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5:25 AM
@NapoleonWilson Can mods track my location? Can they see from where this account is being logged in?
5:36 AM
@KnightadmiresChappo don't think they can. atleast collecting that information would violate GDPR as SE, from my knowledge, has no legit reason to collect that information (from atleast Uk Residents)
listening to Lock's, Shock's and Barrel's song from Nightmare Before Christmas and realised that despite it suggesting they would, they trio never did Shock's idea of hiding in a box at Santa Clause's door
@MovieReel quite sure no matter how may times he's done it, the current one is outside of it as Missy was supposed to be the last after Simms Master shot her and out of spite, made it so that she couldn't regen
3 hours later…
8:49 AM
@Memor-X Okay! I thought when I clicked on “Agree” during account opening process I would have agreed on that :)
So, what are some ways by which they find out the sockpuppets ?
often mods say “we have found irregular voting on this post”, when they cannot see who voted up or down, then how they find out the culprit?
in The Periodic Table, 55 mins ago, by orthocresol
@Knight We can actually see you typing that message in real-time.
in The Periodic Table, 56 mins ago, by orthocresol
So you had better not get up to anything naughty. :-)
@KnightadmiresChappo IANAL but you do agree that everything you post on SE belongs to SE. that you are over 13, that you can have your accessed to the site revoked for whatever means yada yada yada. the general ToS stuff people skip but you can re-read and if you don't agree to any of it you're supposed to delete your account
ToS/EULAs are funny because on Steam you don't agree to third party ones until you install the game so for a game like Code Vein where the use of the DRM Denuvo is only mentioned in the EULA, Bandai Namco can take your money while at the same time legally barring you from playing the game
@KnightadmiresChappo they have more tools that the highest ranking normal user wouldn't have. i'm not sure of all the tools but one of the easiest would be the IP Address and activity coming from there
if that's what you mean by location tracking SE can store IPs but tracking IPs are shorta moot. AVG never gets my location correct when it warns me that my location isn't hidden and also there's the use of VPNs
9:08 AM
@Memor-X Yeah, they can't
@Knight if an SE or SO page wants your location, it's most probably an ad
and if it knows it, probably an ad using a tracking cookie from somewhere else
have had ads locate my state but that's about it
> find hot and available singles in Victoria
Meh, I don't even get spam
me thinks they aren't lesbians Google, try again
I mean, the spam folder is probably filled, so I don't get any smart spam
@M.A.R. was more thinking ads than spam emails
9:11 AM
I don't have FB so I don't get many smart ads either
most of mine are the normal trying to get money because they have an inheritance, you have one pending, they have a mission from god or from the IRS who wants to give me Australian Dollarydoos
In fact, lemme check my spam folder now
> Injured by hernia mesh? Compensation is possible
It's nice that they've tried to use many Unicode cheap shots to evade detection but Google detected them anyway.
Only seven spam in the last month
Wow, this one's interesting:
Spamming the right people 👍
Er, wrong people but even if one target is right . . .
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2:26 PM
Q: Why does Fitzgerald use a typewriter in Manhunt: Unabomber?

Chicago1988In Manhunt: Unabomber, FBI agent Fitzgerald uses a typewriter while working at the FBI to create the profile of the Unabomber. The year is 1995. They clearly had computers in 1995, especially at the FBI. This seems very odd to me: was this a mistake in the scene? Or some sort of hidden message in...

2 hours later…
4:55 PM
Q: ROMA (spanish Movie 2018) some scene explanation

LAMDAWhat were the significance of the earthquake and the forest fire (sort of) scenes? I think they are representing the state of mind of Cleo. What is your opinion?

5:39 PM
@Randal'Thor You here? Wow!
Now, give us a visit in Mathematics room :)
Q: Missing Wade's gang member in 3:10 to Yuma (2007) movie at end scene

hydradonI just finished the movie 3:10 to Yuma (2007) and have some questions about Ben Wade's gang: It was mentioned some time there was an Apache member in the gang. I do notice a guy with a black feather on the hat. He did show up during the scene where they split the money but why Charlie didn't men...

4 hours later…
9:29 PM
Q: KutuluMike (Michael Edenfield) has passed away

Jack B NimbleKutuluMike (known to some as Michael Edenfield) passed away. I don't have a lot of details. A few people noticed he had been MIA from things for over a month. We reached out and learned he had been in the hospital for 45 days with something called CMV virus, which he was at high risk for because...

R.I.P KutuluMike
Whoa :(
CMV, yeah, that's a real risk for transplant patients
It's not a single virus
Wait, it is, I confused it with something else
I have no knowledge about it either way
Not sure what to say, I use to love his answers back then
You'd maybe appreciate me more now that you see the jillions of invisible risks I'm in.
I wasn't very familiar with him, but we had a few pleasant chats
To put it mildly, he was one of the less crazy SciFi folks
I know him more from Agent of Nothing room of scifi more
We used to have all the crazy marvel DC chat
10:42 PM
Q: Can books on movies help understand the movies?

user37920I have viewed quite a number of Western movies. Can books on movies can help viewers understand movies better? Recently I have become interested in movie books. I have two books in my mind. One is "Director's Chair" by Stephen Spielberg; the other is "Scorsese on Scorsese" by "Directors on Directors

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11:56 PM
Q: script vs. lines in a tv show

JJJohnAccording to Cambridge Dictionary, synopsis means a short description of the contents of something such as a movie or book Regarding Friends Episode 5.10 "The One With The Inappropriate Sister", a post gives the following description. I guess it's a synopsis, because it's indeed a short descri...


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