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12:52 AM
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2:41 AM
Q: Why have most Superhero movies ditched the "Secret Identity"?

BenWhen I say "most", I primarily mean the Marvel-Avenger series. Out of all of them, even Ant-Man pretty much up and exposed himself, revealing his true identity to anyone he looked at. One of the few movie series that keeps the "secret identity" trope alive is Spiderman, keeping true to the comic...

3:02 AM
damnit, as i was walking out of the theatre i heard the second post-credits scene start. :|
god damn inquisitr
site like that are why I hate media blogs.
why would you try to leave before the end of the credits?
Headline: 'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Leaving After Season 4 To Play A Marvel Character On The Big Screen?
Article: no. no he's not.
@phantom42 i watched the first one and thought that was it.
i didn't realize there was a second
so how did you like it?
3:18 AM
I also missed the second one woops
they need to just show that shit before the credits roll
i expect this from people in mos and on facebook, not you guys
well sometimes theres only one
and ive stayed clearif all news
wel bed time gota actually finish some work tomorrow
1 hour later…
4:28 AM
Watched the first half of Arrow....
For a moment, I thought Constantine is back!
But damn ;_;
@AnkitSharma: He was mentioned multiple times but ultimately we have to get messed up with a damn immortal who gives shit in speaking English ;(
And really I'm hating Andy ;((
> My family is H.I.V.E.
4:31 AM
Well, would catch the later half today...
BTW, what is going on with Thea?
Waiting for the repeated telecast....
Aha! Today is also LoT!
Again that f* Sewage, sorry, Savage and that crap Kendra.... ;_; Please don't bring them back in s2 :(
4:35 AM
I want a separate show for White Canary, Captain Cold and Heat Wave.....
6:39 AM
Any is bit bleh and his brother too but the episode was ok
But flash episode was much exciting this weak
7:05 AM
@AnkitSharma Damn! Damn! :( Couldn't watch! I thought as they repeat always at 3pm, I sat but was cheated when they showed old episodes of Orange is the new Black ;_;
@AnkitSharma Nay.... I can't spend my data... they are reserved for other things ;P
special stuffs ;))
Something is fishy
@AnkitSharma arey.... I was talking about The H Bar; I have to download two journals and some pdfs.....
7:12 AM
kya kare aaj logo se biswas hi oot gaya.... Kali Yug hai, beta....
Going fro Civil war anytime soon?
@AnkitSharma Nope... I've some pretty big exams knocking at the door.... only entertainment: IPL and Arrowverse ;(
But definitely, I dman wanted to and would see after exams are over.
7:17 AM
But, yeh.... I would definitely watch the first show of Dr. Strange... It would be the greatest film of 2016, I betcha.
Till now i am planing to skip Dr. Strange
I am in for civil war, X-men apocalypse and Suicide squad
But Suicide squad the most
@AnkitSharma Yeh.... I'm dying for Joker ;P
I want to see how he fixes the role of Heath.
I am more in Harley from trailer ;)
7:21 AM
She is looking hot and interesting at the same time
8:45 AM
Q: In MCU secret identities aren't really a done thing, so why the SRA?

BroklyniteThe Superhero Registration Act makes sense in the comics, as does the tension about revealing an identity kept secret lo these many years. But in the MCU they apparently decided (according to this question) to not bother with the whole secret identity thing. If that's the case, what's with the SR...

