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1:28 AM
So i saw WWE on TV Last night, it's been years since i saw it and i know nothing about what's going on
there's this guy who calls himself a king who apparently sets up a Throne in the ring sorta like when Carlito Cool had his little segment and this King doesn't like this one guy because he's short but got disqualified in a match because he used his scepter when he was getting his but kicked
also this strange Undertaker like thing happened with some masked guy acting like an animal and going feral in the dark, no idea if that's supposed to replace Undertaker
and WWE also has apparently some toy animated short and a kids show because why not
about the only Wrestler i saw and know was Rey Mysterio. different mask but recognizable move set. if i don't watch another episode for another couple of years then might as well think of WWE as a new thing because i don't know anybody
2:13 AM
1 hour later…
3:39 AM
Meanwhile, in the Parallel Universe where Bruce Wayne isn't Batman
4:09 AM
Happy Birthday Steelersquirrel
4:34 AM
Happy birthday @steelersquirrel
Enjoy your b'day. ;D
Oh wow
People born on 15th are lucky. :D
Dun dun
Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
@Memor-X O.o What the crap?!
steeler has the power to teleport
5:05 AM
@NogShine I wish I was lucky but I am not even with birthday on 15th
Uff nothing to answe today
5:19 AM
Q: What is the red cord around the chest of Shaolin fighters?

Alan McKIn Two Champions of Death (1980), made me wonder why one of the Shaolin fighters has red cords tied all around his chest over his jacket. I've seen this before in other Kung fu movies and always wondered about it. Is it a Chinese medicine thing? Or good luck emblem?

Why is this trivia?
5:45 AM
@NogShine everything is trivia, let's clsoe teh siet and sleep :P :D
Anyways edited it to fix and tried to remove it from review queue
5:56 AM
@AnkitSharma Answer on meta
6:44 AM
@NogShine main meta :P just point out some absurd ad for rep ;)
2 hours later…
9:11 AM
@AnkitSharma I am only seeing one ad.
not absurd enough?
@NogShine mine chnage everytime
No. Grammarly.
Jenayah is seeing many ads. Use travel.SE. It shows many ads.
Also non english ads I am getting
Not absurd ones yet
It is based on your google activity. What articles you are seeing etc.,
Q: Today​'s inappropriate ad: "obesity antidote discovered" on SFF

JenayahTwo days ago, I wrote: Yeah I'm aware that "a tool to manage ad experience" is currently being developed, but as long as it's not available, I'll keep on reporting these. I'll also keep on intentionally refreshing until I get an inappropriate ad to report, because I find it to be a useful way...

Peopel claiming it's not, not sure
9:25 AM
@AnkitSharma Why non English? O.o
@NogShine god knows, should I ask in meta?
It looked somewhat Russian
Above question ad is also non English.
Mine had no inappropriate image, the only text which I can't read. I do answer russian language question but don't understand it
And to make it clear I got russianish( or some aline language) ad way before I made this answer
So not from chat history
10:26 AM
@NogShine Well, congratulations to SE! They are finally advertising the product the Charcoal team has been flagging as spam for years.
@AJ lol
Daeth of Charcoal. RIP
At least I saw an ad for a TV-show on a streaming service recently.
But now we're back at vacuum cleaners.
I browse in private window at work and don't browse SE at all at home PC. So, I rarely see ads.
10:56 AM
I get travel sites, grammerly, electronics, shopping sites, russians ads, university ads and what not
But mostly Viemo today
But why Viemo ad is not in english?
11:42 AM
@AnkitSharma *badly translated to "Insert Con Vimeo"*
12:11 PM
Q: Who is Alice referring to when she was talking to Kate?

Memor-XAfter Alice is captured and locked up in a van Kate goes to her to reassure her that she didn't lead the Crows. Alice responds by reciting something from Alice in Wonderland about 3 Sisters before saying that she didn't like to share. To me this seems to imply that Alice is implying that Kate ha...

@MovieReel Is batwoman out? Is it on Hotstar?
@AnkitSharma yes it's out (here in Australia), remember i was hyping for it last week when it started
i'd be surprised if Australia is the first to get it because generally my assumption is we're one of the last places to get stuffed aired unless it's "Streamlined" or "Dualcast" from the US
12:30 PM
Looks like Just watch don't even list the show yet, need to check later on Hotstar where they show rest of arrowverse
404 page for India
In other coutries it's out
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1:53 PM
Q: Meaning to the homeless dog in Netflix’s Fractured

eYeWas there any meaning/symbolism to the homeless dog that has contributed to the whole tragedy in the Netflix’s movie Fractured (2019)?

2:06 PM
Chinese flight ads, great
1 hour later…
3:15 PM
Q: Does Joker kill his shrink in the end?

ShaliniIn the 2019 movie Joker, in the last scene when Joker is talking to his shrink he starts laughing and the shrink asks him " What's so funny" to which Joker replies " You wouldn't understand". After that we see him exiting from that room, his hands are cuffed but his footsteps seem bloodied/muddie...

3:46 PM
So Gotham went full on Catwoman on catwoman
4:26 PM
@NapoleonWilson I have been trying to call you, but my call won't go through for whatever reason :'(
@steelersquirrel HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
@steelersquirrel Well, yeah. Just when I answered you hung up! :'(
@NogShine I have been super busy :(
@NapoleonWilson Wuuut? I didn't hear anything on the other line!!!
@steelersquirrel JUST TRY AGAIN!
4:28 PM
I AM!!!
@AJ There should be an option to flag ads as well. :P
4:50 PM
@steelersquirrel you're welcome
@NogShine either complain it on meta or don't mind it.
Q: Were Tony Stark's robots in the Iron Man movies inspired by Red Dwarf's scutters?

KrytenI was watching Iron Man 3 recently and it occurred to me that the robots Tony Starks uses in his workshop look an awful lot like the scutters from Red Dwarf. Is there any evidence that the Iron Man robots were inspired by Red Dwarf? Scutter (from Red Dwarf) Tony Stark's Robot Arm

2 hours later…
6:34 PM
@steelersquirrel happy birthday
How is it going
6:44 PM
It looks like she missed my wishes 🥺
Uff Gotham is so dumb
I mean TV show
Phew! For a second I was afraid you meant the city.
Though, I heard it's full of rich yuppie assholes from the Reagan era.
7:34 PM
This TV show is getting full banana
3 hours later…
10:07 PM
@AnkitSharma how quickly did India get the rest of the Arrowverse?
@AnkitSharma you need to be a mod again so you can abuse your mod powers to superping her Happy Birthday
@NapoleonWilson and also crazy rich people who are into the whole Furry thing, like this one guy who dresses as a Bat and another as a Robbin and another as a Penguin
Neither of these are particularly...furry, though.
@NapoleonWilson did say they were crazy and didn't say there were good Furries though
the non rich people do it better, like that guy who dresses up as a Crocodile so well
does anyone know if the Goople Play store has DRM on their videos?
using the link @AnkitSharma posted just before i saw where i could buy Rick and Morty but i know Apple has DRM (or atleast they do with their books) and i don't want to buy and download a series with DRM
mainly because i want to play it an any device i want, like currently my PS3 and later my PS4 and in the future (so long as Sony stops this stupid censoring bullshit) my PS5. DRM generally fucks with that
@Memor-X Now that's a furry animal to begin with, yes.

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