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12:09 AM
@NapoleonWilson What whisky are you imbibing this eve?
Hey all.
OK, I think I got it: docs.google.com/forms/d/…
@MattD Probably Caol Ila.
I just did the categories I think most people actually care about... if there's one you specifically want, let me know and I'll see about adding it... I got tired of typing, to be honest and a bit lazy.
@NapoleonWilson - someone who likes Islay malts
12:14 AM
@NapoleonWilson Can't say I've had that. I've got some Glenlivit 12 and Jim Beam Devil's Cut on me, not sure if I'll partake of either tonight.
@iandotkelly Definitely!
Love it - plus Laphroaig or Lagavulin too.
Trying to educate America to the delights of scotch single malt. But its so much more expensive than even good Bourbon
@iandotkelly Indeed, it's certainly why I haven't bought into whisky that much.
@iandotkelly There's good Bourbon? (just kidding, Bourbon can work too now and then).
Can you guys stop talking about booze long enough to look at the form I spent an hour slaving over??? geezie petes.
12:18 AM
@Catija - completed my entry
But it made me realize how little I actually saw at the movies this year
@NapoleonWilson - i'm not a big fan of bourbon at all - too sweet and smooth. Did a tasting day in December, it was fun, but its really not my thing. I like Islay malts - totally different drink
@MattD - lol
Oh damn, images and gifs show up here? I must only use this power...to annoy!
Is there a list somewhere of the coding to use in chat?
@Catija I just pasted the link into the reply box and sent it.
Also: answered your survey.
12:22 AM
I don't have any way of watching the Oscars by the way - just here to be sociable. Don't have TV, and ABC doesn't stream via my internet provider :\
@iandotkelly Well, of course it doesn't compare to a peaty Islay Malt, but in recent times tend to enjoy Bourbon now and then.
@iandotkelly Hmm, too bad, well at least you have live ticker now.
I'm getting a taste for Old Fashioned cocktails - bourbon, bitters, sugar, water
@iandotkelly My friend is even worse off. DirecTV is having a feud with stations and ABC has been removed as a result, so he went and bought rabbit ears but can't seem to pull in the local ABC station.
@MattD - wow - old fashioned broadcast tv
@iandotkelly Eh, when Sling TV gets AMC added I'll likely drop my current cable package and go with it plus rabbit ears.
12:25 AM
Q: Title of the movie where there are payed assassins in black

user19155I just remember that there were some, maybe payed assassins? The key is that they were in black. ALL black. You couldn't even see their face, and then later in the movie it is shown that they use black make up some dark shaded ski goggles, and a black robe.. Anyone remember? I think there were so...

Went to see Kingsman on Friday night - opened in the US a week ago.
@iandotkelly I really liked Kingsman.
Yeah me too - hardly very thought provoking, but still a lot of fun
12:37 AM
Wow, glad I ordered a Fire TV when I did. Price went back up to $99. They had it on sale for $85 all week. Bought it for my mom for her birthday.
@MovieReel Ugh, you get handled tomorrow.
Um... so should I post a link to the poll in Meta or something?
Yeah, @NapoleonWilson is too drunk to deal with you now! :P
I'm glad they're airing them live here all those years already. Long-time Oscar addict.
@NapoleonWilson Admittedly I only watch the Oscars because everyone else does. I feel the show is too long and pompous.
12:40 AM
@MattD Haha no, those were only small cups of wine over the whole evening. I can take quite bit, I guess.
@MattD Oh, I love all the glamour (for whatever reason), even if I don't know many of the contenders.
Ugh, to stop watching Django Unchained to watch the red carpet crap or not....
So Lupita Nyongo(?) is in the new Star Wars? Didn't know.
@NapoleonWilson Yep, though her role isn't known yet.
@Catija Well, who hasn't read it now probably won't till the awards are over anyway, I guess.
Couldn't a mod make the subtext for the chatroom link to the survey?
Gah, I have to deal with the ABC morning show hosts for the red carpet stuff.
12:45 AM
@MattD, are you watching the style thing?
@Catija Yeah, I guess that's what this is?
