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12:35 AM
"We... have blood to spare." Why does that line instantly take me back to watching 80's Saturday cartoons? I looked her up; don't recognize any of her voice work...
It's not the context. It's her delivery. And a voice straight out of a cartoon, I swear to god ;)
1:09 AM
Q: Why do TV shows cuss more as the series progresses?

CharlesAlthough I can't think of other examples right now, I noticed while re-watching The Office that the characters started cussing more and more as the series progressed. For the first few seasons the language was more so than not PG rated, but, around season 4 and 5, and definitely in season 6 (wh...

1:56 AM
Hats hats
2:10 AM
Snow Flack is back \o/
time to make posts
@NogShine there you go:
Q: Who are all this superheros in Avenegrs: Endgame poster?

Terry McGinnisRecently I got my hands on IGN's Avengers: Endgame poster: I can identify a few of them but not all. Who are all these 13 superheroes?

2:26 AM
I'm wearing a hat already!
me too
Sorry, it's glasses. Not hat
I got only two none from movies.se
Q: Winter Bash 2018 Hat list

DavidHere we go again the Winter Bash is here and the hats are listed below. The list has the same format as always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Only edit the secret hat answer with definitiv...

Souls for sale! :P
2:45 AM
A: How did the T-1000 die with molten steel?

A JTL;DR Due to immense heat and the huge amount of molten metal, he got confused and couldn't find the right parts to join together. Long Version T-1000 was designed as such that if any of his part is separated, a command of finding main and rejoin it together was implemented at molecular level....

@NogShine get a secret hat ^^ ;)
3:13 AM
5 accepted answers in 1 day is too much
Users may upvote but accept?
old answer don't get much upvotes either ;)
I'm gonna throw some random comments and ask user to edit now ;)
review hat I can't earn here , grrr
Who is in @Napoleon 's profile picture?
@AnkitSharma Why not?
3:28 AM
@NogShine 20 reviews without a skip. We don't even have that many pending reviews to even check
SO have in 100s
@AnkitSharma 20 reviews which are accurate. That is how I understood
You have 20 days time to earn it.
got it on SO already
@NogShine I skip here too which can be a issue
which site to pick for still fresh hat O.o
Wow I have account in art and craft too O.o
Which site for Member of hand hat?
no idea
Network wise I am no 2
But I will loose it soon
3:49 AM
I'm 10 network wide. Still no question or answer. :/
then ask soemthing :p
I should search for some sci-fi poster from a show and ask who are in it ;)
Last year there was time hat when we post at 7:00 PM. I don't know which time they chose this time.
4:14 AM
Just an observation, icons on Top(bar) hat are aligned wrongly. Achievement icon should be left of reviews. It is a bug. Should I post a question and earn the same hat? ;-) — Nog Shine 3 mins ago
My hat marathon is on hault and even missed Bigg Boss due to it
I am currently asking or answering on other sites. Answered a question already.
Now a question.
Me : Let's play fair and keep the spirit.
Let's not get into voting rings.
Let's vote on the content only.
Do not target upvote for hats
Hats are temporary. Spirit is eternal

Others : 'Nuff talk. Shut up 🤐 and go write posts so that we can vote.
5:26 AM
@AnkitSharma Just check it out. hats fit him so well x)
@dhein lol
@AnkitSharma aren't they? :)
Where are my Illuminati friends? Either give my soul back or more hats
5:55 AM
@NogShine himself
User was removed O.o
Q: Is it possible for Mother Gothel stabbing Eugene to die that fast from that wound?

Shehnaz AmeerIn Tangled, In the scene of Mother Gothel stabbing Eugene, is it possible for him to die that fast from that wound?

