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12:32 AM
@Shokhet it does look better
so what's the difference? Just more clear?
1:04 AM
Does anyone know if the tag of keyboard is about a computer keyboard or a piano keyboard, or is it both? lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/keyboard
@iliveunderawesomerock I'd say remove it - should be burned
@ZachSaucier Thanks! Happy Holiday
merry Christmas!
something like "process" might be better
1:11 AM
@ZachSaucier Agreed. But I don't want to do it now without thinking it over properly.
Bugs confused me, I think it should be insects lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/bugs I edited it, but a bug can be many things, medical, insect, computer, person, etc. Who votes on removal and change to insects?
Go for it
@iliveunderawesomerock would exclude spiders, mites, and other arthropods, even 6-legged ones similar to insects, such as springtails. But yeah, technically, a bug is an insect in the order Hemiptera, so that's a little too specific.
How about medical for removal lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/medical I don't think any questions coming to this site need a tag like this. I think if you need medical you should go to a clinic, agreed or should it stay for minor injuries?
@J.Musser Hello, Happy Holiday
You can link to it like
to save time
@J.Musser I gotta learn first :-)
1:24 AM
Like that^
without backticks
@J.Musser Any suggestions?
@iliveunderawesomerock Insect is better than bug.
@J.Musser Thank You, I thought it was like that.
@J.Musser Keep and not
meta tags are like [meta-tag:tag-description]
OMG It worked :)
1:26 AM
or whatever.
@J.Musser Thank You :) Can I tag things that aren't tags? And have them pop up in tag format.
@J.Musser OMG, I like that.
[tag:lifehack stack exchange]
It didn't tagify :( What did I do?
1:33 AM
Use - between words
Can mods see how someone voted?
@iliveunderawesomerock No.
Voting is secret
1:35 AM
Now don't go spamming chat with your new-found abilities.
don't use '
@iliveunderawesomerock Not sure. There really isn't any need. People can vote how they want. If someone is down/up-voting another user too much, the system will notice and revert it without help.
1:40 AM
For instance, look at the voting habits of this user. 8 up, 12,963 down. His choice.
@iliveunderawesomerock no, it's not.
@iliveunderawesomerock Joel Spolsky?
Why would he wanna?
@iliveunderawesomerock I don't think you're spamming right now. But if is all you do ever again, it will be spammy. Like posting the lyrics of those songs... xD
@iliveunderawesomerock Uhh... SE isn't for 'fun'. Or that's not it's purpose.
This chat isn't just for having fun posting what you love, tho
@iliveunderawesomerock Not if it didn't even matter. Priorities...
1:45 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock Go on twitter.
Not SE chat
@J.Musser in certain cases you can determine who downvoted by reputation changes
and please stop with the tags
@ZachSaucier Ok, but their not hurting anything.
@ZachSaucier Yeah, but not by clicking the downvotes tab like you can on your own profile.
@iliveunderawesomerock except my eyes
@iliveunderawesomerock *they're
@ZachSaucier :headdesk:
on my end
I posted that one on GL chat once I think
2:01 AM
and here :P
2:41 AM
getting every edit approved is getting old... -.-
Do we really need ??? It seems way too specific
@ZachSaucier I'm only on for 2 seconds at a time, and it was on the top of the page when I was on last.
I see
I think it should be left open is why I ask
3:09 AM
@ZachSaucier haha. Yeah, that one won't be a top tag...
I don't understand why there are OT votes on this question. Thoughts? — Shokhet 20 secs ago
@ZachSaucier I say get rid of it
@Shokhet Actually, just one vote....but the question looks okay to me
3:47 AM
Delete ?
@Shokhet dunno
4:02 AM
4 more edits to 1k xD
@ZachSaucier Congrats! :)
@StackExchange My hat just popped in, wooohoo
4:24 AM
Uh, why did you ping SE?
Not gonna get you anything
4:52 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock what did I say about the tags?
Should we mark and as tag synonyms of
@michaelpri post on meta about it, that's a bigger change than should be discussed in chat to me
@ZachSaucier I already talked about it in this meta post.
eh, not directly
as the answer says I think they're fine for now
@ZachSaucier Ok. I'll make a meta post.
5:09 AM
@iliveunderawesomerock you use bullets, bold, and italics too much :P
see the edits I suggested to see what types of changes I'd make to most of your answers
several of your bullets are not lists and therefore shouldn't be bullets. Often you bold things that don't really matter :P
still good answers though, I appreciate the effort you give
@ZachSaucier I thought you left :/
I never leave
@ZachSaucier Yeah you do. Last week you were gone for a while.
kidding, 'course
@ZachSaucier oh
5:14 AM
more reason why chatting with you is so difficult
@iliveunderawesomerock ...
@ZachSaucier I approved them. I will clean up my post.
room topic changed to The Junk Drawer: General discussion for lifehacks.stackexchange.com Abuses of formatting and other chatting privileges may result in being kicked after warning [lifehacks]
@iliveunderawesomerock thanks!
room topic changed to The Junk Drawer: General discussion for lifehacks.stackexchange.com Abuses of chat privileges including misuse of formatting may result in temporary kicks from the room after warning [lifehacks]
(I'm looking at you, @iliveunderawesomerock) ;)
@ZachSaucier I don't have a webcam. How?
how much you don't catch jokes is astounding to me
I even added the winky face!
@ZachSaucier I think that kicking will be fun! It will teach me and teach you.
5:20 AM
what could it teach me?
@ZachSaucier How to kick. You will learn.
I know exactly how to kick you already
there's a handy little button for me to do so
@ZachSaucier That was a sly face, winking is a form of blinking, iirc.
4 hours ago, by J. Musser
user image
@ZachSaucier But you will learn better, I promise not to take offence.
5:22 AM
Just posted a meta post check it out.
@ZachSaucier Looks like a donkey, hilarious :)
@michaelpri I'm on it :)
@iliveunderawesomerock I don't see it.
@ZachSaucier The elongated nose makes it look equinous, what is it suppose to be a dying chicken?
it's a palm tree
with a face
I hate having to explain everything in little detail to you xD
it really is quite annoying
@michaelpri I changed my mind
I'd keep just to one set (likely holidays)
why do we even have an insects tag? IMO it should be burned. Can't have a lifehack just with insects...
@ZachSaucier I posted those examples just so everyone can see that this isn't just one tag I'm talking about
5:27 AM
I'll answer it, it's pretty clear to me now, had a good thought :D
Q: Taking Action on Tag Synonyms

