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12:33 AM
@ankii not that crap
@AnkitSharma well just came to know about it and thought the accent was relevant.
BTW, activity took quite a jump today. stackexchange.com/users/13936177/ankii?tab=activity
@M.A.R. imgur.com/OiVJwFz this is also I dog I know.. Speaker. We go on walks very often. the shyest pack leader I've seen so far.
1:23 AM
Q: Sesame Street movies

Abraham RayBesides “follow that bird” & “Elmo In grouchland” where there any other Sesame Street movies ever made? I figured that the question had to be asked at some point, so why not now .

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9:44 AM
Q: What did Jesse Pinkman mix in the Walt's Coffee?

SakshamIn one of the episode Fly jesse makes coffee for Mr. White, wherein he mixes something. What did he mix and what was his motive behind it?

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4:30 PM
> No, Sylvester Stallone never was the simple clumsy action hero who rectifies everything with brute force logic. He has also always been the grand melancholiac of action cinema...He has always been defined by this role and people said "that is such a Rambo guy", but in doing so they never really understood the character of Rambo either.
You gotta love Wolfgang Schmitt for insights like these. Now I really want to check out Last Blood.
@MovieReel it seems I need rewatch
5:05 PM
@NapoleonWilson Stallone done right, for me, was a jaded fighter who's really good at what he does but has chosen to leave it because he despises it, only to have to come back because he weighed and realized that the good he would be doing outweighs his own emotional response.
I don't know, I'm not convinced Last Blood would give me that impression. NYT calls it rote (seemingly trying to avoid all the political drama), and I can really imagine it being rote having watched a similar but unrelated rote gore fest recently.
To its defense, people can't hold back on calling it nostalgic.
The contrast that's likeable in such character is the drive to keep doing what we're good at, imposed on us by the society, whether we like it or not.
You could find traces of this in most his other roles, even Judge Dredd, for example. But it has to be enough to make the overall experience enjoyable. Other than the funny overreactions to pieces of dialog here and there, Judge Dredd doesn't end up thinking much, so why should we.
too much words
6:04 PM
Q: Anyone remembers another movie called Predator or Predator 5?

Nipuna Dananjaya KumaraI am trying to find this movie for many years now. I remember watching it in around 2005 or so. It wasn't a popular one. In local video centers the movie was rented as labeling "Predator 5". I remember a little bit from the movie, There are group of people including a woman who have some sort of...

6:24 PM
Q: How did this character get this item in It: Chapter Two?

moonCat93Apologies if this has already been asked but I haven't read the book so I'm unsure of something that happens in It: Chapter Two. We learn that The Losers Club has to perform a ritual to destroy the entity It, and Mike tells them they have to: Bill then comes across a storm drain and hears Geo...

6:52 PM
@AnkitSharma Ping!!!
@AJ Ping!!!
@NapoleonWilson Ping!!!
@NogShine Ping!!!
steeler here
ANKIT!!!! YAY!!!!
I missed you
6:53 PM
Awwwww. I missed you too, buddy!
So wassup
Nothing much!!!! How are you?
@steelersquirrel Hello! \o/
@steelersquirrel good
I'm good!!!
The Steelers are making me depressed this year, but other than that...I'm AWESOME!!!
@NapoleonWilson HELLO!!!
7:02 PM
@steelersquirrel HEEEEELLLLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
@steelersquirrel ohh
@NapoleonWilson OMG!!! YOU SOUND EXCITED!!!!
@NapoleonWilson What game are you watching right now?
@steelersquirrel Ravens at Chiefs.
@AnkitSharma How's life? What's new?
@steelersquirrel I might have my first international trip in December
7:07 PM
@AnkitSharma Awesome!! Where are you going?
@steelersquirrel Phuket / Thiland etc not fixed yet
Who are you going with?
7:23 PM
Breaking bad and got
Are ok
But have u guys seen gossip girl
It is da bom
I have reached the pinnacle of life
Not sure if you are serious or high
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9:03 PM
@AvnishKabaj your network profile is messed up due to Latex or whatever it is.. .
Ah now I saw how I know you.. that apple.SE question..
It was not good though
@ankii LaTeX.
Well, it's more like a superscript capital A and a subscript capital E.
Sup @M.A.R. ?
I am confused between watching some series or movies
9:28 PM
@ankii when I'm watching a series, I alternate
Like, 2 days for the series, a day for a movie.
10:04 PM
Q: Who is the actress who plays one of the CIA agents in the beginning of Luc Besson's Anna (2019)?

AsGoodAsItGetsI checked the credits on IMDB of course, but I couldn't find her listed. She plays one of the CIA agents in the beginning of the movie, who get caught by KGB. She's the one who is seen briefly interrogated by Vasiliev ("I want you to deliver a message for me") and then has her head appear in a bo...

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11:17 PM

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