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1:31 AM
Q: Time Freeze situation in the movie FREAKS 2019

StackOneFREAK - Is someone with supernatural ability. So in the movie Freaks, The freaks have superpowers, One of the main character's superpower is to slow time. When he does that everything slows down for everyone except the Freaks. So they have this mission of saving another Freak(The kid's mom) fro...

1:51 AM
Q: Was Broken Blossoms (1919) originally shown with tinted film?

fnsjdnfksjdbEvery copy I've found of Broken Blossoms, the silent film from 1919, has been tinted -- they appear to have been shot in black and white, but then various scenes have different color filters so the "white" is more like yellow or blue or some other color. My question is: Is this how the film was o...

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2:51 AM
Q: What is a porcupine driver (credits)?

Wayne WernerI just watched Rambo: Last Blood, and in the credits there was listed a "porcupine driver". It was a couple of names before the honeywagon driver, which I know sucks the crap out of porta potties, but... What is a porcupine driver?

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8:57 AM
Q: Can someone identify this movie!

Alfonso BravoI seen it on fearnet a while back pretty sure it was an 80’s movie but at the beginning two brothers are playing in the living while their uncle burst in says his goodbyes than gets gunned down by the police further in the movie the two brothers start killing college girls for their uncle or some...

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10:04 AM
Heard about Sonkashi jokes @AJ @ankii @NogShine
@AnkitSharma I even watched the episode yesterday. I thought it was okay not to know what "Bhujang" means even she does that yogasana "Bhujangasana", but this was way too stupid of her. Maybe Sonakshi don't have that knowledge about Ramayana, but Ruma (the other contestant) should've known this.
@AJ who is ruma
Jokes are because all of sonakshi family name are based on ramayan
The other contestant. Sonakshi and she played as a team. Yesterday one was a special episode.
@AnkitSharma yep
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
@AJ it got special in jokes now
3 hours later…
2:10 PM
@AnkitSharma No. In which FB pages are these memes posted? I'm curious.
2:21 PM
@NogShine I see in people's profiles. Mostly pro-hindu people and let's get offened because we are bored gang
3 hours later…
5:38 PM
@AnkitSharma ah well none so far.. I stopped using FB except for on weekends
Q: Why, even after his imprisonment, people keep calling Hannibal Lecter "Doctor"?

EthanIn "The Silence of the Lambs", "Hannibal", and "Red Dragon" almost every character that I remember addresses Hannibal Lecter as "Dr. Lecter", even after he was imprisoned for being a serial killer. Wasn't his medical license revoked? Did they keep calling him "Dr." as a sign of respect? I find a ...

6:01 PM
Q: Which is the largest cinema of the Art Deco era?

kratom_sandwichOn Wikipedia, it says that the Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI is "the largest of the Fox Theatres", but is it the largest cinema of its era? I guess the question boils down to the United States since the largest Art Deco cinema in Europe is Le Grand Rex [1] in Paris with "only" 2800 seats ... [1] ...

6:42 PM
Q: In Peaky Blinders, Why didn't anything affect Tommy Shelby's line of suite?

Eqra KhattakIn the season, many things happened for Tommy Shelby. He earned things and he lost things and people. People very near and dear to him such as his wife and brother. He was a successful businessman but he never stopped from taking the risks. After loosing so much in life, why did he still keep doi...

7:21 PM
Movie of the day: Prisoners
2 hours later…
9:06 PM
@ankii a drama powerhouse, in case you haven't seen it ^
@M.A.R. ah thanks.. Just saw the trailer.. Bookmarked
I am trying to edit my meta post with least offense
Phineas and Ferb tone: what are you doing?
@ankii Offend 'em! Offend 'em to hell!
Im interested. Whatcha doooing?
give it a read.. lol it's in markdown. so goodluck
Danielle Bregoli (born March 26, 2003), also known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie (pronounced "bad baby"), is an American rapper and Internet personality. She first became known from an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016, in which she said the phrase, "Cash me outside, how about that", which became a viral video meme and catchphrase. In 2017, Bregoli became the youngest female rapper ever to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her debut single "These Heaux". She subsequently signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and has now expanded into a reality show, a makeup brand, tours, and...
9:11 PM
That's not offensive but it looks boring
That accent brain-killed half of the audience. They started clapping.
Fork it and edit it perhaps?
People that know about replies use them, and the ones that don't usually need a tour not just around SE, but the whole internet
I am strictly a spoon person
Dont spoon my question
It's a baby
you dont want to harass it
Are you gonna post it on big meta?
Q: Changing placeholder of comment box for adding @ pinging info

ankiiProposing a different approach to what I think enable ping completion for all comments wanted to achieve. New users should know that @ pinging in comments exists, and get educated on how to use them appropriately. Since they can only use notices for folks involved in comments already - it helps ...