@NogShine Doesn't look like that exists this year.
@Mithrandir that used more for secret hats
@AnkitSharma I'm almost in first place on Meta. I just need a Necromancer badge for meta.stackexchange.com/questions/188379/… and then I'll be in first :P
@AnkitSharma I tested.
6:07 AM
@Mithrandir I am also 2 vote away from a hat
@AnkitSharma cleaned it up for you.
Q: In cinderella In scene when everything vanish after the end of magic spell than why not shoe vanish as it was also developed by magic?

mavaIn animation movie cinderella In scene when everything vanish after the end of magic spell than why not shoe vanish as it was also developed by magic?

@Mithrandir ohh thanks
@MovieReel My first hammer use, muhahhahahahhahahahah
@Mithrandir It was a secret hat last year.
6:23 AM
Q: Can't decline a flag without the mouse

MithrandirWhile this is a fairly rare edge case, I found myself in a position where I was unable to decline a flag while not being able to use a mouse. Trying to tab to the "decline" button skips right over it. The decline button should be able to be selected via tab, and then a reason chosen using the ar...

@Mithrandir but they can activate later like on X day
Q: Why missing space between secret hats this year?

Ankit SharmaWhy there is missing space between secret hats this year:

@AnkitSharma no repro. OS or browser specific
@NogShine updated
6:52 AM
They give hats just by visiting teams. Cool!
7:04 AM
@steelersquirrel Where are you? Not participating?
Now I have account on 100 sites :O
Just to remind, you will get a hat by voting also.
But it will take days and I am already doing it
It takes only 4 days to our voting God. All hail Him
I vote so much that trying to get 40 new post for 4 days will be pain
7:31 AM
Q: Is Joel's marriage proposal to Miriam Maisel a flashback or dream sequence?

KharoBangdoIn S02E09 of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, there's a scene where Joel proposes to Miriam in a diner & they dance in the streets, after she says yes, blocking oncoming traffic. The scene cuts to Miriam waking up in her bed & walking over to find her new boyfriend being interviewed by her father before he...

Where is my 10th hat, give it to me
7:46 AM
Travel.se question also join my sicif.se question in HNQ
7:58 AM
I live in King's Landing and there are Long winters there. I (Tyrion Lannister) was born in a short winter which lasted for three years. Winter came! So, you're not ignored living in other side. — Nog Shine 3 hours ago
Q: Did it ever said by any official that Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles is not canon?

Ankit SharmaGargoyles season 3 aka Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles is said to be non canon from fans all over Internet but did ti get any official wording for it? Like any words from production member or any official from previous or current season members?

I tried knitting something and I am bad at art.
@AJ or @Tinkeringbell can try for that.
Q: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

eLRuLLThis year's Winter Bash got us great hat challenges but also a very nice tool for knitting on the main site. Is there a challenge related to this knitting tool? Here is my knitting and it would be amazing if you could share yours too.

8:34 AM
@Nog Something I noticed: Nog Shine...Shog Nine (Shog9); intentional? — Watch this space 14 mins ago
Another one ^
9:17 AM
@NogShine your neytworkwide position is good too
@AnkitSharma Yes, for now.
is it possible to get a Red Baron anywhere?
Like, not on meta?
-3 can't become +3 for the questions I'm looking at.
Tough one
No one's adding how to get secret hats. :/
9:32 AM
It's a secret.
Jamesbond hat fits my avatar
They added for some hats but not for others.
I have a suspicion, but I'd need 2 more upvotes on meta.stackexchange.com/questions/319871/… to test my theory for the James Bond hat.
(With no comments.)
@Mithrandir can't upvote more
Heh, no double-upvote button? ;)
@Mithrandir gets ready to comment.
Even answer should not get comments I guess.
9:37 AM
What answer? ;)
there was a hat last year. we should write an answer to a question which has no comments. Answer should also get no comments.
I am bored give me hats
Ask a Phineas and Ferb question... We can try...
9:57 AM
@Mithrandir that sound difficult
I'm sure you can think of something...
@Mithrandir Can Ducky Momo work for you?
Probably. No guarantee I'll actually be able to answer it, though :P
Ok wait, I still need 150 here so I can try
Q: What is the inspiration for Ducky Momo?

