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5:15 PM
Welcome to chat for: Lifehacks
This is a general discussion room, but please feel free to create more subject-specific rooms (a single room with every possible discussion isn't very helpful)
For playing with chat features:


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
and remember; please read the FAQ ;p)
first ever
5:46 PM
@Tim Congrats!
@FranckDernoncourt: Thanks, and congrats!
6:21 PM
6:35 PM
also heyo :)
2 hours later…
8:31 PM
Hi all :)
This is my first time in a private beta -- anything I need to know about that's significantly different than a regular SE site?
(besides for the "how to ask in private beta" that pops up when you click the "Ask Question" link)
9:14 PM
Yeah, what Shokhet said. I've never done this before so I want to make sure I can do it well :)
1 hour later…
10:15 PM
I upvoted this question, and was told I have 5 votes left today....can we have the vote limit lifted for private beta, in the spirit of "vote early, vote often"? — Shokhet 19 secs ago
Shoot! Just got the Mortarboard badge more reputation today. :(
Congrats, Mortarboard #3 :)
I'm #2 by rep now :)
Doorknob 冰 has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
^ All meta questions will now be posted as chat messages here.
10:27 PM
@Doorknob冰 That's how it should be :)
Q: Who are the experts?

gerritIt is clear who experts are for Tex/LaTeX, Earth Science, or Christianity. However, for life hacks this is less clear, Is there such a thing as an expert for life hacks, or should we formulate it differently?

Q: Are devices considered life hacks?

Jimmy HoffaI posted an answer to this question which is just saying "There are devices precisely for this", does this still count as a life hack? Should questions as such be on-topic when the "hack" is "go buy one of these" ? I'm inclined to say yes, I just want to get it on record and from the community w...

Q: What is a lifehack?

Matt S.In-line with my other question: Is there anything that isn't on-topic here? Can we get a clear definition of what a lifehack is? I think if it's clear what a lifehack is, we can clearly define what is or is not on-topic here, and also who our experts are.

Q: Can we eliminate contrived questions?

PhlumeI know this is day one, but let's be honest... some of these feel a lot like questions asked simply for the sake of asking them and populating the site. Should we enable some sort of filtering system to help eliminate the fluff and focus on the true problems? For example... Eating ribs and avoid...

Q: "How do I" vs "How to"

QuyNguyen2013I've seen this question have a "how to" title. I edited it, and then the asker said the system said the title was "too subjective". Can we change it so that the system doesn't think it's "too subjective"?

/me cast the first star
... well, I can see the feed just caught up.
Hi all
10:36 PM
fun new site
@Shokhet Can you to edit a post? (Why)
10:52 PM
Q: Let's think of a creative name for our chatroom

Doorknob 冰The chatroom name is so bland. "Lifehacks." Look at all the creative names others have thought up: "Root Access" for Super User "The DMZ" for Security "The Renderfarm" for Blender "The Litter Box" for Pets "The Hangar" for Aviation "You Are Here" for Travel "The Water Cooler" for The Workplace ...

Q: "This post has been deleted - no more edits are allowed"

MoosemanAny post I try to edit on the main site (including tag wikis; excluding my own q&a) gives me this plaintext message on its own page: This post has been deleted - no more edits are allowed Why is this?

Hiya ..
@Vogel612 hiya
I'm about to hit my cap too.
Anyone else think should be removed?
A: Let's think of a creative name for our chatroom

Mooseman"The Tavern of Hackers of Life" "Adversity Avoiders"

@Vogel612 Yes! I'd untag the questions... but this.
10:59 PM
@Vogel612 Ask on meta. I think it would be a synonym of cleaning myself.
But someone might think of a reason why it would be needed.
Like maybe something is stuck in a pipe and they want to remove it?
Remember to use the title "Removal of [removal]"
@Doorknob冰 I don't think this site is in a need of lame puns for burninations yet..
@MattS. then that's about cleaning
Did I just see the word lame used in the same sentence as the word puns?!
@MattS. Ahh! We need to... punish him! sorry
@Mooseman But my friend wanted to know how to hotwire a car...
Actually, I'm on the fence about it, but it's deleted so whatever.
@Doorknob冰 That was very punctual. Thank you.
11:07 PM
@J.Musser where did you get all the questions from, btw??
Q: removal - I'd like it removed

Vogel612The tag removal seems to be of no lasting value. Usages of it are ill-defined and the tag is overly broad. It also has large overlap with cleaning in the way I saw it used. In chat I got positive feedback so I went ahead and removed the three occurrences of removal to be found by suggesting edits

11:38 PM
@Mooseman I hadn't seen that....have been able to edit my own posts and those of others. Will give it a try if I see anything that needs editing :)

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