michaelpriAs you can see from this meta post I've already tried to take action on helping the site to get better tags. Now that we are in public beta, I believe that we need to actually take these actions now. There have been several posts on meta about tag synonyms like this one or this one. Some of the o...

@ZachSaucier Sorry!
see ya
I can finally edit things again, thank goodness
5:52 AM
@ZachSaucier Why couldn't you in the first place.
@ZachSaucier I wasn't really gone.
@iliveunderawesomerock didn't have 1k rep
@ZachSaucier You took all the boldness from my post, it looks so bland now.
bold things that matter if you'd like
@ZachSaucier But you were still editing, IDK.
just don't bold nothing
@iliveunderawesomerock I don't have to wait now
again with explaining every little detail
@Shokhet that was a quick accept, lol
5:55 AM
@ZachSaucier That is exhausting, agreed.
by the way, you don't have to ping me each time
I read your messages :)
@ZachSaucier I have 2k and I have to wait I don't understand.
@ZachSaucier Ok, I'm changing my hat now to the yellow hat
hey, Robert is on
@ZachSaucier Oh that is a good policy, people will never come to this room because it is so boring.
@iliveunderawesomerock why you're telling us this is beyond me
@iliveunderawesomerock you're welcome to leave anytime ;)
@Shokhet sorry, pinged wrong person before
@michaelpri that was a quick accept, lol :)
5:58 AM
@ZachSaucier OK. I don't want to go yet
@ZachSaucier I'm telling everyone I just pinged you
and with that, to all a good night. I had a very merry Christmas!
see you in a few hours
@ZachSaucier good night
6 hours later…
12:12 PM
Q: How does this site cohabitate with specialized sites of SE Universe?

sharptoothI don't get it. This question is how to use a hammer without hurting one's fingers. That would be a perfectly on-topic question for DIY SE. This question is about packing stuff for travel. That would be a good fit for Travel SE. There're lots of other questions that would perfectly fit existin...