I'm pretty sure E! is running stuff, but then I have to tune into E!....
They just showed Lupita's Pearls dress?
I think so. Wasn't really paying attention, but they were talking about a "heavy" dress, so probably.
I don't have cable, so I'm lucky to get the regular broadcast. We get all of our "TV" online.
@Catija You live in the US?
12:47 AM
Yup. Austin, TX.
Hmm, our broadcast already switched from our own cool red carpet interviewer to the ABC stream, and I always get the impression most of the time they're just talking about friggin dresses.
@Catija Have you looked into Sling TV?
@NapoleonWilson They are. I really can't stand ABC's hosts, especially because they're the morning news/talk show hosts.
@MattD Nah, we have a Roku and ... other methods.
@Catija Sling has a Roku app already. I'm tempted by it. Lets me get most of the channels I watch for super cheap.
I don't begrudge people who pirate, but I like to go legit when possible. I like what Dish is trying to do with Sling TV so I'm willing to support it.
We also have a login for a friend's Hulu Plus, my dad's Netflix, and someone's HBO Go and Showtime access.
12:49 AM
HBO Go passwords are practically currency.
It's pretty awesome... but I'm realizing why I don't like broadcast TV... I'm already tired of commercials and there's only been half a commercial break.
I focus on other things during the ads.
They're just sooooo loud.
Yeah, could have swore there was legislation that said commercial ads couldn't be super loud, that they had to be normalized to the standard volume level of the program.
Someone forgot to steam Reese's dress.
12:53 AM
@Catija Ugh, too bad it's a live chat, otherwise I could just timeshift those stupid little commercial breaks into a larger cigarillo break.
@MattD They did... Pretty sure.
It's even worse here, we don't have actual ads in the commercial breaks but they just send the same movie trailers over and over and over and over again. And when you have seen Michael Keaton in his underpants for the 10th time it's pretty much enough.
@NapoleonWilson That sounds like the Hulu experience.
Why the fuck are they talking to J-Lo? Did she bring her first edition copy of The Iliad?
Sounds like she's a presenter maybe?
12:56 AM
@Catija Oh god, I'm this close to dropping Hulu. I don't mind the ads so much, it's the fact that I get the same 3 or 4 ads all the time, and the video feed for the actual show ends up being shit.
Haven't heard much good about the stupid teen lover thriller she did recently.
@Catija Right, but why do they have to talk to her?
@NapoleonWilson This is all you need to know: youtube.com/watch?v=DsG_yPKAor4
@MattD I don't understand how they manage to convince people to pay to watch commercials :P
I don't know... I had the same feeling you did.
@Catija That's sort of incorrect thinking. Commercials help keep the costs down, honestly. Hulu is different because it's like 99% fresh content, currently running shows and whatnot.
I get why they have ads, I just hate that I get the same ads over and over, would rather have them at the start of the show and not interrupt me, and for the actual show video feed to not be shit.
They used to give that option on some of the shows...
1:01 AM
I tried watching the latest episode of Gotham on it a few nights ago because my DVR copy had a school closing thing running at the bottom through the whole episode. The video feed on Hulu kept cutting to black every minute. I gave up.
Love Emma Stone.
Oooooh Gooooood yeah, Emma Stone. So hot right now.
Red Carpet Time
Welcome everybody
@infinitesimal Welcome!
1:06 AM
Thanks @NapoleonWilson :-)
@Catija Oh, there's an "Other" field, nice!
It's been so dry in California, who would have expected it to rain today!
I thought people might have other favorites that didn't get picked.
@Catija We got 6 to 8 inches of snow here in Ohio.
Ugh. I was in Columbus in December and it was practically warm.
@Catija Yeah, January and especially February are the months that get really cold and snowy.
Was negative to single digit temps all week....
1:13 AM
I'm excited how Neil Patrick Harris will do. But well, after Ellen he can only win, I guess.
@NapoleonWilson Ellen was fucking great last year. Absolutely love her.
@Catija What brought you to Columbus?
I love them both and I'm sure NPH will be great. He's done an awesome time at the Tonys.
