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8:36 AM
@AJ hello
@AJ wassup
Nothing much
Thinking what to watch today
Getting inspire from nog and other friends I am watching more south films now
I have stopped watching them long time ago
9:02 AM
Q: Was Shakuntala Devi's husband gay or not?

Ankit SharmaShakuntala Devi film is based on real life personality and it was all over the news that her husband is gay after she told it during her book release The world of homosexuals. But apprently in him they claim that it was all lie and her husband was not gay. It there any legitimate proof of it? In ...

@AnkitSharma I have a bit of difficulty understanding your question. Can you elaborate a little more? "In him they claim that it was all lie" - Where do they claim this, in the book or the film? And what are you asking about, if he was gay in the film (possibly despite claiming he wasn't)?
@NapoleonWilson in real lide she said her husband is gay and it stayed like that for decades
It might also run the danger of people confusing the film with reality and trying to answer if the real guy was gay or not.
Now in film they said she lied
I want to know legitimate proof if he was gay or not
@AnkitSharma But in the film, right?
9:05 AM
In film her husband is staright
I want to know in real life
Edited question
But, that's not quite our expertise really.
That seems more like celebrity gossip speculation.
What you could possibly do is ask on what basis the film made this claim, given that it contradicts public knowledge, and if it is using any real-life evidence to do so.
@NapoleonWilson that can work with me
I'm working on something...
I tried to rephrase it a little to orient more towards why the film made him straight.
I hope the title isn't a spoiler now, though. But you can judge better if it's an important point in the story.
9:27 AM
Q: Howe were the video screens in Chaplin's Modern Times filmed?

vszThe factory scenes in Modern Times feature huge futuristic screens used to make video calls. They were obviously not real television screens, as technology was not advanced enough to do it. The screes are huge, and the image is very clear. Many movies made several decades later don't achieve the ...

@NapoleonWilson spoiler yes but storywise not much big spoiler
10:01 AM
so Disney's given up trying to release Mulan in theatres world wide and is now going for a hybrid model where some places are getting it VOD
effectively $30 to "rent" ontop of your Disney+ Subscription. no idea if that renewed and for how long until it goes to the normal catalogue (if it ever does, the real money is from people who are too lazy to manage their subscriptions)
to be honest, a bit steep, i pay about that for a Gold Class screening and i get food, comfy seats, quiet theatre. if i'm just getting that at home then the price should come down since
though if i'm going to watch it at home, rather own it than rent it from an online service and rely on them to provide it for me when i want to watch it
10:22 AM
i don't do vod, either theater or wait for normal stremaing
Mulan I have no interest as such
11:06 AM
Q: What does "foreign platforms" mean?

Nelson BlakeIn The Bourne Legacy (2012), In Washington D.C., Byer team are hunting for Dr. Shearing. Earlier, Dr. Shearing was saved by Aaron Cross from CIA agents, who was send to kill her. In strategic planning room, Zev Vendal reporting to C-Team about the house location, where Dr. Shearing earlier statio...

Q: What does it mean that Gary Giggles knows 7 steps of cha-cha-cha?

BCLCFrom here and here from Spy Kids 2: Gary Giggles is asked his knowledge of cha-cha-cha to which he replies 'Seven steps.' How many steps are there in cha-cha-cha, and what does it mean that he knows seven steps? From Wiki: In the American School of Ballroom Dance, the basic step spans two measur...

11:31 AM
Q: What's the trope for some sequel where we see the characters in the original but much older?

BCLCWhat's the name of the trope for a sequel of a film, film series or TV series where we have some of the same characters from the original to be in the sequel but they're older by 5+ years? Usually you get the same cast whenever appropriate. Maybe revival but not sure. Some examples: Boy Meets Wo...

@Memor-X As I can click on your avatar and see in which chat rooms you’re currently in, is there a way to bypass that? I need a peaceful untraceable life on this site.
@KnightadmiresChappo bypass what? stopping it showing which rooms you are currently in?
If this is about someone you don't like entering a chatroom you're in, I would rather start with trying to just get over it or worry once that someone actually says or does something. If the mere presence of someone without them even saying anything is a bother, there's deeper problems you might need to work on and that might have to be resolved more by you than any modifications to the chat framework. But to answer your question, no, I'm afraid that's not possible.
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1:35 PM
Q: Where was "City Lights" shot?

user37920I watched City Lights, a very famous film by Charlie Chaplin. Where was the film shooting done? Is there any chance it was Lindsay street, Newmarket, Calcutta [kolkata]?

Most likely it's...not.
1:48 PM
@MovieReel I got confused with CityLights but I shoudl ahve noticed there is a space
2:10 PM
@NapoleonWilson He cannot say anything in chatroom because he was suspended for 30 days and now only 17 days are left. He is interacting with me (which he shouldn’t) on my posts, you must have seen it in the The Reading Room. He downvotes my posts, (after getting convicted with serial downvoting he found new methods).
The question he left a comment on wasn't actually downvoted by anyone. Neither was the comment problematic at all. If he can't say anything in chat, then why even bother if he's in the room. You really need to try to move on.
The important thing is that SE forms only 2.5 % of my daily life, and I want peace over this 2.5%. I was defamed and insulted for bringing my personal matters into this room, I just hate to be rebuked.
Everyone does. But if we do rebukable things, we kinda have to bear it.
Rebukable things like what? An example will do good.
I don't know, that was a general statement.
2:18 PM
:) okay.
On 17th we got Robert DeNiro’s birthday
I shall watch TV whole day on that day
(Watch TV means watch his movies, not just look at switched OFF TV lol)
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4:54 PM
Q: Why is the timeline of Stranger Things set in the early 80's?

Dhanishtha GhoshThe Netflix hit series Stranger Things revolves around a group of teenagers who face various supernatural creatures after the advent of Eleven in their home town of Hawkins, Indiana. The timeline of the story is early 80's. Is there a significant reason for the directors choosing this? I mean the...

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9:52 PM
Q: Erin Moran nickname in Happy Days

xxxxxxI’m looking for the nickname actress Erin Moran (Joanie) was given in the TV series “Happy Days”. In the Italian version she was called “sottiletta” but I can’t find the original nickname. Thanks

Q: Is The Shawshank Redemption based on a Leo Tolstoy story?

Keshav SrinivasanThe 1994 movie The Shawshank Redemption is based on Stephen King’s novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. Now this Wikipedia article says the King’s novella “has been thought to be loosely based on Leo Tolstoy's 1872 short story "God Sees the Truth, But Waits"”. But this Wikipedia arti...


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