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12:43 AM
Anyone know if there is a way to get all types that extend another type without it being assembly specific?
Normally I would Assembly.GetAssembly(type).GetTypes().Where(t => t != type && type.IsAssignableFrom(t)
But I need to be able to get sub types that are extended in user provided assemblies
Opps never mind I can get all used assemblies out of the app domain
1:44 AM
Q: Require a waiting period and rationale for down-votes

gardian06I have been a member on SO for some time now, and have had to almost fight my way to break 100 rep, and then when I come to GameDev I ask one question. I get a comment to review it with what application I am intending to use the answer for, and that person did come back, and refine, but I get an ...

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3:15 AM
I guess that should be a response to Classic Thunder, but... meh
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4:31 AM
Oh! Gotcha.
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9:54 AM
Finally implemented my color picker. Yay.
(there picking fog color)
10:05 AM
What was MMORPG Tycoon 1 about?
Are you asking for the game genre and mechanics, or the underlying theme? :)
It was a tycoon game about designing an MMORPG. Basically, keeping ahead of the user base as you laid out the MMORPG world. Very simplistic game, really, although there was a silly amount of detail put into the simulation, most of which the player could never actually see.
11:03 AM
"I made this sweet MMORPG in MMORPG Tycoon 2 and I was curious about how I would go about getting it made into a real game. Just so you know I have no experience in programming so if there is an engine that requires minimal programming knowledge that would be best. Thanks!"
11:14 AM
MMORPG Tycoon 2 is now a complete enough simulation of an MMO that you can actually play the game you design. The only bit it doesn't do is the actual MMO networking part. And there's no in-designed-game crafting system at the moment. And I've kind of abstracted most of the inventory management away. But otherwise, it's mostly there.
(I haven't actually made the GUI elements for letting you list your quests or anything, yet; the AI players all just magically know that sort of information. But I suppose I'll need to create screens for it for a human player, eventually.)
...actually, I think the simulation currently limits each player to only one active quest at a time. Been a long time since I was in that part of the codebase. Need to look that over again. It's a reasonable limit, I think, for modelling AI behaviour, but it might be unexpected for a human player.
Oh cool, I did implement support for one active quest per known quest giver. With vaguely sensible selection of which quest to pursue next (preferring nearby quest locations and appropriate quest levels).
I feel like if you spend a lot of time trying to get your simulator too perfectly match MMOs then you might as well be making the Massively Single Player Offline RPG Toolkit :P
Heh. True. That's not my goal, really. I just keep getting caught up in the "craft the world" part of it. Which really isn't the point of the game. But is probably what most people will wind up spending most of their time on.
11:29 AM
Yeah probably
It's intended to mostly follow the Roller Coaster Tycoon model; primarily being a set of scenarios to be worked through. But with a "free play" mode where you can build anything you want.
What aspects to the game are their outside of the world crafting portion? Like what would the player normally be doing?
What is VectorStorm.org built on?
11:47 AM
Also I'm totally jealous that MMORPG Tycoon seems to have a little cult following.
I want cult level fame!
11:58 AM
Yes, my site is built on Wordpress. I keep thinking about moving to something more lightweight, but honestly, I'm better at development than at making web sites. Probably better off spending my time on the code, instead of the site.
A cult following? I don't think it does.. it generated a lot of buzz when it was new, but I've been working on version 2 for so long.. my site is pretty tiny and low-traffic, now.
(Been working on version 2 in my spare time for almost four years, now, I think.)
Original release did get a mention in Wired magazine, though. Which was kind of startling. :D
Well I was just breezing through some of your posts and while there aren't many comments, there are some people who are quite excited for version 2
Version 2 is the most ambitious game I've ever worked on. By a pretty wide margin. Still not convinced that I'll actually be able to complete it. Though to be honest, there isn't actually all that much left to do. It's mostly all polish and graphics and level building, now. The tech is basically complete.
1 hour later…
1:18 PM
The concept actually is pretty cool. I'll definitely be checking out version 1 and will try out version 2 when its released (or when you need testers)
1:29 PM
yeah, I'm going to have to mess around with version 1 for a bit
1:53 PM
Tax returns are much less fun when you have all sorts of bills to pay :(
well, that's simple. stop paying bills. then the tax return becomes fun again!
This sounds like balancing a game
If I tweak this aspect... this part becomes significantly more fun! But if we look at the big picture... we broke the game. O_O
the game of Hide From the Debt Collectors is a lot of fun. Why else would it be so popular?
The same reason FarmVille is so popular. It's very accessible for all audiences!
Hopefully I'll never have to play either game.
shudders at the thought of having to play Farmville
2:15 PM
Greetings subjects!
@WilliamMindWorXMariager Not sure if I approve of this greeting.
How about ...
Greetings fellow developers of equality!
I'll take it I guess.
@WilliamMindWorXMariager Greetings, My Lord.
Ah, greetings @Ohio my good man, how's the pig farming going?
2:20 PM
I'd assume so. Looks messy from all the way up on the castle.
3:11 PM
Out of curiosity, anyone else use a lot of keyboard shortcuts for navigating text editors (like when programming?) Namely CTRL/CTRL+Shift and then some sort of navigation key (Arrows, Home, End, etc.)
I watch so many people type inefficiently and it kind of drives me a little bonkers. But I'm probably the crazy one! :D
I mean...
RIGHT ARROW->RIGHT ARROW->RIGHT ARROW->RIGHT ARROW->RIGHT ARROW->Back Space->Back Space->Back Space->Back Space->Back Space->Back Space->
Or CTRL+Shift+Right Arrow, Delete
So you're saying they should do something like
I'm in a Windows environment so I have no idea. Alt is 90% of the time a shortcut to the menu
i mostly just use home/end. i'll occasionally use shift+crtl when moving around, too.... or page up/down
alt+d usually deletes a line...
Alt-D would be the emacs shortcut for delete-word
or a word
3:16 PM
Well then yes
Does Alt-D consider an underscore the end of a word or no?
also, this works in Visual Studio too -- Ctrl + ] toggles between matching parentheses/quotes/braces
I use vi.
it will delete up to an underscore
@tylerrrr07 Why not "CTRL+Delete" instead of selecting the text?
3:18 PM
Because I didn't know. And now I do. Thanks!
CTRL+Backspace is also quite nice
short version: shortcut keys are useful
It doesn't work correctly in Notepad, though
(I haven't yet tried to put a ctrl-bksp into my windows password, but I think it's possible)
@Jimmy VS ignores underscores so, though I try to avoid it, if I have something like my_variable, any of those shortcuts will delete the whole thing instead of just up to the underscore
hmmm in emacs, it would delete up to the underscore, but I think most of the time I'd be trying to nuke the whole word anyways
3:21 PM
Things that come to mind is if there is some stupid naming convention where its like prefix_Name or something like that, then I copy and paste it and just want to delete the Name portion
I think it depends on the particular case what I'd do
sometimes its better to use F2 -> rename variable
if you have multiple references you need to change at once
That I'd agree with, but generally its just for declaring a new one in addition to the last one
if you've got
Oh and the other case where this actually happens a lot - file names
you can type out
3:24 PM
My job has dumb file name conventions
rectangle-select, type _Name to get all of them
then you have to add E_Name and the entire thing becomes a mess :P
If I type AN I'd get A_Name as a suggestion.
Resharper adds abbreviation support.
Its more like