@KutuluMike What'd you think?
Also, I'm amazed that people in a chatroom dedicated to comic book films, on a site dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, would somehow leave the cinema before the post-credits scene.
The mind boggles.
@DrRDizzle :D
9:20 AM
So, Genesis is coming.
Andy is dead!
Oliver learns magic!!
Defeats Damien; nice to watch ;P
Thea is kidnapped?
9:22 AM
Was she in some Labyrinth?
And Rubicon is stolen ;/
A nice episode ;)
9:38 AM
query from movie 'hurt locker'
@siddheshshinde Unless I'm very much mistaken, The Hurt Locker isn't based on a comic, so it's sort of off-topic for this room. I suggest going to The Screening Room instead.
9:55 AM
ok .. sure
10:39 AM
no. thea is in the truman show.
@phantom42 hahaha...
11:30 AM
@DrRDizzle I really liked it but somehow I don't feel like it was my favorite MCU movie.
also, just as an aside, after reading tons of Spider-Man comics, young hot aunt may is kinda creepy
@KutuluMike On leaving the cinema, my friend (who is a huge Spider-Man fan) simply turned to me and said "I should never want to bang Aunt May". I don't disagree with him.
(Although having said that, I thought she was good in the film)
oh yeah, she was.
and TBH, "Aunt" may in the comics always looked way too old.
@KutuluMike I'm thinking I still prefer Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be honest, but that may well change over time.
my dad is the second-youngest of 5 siblings and none of my aunts look like my grandmother.
I will say this, though... they probably didn't really think this deeply into things, since it was just one short scene
but Peter says he had only been doing Spider-Man for 6 months.
Aunt May was already hitting on men and her husband hadn't even been dead for 6 months?
@KutuluMike Aunt May wasn't hitting on Tony, was she? I certainly didn't read that from the scene.
11:35 AM
uh. yeah.
she totally was.
Someone on Disqus pointed out that Uncle Ben was probably quite the hunk thanks to how hot Aunt May was, and that's really made me laugh.
@KutuluMike I don't think so. She was almost certainly star-struck and she probably found him attractive (who wouldn't?), but I didn't see her make a pass at him.
Hot Aunt May and hunk Uncle Ben :O
Is it magic mike meets spider-man ?
@AnkitSharma Please don't edit this message.
@DrRDizzle sorry, can't stop ;)
@AnkitSharma Damn, I was about to take a snapshot ;P
11:46 AM
go to history
12:05 PM
A: Why have most Superhero movies ditched the "Secret Identity"?

Tomáš KafkaBecause comic books (and movies too) always had an agenda: First it was (rather naive) message of "it is worthy to die for your country" during WW2. Then, at the onset of globalisation, exploiting third world countries and waging wars there, we got hooked on a 'colonists's excuse' - "anything t...

