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1:47 AM
Q: Deleted scene after Brett is killed in Alien?

Tyler DurdenIn Alien (1979), there seems to be an incongruity after Brett is killed. Even though noone witnesses the death and he appears to be killed in secret by the alien, in the very next scene we see Parker saying, "That thing is big, really big." How does he know it is big? In fact, how do they even kn...

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3:01 AM
^ Hogwarts embracing the modern day
3:43 AM
@AnkitSharma People born on 15th are lucky because......they have people born on other dates to comfort them. 😊
Happy World Food Day
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5:35 AM
Q: I saw a movie in 2001

Naveen Kumar BALGURII saw a movie in 2001.i don't know movie name .in that movie two child .boy & girl travel in dragonfly machine .And they fall in Sea. in Sea they use lifejacket.a big snake put hole to their jacket.finally they get out of Sea and enter into forest.then they faced problem by many dangerous animals &

5:46 AM
@NogShine now I am hungry
@Memor-X Hotstar do fast not sure how fast, netflix do few of them 2/3 years late
@MovieReel I don't know how many movies I watched in 2001.
@Memor-X I did wished @steelersquirrel first but she was not pingable :(
@NapoleonWilson Now I am really trying to think if Gotham have furries or not
PLease google Ratchatcher is not a furry
Maybe in Suicide Suqd 2 which is not 2 have furry ratcatcher but this oen is female
6:00 AM
Here comes Batwoman question:
imdb rating for the show is poor.
@NogShine wow that reviews are so extreme
R.I.P those creative and funny 'About me' section. Many are changing just to their preferred pronoun.
But RT and meta score is better
This is a side effect.
@AnkitSharma I know RT. What's meta score?
If anyone's wondering what my preerred pronoun is. It's He/his and they/their. It's your choice what to call.
6:09 AM
@NogShine Metacritic
> On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds an approval rating of 72% based on 39 reviews, with an average rating of 6.54/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "Though it needs more time to develop its own identity to truly soar, Batwoman's fun and stylish first season is a step in the right direction for representation and superhero shows alike."
> On Metacritic, the series has a weighted average score of 60 out of 100 based on reviews from 15 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews"
This show was getting backlash from the day casting was annoced
I like to be treated when there's old CoC. No extra change is required in my treatment :)
Some peopel had issue that she is not lesbian enpough for the role
@NogShine ok I will update in my database
@AnkitSharma Oh
Q: Is Batwoman self contained?

Ankit SharmaThe latest entry in Arrowverse universe is Batwoman, I wanted to jump into it but I am not up to date with Arrowverse shows. Like I have not seen Legends of Tomorrow from the last 2 seasons and Arrow's last season. So I want to know how much should I know from Arrowverse before jumping into Batwo...

@MovieReel i'm going to assume everything that's going to be in Crisis will need to be watched, assuming Batwoman is in it too and it's not "this is a Post-Crisis world"
6:32 AM
I know these types of questions are off-topic and should be closed. But wow. That summary is a real rollercoaster of emotions. — George Derpi 37 mins ago
@NogShine lol
@GoogleAd don't tell me to buy something i already have. I know you know everything and can read this too
Who is Susan now who broke twitter trend
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9:19 AM
Q: How does the Joker (2019) fit into the established Batman timeline?

KakturusIn the new Joker movie the Joker is about 45 years old (based on appearance and Joaquin Phoenix' real age). So, given that there is an age gap of probably about 15-20 years does that mean that the Bat would fight a 60+ year old Joker in this universe?

Q: Should we close questions as "unclear" when they quote dialogue that is not substantiated by evidence?

BCdotWEBThis recent question asks about how a certain bit of dialog can be explained from the events of the movie, yet that piece of dialogue cannot be found when searching that movie's subtitles. Shouldn't we close such questions, since they're based on badly remembered scenes and provide no evidence? ...

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12:22 PM
Q: How are arms and legs broken in movie fights?

PipsIn the movie Ip Man, there is a fighting scene in which at least one arm and one leg get broken (here is the fight scene - be warned it's violent). If you slow down the fight, at minute 1:20 when the leg gets broken you can see it's a fake floor with the real leg going through it. At minute 1:1...

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6:28 PM
@Catija - Hello. Not sure where I"m supposed to be right now....
So it’s fine to open a person’s head thrice without anesthesia and giving electric shock just before it too? Gotham logic

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