and I want to change Name1
hmm depending on the length of A
it might be faster to delete word and retype
3:26 PM
If I navigate with CTRL+Arrow Keys I can only end up at the beginning of A or at the end of Name and I'm forced to hit the backspace X number of times
Yeah thats generally what I do
sometimes, A is valuePointerDefinedWithIdentifier_Name
(though that would just be stupid)
But like I said, its especially irritating with file names...
@JoshPetrie I'm still waiting on the conclusion of that "so...."
3:29 PM
So If I duplicate a document and just want to change SomeIdentifier1 in the example above... I'm forced to either mash some arrow keys or, GASP! use the mouse
or Gasp
Dun dun DUN!!!
Windows Explorer friend
@Jimmy So motion beyond left/right arrow is a very natural thing
"change until the 3rd (" for example
aw, that was anticlimactic
vi has smarter movement for sure
2 hours later…
5:46 PM
I disapprove of the term "metagame" as most gamers use it, but MMORPG Tycoon 2 qualifies as appropriate use
what if i make a meta game about MMORPG Tycoon 2
meta, meta... ;)
it's meta all the way down
in a similar vein, is CraftStudio going to be the GameMaker of block games?
5:51 PM
Based on a quick google search, I'd say yes.
6:22 PM
favourite indie blogs?
Q: Game development Blogs

lathomas64What are good game development/design blogs to follow? Please one blog per answer (make sure to provide a link) and give a brief summary as to the content of the blog posts. If you can, pick a single article that shows high value and share a snippet of it.