Meh, I like her, but her Oscar mdoerations weren't so good to me. But the worst I've seen yet was still Chris Rock.
@MattD My husband's family is from the area, so we visit occasionally.
@Catija Oh nice. I live in the area, and this July 2nd will mark 20 years of living in Columbus.
1:16 AM
I don't remember Chris Rock but I thought that Sarah Jessica Parker's was a bit much... she changed outfit every time she came out on stage, including one segment performed in nothing but a towel.
The less SJP there is, the better
@Catija Sarah Jessica Parker? Must have been before my time.
@Catija Are you sure she hosted? I'm not seeing her on the list: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Academy_Awards_ceremonies
I know she hosted something... I don't really watch any other shows.
Seth MacFarlane was suprisingly good, too, loved that Captain Kirk from the future thing. But the best so far was definitely Hugh Jackman with his musical numbers. You just have to fall for the charm of this guy.
1:20 AM
award shows, that is.
Not a fan of the Seth MacFarlane I saw your boobs song.
Ah, sorry, it was the MTV movie awards.
@Catija It's totally in MacFarlane's wheelhouse though. He said he knew he'd never be asked back so he went for broke.
I know, it's just so disrespectful.
I don't remember him being too disrespectful, though.
@DamkerngT. Welcome!
@NapoleonWilson Well that sort of humor would likely be okay in Germany. Here in the states it caught a lot of flack.
Other than Jennifer Lawrence, every woman caught on screen was furious.
1:24 AM
@Catija Which is REALLY hilarious given what happened to her last year.
I'll be back in 20 minutes... have to run to the store. For someone who loves to plan, I didn't plan this evening very well.
Hello. everyone!
@DamkerngT. I saw you over in ELL, right?
Q: Kingsman: The Secret Service church scene

Matthew HalliwellI will try to avoid spoilers but this question is meant for people who HAVE seen the movie. Apparently there are three different cuts of this movie as far as I know: US cut UK cut Indonesian cut As I understand it, these cuts vary when it comes to the controversial church scene. The Indonesi...

@Catija Yes! I just changed my TV to Oscars and heard about this room.
1:28 AM
I hope its going to be a great show this year...
Welcome! This is my usual hangout.
Now I'm actually leaving...
@all By the way, don't forget to take the poll: docs.google.com/forms/d/…
So we are now 4 hours away from Fox News deriding the Oscars for "snubbing" American Sniper, and how it's all Hollywood liberal bias to blame for this Great American Film not sweeping the oscars.
Okay, this intro us fucking amazing.
OK, so I didn't leave yet because NPH started singing....
Jack Black. Yes. This is so good.
1:35 AM
"chasing Chinese bucks", hilarious!
Go Anna!
mattd re "what happened last year" are you referring to the jennifer lawrence et al photo hack above?
@vzn Yes.
@NapoleonWilson Gah, I love how it highlights both the glamorous history of Hollywood, and its pretty horrible present.
Oh, is there actually a clapping emoticon?
Yeah, sequel-man and prequel-man.
NPH confirms he will not be appearing in Smurfs 3.
1:38 AM
wow dinging jlo for the iliad slipup. tough crowd. :\
Ah, stream problems, what the?
@Mateon1 Welcome!
@NapoleonWilson Oh god, I have no idea who these actors and actresses are :( I haven't heard of these movies either.
Alright, my vote for this is Ethan Hawke.
@Mateon1 Haha, haven't seen much of this year's nominees, too.
I know who Emma Stone is, at least.
1:40 AM
so did american sniper get 0 noms? (good riddance)
@vzn It's up for Best Picture....
"Please excuse the disturbance" - Uh no, I won't, you have all the year for your technical problems!
oh, so by "snub" someone thinks it wont get award. ok
How did I not know X-Men came out last year?
Knew that was gonna happen. I really need to see Whiplash apparently.
1:42 AM
@Semiclassical Welcome!
Yes, welcome all non-regulars to M&TV chat!
Love JK!
whiplash, too creepy for me, reminds me of black swan, which could barely watch...