@phantom42 Wow, you're answer is literally the only good one there.
i can confirm, aunt may was 100% flirting with tony,
@Himarm Oh, well it's official then. We all know that Himarm is a master of both verbal and non-verbal communication.
@DrRDizzle But he gave the example of Iron man, who doesn't have hidden identity in comics
12:12 PM
@AnkitSharma Tony has had a secret identity in the comics in the past.
I never liekd him in comics, so i didn't know his part of stories much
remember in iron man 1 when tony was giving his big speech at the end and they told him to claim iron main was his bodyguard?
that was his identity for decades in the comics, IIRC
I believe he even outed himself as iron man once and then went back undercover claiming it wasn't him anymore.
the actress that had for aunt may is also type casted as a flirty/sexual active women in every movie ive seen her in, which is like 6
i dunno about that.
marisa tomei has been in a ridiculous number of movies.
i guess she is actually 50 in real life, so that's probably a decent age for the aunt of a teenager.
but they certainly didn't make her up like a 50 yr old.
apperently she actually dated robert downy jr
12:28 PM
peter is supposed to be like 15 or 16 now right?
aunt may being in her 30's makes sense
i never understood the old aunt may
i mean.. some families just have big age gaps
emilys sister is 13 years older than her
our niece is more our peer than a "niece"
aunt may just defies the average i guess, being like 65-70 when peters 16
my wife has 5 sisters the oldest was 20 when the youngest was born
so i can see how it happens
its still weird to me though
I have Aunts who are in their late 60's. My eldest cousin is almost the same as as my Mom.
Families vary.
12:41 PM
@Himarm o.O
her parents had alot of accidents
imo you cant say accident, when you know dam well what happens when you do A without B
in a car?
someone on fb just recently posted a photo of one of those annoying stick figure families with like 12 kids and someone had written "get off of her already" in the dirt
12:46 PM
lol i saw that on reddit last week, i sent it to my sister- in - law that still lives with the inlaws
1:02 PM
wow. been a while since i repcapped
probably has something to do with me not answering almost any questions anymore.
@Stormie if you're listing collateral damage, you may mention the unnamed african city too
hulk vs hulkbuster
I noted in Civil War that the entire worldwide panic over the Avengers started because Wanda caused about as much damage as we saw in every 10 seconds of Dawn of Justice
what was it, 7 dead?
i was also incredibly surprised that General Ross of all people didn't show footage of the Hulk rampage when chastising the Avengers
yeah the whole, wanda sent hulk on a rampage in a city wasnt a thing
and it sure as well wasnt the avengers fault the chitari attacked
that's the thing that always annoys me whenever they do these kinds of storylines.
1:10 PM
they keep bringing new york up
i mean, in the real world, we can't even get people to agree if shooting an unarmed hobo is really all that bad.
they litterally stoped US from nuking new york city
and yet these guys literally saved the planet and no one pipes up in that room and goes "so uh, WTF did you want us to do?"
so they stoped a nuke the government launched, saved the planet, and its the hulks fault for jumping on buildings
I also have to laugh every time someone in a movie talks about the UN
the UN is like the least useful and most impotent organization on the entire planet.
1:14 PM
@KutuluMike Well, he sort of sanctioned the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk, and he does show Hulk in New York from Avengers Assemble. Maybe there weren't any civilian casualties in the Hulk VS Hulkbuster fight?
@DrRDizzle i mean, its possible, but they were flying through buildings, took down a sky scrapper, flipped tons of cars on a busy street
someone should have died lol
Or maybe the fact that Bruce Banner and Thor weren't even present meant it might have been a waste of time to show damage that they caused?
also, "where is thor"
like there responcible for a god's location
K then @phantom42's answer do deserve love, +1
@phantom42 I wasn't, but thanks for the tag. I'll add it in a sec.. Gonna try and find a name for that unnamed town/city >:)
1:22 PM
@Himarm Well that's sort of the point; they aren't responsible for anything, because they operate on their own terms without any kind of international agreements or rules or anything.
@Himarm can't see ur images :/
And the world could deal with that for a while in the wake of the fall of SHIELD, but it's been two years since then.
thor is a bad example though, litterally no one on earth can keep tags on him, because he is an effective immortal from space lol
the hulk made sense, but not thor
Okay, sorry for interrupting; it's time for LoT..... carry on now ;)
@Himarm I think the issue was that, they are both Avengers and yet they're completely off the grid. What if they came back and decided they wanted to enslave the world kinda thing.. Typical bureaucratic malark
1:30 PM
Anybody seen Lucifer here?
if thor wanted to he could bring like 10 azgardians and take over earth lol
2:00 PM
Okay.... so the first half of LoT...
Pretty depressing, though :(
I really don't know why Rip is sooooo pessimist and indifferent :((
They are just plain dumb
Everyone of the team has been brainwashed by Savage :||
Anyways, i still have to see today's episode
2:04 PM
@AnkitSharma Are you in home?
Leaving some time
If so, you can watch it.... it's still going on at Colors Infinity.
I would catch the later half tomorrow...
But throughout the whole season, I've not got a single penny of any positiveness ;/
2:05 PM
I don't know
everything is disappointing...damn.
Will go by torrentz maybe
Surely does
Have u seen flash now?
@AnkitSharma No. I would see it tomorrow... the repeat telecast ;)
2:06 PM
Hope I would see something good.... my surroundings go gloomy after watching LoT
I do like it how they turn bit dark/serious
But the next episode promo disappointed me
@AnkitSharma yeh... Teddy is great!
2:07 PM
@AnkitSharma Dinosaurs sort of that?
@MAFIA36790 It doesn't have Dinosaurs but they just reversed which i liked the most from episode
@AnkitSharma WTF!!!
We will discuss it in detail later, after u watch it
Why they would even do so ;_;
@DrRDizzle Have you started supergirl again ?
2:09 PM
@AnkitSharma okayish.
Did Wells re-run the accelerator?
Well, I'd be waiting...
@KutuluMike this is how i feel everytime i see a news article about the UN telling countries to do something
@Himarm Like Time Council ;(
@AnkitSharma I watched Lucifer
2:14 PM
@AnkitSharma Not yet.
2:29 PM
in The Bridge, 17 hours ago, by GodEmperorDune
the fault lies not in our stars, but in the people who are starring terrible things
who would name themself after that god awful book
someone must immediately go paste and star that in mos. I'll wait.
how do you copy someones comment like that
2:45 PM
Click on the down arrow and get the permalink
@Himarm site's or here's?
Welcome @jmoreno
you can also drag/drop the down arrow into the input box.
there was a new Apocalypse trailer before Civil War, does anyone know if it's online?
3:01 PM
that was a good trailer before civil war
showed how jlaw gets back with the xmen
shes there to train them to fight
ive read the first 10 pages of game of thrones, and then the first 10 pages of forge of darkness(malazan) and i really am not feeling either series right now /sigh
screw it i bought stealheart, sanderson here i come
3:24 PM
@Himarm I read the first book of Game of Thrones and decided I'd had enough.
@JackBNimble ive read the series once, but reading it again seems like a nope
I don't trust a trailer that feels it needs to introduce the characters. i.e. TMNT, Ghostbusters.
3:51 PM
Q: Are the comic strips in the Marvel logo relevant to each film?

