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12:00 AM
Sorry in advance that I can't be around for the Oscar chat :(
12:12 AM
Trying to meet a deadline and won't be able to watch it live. (Might not even try to avoid spoilers later, seeing that all the awards are set and so are the monologue jokes)
In fact, I think the only category that's up in the air is Animated Short, where I'm rooting for Hertzfeldt but he might not take it :/
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Anyway, have fun, guys!! And watch World of Tomorrow, it's amazing
12:35 AM
Anyone joining our Oscar chat event: be sure to check out the survey Catija provided!
1:02 AM
Oh great, I was always bummed when the broadcast switched from local to the abc interviewers and all they talked about was stupid dresses. And this year the Germans do that, too? Drgh! Where the hell is Steven Gätjen?
1:31 AM
And so it starts.
Hmm, was that the actual intro?
I mean, nice clips for sure, but uh, decidedly unoriginal.
They replaced R2D2 with an award statuette... that took a lot of work.
Well that was a pretty good opening monologue.
Hmm, I'm not the biggest Chris Rock fan and don't have his Oscar moderation in best memory. But that opening monologue's pretty good.
The Rihana's panties joke made my wife's eyes pop.
1:44 AM
The plunging necklines are big this year.
Oh, exceprts for screenplay now? Cool!
I wanted to watch Spotlight... we were going to watch it last night but watched The Big Short a second time.
Twitter might be interesting to look at now.
Oh wow, that ticker at the bottom.
Hmm, unfortunately I missed that. If it'd still been in cinemas I might have gone this week, but unfortunately it wasn't. Sounded interesting.
That's an exciting win. I did think it was really well written. A really unique style...
1:54 AM
Looks like the night could be a fight between Spotlight and The Big Short.
Well... That would be interesting. They're both very documentary-like.
I like that Adam McKay won, though.
Gotta love when a writer who brought us Talladega Nights goes on to win an Oscar.
First Footloose and now Night Fever, heh!
Oh, one for Catija! ;-)
@NapoleonWilson What do you mean?
@Catija Wasn't that Whoopie? I thought you like her very much.
2:02 AM
@NapoleonWilson Ah, yes. I like her older stuff... not so interested in her recent appearances on TV talk shows.
Is Sarah Silverman funny?
Q: Did someone arranged rocks in U shaped?

user31744In The revenant (2015), where leo finds fish in river where fish is trapped in rocks which arranged in U Shaped on side of the river, so Did someone arranged rocks in U shaped or natural arranged?

Eh, maybe? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wow, this is . . . kind of a terrible live performance.
And by kind of I mean it is.
If it wasn't for the extremely high parts it's actually not a bad song at all.
I'm not a huge fan of falsetto...
2:05 AM
He seems like he's super nervous or something.
Also, someone needs to teach him how to stand still.
Yeah, I think he's super nervous for some reason.
But sure, he sounds a bit off in this performance anyway. And the performance itself somehow came quite out of nothing without much glam.
I'm getting seasick just watching him.
@NapoleonWilson Sure. He was preceded by two failures of jokes.
How was that trailer so short? Did they already show a Best Picture trailer and was that so short too?
2:08 AM
These are usually only 20-30 seconds, I think.
With strange insignificant live performances I can't help the feeling that the whole thing seems a bit rushed till now.
They definitely seem to be moving at a very brisk pace this year.
Though I think that's intentional. They've been drawing a lot of ire for how long the show has run in recent years.
And now Dirty Dancing? What's with the dance movie obsession of the orchestra tonight? (Not that I'm complaing, bring on some more!) ;-)
There really is no need for it to run close to 4 hours.
I'm not a fan of how they're using the stripes behind the presenters to focus on the actor.
2:10 AM
@MattD Hmm, I always like it as long as possible, as I prefer my movies, too.
I'm kinda rooting for Jennifer Jason Leigh.
@NapoleonWilson Ugh, no. This thing should take 2.5 hours tops.
@MattD The only one I've seen unfortunately.
Matt, did you take the survey?
I'd like to get to The Walking Dead at some point tonight.
@Catija No. I don't feel I saw enough to really weigh in.
@MattD :( But... I only saw like five of them.
2:12 AM
@MattD I just left some empty things where I hadn't seen anything or not an opinion at all.
Yeah, same here.
K, I'll do it.
@Catija ?_?
