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12:09 AM
@phantom42 leah just gave me a sculpture.
i'm so in.
12:24 AM
Q: How old is Ronan the accuser?

KyloRenIn Marvel Universe it just states that he was born into one of the leading Kree aristocratic families on Hala, but nothing on how old or when he was born? Marvel Universe

we now have a question about a character's shoe size
thats important
now we can extrapolate there member size
3 hours later…
3:48 AM
Just a reminder to every one in the northern hemisphere; tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day.
@RogueJedi WoW!
Is Amazon having some special offers?
Lemme check :P
5:40 AM
Q: Did the original Drax have trouble with metaphors?

DCShannonAs described in this answer, the Drax we see in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is quite different than the original Earth-616 version from the comics. That original version was a human spirit attached to a magically-created one-of-a-kind body. The new Drax is an alien who has no concept of me...

6:24 AM
What an episode!
Really, it's really getting more and more exciting!!
Yeh... I'm talking about Flash!
Barry disintegrated :(
Barry became Jay Garrick ;P
@AnkitSharma: It was really worthy to watch....
6:26 AM
Now, why just don't they take the story like Re-Birth?
By saying that Barry has become speed-force?
And.... would Jesse become Jesse Quick and Wally Kid Flash ;P
> espectro patronus
why don't the Flash storywriters help those craps in LoT ;/
Wait...why did Barry disintegrate?
And which LoT are we talking about?
6:38 AM
Welcome @Omnidisciplinarianist!
@Omnidisciplinarianist Didn't you watch s2e20?
Sadly, I did not. I was busy preparing and loading firearms! :D
Tomorrow is weekly firearm practice. An event I am very much looking forward to after a rough week. Killing paper targets at the range with large caliber weaponry is Catharsis of the highest order.
@Omnidisciplinarianist ooh! Are you a professional shooter?
@Omnidisciplinarianist :( That damn Legends of Tomorrow.
I'm an Information Systems Engineer. Only thing I shoot during the week is trouble, unless a server has to be drug out into the street and shot to retire it.
6:46 AM
@Omnidisciplinarianist Hahaha.... Welcome again here :)
@Omnidisciplinarianist if I tell you about that, I would spoil the thrill of the episode ;/
Is it anything like the paradox of...
>! Barry Allen merging with the speed force and essentially becoming the bolt of lightning that struck him waaaaaaaay back when?
Dang...I was hoping >! worked in here... :<
@Omnidisciplinarianist hehehe... no, he agreed with Wells to re-run the accelerator to get back his speed... initially he seemed to.... but suddenly he disintegrated ;_;
I smell fishy busines... ;~; ...and it smells like Sardines and Mrs Dash. Yeuch... >.<
Oh, and relevant safety tip: after you get done shooting at the range, always wash your hands before you go get something to eat.
The human stomach is not terribly fond of most of the residue left by common gunpowder. ;)
5 hours later…
11:55 AM
Q: Is Black Panther Debuting in Captain America: Civil War? or did i miss something?

Memor-XOn the trailers of Captain America: Civil War i have been seeing The Black Panther among the cast along with who i think is the Spiderman from the new reboot. However to my knowledge i haven't seen the Black Panther appear in the Marvel Movieverse. now i haven't seen Ant Man, Guardians of the Ga...

2 hours later…
1:48 PM
getting ready to head out to civil war this morning
1 hour later…
3:11 PM
you will, of course.
1 hour later…
4:27 PM
@phantom42 I will be in approx 15 hours ;)
@MAFIA36790 To me it was best episode of this season
4:45 PM
@AnkitSharma As I said, the more you see, the more you tag them with best.
Really it was really awesome!
@AnkitSharma: Now, would you tell what you didn't like in the next episode promo?
5:51 PM
Q: In what order should I watch the x-men movies?

user2813274I am looking for the best order for "plot" or continuity where I don't get too many disjunctive stories, not necessarily the order they came out in - how should I arrange the x-men movies? I would prefer to avoid details that may reveal spoilers, if you feel they add to the answer, please use t...

6:33 PM
Q: Who was in the original Marvel A-list?

AJDFHLOefI keep reading that Iron Man was not really in the Marvel A-list until the first Iron Man movie. So which characters were in the A-list before the MCU started?

4 hours later…
10:57 PM
Q: When did Captain America learn to fight?

LCIIISo Captain America became faster, stronger, smarter, etc... after the Super Soldier Serum, but when did he learn to be so proficient in hand-to-hand combat? Even when he meets another "super" person like the Red Skull, Bucky, or Black panther, all of whom would have way more fighting knowledge t...

Ok I saw the movie. A couple sitting behind me did not like the giant location words. I agreed with them.
it was kind of annoying.
better than placing random monuments in the wrong place.
like putting the sphinx next to the pyramids to show downtown cairo

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