that question covers it nicely
Probably the best not constructive question we have
True that
Actually yeah, it is
It's the top rated question overall
6:29 PM
but the answer for everyone is very different.
I'm not saying it's not a good one to have, because it is a general repository for blog links... I'm just not sure it adds much in the q/a format
Oh, I agree it should be closed.
And it's good to have
6:50 PM
well, there's a reason it's community wiki, and closed.
7:03 PM
@thedaian The system works!
7:34 PM
Seems like they must not teach even basic debug skills anymore gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/25994/…
Or basic math I guess...
I'm pretty sure its not his code.
"I have completed all the necessary ones but I can't figure it out with the TileGame class."
But how could have copied and pasted such bad code?
there's a lot they don't teach anymore :(
copied and pasted code is the worst code
also there's tons of bad code out there, i'm guessing our friend found said bad code and used that
7:40 PM
Yeah. But it still shows zero debug skills, I mean not even the basic printout variables type debugging.
I don't think he knows how to program on top of not knowing how to debug.
too many people out there are like that :(
All we can do is answer one question at a time... but they're breeding so fast
I think it's amusing that the top two questions here stackoverflow.com/questions/greatest-hits and here gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/greatest-hits are both about android development
Thats because developing for android is hell
7:49 PM
It's a sign of the imminent android apocalypse
@ClassicThunder although I have 0 experience with Android, that seems reasonable
given that the top two questions as "Android SDK doesn't find JDK" and "The Android emulator is not starting"
yeah, i've heard lots about the pains of developing for android
Indeed when the two questions are related to errors and not design
You know there's issues
and the answer for the first question is hilariously stupid
"press back then next. android will now detect JDK"
wow. the amazing thing is that it apparently works
and the answer for the second one is just depressing
"The android emulator doesn't parse paths with spaces, just use 8.3 notation"
7:53 PM
oh yeah, I came across that issue myself
Not to mention the market is almost impossible to make money off of.
Hillarious, I wonder if that's the shortest highest rated answer (for the first question)
I know many cases of people porting popular iPhone/iPad apps to android and barely recovering the associated cost
I have two teams working on two android projects for me. For their senior design class at university. That's the way to do it.
7:55 PM
I'd be interested in seeing an "Android sales chart"
Although I'm sure I'll get crap...
there's a few for iOS
every single greatest hits android question on the first page
(there are quite a few)
is either "what is this error message"
or "I can't seem to get this thing installed correctly"
Too be fair to android I think a lot people start there. And I mean learn java by making android apps.
something like this: streamingcolour.com/blog/2011/09/28/… but for Android would be really cool
8:00 PM
Nice find.
Wow having no middle mouse button in linux is incredibly annoying
does that still happen?
last time my middleclick disappeared in Linux must have been in like Ubuntu 5
what still happen?
no its because my trackball has no middle mouse button
that lasted for longer than 3 seconds
yeah, it would have been better if my timing was better
better if it was better
that's what I'm saying
8:05 PM
positive correlation
@ClassicThunder You can use left+right click as a middle mouse button if you've got 3-button mouse emulation enabled
@Damir Good idea, thanks
I read that as "Damn good idea"
that too
I love how this happens at the time time I decide to go from XNA to DirectX
Yeah I'm in Java/opengl land for my game now, but I'll go c++ for the next one. Probably still openGL though.
Though there's not enough CornflowerBlue in anything but XNA
8:15 PM
How is opengl compared to DirectX? I've never used it.
Well I've only used DirectX a little bit
So I can't really say
8:41 PM
Gamedev look half down to anyone else? Like it's missing it's CSS.
9:12 PM
@Byte56, your goblin game looks really cool :)
Thanks, it's my baby
You appear to be a Maker from your blog. Nice.
I have a list of projects to make when I get done with Age of Goblins
what's your goal for the game?
obviously money, fame, and women.
why else would you make a game
9:27 PM
Well yeah, women LOVE game programmers
At least I think my wife loves me
Goal though? Make a game, have fun doing it, provide an income for myself to program more games
"contributing to the moral decay of today's youth" could be another great motivation
i wish i had been blogging about the game i've been working on all this time. my blog is pretty irrelevant to/about me right now
It doesn't look too game related that's true
Not too late to start
Even easier now, you can just pick a feature every few weeks
in the last year+, i've spent most of my time brewing beer, game dev'ing, and hiking... none of that is really captured there
9:31 PM
I got the beer brewing impression
9:42 PM
sup gajet
just got bored with how much it takes to end a turn in Civ5
with only 3 units I managed to defend against hordes of Arabian units.
Chieftain mode eh?
first because of all the mountains protecting me from their attacks, and second because their AI SUCKS!!!
@JohnMcDonald nope just the normal game.
(it was a joke)
it was Emperor difficulty, with huge map size.
and around turn 200
9:49 PM
@Byte56 Amen brother!
People need to unstar "At least I think my wife loves me", in case my wife sees it
I guess that's the exact reason why people stared it,
man there was a really good starred comment the other day, the one with the platformer engine where he could modify the game as the game was playing
@Jeff there is "show all 382" link above starred comments.
press that and you'll find it again
@Nate Indeed. Aren't we all?
10:08 PM
@Byte56 Yes. I would imagine so.
@Nate BTW nice work on gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/25963/… I was keeping up with you for a while... then dropped far behind :)
@Byte56 I have you a +1 -- your answer is got a lot of merit, for something simple, your solution is a lot more simple to implement.
@Byte56 Thanks though :)
@Nate Yep, I +1ed you too.
10:58 PM
@Gajet ah nice
@Byte56 that question is a duplicate!
why no one agrees with me?
even almost all the answers are the same!
Well the question you link to has some specific requirements. The other is pretty open ended.
I think they are pretty similar, but different enough to warrant staying open
this is perhaps an even more duplicate, since it doesn't have those same requirements: gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/4107/…
but generally, the new question is... actually kind of good?
I agree with you there, that second question is very similar.
well the answers are better than "use serialization"
11:12 PM
i don't know, the newest question has some pretty good answers overall
I agree the answers are better
i do like the analysis of the DOOM code in the older question
That was interesting
11:41 PM
anyone got any inverse kinematics literature to share?
...nobody ever does...
I have a pdf, but it's from books24x7, so I can't really share it :/

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