That scroll thing is weird.
Filled out.
@Catija Yeah, I think it's to help speed up the show. Lets them thank the people they want without taking up a ton of time.
2:14 AM
"Flight of the Valkyries" to kick people off stage?
@MattD Sure.
Hmm, waiting for Flashdance then!
Wow, 100% for who we think should win best picture on that survey.
And none of us thinks it'll actually get it, all three different answers.
And I stand alone on Best Actor.
I don't even know anymore what I picked for the two Best Pictures.
@MattD I haven't seen The Revenant.
Crap, I totally forgot that we can use a custom one for the wishful part. Drgh!
2:16 AM
Haaaaa, liked that Android commercial.
@Catija Neither have I, but whatevs. I'd be happy with a Damon win as well.
@NapoleonWilson Awww, I put that in just for you.
That being said, I don't even know what movie to pick there. Not sure what the best movie last year was at all.
Last year it was easy, Interstellar trumped all those stupid BBC biopics. But this year there are at least some interesting nominations, too.
Inside Out will likely win Best Animated, but I'd like to see When Marnie Was There win so Ghibli has another Oscar under its belt.
@MattD Always... Disney/Pixar always wins... I wasn't even aware of the Ghibli film.
@Catija I really like Disney, but I'd like to see other studios win.
2:18 AM
Damn, what was that melody now?
@MattD I agree.
I actually sort of wish Disney would request to exclude themselves from at least the animated short category. I feel like that should be focused on smaller studios
Blanchett looks like she's wearing butterflies.
@NapoleonWilson Back to the Future.
Wait, Power of Love, Hewie Lewis, right?
2:19 AM
@NapoleonWilson Correct.
@MattD Yeah. But I can't imagine them ever doing something so selfless.
Hope Mad Max or Cinderella wins.
@MattD Ugly vs pretty :P
Yeah, costumes, period pieces against fantasy epics.
And I mean ugly as in post-apocalyptic...
2:21 AM
@Catija Pshhh, that was some great design that made it feel like its own world.
Ah, gotcha. Now I feel like an ass. :P
@MattD Why? No other category is. And Inside Out was great.
Want small indie stuff? There's still animated short.
@NapoleonWilson Because it's generally smaller studios or artists that are nominated in that category, but then you get Disney in there and it's like, oh, well, why bother half the time?
@NapoleonWilson That's what he's talking about... but Paperman is Disney and I'm pretty certain they won last year for animated short.
"The thing where a bear lives"... I love Tina Fey.
Maybe I should look at how many times Disney has been in that category and won to see if it really matters before making suggestions, though.
Oh... wow. that was a lot older than I thought it was.
2:23 AM
Another one I hope Mad Max gets. Holy crap those cars were AMAZING.
YAY! That was a no shit award.
He made a f-ing working flaming guitar.
And the vehicle that guy was on.
Feast won last year (Disney), they didn't win in 2013, won in 2012 (Paperman).
The Academy Award for Animated Short Film is an award which has been given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of the Academy Awards every year since the 5th Academy Awards, covering the year 1931–32, to the present. This category was known as "Short Subjects, Cartoons" from 1932 until 1970, and as "Short Subjects, Animated Films" from 1971 to 1973. The present title began with the 1974 awards. In the listings below, the title shown in boldface was the winner of the award, followed by the other nominees for that year. This category is notable for giving Walt Disney 12 of...
This one should go to Mad Max, too...
2:27 AM
Never got why they only use three for some categories. Seems secondclassy.
When I watch the scroll and then look back at my monitor, it makes the text here do funny things.
Yeah, would be nice to open it up more i guess, And pull back the number of Best Picture nods.
I'm sure you can find two other great made-up movies.
@Catija Yep, I would get the same feeling playing Rock Band.
2:28 AM
@MattD Hmm, I'd rather like them to get Best Picture back to 10.
Que Sera Sera.
@NapoleonWilson Just feels too back patty.
@NapoleonWilson 10 is the max, they don't have to do 10, though.
Makes the one that actually wins seem less meaningful.
@Catija But didn't they already have that some minutes ago?
2:29 AM
Yeah, that too.
@NapoleonWilson They've played the Flight of the Valkyries three times already.
I'm kind of in agreement, though, that DiCaprio winning could be bad.
@Catija Sure, but that's apparently their kick-out music now.
Benicio del Toro is terrifying even as himself.
