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12:01 AM
why is tony stank still using friday? jarvis was a computer program, and i can't for a second believe that there was only one copy of the program.
@phantom42 It would be rude to use another Jarvis in front of Vision.
he likes the irish accent better?
jarvis was an ai
i assumed he only had one instance
advanced as he was
which is why he thought he "died"
he was probably living macroly on the internet
not on any 1 server
12:17 AM
Q: Is J.A.R.V.I.S (from Iron Man) an artificial intelligence system?

pecoruIs J.A.R.V.I.S, Iron Man's electronic assistant, an example of A.I (artificial intelligence)?

even if he was, do you really believe tony wouldn't have backed him up?
even if it was an earlier rev
@phantom42 Yes?
Backing up a complete intelligence would be weird.
If would be like backing up a person's memories.
which sounds exactly like something tony would try to do
especially a whedon-written tony
Tony strikes me as the kind of guy who's too arrogant to ever back things up.
i mean we know he wasnt backed up from age of ultron
Maybe Ultron corrupted the back up when he was running around the Internet.
12:21 AM
tho to be honest
ultron could have destroyed all instances
except for jarvans instance he hid himself
I'm still confused as to what degree Vision is Jarvis.
how do you back up an AI that has full internet control already
how many servers would that take, and then have to be stuck offline
probably about the same as modok
Next time I watch Civil War, I'm going to count every punch, kick and other physical strike.
12:38 AM
Q: Why doesn't Captain America accept the need for checks & balances on superheroes?

thegreatjediCaptain America is a champion of democracy, of which the existence and use of checks and balances is a core pillar. Why, then, is he so averse to being subject to checks and balances on his own power? He claimed said checks are vulnerable to being politicised, but that's part and parcel of any p...

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1:49 AM
I figured out what had been bugging me about Civil War after watching it again.
there wasn't one big single "hell yeah" moment that I was looking forward to.
like, the entire movie was just awesome from start to finish but there wasn't a point where I would' just fast-forward to on Netflix and watch the next 2 minutes.
i think antmans seen was my favorite
when he goes big boy
yeah that was pretty cool.
but like, in Age of Ultron I will go on YouTube and just watch the wanda/clint scene
or the climax on Guardians of the Galaxy
or the bit in The Force Awakens where Daisy grabs the light saber for the first time.
there wasn't really one big huge moment like that for me in Civil War, I think that's why I didn't feel as hyped about seeing it again as some other movies.
basically half the movie was that kind of moment but it's not the same
2:59 AM
3 hours later…
5:46 AM
Jonah man can you delete this question please.. people here threatening me..!!! — RANSARA009 8 mins ago
6:00 AM
@KutuluMike it's way longer than a moment or a single bit, but that airport battle absolutely did it for me
i noticed that a few of the jokes fell flat in our theater - and thinking back, i think they were all lines from sam
i didnt quite get why tony stank was all "you're done here" to peter, though. pete just held his own against sam, bucky, and cap, and came up with the idea to bring down scott
6:31 AM
@phantom42 I think FRIDAY program is bit advance
1 hour later…
7:42 AM
Q: Analysis of the conversations between Captain America and Spider-Man

Ramaraj TI heard this conversation in the movie "Captain America Civil War" between Cap and the Spider man. I don't understand the real meaning of this conversation. Is it supposed to be funny? Is the "Queens" and "Brooklyn" means anything different here? Captain America: You got heart, kid, where are...

7:55 AM
@phantom42 I think at that point, Tony was starting to get worried about people getting seriously hurt. Things had gotten way out of hand.
@KutuluMike Is that really a bad thing? Your complaint here seems to be that unlike some films that have weaker moments you might want to skip through on rewatch, there aren't any in Captain America: Civil War.
Q: How did Spider-man lift the Winter Soldier metal hand so easily?

Hakuna MatataAs I saw winter soldiers metal hand is so powerful. And in many combats with Avengers its been shown. But in Captain America: Civil War, when both groups are having combat, in between Spider-man, just a kid did lift and bend winter soldier metal hand so easily. I didn't understand how?