3 hours later…
3:17 PM
> -40 user was removed
on Christmas. lol
Merry Christmas to the removed...
3 hours later…
6:38 PM
To all moderators-thank you for your generous donations to charity. I left a comment on the page but know some of you come here and wanted to thank you personally!
@Shokhet @Zach Saucier @J. Musser etc. You guys are doing an awesome job with Lifehacks. I don't have enough rep to thank you in that chat room! :)
7:36 PM
@iliveunderawesomerock Are you now going by "darthness"?
1 hour later…
8:55 PM
tempted to join and post my sun spotter life hack question.... based on this device bibalex.org/eclipse2006/Sunspotter.htm, need to make this in a hand held size, so the sun would appear as a small white dot on a translucent card (but not concentrated enough to burn) - tried different combinations of small magnifying glasses, either get a burn or the image is too diffuse
1 hour later…
9:56 PM
@Shokhet I may be, why do you ask?
10:13 PM
@SabreTooth Feel free
2 messages moved from The Garden Shed
1 message moved from The Garden Shed
Will it be, in that form, on-topic
that was clumsy
@SabreTooth As worded above?
pretty much, but with a picture
@SabreTooth I don't see why it would be off-topic, except that I (personally) don't see a way without buying a specially made lens.
I'll give it a try
10:34 PM
ok, posted
@J.Musser hopefully it meets the criteria here
@SabreTooth reading...
@SabreTooth looks ok
10:49 PM
so, would the site be able to handle questions like that?
@SabreTooth Might make the unanswered list longer.
We have nothing in the scope against scientific questions tho
may attract other citizen scientists
I'd like that
would it be feasible to add a tag "scientific-tool"
I think it is to early to close, am I wrong lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/2276/… I didn't vote yet.
10:52 PM
@SabreTooth sure
@SabreTooth You could post your questions from here to ES chat.
Hello everybody!
Hiya ilive
@darthnesscoveredthesky VTC as unclear
@ZachSaucier Or ot
10:53 PM
@ZachSaucier lol can't do that yet
unclear is much better close reason IMO
@ZachSaucier I thought to wait a while for more editing.
It's not asking for a hack, so ot works
@darthnesscoveredthesky usually. This is very, very unclear though
@J.Musser I changed my name, I am going to see how this name likes me.
10:54 PM
shouldn't it be "darkness"?
We don't want it to get answered though, so closing ot now, reopening it later is better.
@ZachSaucier OK, I left a comment just to help out
@J.Musser Agreed
good decision
if you didn't leave a comment one of us would :P
have got to get more rep
@ZachSaucier IDK, I thought that of the guy in the black suit, the Darth Invader.
@J.Musser I mispinged :)
10:56 PM
@darthnesscoveredthesky Yeah I saw.
@darthnesscoveredthesky it doesn't make sense in English
@ZachSaucier My friend from GL left us some chat messages in GL chat, which I moved here, didn't know if you saw yet
Cool, I see two
lol - for public toilets lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/2232/… I literally take a small box of disposable gloves
10:59 PM
@SabreTooth That's a lot of hassle.
@ZachSaucier She thought we were mods. lol
we practically are xD
@J.Musser don't I know it
@ZachSaucier haha
You got voted to +20, -2. Nice
well, now that you all have the scope worked out, it is (for me at least) a clear and workable 'formula' to post questions and answers - I think the site will do very well... at least it is not WW3 like at Puzzling.SE
11:04 PM
I like how much of the community views/votes meta posts here. It's a lot healthier than some other betas I helped out.
@SabreTooth Haha, yeah.
holy odd socks, thought of another question
You were smart lazy to wait till it was cleaned up before joining. lol
yup, lazy and cautious
@SabreTooth I suppose 'odd socks' is better than some things...
11:10 PM
Why'd ya leave GL?
long story
I likez long story.
long, dull, boring and long story
You likely to do the same here?
I likez long, dull, boring and long story
the issue has not repeated
11:12 PM
@ZachSaucier IDK what u mean?
So it was an 'issue'.
With the site?
but,it be a moot point now
i am up to 5360 at ES
11:13 PM
@SabreTooth Unless your issue was with users on that site which may be on this site, or may join.
@J.Musser nope, I always check now
I will tend to treat users differently who delete their accounts without explanation, when there is no readily apparent issue.
From my understanding, you've done it before.
not for a while now, have settled
Glad to hear that.
@SabreTooth Well then... I'm at 21,846 on GL.
I find one way for me, is to settle on only a few sites - I have 8 (if the Health proposal in A51 is counted)
11:18 PM
I have only been on ES for 102 das
I am a strange person as well
@SabreTooth People who join a site, have an unnatural activity surge, then delete their account... It makes you think that the user is impulsive, even if that's not the case.
@SabreTooth I can tell.
@J.Musser i am not worried what others think of me
@J.Musser and there is a longer story behind that
@SabreTooth That's good. So you don't get offended?
11:24 PM
I don't either.
have to have working emotions for that
You have some working emotions.
i switch them off
11:27 PM
I wouldn't know.
I'm not naturally a super-emotional person.
i used to be, but slowly 'retrained' myself
Is that why you were deleting accounts?
So why don't you want to say?
Or would you rather not in a public chat room?
long, boring, hard-to-articulate, infomercial-like stories
11:30 PM
@SabreTooth Oh. Sounds like a bad reason then.
but, like I said, have settled
You did say.
Didn't say what you settled from tho
Except that it wasn't emotional.
but y'all are safe
haha, safe from what?
I'm an avid GL-er, and have no idea what you're talking about.
but all that is in the past
11:41 PM
Then rejoin. :D
I liked it better when you were there.
nah, I'd go above my limit
@SabreTooth I made 6473 rep on GL in the last 102 days.
@J.Musser Congrats!
@J.Musser working on it - have made 106 contributions on ES.... about to write the 107th
@SabreTooth In answers, or total posts?
11:52 PM
Not bad.
3 more answers on GL, and I hit 500.
12 questions away from 150
@SabreTooth I posted 174 posts on GL in that time period. No wonder I made 1113 more rep in that time.
153 answers and 21 questions.
I like stats.
yes, I noticed that
When will moderator pro tempores be initiated?
@michaelpri idk
Usually a week or two into public

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