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12:07 AM
Q: What happened to Sheldon's eidetic memory?

RahulLance Barber played Leonard’s bully Jimmy Speckerman on The Big Bang Theory in Season 5. He also plays Sheldon’s father, George Sr., on Young Sheldon. And now he appeared again in The Big Bang Theory as George Sr. on Sheldon's ...

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1:39 AM
Q: Why did Arya need to travel to King's Landing?

AlexCWhy did Arya need to travel to King's Landing with her father and sister Sansa? Shouldn't she better stay home with her mother?

1:54 AM
Q: Is the dialog in Game of Thrones drawn from the books or invented by the screenwriters?

Tyler DurdenThroughout the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones, there has been a lot of pithy dialog. Is this dialog pulled from the books or the fresh invention of screenwriters? For example, Davos says, "My father used to say it is better to be a coward for a minute, than dead the rest of your life." a...

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4:45 AM
Q: What movies this is?

Zaki MCplease tell me what movies this is ? thank you for your help

5:00 AM
Q: Is the lead role's alias Saffron in Imposters a nod to the Saffron story arc in Firefly?

MoobieIs the lead role's alias "Saffron" in the TV series Imposters a nod to Christina Hendricks' Saffron story arc in Firefly? Please cite only primary sources.

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8:43 AM
Q: How could Thor's hair be cut?

Asif IqubalI am really amazed by the barber (Stan Lee) who cut Thor's hair in Thor Ragnarok. Later in Avengers Infinity War Thor's hair endures many attacks. In the opening scene, Thanos hits his skull in a side with the Power stone and later he endured the full power of a star. Despite all this, his hair d...

OP himself voted to close as off-topic.
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10:05 AM
@NogShine would be suspicious if they did it right off the bat, but dont have that info
Q: When did the IMF become suspicious of him?

Kinzle BWhen did the IMF become suspicious of Walker in Mission Impossible: Fallout? To me, that plot twist just came out of nowhere.

10:47 AM
Watching Mowgai l
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12:39 PM
Q: Ending of Sacred Games

Rishabh AgarwalCan someone explain the ending of Sacred Games (Season 1). Who is the character found tied in a hole ? Is he dead or alive ? And what is the significance of the items shown present in the place with him. (See images below)

1:10 PM
Q: Searching for old Russian movie

Vlad IoanSome 25 years ago I've seen a Russian movie where the young rebel daughter of a policeman (in Moscow?) gets involved with some bad people (car thieves?) and in the end gets rescued by her father after a car chase during which at least one of the thieves gets killed. Any of that rings a bell? Th...

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2:11 PM
Q: I can't think of the name of this movie

rockyHere's what we think the plot was. 2 friends go to war. One of them is married and doesn't come back. The 'dead mans' friend marries his wife, the other guy isn't actually dead, he was MIA and he comes back. We think this is a WWII movie, but were not sure. We also think the movie was on two di...

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4:51 PM
@AnkitSharma This is a really dirty MSPaint job, but what would you think of this:
It lights it up to the original brightness by giving the scene backgrounds more transparency and by putting the logo inside a frame rather than making it part of the frame. This way it also emphasises the logo a little more rather than cramming it in between the images.
A downside might be that they might still not be able to anchor the image to the logo so the scenes might still be scrolling through independent from the logo.
5:18 PM
@NapoleonWilson It looks a little strange and unrealistic as the reel should be equal in size.
A: Monthly Answer Challenge 2018: Solve old unanswered questions!

Napoleon WilsonThe November 2018 challenge has garnered 10 answers, with the top voted answer (with a score of 3 and acceptance) coming from Mara, which makes them the winner of this challenge and earns them a bounty of 100 additional reputation: 1. How does Derek Vinyard get away with only a Manslaughter char...