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9:20 AM
posted on May 09, 2016 by RANSARA009

What is the maximum distance one of Tony Stark's Iron Man suits can fly for?

9:37 AM
Why and how is Superman muscly?
He's had super strength since he was a kid. We see in Man of Steel that despite having skinny arms, chest, shoulders etc that he's still able to easily lift a bus full of kids out a river.
What on Earth is he lifting to actually work out his muscles and make them as large as he is in the DCEU?
What gym carries that much weight?
Also; why does he bother working out, if that's why he's muscly? Even on an off day, he's already 100x stronger than the strongest man on Earth could ever be.
You want to see a skinny Superman because he has superpowers
Doesn't that apply to any other super-powered superhero
@AnkitSharma Peter Parker is skinny, and he's super strong.
And Christopher Reeves (Superman in the original films) wasn't exactly ripped.
Neither was Brandon Routh really.
Luke cage? Captain America?
@AnkitSharma Steve Rogers doesn't have super-strength; his muscles were just made to be the best, so it makes sense that he's muscly.
Luke Cage didn't get his powers until adulthood, and he was already muscly by that point so it makes sense he'd maintain that muscle mass
So you mean person with equal muscle will be equally powerful ?
@DrRDizzle Spider-man did have muscle at-least in sam raimi's version
9:45 AM
@AnkitSharma Yeah, that's the point of Captain America. If a normal human tried hard enough and trained hard enough, they could be as good as him. He's just a human at it's very peak.
@AnkitSharma He had a little bit, sort of. He wasn't enormous.
Henry Cavill is massive though.
In films he had fight with equal muscle person and won
@AnkitSharma Who, Batroc?
That's because Steve is a better fighter, not just because he's stronger.
And it didn't make sense to don't make muscle because you have superpower
@DrRDizzle I didn't remember any skinny villain fighting with him , all had muscle mass
@AnkitSharma My point is, how would someone with super-strength ever work out their muscles enough to become as big as Henry Cavill is?
You'd have to be lifting buildings.
This isn't an actual criticism of anything, btw, just a thought I had.
@DrRDizzle Have you seen the film, you noticed his muscle growth
Q: Did Spiderman filming halt so Tobey Maguire could bulk up?

raySpiderman 1 with Tobey Maguire tells the story of how Peter Parker acquired his abilities. Most of the time he is fully clothed. However, we are privy to at least one scene (the day he gets bit) where we see a super-skinny, ailing Peter Park about to turn into the Webcrawler. We see a litt...

He had visible ribs and then good muscles
9:49 AM
@AnkitSharma Wow, I'd forgotten how ripped he got actually.
Nobody want to see skinny superheros , believe it or not we all love to see perfect individuals in heroic roles. It doesn't have to make sense all the time.
I want to see skinny superheroes when it makes sense, like Spider-Man or Jessica Jones.
Mostly all superhero have muscle, some by birth some by bite etc etc
@AnkitSharma I know that; my question is how do the ones who have had super-strength since birth possibly work out enough to gain muscle mass?
@DrRDizzle New spider man is bit skinny but JJ is average not skinny
9:52 AM
@AnkitSharma Jessica Jones is incredibly skinny, what are you talking about.
Kristen Ritter is stick-thin.
@DrRDizzle How can spider's bite gave you muscles?
@AnkitSharma The same way it can give you superpowers :P
Muscle looks good and i do think superhero with muscle always look betetr, i also think if they add some muscle to Daredevil he will look bit better
But fro spider-man thinks are different. He has to be geeky and a teen
No point of showing muscled up spider-man
@AnkitSharma But Daredevil isn't meant to be an enourmous muscle-bound bruiser; he's a ninja. Skinny (or at least, lithe) works better for that.
Anyways this fact always disturb me that super intelligent Spider-man have to click photograph to earn money, use you mind, be a scientist, part time worker etc etc.
9:56 AM
@AnkitSharma That's sort of the point of Peter Parker though; he's the living embodiment of wasted potential. He's a genius who has no idea how to capitalise on his intellect.
@DrRDizzle I said he will look good, i didn't said he should. Whenever we see him shirtless he looks bit non-muscled which seems bit off to me
Anytime something looks like it might go right for him, something gets in the way. It's called "That old Parker luck" in the comics.
@AnkitSharma Well I never got the impression that Daredevil is meant to be really strong, it's more that he's just a good fighter.
@DrRDizzle I know but when octopus gets his body, he do change things i think, i am not entirely sure, as i have very little knowledge of that arc
The Netflix series isn't a good representation of that IMO.
If Netflix had budget like Gotham, then it could have been masterpieces
@DrRDizzle Have you seen Flashpoint paradox animated film? It had very skinny sueprman. But it made sense as per film
10:14 AM
@AnkitSharma No, I haven't. Is it part of the DCEU?
I mean DCAU
10:25 AM
It's part of DC animated film universe recently created
A: In what order should Justice League movies be watched?