Ankit SharmaAfter going throw question about Mr.Slushy Burger and “Hey Ferb” song? from Phineas and Ferb I realized show is full of so many out of universe references. And of the major recurring part of the show was Ducky Momo: Does Ducky Momo have any inspiration from out of universe existing materials?

10:17 AM
starts Googling
Q: What is the inspiration for Ducky Momo?

Ankit SharmaAfter going throw question about Mr.Slushy Burger and “Hey Ferb” song? from Phineas and Ferb I realized show is full of so many out of universe references. And of the major recurring part of the show was Ducky Momo: Does Ducky Momo have any inspiration from out of universe existing materials?

And ofcourse I have to include my answer from another question from the show with the most no of references:
A: What are all the references in the "Hey Ferb" song?

Ankit SharmaPhineas and Ferb wikia lists them quite well: Throughout the accompanying video, Phineas and Ferb parody well-known musicals. This encompasses Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Oklahoma!, Singin' in the Rain, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, The Music Man, Les Misérables, The King and I, ...

We should have some hat for editing also!
I am voting because if I vote 150 within these 20 days, I will earn a badge too n_n
Note: If anybody having difficulty finding posts to upvote then remember I am the only one with 3 Socratic badge so lot of potential ;) :P
@AnkitSharma No reference found directly. Just assertion found on wikia
10:28 AM
@NogShine it was challenge for @Mithrandir
@AnkitSharma Should I write answer or find exact reference?
@NogShine your choice
@AnkitSharma I will wait for some reply.
@KharoBangdo hey o/
10:45 AM
I'm trying to see if I can find the source for that assertation.
@AnkitSharma hey. But i prefer just lurking on chat
@KharoBangdo I prefer dragging lurkers in chat :P
I will check later
10:58 AM
Ha! There's a duck in Minky Momo!
Looks like I am getting an answer soon
@NapoleonWilson hmmm new profile pic
Or at least, what looks like a duck.
*gives up searching in Japanese*
11:14 AM
*Tweets at Dan and Swampy*
Hey @DanPovenmire and @mmonogram - is there any specific inspiration for everyone's favorite duck, Ducky Momo? I see a lot of speculation, but nothing official, and it'd be nice to know and not just speculate ;)
11:44 AM
@AnkitSharma Congrats with first place on SE!
@VerNick Thanks but not sure how long I can keep it
My next hats are struggling
@AnkitSharma Just try to get as much as you can following the instrustions.
Ofcourse I will try as much as possible
Okay, so it seems I have to edit that muthaeffin' gauntlet question since apparently everyone else totally and unmistakably gets what this is unambiguously referring to.
sound fun
12:02 PM
Q: Will the Avengers gather again after the Avengers 4?

Ver NickIs there something in the Marvel comics after Avengers beat Thanos, or directors announcement that Avengers will gather again? To me, it seems no, because making up a villain stronger than Thanos would be above any fantasy.

I think I can
Q: Where is "Back Home" in Casino?

k.dkhkIn the movie Casino (1995) both Sam and Nicky move to Las Vegas from "Back Home" where the bosses are. It is clear that they both started their career in in their "home" town. Which city do they refer to when they say "Back Home"? I believe it is either New York or Chicago. At some point Nick...

Q: Is there a reference for Lois Lane's hammer?

Paulie_DIn the DCTVU crossover "Elseworlds" we see Lois Lane wielding a large hammer during the fight with the evil Superman/Deegan. The hammer is first seen at the entrance to the Fortress of Solitude on Earth-38... Given the number of references and easter eggs in the multi-episode crossover, I'm...

Q: Will the Avengers gather again after the Avengers 4?

Ver NickIs there something in the Marvel comics after Avengers beat Thanos, or directors announcement that Avengers will gather again? To me, it seems no, because making up a villain stronger than Thanos would be above any fantasy.