My "Movies you actually saw" list is very pathetic: How to Train Your Dragon 2, The LEGO Movie
Oh I love JK, but Ethan Hawke had to play the same character, consistently, and at different filming periods across 11 years, and he did it. That's just amazing to me.
1:44 AM
So, if you haven't guessed, I'm not leaving... we're moving to plan b.
Which is?
Should I spam that movie form everywhere it isn't completely rude to do so? :P
Oh man, I so want to see his predictions. This is a great bit.
Aw thank god, back on air!
@MattD I totally agree about that, though I haven't seen Whiplash... I just like JK... not that it really matters but Ethan was only in about 5 of the 12.
1:46 AM
Hm, I feel a bit ignored here. Bye guys, cya later.
@infinitesimal were you asking me? if so, Plan B is boxed mac and cheese instead of a frittata.
I see @Catija
Not a Wes Anderson fan but I actually liked this one.
Haven't seen much of him, but yeah liked that too. Mr Fox was great, though.
@Catija Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom or Fantastic Mr. Fox?
I'll admit it right now: I'm a HUGE Wes Anderson fanboy. He's my second favorite director.
1:50 AM
@MattD Did not see Moonrise... did see Fantastic Mr. Fox... it was ok but his stylistic choices don't generally appeal to me.
Hmm, sometimes his quirkiness seems to get the better of him, though, and it seems just done for the sake of its own.
Who's your favorite? If you say Michael Bay I'm kicking you out of this room.
@Catija Fair enough.
@NapoleonWilson Exactly.
ugh michael bay, adult adolescent :p
1:52 AM
Oooh got a message for the event for some bizzar reason! this is cool :D
@Catija Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, in that order.
The first song reminded me... if Everything is Awesome wins, I'm going to be really pissed.
There's few I'd call absolute favourites, I just like too much stuff. If had to pick some, I'd settle for John Carpenter (who guessed it), Michael Mann and Christopher Nolan (and Walter Hill has done some great stuff in the past, but is largely silent nowadays, well, like Carpenter afterall).
@Catija I want that song to win, because it will be hilarious given the Oscars and what that song was written for/about.
That and I find the song catchy in a stupid way.
hope lego movie wins something! :)
1:54 AM
@vzn Too bad it isn't nominated for Animated Film at all.
@GiantCowFilms Welcome then!
"everything is awesome" reminds me of "happy" by pharrell
@NapoleonWilson :D
There's so many people in here. :)
Seriously, LEGO Movie not getting nominated for best animated is probably the biggest snub of the year to me.
1:55 AM
which was quite the hit
@vzn that song was also very annoying.
@MattD I think nolan not getting best director of interstellar was pretty nasty too
lol yeah kinda joke songs
Confirmed: @Catija doesn't like to have fun. :P
@MattD Ugh, I'll beat that with Interstellar and Jake Gyllenhaal.
1:55 AM
@NapoleonWilson Agreed
@NapoleonWilson Ehhhhhhhhhh. Interstallar was good, but certainly not Nolan's best.
@MattD Not his best no, but still better then alot of the other films...
its hard for oscars to take scifi that seriously it seems...
@MattD I think everyone knew that already, Particularly Paulster. See my answer here (and the comments):
Q: Why is Meta so important to people?

Paulster2During this period of moderator selection (nomination/primary/election), one of the questions for the nominees was: While M&TV has a large userbase and many visitors, the meta participation is relatively low and discussions are usually held within a small active core group. Do you see this as...

@MattD Sure, not his best, but if you can nominate Inception or Toy Story for Best Picture, then sure there's a place for Interstellar, especially if there's just 8 friggin places, while the past had 9/10.
1:56 AM
@Catija Well Meta isn't that important to me, so I didn't see that answer. :P
← think meta is kinda useless all over se, too rigid etc
I've got Grand Budapest in this category.
This category makes her dress actually make sense.
It was just great Hollywood cinema in the best sense, and that's what Best Picture should be about to me.
Into the Woods
1:58 AM
@NapoleonWilson I'm nodding my head right off...
WOOOOO! One for me tonight!
didnt nolan get something for inception? hes already in good shape probably
Nice. The costuming was really great, to be sure.