Mad Max was such an incredible movie.
One of those rare ones that sound like it should be terrible given the way movies have been and then just bam, so good.
Live and Let Die, nice.
@MattD He hasn't managed to win yet... why would it be bad?
2:31 AM
Yeah, maybe I should have picked that for Best Picture actually. I think I took the Martian, which, while great, I don't even think was as amazing as expected.
@Catija Aritcle I was reading made a point that it could set a precedent, with actors who've also won recently, that it's more about how much the actor suffers in the film than actually acts.
@MattD Well, a lot of the best actors this year were suffering.
@Catija Because he might have deserved it for his previous roles but actually won it for a role that speaks more for Hollywood's flawed sense of false authenticity.
Oooooo, Jungle Book.
There was a whole thing about all the films this year being about white men getting out of tight scrapes.
@MattD It looks awesome... Will be interesting to see how the CG works.
2:34 AM
I mean, I can eat a bison liver too, and I'd probably find it equally disgusting. But I'm not sure I should get an Oscar for it. Nothing against his presence in the movie, it was great, but yeah, it would set a questionable sign.
@Catija Evidently Favreu kept telling the special effects guys to tone things down and make the jungle scenes not as good looking.
@MattD Meaning to make them more animated-looking? Or because he wanted them to be less realistic to reduce how scary it was?
Wait... movies are based on real people???
@Catija To make it look not like a story book or a place you couldn't actually go to, so it would look more real and believable.
Kiss from a rose?
@Catija Yeah, my wife picked up on that one.
Isn't Deakins in this category this year?
2:36 AM
@MattD But that's not even the true gritty version. What's Serkis going to do when Favreau's is already dark and gritty?
The same Favreau that's Tony Stark's chauffeur?
I think Deakins is going to lose again. :(
@Catija Yes, and who directed the first two Iron Mans and Elf.
@MattD And Cowboys and Aliens.
Third consecutive?
@NapoleonWilson What?
2:37 AM
That's bonkers.
@MattD Yeah, didn't he even write that to some degree?
@NapoleonWilson He did direct it.
So sad to see Deakins not win again, but this year's competition was just so stiff.
@NapoleonWilson I have no idea what you're talking about.
Nah, scratch that, only director.
> Deakins has received thirteen nominations for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography.
Wow. 13
2:39 AM
@MattD Um, the comments that mine were a response to.
Wait, who's this Indian lady?
@Catija Seriously, and people get pissed that Leo hasn't won.
@Catija Note indicated she
's been in over 50 Bollywood movies.
@NapoleonWilson What movie?
@MattD She's beautiful. Very poised.
@MattD Eh, forget it, it's past.
Wow, editing too... nice job Mad Max.
2:40 AM
@NapoleonWilson I'm making a bad joke anyway. :P
Mad Max is leading so far tonight.
And a lady... now no one can f-ing say that women can't edit action.
are we doing some kind of Highlander 2 think where you pretend Cowboys and Aliens never happened? Because I'm afraid it did.
@MattD Oh, so I guess you just didn't like that one. I thought it was fine, given the premise.
@Mike Mike! :D
Priyanka Chopra (pronounced [prɪˈjaːŋkaː ˈtʃoːpɽaː]; born 18 July 1982) is an Indian film actress, singer, producer and philanthropist, and the winner of the Miss World pageant of 2000. Through her film career, she has become one of Bollywood's highest-paid actresses and one of the most popular and high-profile celebrities in India. Chopra has been cited by various media outlets as the world's sexiest Asian woman, as well as one of the most fashionable Indian celebrities. She has received numerous awards and nominations, including a National Film Award, and five Filmfare Awards, and was awarded...
James Bond and the angry chick from House fought aliens in the midwest.
2:42 AM
@MattD Jack Black?
@Catija Yeah.
Seems like so much setup for a pretty lame joke.
Also: fuck Minions.
Does that little girl have Whoopie's voice?
is that the actress from Quantico?
Man, they're really embracing this black thing. Alternatively they could just have made Will Smith, Halle Berry and Sindey Portier magically win as they did for the last big too-white outcry some years ago. ;-)
2:45 AM
@Mike Take my survey.
@NapoleonWilson It's getting a bit old...
is it about the Oscars?
@Mike Yep
I don't watch the Oscars and have probably not seen a single one of those movies.
lets find out.