@VerNick That sounds entirely like speculation about future films, which we don't really do here.
@NapoleonWilson what if we keep "Is there something in the Marvel comics after Avengers" part only
@AnkitSharma That makes it largely useless since entirely about the comics, though.
(I also doubt there haven't been any Avengers comics after the infitnity war.)
What he actually wants to know is what the future movies will be about or how the story can continue after infinity war and really, that's a big no-no.
12:11 PM
Hints are secret invasion
If you instead want to know how the comics continue after infinity war, Science Fiction & Fantasy is a great place for enquiring that, provided the primary sources aren't already clear on that.
As Russo said they want to do and Captain Marvel mentioned the villain from that arc
I'm sure we'll get enough "How will the Avengers series continue?" questions after the 4th movie anyway. So maybe let's at least wait for that.
And here come my new hat \o/
@MovieReel What is this DCTVU now O.o
I though everybody settled with arrowverse
@MovieReel easy peasy
@AnkitSharma You might want to add a summary that it's indeed Chigaco, though.
12:19 PM
@NapoleonWilson done
So two sites I am almost getting 150k but which I should I pick for third O.o
Blame missing mod powers
For what?
12:29 PM
For not being able to edit away k
So you would actually have done that? ;-)
1:05 PM
Two site crossed 150 mark, let's see if third can
Don't you have to do that on like 60 days in a row or something?
15 muthaeffin' days. That's about how long the entire Winterbash is!
@NapoleonWilson Brunhilde: earn 150 reputation points on three different sites (not including Stack Overflow) within 15 days.
That's about impossible.
Got on Movies and travel.
Now next target is bricks
Yeah, now get 150 rep on Travel for the rest of the next two weeks.
1:08 PM
@NapoleonWilson but why O.o
Don't you have to do that on 15 days?
Do it faster and take rest
And later I will be busy with christmas office stuff
Not every day.
21'st we have to celebrate and before that preparation
Wait a second, does it mean you have 15 days to get those 150 rep as a whole?
1:09 PM
Silly you
Ooops I called mods silly
Yeah, friggin' imprecise hat descriptions! ;-(
@NapoleonWilson but it's always like that every year
1:10 PM
At least that makes the hat actually manageable for a casual user.
@NapoleonWilson it's easiest one if you are active on three sites and can ask and answer a little too
And where's my stupid Team Player hat?! ;-(
@AnkitSharma Yeah, we'll see. I bumped my Science Fiction & Fantasy activity lately.
Q: How does the Team Player hat get triggered?

PandaThe criteria for the Team Player hat states: visit the Stack Overflow for Teams landing page at stackoverflow.com/teams I've visited the page 30 min ago, scrolled up and down and still haven't gotten the hat. Is there a bug relating to the hat, if not, how does it get triggered?

But the last two times I wanted to ask a question it turned out to be a mere translation error.
Q: Why does Sister Charlotte have a baby blanket in her suitcase?

kiari stuartWhen Sister Charlotte was unpacking her suitcase in the beginning why was there a baby blanket?

1:32 PM
(Whoever that is, though, that was not a call to serial upvote my stuff across sites, however. Those votes will likely get reverted again anyway.)
1 hour later…
2:33 PM
@AnkitSharma Wow! Your hat idea from last year is considered for Sun Wukong hat!
@AJ I said three and they picked 5
Yep. They modified it.
Q: Who are all these superheros in Avengers: Endgame poster?

Terry McGinnisRecently I got my hands on IGN's Avengers: Endgame poster: I can identify majority of them but not all. Who are all these 13 superheroes?

+10/-2 already, so I see potential
3:08 PM
A: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

A JI have designed the iconic element of one of my favorite sites, Movies & TV. THE POPCORN TUB Since there was no color available for different popcorn as per the logo, I had to go with a different color.