Ankit SharmaThe same Wikipedia link, mentioned by you also have the answer to this too. Most of the films before Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox doesn't share any continuity, only few do , which are : Superman/Batman This continuity is based on the Superman/Batman story line. Superman/Batman: Publ...

^ this answer explain it
DCAU only had 4 animated film for batman. No JL films in DCAU.
On the side note, I am quite excited for Batman: The Killing Joke animated film, it's R rated faithful to its base comics and voiced by DCAU voice actors ( Mark Hamill etc)
But if i am not wrong then you have R-rated superhero films
@DrRDizzle it's a bad thing for me because those moments are the primary reason I go back to watch a movie. like when I went back to see The Force Awakens for the third time, it was specifically to see that scene again.
I dunno if I will go see Civil War a third time.
it's a good movie, but it's a good movie I've now seen.
also... why did you guys vote to undelete that terrible question about the iron man suit
it's just going to get closed and deleted again.
@KutuluMike I didn't
10:44 AM
@AnkitSharma If it's R-rated then it isn't faithful to the comic.
@KutuluMike I had an answer for it, and I cleaned it up to be a non-dupe/non-terrible
Of all the close reasons to use, how is "How far can Iron Man fly" too broad as a question?
I dunno, but 4 people have VTC so far and it's got a -1 score.
but it'll stick around long enough for your rep points to lock in, at least.
I'm usually very, very anti-undeleting questions that were self-deleted.
i get that we can do it but I think it's a dick move.
@KutuluMike I didn't realise that there was an arguement against it.
It's closed now
@DrRDizzle it's not a very loud one.
also, isn't Killing Joke the one with the naked photos of Barbera Gordon? how is that not r-rated?
@KutuluMike It's only ever implied.
10:53 AM
I'm pretty sure that was the answer to one of my questions. Richard had very obviously r-rated screencaps.
iron man question is a dupe anyways
Q: What is Iron Man's flight range and max air speed?

gingerbreadboyIn the Iron Man movie Tony flies the Iron Man armour from Miami to Afghanistan, roughly 7800 miles. What is the maximum range of the Iron Man armour? What sort of speed does the armour cruise at? How long would the flight from Miami to Afghanistan have taken? Could Iron Man circumnavigate...

Q: Has any Marvel or DC comic ever shown graphic nudity?

KutuluMikeThe release of the Deadpool movie marks the first R-rated movie based off a "mainstream" comic character in more than a decade. Although it has been wildly successful, initially there was a lot of skepticism about releasing an adult-targeted movie adapted from what are typically PG-rated comics. ...

