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3:08 AM
@NapoleonWilson nice
3:30 AM
This discussion post is not showing up in the community bulletin.
4:03 AM
Forget new trailers, YouTube rewind is epic fail this year
Downright boring and messed up and not even fulll representation of the years
As expected BB ki vines is there
1 hour later…
5:20 AM
i see people say when a reboot film is announced that "the reboot wont be as good as the original because [insert most know star] isn't in it" but this is true for any film series, after all Home Alone 3 wasn't as good as the previous 2 because there was no Wet Bandits
5:55 AM
Q: How could Thor become a part of mythology despite he didn't come to Earth before?

Asif IqubalIn the first Thor movie Odin explains that they rescued the earth from frost giants and then settled in Asgard and stopped venturing in other realms. At the time of war, Thor was too young to go to the war. So he didn't come to Earth. But later Erik Selvig describes Thor as a hero of Norse Mytho...

7 hours later…
1:06 PM
Someone really likes that Thor. ;-)
1:22 PM
@AnkitSharma Utter failure.
@AnkitSharma BB ki vines is present every time. Baby shark, primitive food and something else. There were some other Indians too.
1:43 PM
@NapoleonWilson that mighty Thor
2:37 PM
Q: Why didn't Thor take Loki's staff with him?

Asif IqubalAt the end of Avengers movie, Thor takes Loki with him to Asgard as a prisoner. He also took the Tesseract. But why didn't he take Loki's staff? Seeing that S.H.I.E L.D. used the Tesseract to make weapons of mass destruction, he will surely realize that the staff was of great power and earth's pe...

2 hours later…
4:25 PM
@AJ Have you voted in the elections?
@NogShine yep
indelible ink on my finger is changing color from blue to something else
it happens
brown, right?
How was the polling percentage there? people here were lazy. Especially IT employees
@AJ Something between red and brown
@NogShine It was around 79.
We got the day off for voting.
@NogShine Did you give the vote for the first time?
4:32 PM
@AJ Yes
@NogShine It will come off in one month.
@AJ That's great. It is 70 here.
There is an assembly constituency where IT employees are densely populated. The polling didn't cross 55%
79 is overall state percentage or your constituency?
@NogShine my constituency
70 is state percentage
my constituency is better than that.
77 is state
5:38 PM
Q: Why Ralph releases Insecurity Virus to Slaughter race game?

Zaid Syed M MdDouble Dan says Insecurity Virus replicates any flaw it finds, But all Ralph wanted is to slow the game, Why does he takes it to slaughter race game even though he knows it's capabilities and it just doesn't slow game? How did he escape all Anti virus securities on his way from dark web to Slaug...

@NogShine yeah
@NogShine but too underplayed
@AJ I never did
6:39 PM
Q: Did Law & Order ever feature a US Supreme Court trial?

Jim StewartHas any episode of the original Law & Order (1990-2010) featured an appearance before the US Supreme Court? There are numerous episodes where McCoy appears before the NY Supreme Court, but has there been any higher court presented? If not the Supreme Court, were there any US District Court appea...

6:55 PM
Q: Is venom villain (movie with tom hardy)

david-100In new movie with tom hardy, I am curious is venom considered a villain? Form the movie, doesn't appear so. This is more true since eddir brook tells him you can eat only bad people. But recently I saw spider man fighting with him. So is he villain or?


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