I can't totally largely recognize @NapoleonWilson in the room.
In case you're interested, I knitted the popcorn tub. ^^
I saw, you...just linked to it. ;-)
I am not an artist and I blame SE for not giving a particular color for popcorns.
> 16 colours should be more than enough for everyone.
There are 16?
I don't know, I was improvising.
3:13 PM
3:25 PM
@AJ how come I also thought that and skipped due to distractions
4:15 PM
Q: Why wasn't Dr. Erskine shot before he turned Steve into a super soldier?

Asif IqubalIn Captain America the First Avenger just after Steve is turned into a super soldier, Dr. Erskine is shot by a Nazi official. But Schmidt tells Dr. Zolla that if they can stop the super soldier operation they are sure to win the war. So why didn't he shoot Erskine before Steve was turned into a ...

5:03 PM
Hmmm rep cap
Aquaman coming...
to town?
@ABcDexter hey o/
5:04 PM
nice hat tho :P
I don't think I can do anything more for the day for hat
Already got rep cap on 2 sites
@AJ I tried drawing the logo and site name. Didn't set it up properly.
@no howdy
pardon, @NogShine
@NogShine I tried 3/4 thinks and then settled with 6-8 weeks but it's getting hate more :D
@NogShine @Catija drew it nicely too.
5:10 PM
@ABcDexter Pardon what?
I couldn't set the logo and name properly.
Confused should I use my own pic for hat avatar or not
Even made post of the shortlisted pic on Instagram :D
5:34 PM
Which all actors acted in 2D, 3D, b/w ?

Is this trivia question?
What is Cleanup duty?
@NogShine First and foremost it's entirely too broad? ;-)
Let's narrow it a bit " Who are actors/actresses to act in 2D,3D, b/w, Motion picture animated film."
Now I cna peacefully watch Yesterday's Bigg Boss
But ost networkwide 1st position
Is it really you @NapoleonWilson ?
I am 10th network wide now.
@NogShine That's...about equally broad? There's about 5 million actors for each?
What are you actually trying to know?
5:49 PM
Q: Why doesn't General Broulard stop the executions?

Witness Protection ID 44583292On the eve of the executions instigated by General Mireau (George Macready) in "Paths of Glory", Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas) tells General Broulard (Adolphe Menjou) that the "attempt to murder three innocent men" can be "prevented by the General Staff". Broulard exits, holding the depositions pro...

@NapoleonWilson Actors who acted in all.
@NogShine Odd, I was just about to ask you that. ;-)
Weird question
@Tinkeringbell hey birdy
@NapoleonWilson You changed a lot since the last time I looked at your real pic.
5:52 PM
@NogShine O.o
@Tinkeringbell wassup
@NogShine What "real pic"?
Just wrapped my desk in christmas lights, now setting up and catching up with some transcripts. I might even try and earn a hat tonight :D
@NapoleonWilson I was asking if Napoleon used his own pic in the avatar.
Looks like no..
Yes, that is Napoleon Wilson, indeed.
I really thought it is you (Christian Rau) and asked. lol.
5:55 PM
@Tinkeringbell nice nice, you can try here too for 3rd site ;)
I will write an answer tomorrow and earn a hat. Either a Top hat or Explorer.
Does explorer hat count for self answers?
not sure
@NogShine That assumes people will appreciate your answer.
@NapoleonWilson yeah. If appreciated, it will be Top Hat or Pizza. Otherwise, explorer.
6:05 PM
Acceptance is appreciation, too.
Self answer.
If that works.
Q: What is the importance of the coffee cup in the poster of Awe?

Nog ShineAwe! (2018) is a Telugu thriller film with Kajal Aggarwal as main protagonist. The following is the first look poster released as part of the film's promotion. It mainly consists of a coffee cup with the title written using latte art along with some other objects like a pistol, Bhagavad Gita...

@AnkitSharma Perhaps ...
If something fun to answer pops up :)
6:17 PM
When did @NapoleonWilson start liking yellow?
What's that about now?
Knitting post doesn't look like orange. :D
Look again then.
6:51 PM
Q: Does time can really slow down due to earth revolution?