@KutuluMike Colour me suprised.
I must have read The Killing Joke a dozen times, and I don't remember that.
oh, wait. those weren't the final panels.
Bolland's original drawings were way more graphic
@phantom42 How on Earth could I have forgotten that he flies to Afghanistan and back.
10:55 AM
@KutuluMike What :O
so nm.
but i guess there's no reason an animated movie of Killing Joke needs to actually show topless Barbara Gordon.
@DrRDizzle IIRC there's a deleted scene where he's not flying from miami to there
where's keen to check the deleted scenes
@KutuluMike I think it's R rated for blood and violence not nudity
think this was it
he sets up a party in dubai to get him over in the area to fly off as iron man
@phantom42 So that's actually shorter than the distance between Malibu and Tennessee.
Sweet, sweet vindication.
10:59 AM
not sure what level of canon we assign deleted MCU scenes
@phantom42 It's canon if it supports my argument, damn it.
as for the germans in bucharest, i specifically remember someone mentioning "the german police"
because it struck me as odd
I had no idea where Bucharest was, which might be why it didn't alert me.
Maybe the fact that the Accords were signed in Berlin meant that Germany got involved (because Bucky is a suspect of a terror attack there)?
Were the Accords signed in Berlin?
they were signed in vienna
they made mention that the 117 were gathering in vienna to sign
@phantom42 Austria is basically Germany 2.0 anyway.
11:03 AM
i know, but then they say that they're in bucharest during the chase scene
so not sure about international chases
shouldnt it be interpol at that point?
Maybe Germany had the only police force trained to capture a super soldier or something?
Ironic really, considering who Captain America was designed to fight.
also, we see pete's super strength during the airport scene
they drop an airplane or some other large vehicle on him. i forget
pet just stands there holding it up
@phantom42 Is that in reference to my Movies.SE answer?
It happens after he blocked Bucky's punch; the only instance of super strength before that is him catching the car, which is why I used it as my example; because it establishes his strength before the moment in question.
Q: Why Mr. Keefe blaming Bruce?

skadooshWallace Keefe (Employee of Wayne) - Was the person who lost his both legs while Superman fight with General Zod Bruce Wayne company had been paying victims fund for him(Keefe) every month and he returns them writing below lines on cheques. BRUCE WAYNE OPEN YOUR EYES B. WAYNE I AM YOUR GHOST...

12:01 PM
well the fbi was involved with the chase too, so it could have been some joint UN taskforce
since the UN seemed to be running the show, with the secretary of defense pulling the strings, since he seemed to be the ones making executive decisions
anyone remember what they called the supermax prison in the civil war comics? i know the raft is the name of the supermax in new york
which is what they named it in the movie
With the recent Civil War Event, a new maximum-security prison for superpowered individuals was created by the government in the very place that no superhuman could escape from unaided — the Negative Zone
thats wikipedia's answer
it was in the negative zone
but i thought there was an actual name for it
project 42,
that should have stood out more for me
12:07 PM
fantasy island was its nickname
wikipedia is vague
"Civil War" is a 2006–2007 Marvel Comics crossover storyline built around a seven-issue limited series of the same name written by Mark Millar and penciled by Steve McNiven, which ran through various other titles published by Marvel at the time. The storyline builds upon the events that developed in previous Marvel crossovers, particularly Avengers Disassembled, House of M, and Decimation. The tagline for the series is, "Whose Side Are You On?" The plot of the series follows a framework storyline in which the U.S. government passes a Superhero Registration Act ostensibly designed to have superpowered...
its down at the end of escalation
here we go
> . It was designated Negative Zone Prison Alpha but nicknamed "Fantasy Island" or "Wonderland" by inmates. Tony Stark himself named it "Project 42", as it had been the 42nd idea out of a hundred that he, Reed Richards and Hank Pym had created following the Stamford Disaster.
12:27 PM
Q: How is Flash able to communicate with his team?

NikhilIn The Flash, Flash is running at speeds greater than the speed of sound. Then how is he able to communicate live with his team (Cisco, Caitlin) while running? Since he is moving faster than sound it should not be possible to communicate live with his team. As we know when thunder happens light r...

Q: Did Civil War ignore a previously seen ability?

Paul LDuring the epic battle in Captain America: Civil War, we see even though in one of the previous movies, What happened to this ability? Was there any in-movie reason given for the character not using it? It seems as though and yet no reference to it was made. Any explanation?

1 hour later…
1:36 PM
Q: Why did Black Panther not kill Zemo?

Aditya VyasYesterday I saw Captain America: Civil War. Captain America, Black Panther and Zemo had a conversation on the mountain. Zemo said he was sorry to have killed Black Panther's father. Then why did Black Panther not kill Zemo?