@Mike You didn't see Mad Max?
2:46 AM
nope, not seen one of those movies.
no. i'll wait for it to come on HBO.
@Mike Fix that for some of those.
@Mike Um, you're a SciFi person. What about The Martian?
Wow, Slack is really spending a lot of money on advertising.
Sound design.
@Catija Slack, the chat client?
Followed by sound editing?
2:48 AM
i had no desire to see The Martian at all.
it wasn't sci-fi, it was a 2 hours excuse for a Matt Damon close-up.
Very cool way of presenting the sound editing category.
Now those excerpts are cool!
CEO hates his own product.
Wow... that's 5 for Mad Max?
2:49 AM
Yep, 5 for Max.
wow. 6 of the 10 "breaking news" headlines on my Facebook feed are about what color dress someone wore to the Oscars.
@Catija Ah, yeah, I use Slack for a few groups I'm a part of. Nice client.
@Mike I just don't pay attention to that thing.
I just check for news about new trailers
they usually get linked up there pretty fast.
What's with the odd timing of the titles?
Wow... Considering how technically well it's doing it's going to be a slap in the face if they don't win the best picture award.
I guess the acting/story could be a problem issue.
Hmm, with all those technological wins, Direction might become quite of a safe bet already. Maybe just not Picture, not seeing an action epic win there in our overpretentious times, be it as surreal as it can even.
2:54 AM
Oh my god so glad they're recognizing Andy Serkis.
Oh, VFX, now I'll be bold and say Mad Max maybe?
Ooooh Trump burn number... four?
@Catija It's becoming too easy.
And I dunno, Star Wars could clean up here.
Then again Mad Max did really well with practical.
Wait... his beard was fake?
@Catija Right?!
2:56 AM
I didn't get that film.
I haven't seen it yet.
@Catija For VFX, though, it's pretty slick, even if I've only seen trailers and whatnot.
Nice film, liked it. But well, wouldn't have got it for effects so much, especially compared to the big scifi action spectacles.
@NapoleonWilson Same.
i was sort of rooting for Mad Max because it was a good mix of practical and CG.
Star Wars was not on your list of Oscar nominated movies.
2:58 AM
Yay, Star Trek!
@Mike It wasn't in the categories I asked about.
or was it too late to make it this year?
ah. well, that one I saw.
@Mike It's nominated a few times for technological things.
Wow, that was some crappy delivery of a joke by Olivia Munn.
i figured.
2:58 AM
And John Williams, which, honestly, I don't really get.
@Catija I really don't get why people like her.
from what I have seen she isn't a terribly good actress.
R2 and C3PO!
but she had a strong "tomboy nerd" thing going when she was on TV
I really feel like these two are being very condescending towards the technical side.
3:00 AM
And BB8!
@MattD Definitely.
See, that's how big those friggin' iPhone controlled toys are really supposed to be!
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, they're a third as tall...
And a scroll... Wonder how much they had to pay Disney for that...
Oh, what's that melody?
@NapoleonWilson Har har har.
@NapoleonWilson Did you see LG's ball thing? techcrunch.com/2016/02/21/…
3:02 AM
@MattD No.
Good, they corrected the way Tina Fey swipes the card.
@Catija ?_?
@MattD OMG... I didn't even notice. That's one of my biggest pet peeves.
@Catija She swiped it correctly this time. In previous commercials she didn't.
@MattD They never swipe it correctly in any of the credit card commercials...
3:03 AM
IBM always has great commercials.
Goldbergs, need to get back on that show.
Pulp Fiction!
Oh, Dick Dale!
Oh man, selling Girl Scout cookies at the Oscars. This is great.
Yeah... because anyone has room for cash in those dresses.
I have a feeling they just handed everyone a $5 bill.
Digital presenters?
Oh goooooooood dammit.
3:07 AM
Oh my, haven't seen Mr. Gossett for years. Is he still doing anything?
Oh, back again. Friggin' outage at just the right time!
There it is.
Stupid timing for a maintenance outage.
Drgh! Last year the broadcast was killed for minutes and this year the chat. I hope that was the last time tonight.
As expected.
Awww, that's a cute touch. They put the actual toys over on the podium.
Not the hugest animation enthusiast. But that was really great. Cried quite a lot. I should rewatch that, especially since I'm in a crying mood lately anyway.
Beverly Hills Cop.