9:13 PM
What part of that shows people taking offense?
the original is more boring IMO, It isnt that impulsive
@M.A.R. Sorry it was a misnomer
Just a simple joke on lazy dev team
Well, not lazy, but misdirected. It's not their fault
That's what's f*cking insane about all this. The people that are yelling at each other are blamed at one time or another, but it's really neither side's fault
@M.A.R. I am more interested in knowing about the misdirected staff and what they did last year to breach trust, except pulling IPS off HNQ
@M.A.R. yeah maybe that's what UI design team told them... and that's what came from Product design team as they didnt think it through at that time. (about the moment box)
It's what's making it all uneasy. If it was so easy to blame a someone or a special group of people, this bitter feeling wouldn't have been so resonating.
@ankii the Eeps incident felt more like a very mismanaged situation than deliberate harm.
comment*. ... well that's a moment box too.. on IPS, momentary
9:18 PM
That they're shoving up malicious ads up users' arses is a whole different level
Anyway, I didn't see anything that would upset an oversensitive dev either
ah thanks for clearance
The two downvotes could be because it's harder than usual to get to your point
@M.A.R. ghostly to the rescue
@M.A.R. I can't help it, it was combined effort of me and mod (Geek)
Us meta folks are used to deciding our votes in the span of a few seconds, which, interestingly, seems to work well in most cases.
So maybe we mixed up user and mod perspective.
9:20 PM
@ankii That explains it.
Never seen a dog chase its own tail?
In case @Catija wants to have a look nopaste.xyz/…
@M.A.R. I have a fine video.. not exactly tail, but similar
Journey's been a mod for so long he has this authoritative unapologetic tone to some of the controversial decisions and actions which rubs some people off the wrong way.
Probably the right way to do it.
Hello @Cat! How're you (plural) doing?
@M.A.R. oh F.
@M.A.R. exactly..
But he's been trying to soften up things, and persuade people to think before act etc
I guess hitting on things with a hammer does kinda soften them up
in The Litter Box, Sep 2 at 15:33, by Journeyman Geek
But at this point - what I'm really playing for is the ability to influence folks
9:24 PM
He's just very eager and firm in defending his position
and related chat below it
Most other times he's like me, a bearded jaded nomad wisecracking in the corner with not much actionable things to do or say.
in The Litter Box, Sep 2 at 15:39, by Journeyman Geek
M.A.R's good people
I could believe either..
well that's one way to make you read that chat..
I am waiting for you in that room..
that sounds odd
9:27 PM
I'm not sure what entering a litter box entails
I am waiting for you in the litter box..
in case you wanted to read the surrounding chat
but nvm
Well I entered it
. . . Further evidence that feeds as messages are evil.
yeah,,, they need another room for the same
Anyway, I should probably be pingable in the shit box for the next week @ankii
or if they want questions in the chat room, they should be discussing them
like ips
9:32 PM
Yay indeed.
That was what I was longing for, for a long time..
close my nose, ping you there and leave
@M.A.R. Gus is walking :D
Joke's on you, I have no smell buds anymore
@Catija \o/
It's the age when you should keep the dangerous things away
@M.A.R. ? What is this about?
@M.A.R. He's abotu to go climb the stairs... ... back in a sec...
When I was little, I grabbed a little hammer and hammered everything, including, but not limited to, walnuts
I called it "Tuckley"
@Catija the relationship between SE staff and meta users as of late, if it was a line in a Scorcese movie
OK, the staff team don't yell
But it's mostly accurate
9:39 PM
It's easy to avoid yelling when you hold the cards? I don't know. I'm generally not the one doing the talking... I try to stay away from it when I can.
@M.A.R. Excellent choice yet again.
Q: Changing placeholder of comment box for adding @ pinging info

ankiiProposing a different approach to what I think enable ping completion for all comments wanted to achieve. New users should know that @ pinging in comments exists, and get educated on how to use them appropriately. This happens so much often that three people comment on a new post and OP comes ba...

Wasn't this already just linked?
remove the older one.. I can flag it if you want.
Q: Improve comment experience for new contributors: tip about editing information into the question

Cindy MeisterSimilar to my experience telling users to use @ to ping, I also often find myself explaining how to use the [edit] link to include additional information in the question, itself, instead of in a comment. I think it might help to show "New Contributors" a message with an EDIT link in it when they...

Q: Improve the comments interface for new contributors (and reduce work for curators): how to "ping"

Cindy MeisterI spent some time in the "First Questions" queue the other day, as well as fielding a number of posts from new users in my tags during the last week... And I found myself regularly telling the newbies that in order to ensure a person they were replying to in comments gets notified, they need to ...

The second one was the one I was looking for. They’re linked. We were talking about this earlier this week.
9:53 PM
@Catija Ah thanks for confirming that it's under attention .. i proposed the least potentially buggy implementation i think
Also, didn't search other metas..
Fixing comments is a big priority. Not sure what the plan is but... something needs to change.
I remember a suggestion once that they should auto-delete after a couple days... that would make things interesting. ;)
I don’t like that one.
@Mithrandir that would bump up aaaalllllll old questions on home page to get edited
Apple.SE often has answers in comments
People generally like comments... we just need to keep them focused and make them a bit more user friendly.
9:57 PM
.. bad practice.. but OP never confirms if that troubleshoot idea worked for them or not.. so they stay.
@Catija I once had it in my bio "I like to comment" ...
FWIW, I've left a lot of comments even if we compare to high rep or old users..
Comments on Teams work very differently... we won’t make them work the same way but we can definitely make things clear by making behavior consistent.
Removing pings in some cases because they’re unnecessary, for example... it tends to confuse even veteran commenters.

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