1:47 PM
he doesnt use them for this purpose, but superior spider-man does have an army of robot spiders at his command
2:30 PM
@Himarm I contend that Civil War is actually an alt-history horror film about a world where the United Nations somehow has the authority to actually do things.
I think it is unlikely that General Ross would so easily want to succumb the whim of the UN.
Also I think it is odd that the Secretary of State to the US is also in-charge of the Super Power Max security prison.
@JackBNimble It could be argued that General Ross might have an ulterior motive i.e. putting limits on Banner and those who helped him.
he seems to be running the show, with "UN" approbal
I think it's odd that a war-mongering general who unleashed the Abomination onto the world got chosen as Sec'y of State, the country's leading diplomat
hes also directly giving stark orders
2:34 PM
At least making Stark Sec'y of Defense made a little bit of sense.
Where is the ATCU in all this? You'd think they would be a big part of contained powered individuals.
@KutuluMike No one ever said that General Ross was held responsible for Abomination.
@JackBNimble Agents of SHIELD is non-canon at this point.
Marvels One Shot - The Consultant says Ross wants Abomination as part of the Avengers instead of Banner.
And I say that as a fan of the show
yeah. I think we have to give up on the idea that the TV shows and the movies are set in the same universe.
there's literally no possible way you could have that entire conversation between Ross and the Avengers and not mention any Inhumans, or even Daredevil or Punisher.
you literally called them vigilantes and then didn't mention the two actual vigilantes you have running around NYC
2:36 PM
@KutuluMike They're definitely set in the same universe, it's just that Agents of SHIELD keeps doing quite big things that we know that films won't ever acknowledge.
Well, Vision said the number of powered humans has grown expoentially.
@KutuluMike To be fair, no one knows that Daredevil has powers.
And he is a wanted criminal.
And Spider-Man kind of hand-waved his sudden powers as happening six months ago. InHuman?
punisher doesn't have powers either but he's a vigilante
@JackBNimble Lol, no.
2:37 PM
@DrRDizzle Makes more sense than a radioactive spider.
@KutuluMike Yeah, but my point is that they are also both wanted fugitives. Cap and Co were doing the same thing legally.
But it doesn't make sense that 6 month old spider-man is more important that a group of Inhumans and defenders
@JackBNimble None of it makes sense, but there isn't a world in which the films are going to change the well-known origin story of the most popular superhero of all time in order to please all 8 of the people who still watch a B-tier show on ABC.
@DrRDizzle yes, but he called them vigilantes. By definition, that's calling them criminals. If they had any desire at all to link the shows, it's as easy as "Some prefer to call you 'vigilantes', like those nutjobs running around Hell's Kitchen."
im just glad they ignored dead ben
2:39 PM
don't have to show them, or talk about them, or even mention their names.
but you name-dropped Dr. Strange years before you had any intention of paying it off.
you currently airing, critically acclaimed Netflix series don't warrant the same treatment?
Q: Why should Bucky know her specifically?

AnonymousIn the movie Captain America Civil War. Black Widow told Bucky : "You at least recognise me". What does it even mean. Do they knew each other during the WW2?

@KutuluMike Marvel TV and Marvel Film are, for all intents and purposes, two separate production studios. It sucks, but there it is.
@AgentObie You are a confusing title.
which is what I said, that you are arguing with me over?
different studios. Different canon. Thus, different universes.
2:41 PM
@KutuluMike they can't be different universes because the Netflix shows lean so heavily on the Battle of New York
I didn't even realize it was Marrisa Tomei until I saw her name in the credits.
@DrRDizzle so there's more than one universe in which the battle of new york happened.
@KutuluMike Multi-verse!
@JackBNimble Look again ;)
do they even say what the Battle of New York is in the Netflix show?
they've mentioned the various Avengers by name but never anything specific.
do they ever talk about aliens or loki or anything?
2:43 PM
fromwhat i remeber they say battle of new york, and X company handled the billions in repairs
no name drops
or what happened
just the city had major repairs
Goddammit @JackBNimble
14 seconds
> A Soviet slug, no rifling. Bye-bye bikinis.
@DrRDizzle Doesn't matter, your fancy quote block will give you the victory.
one of my favorite exchanges in that movie, BTW
@JackBNimble quick, bold header something
There, I added a bold header and a superfluous image.
2:50 PM
check and mate
Cat-tain America
@KutuluMike Yeah, I bet you look terrible in 'em now.
@JackBNimble Oh yeah? Well if it were SciFi.SE, all I'd have to do is include a barely related comic panel.
3:12 PM
Q: Was there any Agents of SHIELD tie-in to Civil War?

