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12:50 PM
Q: Statistics of fraction of questions closed per month (posted that month itself)

BuraianIs there any way I can access the data of what fraction of questions are being closed as dupes per month. So, for example, I want to compare how many Qs posted in January this year was closed that month itself vs the January of last year. Thanks.

You didn't understand my question. I am asking something more specific: How many questions posted in a month is closed in that month itself? @postmortes I want to know how the close rates are changing w.r.t time — Buraian 1 hour ago
Just to clarify, to include an example, you want the questions that were both posted and closed in January? (For example, a question posted on January 20 and closed on January 27 qualifies, but the question posted on January 30 and closed on February 1 does not. The same for other months.) — Martin Sleziak 1 hour ago
Right exactly @MartinSleziak — Buraian 1 hour ago
A: Statistics of fraction of questions closed per month (posted that month itself)

Martin SleziakFor such inquiries, SEDE seems like a reasonable tool. I have tried to do some queries - I have no doubt that they can be modified and improved in various ways. All closures You might notice that - among other things - the query returns number of questions which have been closed within 30 days. Y...

Could you give me the stats for the questions which are closed specifically as dupes? The EOQ has caused the statistics to become muddle a bit I think. I'm thinking that most of those closes are from low quality rather than dupe — Buraian 34 mins ago
@Buraian Yes, I am working on it. (Only now I noticed you're asking about duplicates - I have somehow missed it.) Maybe you could add the tag (duplicates) tag to your question - since the question is about duplicates, it seems as a suitable tag. — Martin Sleziak 32 mins ago
Also there is one more issue , these stats are absolute numbers if I understood and hence maybe inflated due to more questions being asked. Could fraction of questions closed be given? — Buraian 27 mins ago
@Buraian This gives percentage of all question that have been closed (or closed as duplicates), not absolute numbers. (In the queries, I am dividing the numbers by countall - which should be number of questions posted in the given month.) If we need to discuss the queries further, feel free to ping me in chat.) — Martin Sleziak 21 secs ago
As I said, I would not be surprised if there are some mistakes in the queries. But I think that they should return percentage of closed questions (among all questions). With the addition that sometimes we only look at the duplicate closures, sometimes we include the deleted questions.
The fact that we get much higher percentage in recent month(s) in those queries where we look only at the existing posts is something which we expected - there is no doubt that many of those closed posts will eventually be deleted (by roomba or manually).

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