@Catija I honestly thought it would lose to either Woods or Maleficent. I would have been LIVID were it Maleficent. Such a HORRIBLE movie.
Awwww, Wes is just beaming at her. Gotta love when a director clearly feels for the talent that helped him.
Maleficent was horrid and should win a razzie for something.
2:00 AM
Soooo many people liked Maleficent. Pretty much the same people who feel Frozen is one of the best things ever.
angie jolie seems to have lost all her sizzle :(
Guardians of the Galaxy in this.
it was a typecast role for her anyway like beowulf
Blarg. 1 for 3 so far, but I'm not upset with this.
@vzn Don't even mention that film. It was so, so, so horrid.
2:01 AM
@MattD Disney just has to blink and people fall over backwards.... Some for the fantesy, and everyone else for Marvel and starwars
Nice double win for GBH.
Oh, again. Might become the big winner already.
@Catija GBH...? I'm slow with acronyms!
lol "disney blinks" how about john carter? one of the biggest fiascos of recent years... executive resigned over that
@NapoleonWilson Grand Budapest is the wild card tonight. It has the ability to fuck up so many other movies in most categories it's also in.
2:03 AM
@vzn Not thire standard fair...
@GiantCowFilms Grand Budapest Hotel
@vzn John Carter was so horribly mismanaged.
Oh right
John Carter should have been great. The movie was actually pretty good but no one knew what it was and it got no advance press.
john carter material was too aged, "done by everyone else already"
2:03 AM
@vzn Still that happened a few years ago... Disney has shot up recently. since Jhon carter 3yrs ago Disney has gained its super powers (pun indended)
Oh, I actually liked John Carter, not a masterpiece but enjoyable, could have made some more of that.
@Catija Yeah, I really want a sequel as I like the universe it builds, but it was so horribly mismanaged.
If you haven't taken the poll, it's your solemn duty... make it happen: docs.google.com/forms/d/…
so catija are you not a jolie fan? (as is the case for many women... her being a husband stealer & all that!)
@vzn Actually, I love some of her stuff. I'll watch the Tomb Raider movies anytime.
2:07 AM
@Catija Owch that was a long checklist, but I only got like 4 boxes!
ladyfriend actually once told me she couldnt watch angie jolie anymore because of her stealing brad pitt, wild stuff. same lady read all 3 50shades of gray lol
And the husband stealing thing doesn't bother me... I'm not a fan of Jennifer Aniston.
ooh, aniston is great. luv her quirky choices like office space & wanderlust lol
whats not to like :\
Cute how Neil Patrick Harris has to laugh himself at every second line.
Friends. A million times Friends.
2:10 AM
Ida based on what I've heard about the story.
friends, yeah, enuf said, never watched it...
Aww, too bad The Dark Valley didn't make it to nomination, liked that very much.
@GiantCowFilms Sorry! It's just all 60 of them.
@vzn Flagged as offensive.
I know a Polish guy who's extremely happy right now.
2:11 AM
lol yikes
@Catija Yah, though 90% were R rated/not my type of movie
Love how that guy was just all, "Fuck the band."
hey dont shoot me man just agreeing with catija, thought she had big sway around here :\
Really think they should give the foreign categories a little more time to speak. English isn't their native tongue.
I have no sway. It's all a front.
2:15 AM
I seriously just could not like the mom in Boyhood, as a character. It's basically her fault their childhood was messed up.
are you seeing the oscars?
@TheEmperorofIceCream Of course we do! And welcome. ;-)
Oh that's a job I would love, seat filler.
Such an awesome job.
@NapoleonWilson They get paid to do that, too.
@Catija Haha, keyword!
2:17 AM
Reminds me of the Adele Dazeem Name Generator, travoltify your name: slate.com/articles/arts/low_concept/2014/03/…
Best song number ever.
I want a LEGO Oscar. :(
@MattD Noone beats Skyfall!
@NapoleonWilson Nope, not as awesome.
2:22 AM
Oh Inherent Vice is something I haven't heard or seen much of at all, could be quite interesting, I guess.