Paul LWhen the last few MCU movies came out, there had been corresponding sequences and tie-ins with the ongoing Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series. Winter Soldier's introduction of Hydra-within-SHIELD fell right into lockstep with the series' traitor plotline. Thor 2 lead into the series' team h...

@KutuluMike Re-re-reused ;p
i have it bookmarked
Fair enough ;D
3:31 PM
@JackBNimble I feel bad now
I'm not worried about it.
Interesting comment. There could be some correlation between the Winter Soldier program and the Black Widow program. Seeing as they are both Russian in origin.
The official font at my work is Gotham, but I only seem to have Metropolis installed.
4:02 PM
Why does IMDB say "Lieutenant James Rhodes / War Machine" For Civil War
Wasn't he a Colonel in the first movie? Has he been demoted?
green obie didnt post the latest question yet
step it up
Q: Why is Civil War a "Captain America" movie?

ThePopMachineThis question is going to be rife for people giving opinions, so let me remind everyone to support your answer with evidence. In this case, quotes from the producing staff would be strongest if possible. Captain America: Civil War relates to It's true that but on the other hand, the pl...

this guys questions tend to make me upset
@Himarm He will only accept what he has already decided is the answer he is looking for, and nothing else.
sometimes he doesnt even know what hes looking for
and the question hangs open forever
I'm going to assume that after the events of Civil War, Captain America goes off to live a peaceful life with Sharon Carter.
he just knows were wrong
i like that chick, i hope he does hook up with her
" No, because any previous [Superhero name] [optional number]: [Optional subtitle] movie didn't star a dozen other superhumans."
what number are we dealing with here
a movie with 4 super heros can be a solo movie, but 5 plus means avengers?
but wait, gardians had 5+
yet was called gardians of the galaxy, why wasnt it called avengers either
4:12 PM
Avengers of the Galaxy
I'm tempted to VTC just for the first line.
"VTC: Primarily opinion based"
Himam, master of missing the point.
I guess IMDB can't decide if Rhodes is a Col., Lt. Col., or just a Lt.
i have no shame
itll drive him insane seeing that vote
4:50 PM
@Himarm needs to be retagged
trying to avoid putting the title-tag for every movie in our feed
but maybe we should
i skew to just fixing the tags
also, i didnt get a new x-men trailer before CW
just tmnt, bourne, and strange
Q: Why is Civil War a "Captain America" movie?

ThePopMachineThis question is going to be rife for people giving opinions, so let me remind everyone to support your answer with evidence. In this case, quotes from the producing staff would be strongest if possible. Captain America: Civil War relates to It's true that but on the other hand, the pl...

i didnt have tmnt
i had bourne stranger warcraft and xmen, 2-3 of them had special 3d imax intros
stupid git... i changed lines 15-20, but it says i changed line 1, and that 15-20 are unchanged.
I got Bourne, strange, Rogue One, Now you see me 2
rogue one would have been a pretty one to see
the warcraft movie looked way better in imax then its looked on youtube,
5:11 PM
I can't remember which ones I got.
Sunday I got there late.
Thursday I remember X-Men, Doctor Strange, Rogue One, Now You See Me 2, and the new Bourne movie.
forgot there was a rogue one trailer out
because i'm ignoring SW stuff again
5:24 PM
will you ever un ignore sw stuff?
I got into an argument on the gaming chat room about how SF/F has a reputation for crap.
and I was like "no way, there's tons of really good questions on the site, I'm looking at the front page right now"
then I realized I have and and on ignore.
star treks arnt usually that bad
we dont have rando 12 years olds watching it at least
I have had them on ignore since the overnight crew asked a question about how many times Picard said "make it so" or something stupid like that
praxius and nnsong basically gave each other gold startrek badges. asking questions like that back and forth lol
5:36 PM
Q: Captain America: Civil War | Zemo's motives and influence (ALERT major Spoilers)