Jeel VankhedeFrom The Elseworlds episode 3 (Supergirl season 4 episode 9), When Evil Superman (Dr. Deegan) regain The Book of destiny and started to rewrite reality (@26:13 min), Flash (Barry Allen) suggested about slowing down the time by running around the globe in opposite direction @just over Mark7 speed...

Q: Where do I go to if I want to i-d-e-n-t-i-f-y a movie?

Christiaan WesterbeekI'm trying to identify a movie. Where do I go to with my question? I only know this: This is a modern movie and rich people can buy this egg with a personal assistant. It's an actual person in it (or a person's mind). I believe it can even operate a toaster. I believe later in the movie, a pers...

Okay, I'm done with winterbash for this year :D
Congratulations then!
@MovieReel Heh, I first thought that was about the original Superman film.
@Tinkeringbell alredy O.o
Ah, my vintage football cap finally arrived.
@NapoleonWilson me too
7:06 PM
@AnkitSharma I don't think I'm going to find a hat that complements my parrot better :)
Then get a new parrot
Hats are oxygen
@Tinkeringbell But...fashion isn't about wearing stuff, it's about having it. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson That's why I crochet :D
I'm sneakily looking forward to next weekend. I'm going to teach the neighbours kid, if they're still up for it by then. :)
@Tinkeringbell You're supposed to knit, though.
@NapoleonWilson They did that just to offend me.
7:15 PM
Wait a second, according to the dictionary I even mixed those two things up the whole time.
So knitting is for socks and crocheting for doilies?
i swear it feels like the last winter bash wasn't that long ago
@NapoleonWilson O.o
@DForck42 hey o/
@NapoleonWilson No? It's perfectly fine to crochet socks too ;) Thought it's kinda hard to knit a doily, it can be done
At least that's the primary examples I know from personal experience. My mother does the one thing and my aunt the other.
7:37 PM
I should probably look into crocheting socks. I mainly make small stuffed animals (amigurumi) or blankets.
@AnkitSharma hi!
1 hour later…
8:54 PM
There, @Ankit! Dan Povenmire replied.
1 hour later…
10:12 PM
Can I just say how much I don't like the way the site is set up now? Why is it all different and stuff?
Should I have zero room to complain since I am rarely here anymore? ;)
At least we're trying to improve the top banner.
Why did you change your pic? WTF is happening right now?
Well, it's still Napoleon Wilson, but hat-friendly.
Ahhhhhh...gotcha. So, it's only temporary?
Hat friendly? Wait. That starts today? JFC!
Most probably.
@steelersquirrel DUH!!!
10:14 PM
Okay. I can calm down now. You only changed your pic because of hats. Whew!
I wouldn't know what to do with myself if you weren't orange! OMG!
@steelersquirrel Uh...it's still orange?
Ankit probably already has a million hats by now. lol
@NapoleonWilson Yeah...but it's not the orange that I'm used to!
@steelersquirrel Like you would notice/care? :'(
You have always been the same...you have always been the orange Napoleon with the same picture that I have known and loved!
@steelersquirrel Happens.
10:17 PM
@NapoleonWilson Wut? I totally noticed! And...I totally care! Gheez :'(
@steelersquirrel Awwww! ;-)
Are you all butt hurt because I haven't called you in a few weeks?
@steelersquirrel If you ask like this, then no.
I'm sorry. My minutes are up on my international calling plan. I will add more today. I was gone last week and I ran out. I'm sorry. I will take care of it today.
Don't worry. ;-)
10:19 PM
@steelersquirrel No shit?! ;-P
Did you just swear? <gasp>
See what? Am I upsetting you so much that you need to swear? ;)
I'm not really serious, though.
10:27 PM
I know. Don't worry, babe :)
Are you still at work?
@NogShine I probably won't participate like I did the past few years. I just don't have the time with my new work schedule :'(
I'm outta here!
See ya
@steelersquirrel No.
@steelersquirrel Have funsies!

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