Tom HartIn each MCU film, you get the Marvel logo will lots of different comic strips flashing on the screen. Do these strip differ to cater to what each film is about, or are they always the same?

Q: How old is Wolverine in the 2013 spinoff of the same name?

WolverineI was wondering how old Logan or James Howlett was in The Wolverine, not at the flashback but at the prime of the movie.

you know what I think impressed me the most about Civil War, was Wanda
and how they finally made her out to be a legit bad-ass
not quite on par with earth-616 wanda, but still.
of all the avengers, she was the one who's power really scared people
4:11 PM
Is there a post credits scene for Civil War?
@JackBNimble 2
4:27 PM
Do they tease something new?
Something borrowed? Something blue?
@Stormie good luck. we've all tried looking before.
@JackBNimble they tease 2 movies.
one of them is more of a postscrpt for Civil War but definitely teases a movie.
the second is just a blatent tease
You can tell me. I'm indifferent to spoilers.
As long as it isn't stupid Howard the Duck. Worst post credits scene ever.
4:43 PM
one of them is cap/t'challa in Wakanda and they pan out to a huge Black Panther statue.
the second is peter parker in his room and they flash up an index card that basically says "GO SEE THE SPIDER MAN MOVIE NEXT YEAR"
And how was Spider-man?
definitely better than Garfield.
probably better than McGuire
in that he actually seemed like a teenage geek
do we get both peter and spidey?
4:46 PM
it's not a cameo
it's a character introduction. not much on the origin story itself but definitely "ok, you all know who the hell this guy is. here's peter parker."
I thought Andrew Garfield played the role of ultra-nerd / inventor far better than McGuire.
i liked garfield better
I didn't like him as Spider-Man though.
then mcguire
he just wasn't "corny funny" enough
4:47 PM
i just thought the movies themselves wernt very good
too emo
this peter was good comedy.
garfield was a better peter. maguire did better as spidey. neither really did perfect, but a lot of that was writing
peter + scott lang in the same scene was awesome
spidey cracks jokes.
I'll never understand why a tech genius like Parker ends up a newspaper man. I mean, sure, in the 50s, yeah. But in today's world, he could easily make a fortune peddling his gadgets online.
4:49 PM
a superior spider-man would do exactly that
he loves photography tho right?
today he'd probably be a blogger
like Iris w/ The Flash
yeah blogger would be better for what he is
but he's not a writer
granted, most bloggers aren't either
photo blogger!
4:50 PM
Such hurtful words.
@KutuluMike That is called Pinterest.
or instagram
Or whatever I guess. I'm not into those sites.
I do most of my photography from a tall tree at night looking into windows.
maybe moving to vancouver. maybe moving to cw
4:52 PM
@KutuluMike Is it good? I am considering watching it.
I liked it.
It's a bit of a departure from the comics but the storyline is pretty interesting
and the lead guy plays an awesome Lucifer
the supporting cast is pretty good... there's some spotty moments but overall it's pretty enjoyable.
it's got a light tone, more flash than arrow
Based on the previews it seems like yet another cop partners with a non-cop. I'm not sure why Lucifer has decided to fight crime.
I don't mind different direction then comics, and i know nothing about him from comics anyway
4:53 PM
maybe not quite that light.
@JackBNimble he doesn't. he's just trying to get into the cops pants.
basically, she turned him down for sex in the first episode and he's so flabbergasted by it that he spends the rest of the season trying to figure it out.
but it gets really interesting as it goes along. don't wanna spoiler the big twist
So it's even worse than another cop / non-cop duo.
plus, he openly tells people who he is and no one believes him, which gets funny a lot.
I hope it's not like iZombie
its not like castle or bones; the police work itself is pretty low-key most of the time
Luficer has the ability to get people to confess just by staring at them.