3:15 AM
Q: 1970's TV Horror Show Question - Night Gallery?

CraigAs a kid in the 70's, I remember seeing what I thought was one of the shorts from Night Gallery (but it's not on the DVD sets I watched). What I remember is this: There is some kind of store in an urban setting, old and musty. A young guy is looking through various items in this place (perhaps he...

Oh, so Fifty Shades of Grey has an Oscar nomination? Hehe!
Bondage on the stage of the Academy Awards... that's new.
I don't even know any of the other movies nominated for song at all, as in unaware of their existence.
Usually the Disney film will get one of the nominations...
But well, speaks in favour of the Academy nominating a (supposedly) good song even if the movie's crap. (Speaking about Fitty Shades, not the other ones I don't know at all.)
@MattD Chat works again! Remember, with only three active people you have a duty to be here!
3:19 AM
I was just about to do that. Here @MattD
Too bad it will take 10-15 minutes to show up in his feed.
Hmm, not seen that either, unfortunately.
But seriously, don't laud that NWA movie so much if you care about black matters.
And Miss Arquette is nearly falling asleep. Meh.
The black glasses are weird.
@steelerfan :'(
YAY! I didn't vote for him but I wanted the guy from Bridge of Spies to win, too.
3:35 AM
Hmm, gonna get meself some kiwi.
@NapoleonWilson Fruits?
@Catija Yes, and a baby banana.
People actually buy those?
Pink Panther.
I thought to try 'em, nice and handy.
Hehe, Mad Max.
Interestingly Wolfgang Schmitt actually compared Fury Road to Herzog's Lessons of Darkness, but that still wasn't a short (if it even was a documentary to be precise).
@TheBrownOne Welcome!
Wow, for the last 30 mins or so I've been refrshing my tab for this chat because of maintenance or some crap.
Visited the site and it was up, saw I had replies and bam, chat opens up.
3:44 AM
@MattD Oh, yeah, I had to stop refreshing, too.
@MattD Um, it was actually fixed like 2 minutes later.
@NapoleonWilson Right, but refreshing the page should reflect that.
I feel that's a pretty big failing on SE's part.
@MattD The link changed for some reason.
Well, at least I'm back in before the big awards.
@MattD YAY! It was getting a bit quiet without you.
La Bamba...
A lot of the jokes are really falling flat tonight.
3:45 AM
I was all wow, this can't take this long, and it's shitty timing for our site on Oscar night.
I don't think it was intentional anyway, as there was nothing on the blogs about it.
I don't think it was either, just inconvenient timing is all.
But yeah, looks like the made the URL for chat cleaner.
Indeed, especially when we have to fight for each active contributor.
Samsung is really hitting us over the head with that phone of thiers. I think there's been a commercial every break.
@MattD How? Looks still the same.
@Catija Drgh, here they just send the same movie trailers over and over, because they know real ads don't pay in the middle of the friggin' night when only some unemployed film morons watch that thing. I'd love me some real commercials actually.
Oh, Shaft!
3:50 AM
Wow, this Girl Scout bit. Hilarious.
I don't get the Girl Scout thing.
What's love, got to do, got to do with it!
@MattD Sarcasm?
@MattD Ah, I had it on the tip of my tongue!
@Catija They sell a lot and I guess top sellers get things or whatever, so he's just making fun of it or something. I dunno.
I thought Spike Lee was boycotting?
3:52 AM
Bleh, sorry, but I can't stand Spike Lee. Some nice films, but ugh.
More black glasses. That's the third woman wearing them tonight.
@Catija Aren't they in right now anyway? I thought glasses as big and thick as possible are just part of the whole hipster and 60/70s revival movement.
Sure... but at a formal occasion? Most women don't wear glasses in formal situations... doesn't work with makeup.
And now it's time to cry?
@Catija Really? I think they're a nice fashion accessory. Never got why people need to hide their glasses in favour of contact lenses.
@NapoleonWilson But did you see what it did to the Academy President's eyes? They were all warped.
Alan Rickman :((((
3:58 AM
Oh, Omar Sharif?
How did I miss that James Horner died...
@Catija Oh, that I noticed, quite some time ago, though.
@NapoleonWilson June.
We even had it in chat for a short time.
I love Dave Grohl.
3:59 AM
Interesting. In past years they've put them in order by the day during the year they died.

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