AbuMariamGreat movie, just saw it yesterday, I just felt there might be some plot holes around the Zemo character. Supposedly he did everything including framing Bucky, so that all the Avengers would come to a place where he can make Stark watch the video of his parents death in the hope that would make h...

his last part is interesting
why was their a camera in a tree
anyone ask that yet?
ah the first comment
someone asked that but it might have been M&TV chat.
why they recorded the whole thing anyway.
I assumed it was either a local traffic/weather/etc camera they hijacked, or else HYDRA routinely recorded everything Barnes did
5:51 PM
its just seems so weird theres a random ass camera just chilling in the middle of a tree
Ok, so Zemo mind controls WS, and asks him about where the Siberian location.
Then he travels to Russia, calls his hostess, and gets her to discover the body.
This makes it so at least some people will learn that Zemo was behind the bombing and not Bucky.
One way or another, he is counting on Bucky revealing the location of the SIberian base.
here's what I didn't get.
the guy he tortured first.
if he had gotten the info out of that guy, would he have needed to apprehend Bucky?
He said no
cuz he asked him the same stuff, but if he hadn't caught and then released Bucky then his entire plot is useless.
Well, he said if he has to kill him, he has to take a much bloodier path that he doesn't want to go down.
5:54 PM
cuz that's the only reason the Avengers got involved in the first place, is to hunt down Bucky
yeah doesnt he say, if you cooperate i wont need to get the winter soldier involved?
well just showing stark the video
would get him to hunt bucky
whom captain would probably sill try to stop
did he already know the answers to the things he was asking Bucky, but wanted to make sure Bucky knew what he was asking about?
Maybe he eventually discovered from WS that all mission details are at the Siberian Base.
5:55 PM
@JackBNimble I assume that once he had WS under mind control he told him everything he wanted.
my point is: if the dude in the hotel room had cracked under interrogation, would Zemo have even bothered to frame Bucky?
cuz the movie made it seem like he was only framing Bucky to get information.
right up until the end
the guy in the hotel was worthless
that russian in the house is who matered
Well, his end game was to prove to Stark that Bucky had killed his parents, betting on Rogers siding with Bucky to create internal conflict.
@Himarm I thought they were the same person
no he kills that russian in his house
oh, ok.
5:57 PM
the guy in the hotel, was the interagator that zoma impersonated
right, the idiot in the hotel was the real shrink
when he got bucky free
so then.
he had to do that extra step, so he could GET to bucky
He kills the russian whose car he hits, then he kills the Dr. so is the UN's go to guy for pyscho killers
5:57 PM
if the hydra guy in the house had cracked, would that have changed Zemo's plans at all?
but he could have skipped that step if the first russian would have just told him about siberia
@Himarm ok, so lets say first guy tells him about Siberia
and he goes to Siberia
he would have still framed bucky no dobut, he just wouldnt have had to inflitrate that UN base
now what?
5:58 PM
he wouldnt have had to get his hands dirty
nor if face seen by cap
but then how would Bucky know to go to the Siberian base?
Now he sends stark an email with the video?
bucky doesnt need to go there
he only knew where Zemo was going because Zemo asked about it
he just emails stark
and stark chases bucky with cap stoping him
since stark wants to murder
5:59 PM
chases Bucky where?
where,ever he needs to
he needs Stark to go to Siberia to see the videos.
Maybe Zemo planted the idea of him going after the other WSs' in order to lure both Captain and Stark.
siberia was only needed after the fact
he needs Bucky to go to Siberia so Stark chases him.
5:59 PM
If Stark hasn't shown up, his plan would have been ruined, maybe.
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