@AJ What do you mean?
@NapoleonWilson I'm saying that the logo is in bigger reel than other elements in the reel. Doesn't that look a little strange?
Oh, you mean the width.
Doesn't really look strange to me. What's the alternative? I doubt we get the logo crammed to the size of the other images.
Do we really need movie reel to go all the way from the left to right?
5:28 PM
@AJ Do we need it to not do it?
I mean, there will be a discrepancy between the logo and the reel anyway.
Then why not have it use the entire space and not also have a cutoff at the left and right content boundaries?
The problems arise once you make the window smaller, there needs to be some reasonable behaviour and with any version you'll get the films strip cut off under the logo at some point anyway.
@NapoleonWilson I guess you have a point. There will still be a cut-off in the reel making it look awkward as it is right now.
I think it would be best if the image could be anchored at the logo itself. Then you only have the cutoffs at the left and right window border where they will be quite natural and unnoticable.
But it's not clear to me if that's possible in the SE framework.
To carry out this job, they will have to keep a little space in the picture to fit the logo in that movie reel.
Making it mobile responsive will be a tough job.
They seem to be hell-bent on having the logo at the left content border and any image at the right content border. And then you get the clash right in the middle where everyone sees it.
@AJ Frankly, mobile is a mess anyway. But if they would just anchor it at the logo, that would be naturally dealt with, too, in a reasonable way. Or simply go with the plain logo without any film reel as soon as it's so small that both side-bars disappear.
@AJ Well, I would expect some basic image processing abilities from anyone tasked by a multimillion dollar company with a website design job. ;-)
Why not keep the logo at the left corner and movie reel on the right? You don't really have to crop the image or slide it without messing up the responsiveness. Let the reel be adjusted like the logo.
5:36 PM
@AJ But how would you adjust it by the logo?
I think I posted an image in here.
The only possibility would be that it just disappears under the logo.
That's where it all get messed up.
Why can't they design a header like Worldbuilding?
I mean in terms of keeping the movie reel like that castle.
The problem with the images that just have a downsized static movie reel on the right side is that they feel like they're using some of the available space but just not all of it. Then you have that tiny gap between the upper part of the film reel and the top of the whole banner, which seems odd.
@AJ But...that's exactly what they did. That was the first version we got.
The image was just super small.
Yes, that was the problem.
5:41 PM
But I don't know what the problem with using the whole banner space for the film reel is.
There is always a cutoff between the logo and the film reel. So why not just use all the available space. We have enough images to do that.
Your image suggestion is a good idea, but I'd like to see how they design it in case they consider it.
@NapoleonWilson Why don't you try Inspect Element feature of a browser and tweak some CSS?
@AJ Someone (I think Mith) posted on Main meta that they want to keep site specific design as it is as much as possible. They started a discussion when the theme post is announced. That might have some effect on the designers.
@AJ I don't know much about CSS and I'm also not really going to do their job. It's not on me to design that.
Well, you and Ankit have given your updates on the design, haven't you? Let's see if they consider it as well.
@AnkitSharma Congratulations! Speech! Speech!
@AJ I'll make a new meta question for it anyway, it's the recommended way.
Ankit and whoever else can then post their ideas, too.
5:51 PM
@NapoleonWilson Ah. Weren't you about to post it a few days ago?
@AJ Not really, no.
It seemed so.
I only talked about it with Catija last night.
> Unlike the American government, we prefer not to get our bad news from CNN.
A sarcastic joke made by M in GoldenEye.
5:59 PM
Really, American government only comes to know about something tragic through TV?
I...think that was a joke...like you said yourself about two lines above?
I was just rewatching GoldenEye.
She's denigrating the capability of US intelligence services.
I understand that.
Okay, since you asked if it was true.
6:05 PM
I don't understand why James says "The writings on the wall" after Q asked him to not to say it.
What are the "writings on the wall"?
Because it's an obvious pun and Q doesn't want to hear it from 007? (Though, even that is just acted anyway.)
@AJ It's a common idiom.
6:28 PM
Q: A Girl Falls Down a Well And Winds Up In Alternate Dimension (maybe dead)?

Patrick AquiloneSo I am usually good about movies but my daughter presented me with this info and it is so familiar but I can't place the movie (or possibly part of a TV show). Can you help? Girl falls down (possibly a well) and seems to be in an alternate reality (might be dead-ish) and she reverts to a ...

Wher is the speech @AnkitSharma ?
ToW included only films and your Gargoyles questions didn't count :P
7:02 PM
Q: Improving the design of the top banner

Napoleon WilsonA few weeks ago this site got a bit of a redesign as part of SE's move towards a responsive design, as detailed in this announcement. This also went live for everyone on December 7th. Now the reception of that redesign here was, like on many places around SE, less than positive. However, SE is w...

@NogShine ofcourse I know
I am sure I mentioned that
@NapoleonWilson way better but I still prefer nothing on left
@AnkitSharma I don't get why, though, since then you have two more points of odd cuttoff.
Do any site have anything on left of logo ?
@MetaReel +1
Worldbuilding for example.
They have a full banner.
And we have the luxury of having enough images to fill the whole banner.
7:10 PM
@AJ busy , tomorrow is also pride
@NapoleonWilson lucky
Hey @steelersquirrel I won again without competition, don’t be a slacker and come back
7:51 PM
Okay, I posted my ideas:
A: Improving the design of the top banner

Napoleon WilsonOkay, first of all, let's look at the current iteration and its problems: It's too dark. It deviates significantly from our site's signature bright orange-red as devised in the original design concept (), making it look a little more drab altogether. There are two main reasons for that. First...

@Catija ^ FYI
8:06 PM
@Catija Unrelated question: is the colour of the voting buttons tied to the site's primary colour (or that of the other buttons) or is it freely configurable?
9:00 PM
Q: Escape room 2017 endings

user7294900Escape room 2017 endings, Christian is been asked who do you think did escape? You or them? Why should she think they escaped? if she saw they didn't escape the room? Didn't find answer in reviews the movie screams some kind of twist ending, but there is no twist ending. In fact, the endi...


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