starcraft story
speaking of First person, I can't play Deus Ex :( I get motion sickness
@JohnMcDonald what is a Station Name?
Like... is it used in game ever or is it just a login name?
6:15 PM
if you get motion sickness in an fps, try lowering the FOV to 90
and remove any run/walk bobbing if possible
I have to do that with Quake
hmmm I'll give it a shot. this is the first game in a while that gave me issues
World of Starcraft is what I'm expecting
That would be a shocker
but if that were the case World Of doesnt seem fitting. More likely to be StarCraft Universe or something.
has there been any indication that they are working on such?
other than their "unannounced MMO project" that they've been working on for years
6:19 PM
I thought that was supposed to be a new, original IP
6:37 PM
All the servers seem to be down? D:<
hmm maybe not really surer
@JohnMcDonald there are some rumors about that
I mean they keep saying there won't be another version of WC yet the rumor won't stop
just how there were rumors about starcraft2 or D3 three or 4 years before their release time
well they never said they would never make another SC game
just didn't say the would, either until near release
I could be wrong but I wouldn't expect more Warcraft until the last SC2 expansion is out.
@Jimmy it was one the few FPS games I've ever completed
@ToddersLegrande that would also mean we should be expecting W4 in around 4 years...
2 years after the protos expansion of SC2 (which should be there in two years)
6:45 PM
@ToddersLegrande It's your account name for all Sony Online products, not your character name
@Chunk-e-Yamani StarCraft waited 11 years for a sequel. I don't see why 14 years for WarCraft 3 to get one would be all that shocking
@JohnMcDonald Thanks
I've made characters in the following configuration:
VS - Genudine
NC - Mattherson
TR - Connery
Those server names? Granted they are all down right now (or maybe something on my side is whack() But I don't see Genudine as a server but I see the other two
Even when I click more servers
k, Genudine has probably been merged with something
Sounds like Genudine merged with Helios
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