@phantom42 Is CW have enough money to run it? As per my knowledge Suergirl is way costly then arrow/flash
4:59 PM
super girls special effects suck
Time to punish myself fro my sins by watching LoT
so they cant cost that much
Gotham has money and good special effect but their story sucks
they have like 80s looking mosters half the time
@Himarm Can't say, not seen it, only watched pilot and crossover
5:00 PM
i think cw is spending far more on LoT
@Himarm spending?
@Himarm there is a rumor that Supergirl is too expensive for CBS and might be moving to CW.
i dunno how that could possibly work, though.
CW has no openings, since they renewed all of their shows
@KutuluMike CW wouldn't do this...
@KutuluMike yeh.
5:05 PM
@KutuluMike headline today is that they may move to vancouver for cheaper costs
that is more reasonable.
the CW shows are all shot there and have the same executive team
not sure if that's on top of the possible cw switch, or an "instead of"
well, it CBS's hang-up is the cost, they might be negotiating a renewal at a lower price.
being able to cut their costs would let them pitch that to CBS
I haven't been watching the show since the third or fourth episode, but maybe they can get rid of all those extra people in "We are the SHIELD of Supergirl" task force to save money.
how much of the budget do you think goes to flockhart?
5:17 PM
the green martian looks like the kinda animation youd get on power rangers in the 90s
so there sure as hell not spending it on effects
her character sortof grew on me over the season but she's still extraneous
no one watches superman to see what perry white is up to
5:35 PM
Great, I just received some sql code that reads like either the author thinks sql is LISP or he is getting paid by the parentheses.
what the crap is the point of encasing the column name in parentheses?
my bottle of water turned to ice in the fridge.
completely solid.
Your fridge might in fact be a freezer.
what a tweest
5:51 PM
bleh....watched LoT
Time masters are way dumb then rip hunter
@phantom42 They have money, good actor but no script , so they do weird stuff
But i do enjoy it way more then LoT
i like gotham for the most part. it's just not what a lot of people wanted the show to be
/insert jack's comic about gotham missing batman
I am not the one who want to see batman
But i need a definite direction
I mean they have so many good character but most of them treated like fillers
I didn't like what they are doing with Joker, I liked jeromy but this new woman joker was bleh
the whole point is that we haven't seen the joker at all yet
also, jeez. that's like half a season back
6:03 PM
And fish money arc was much disappointing , specially how it ended
This basically throws out the theory that Batman created most of his super-villians.
They appear to have all already been operating long before he took up the cape and cowl.
dont we have a question about that
@JackBNimble I don't mind that
My issue is how they treat their characters
Do they treat them like criminals? Because that is what they are.
They are not using them to there potential
6:05 PM
i dont want super villains in gotham
they're supposed to be fledgling
Joker, fish, galavan
again, we haven't seen joker
so that's a non-issue
Don't make then super villain but atleast make them interesting
So many parallel arcs which get messed up and ruined in season 1 end, same seems to be happening with season 2
what do you want to see them do?
Minimise character motivation jumps
All the characters have weird motive jumps
Take barbara gordan
7:02 PM
... waiting for the punchline
don't expect from me ;)
7:28 PM
And.... as I said....
Time Masters are the real villains
They were from the very beginning working with Savage ;(
7:40 PM
So nothing official right now, but it looks like they're trying to.
I am in if she is like winter soldier kind of but out if she is near to age of ultron
But it's better if she get some good supporting cast
Like falcon or hawkeye etc
7:55 PM
So you're not going to watch the movie until you've watched enough to figure out what she's like in the movie? Let me know how that works out for you.
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