@NapoleonWilson I wanted to see that.
There's something creepy about watching the mic emerge and retract from the stage.
I haven't seen any of the shorts, but oh how the Academy loves authentic ethno-stories.
I always want to watch the shorts but can never figure out how.
I'm officially dubbing this the Terrible Tribble Dress.
The animated shorts were fun.
2:30 AM
Does the music start quite early? Or do they just give the "lesser" categories less time?
Wow, the orchestra stopped playing for her... that was kind. Great call by the conductor.
NPH with the zinger.
LOVE Miyazaki.
@Catija Yes, Miyazaki is sooooo good. I remember when Spirited Away won best animated and I got to see it in theaters as a result. So magical.
Hey, new people, SPEAK UP IN CHAT! Don't be shy, chime in!
Nausicaa was my fav.
I actually thought the new Annie was cute...
2:35 AM
Ooooooooh Gwenyth Paltrow.
Pepper Pots!
gwenyth who shall forever live in conscious uncoupling infamy...
Margot Tenenbaum.
But nothing goes over Scottish accent!
Are we still watching the same thing? Right now it's on Tim McGraw singing.
2:37 AM
Yep, that's what I'm on.
Bu we're in the US so we can watch the broadcast.
And they go to commercial.
funky/ wild movie with gwenyth "thx for sharing"
Actually, the commercials during the ceremony have been pretty good.
Did you see the Zillow commercial?
I've been doing other things during the commercials.
Ah. It was just apropos of the convo about product placement... there was a Samsung phone in the commercial and I'll bet they paid to be there.
2:41 AM
@Catija Well Elen helped with that last year with the selfie.
selfies a new art form :\
yeah. True
HA HA HA. Love it.
art for narcissists :p
So much for complaining about Sarah Jessica Parker in a towel.
@Catija It's a scene from Birdman.
2:44 AM
@MattD Ah. Haven't seen that one yet.
@Catija I rented it on Google Play last night, along with Boyhood.
Ah yes, giving an award to the guy who made the digital projectors that make 3D movies and thus big profits possible.
Captain America... and... um... some lady?
I have Interstellar in both of these categories.
Wait, was that just an interpretation of Take My Breath Away from Top Gun?
ah, 3d movie profit. not what its cracked up to be...
2:46 AM
Whiplash is a music movie
I posted that before they announced...
@Catija Sienna Miller, the gal from American Sniper whom I actually only now from Stardust otherwise.
Haven't seen either. ;/
I'm waiting for the hype on American Sniper to cool down before seeing it.
probably at least as good as 0 dark 30 ;)
Well, Sniper has one now, but war movies usually pull this one.
2:49 AM
I never get what's editing and what's mixing, though. So "editing" is creating the effects and "mixing" is blending all together?
mixing is sound levels.
Bad puns FTW
mixing is the balance of different elements in the sound mix. voice, music, sound effects etc.
God, that hair.
2:51 AM
Apparently Ida is on Netflix in the US at the moment.
He could have at least had someone do something to it... looks like he just let it dry when he got out of the shower.
I have Patricia Arquette for Best Supporting Actress.
@Catija It's Jared Leto, it's his thing.
The question is, if Meryl Streep does a 5-second non-dialogue cameo, will she get a nomination, too?
Gah, the Supporting Actress category is so stack with talent this year.
2:53 AM
But he just looks gross.
how many oscars does streep have now anyway?
LEGO OSCAR! That's awesome.
What Into the Woods is musical? Didn't know that at all!
And she can say she beat Meryl Streep for an award!
2:54 AM
@NapoleonWilson Yep. It's a Steven Sondheim musical.
Ouh, shall I already fear a Boyhood rush by now?
It was pretty great.
@NapoleonWilson The phrasing of that question is kinda funny. :P
I saw Rick. :D
That's gonna be all over the news, especially Fox News.
Fox is going to have a field day with that.
2:56 AM
It should be. It was pretty awesome. Fox can go sit on it and spin.
Oh, Shaft, love all the movie themes.
Fuck. I need to get caught up on House of Cards.
I find HoC really unsettling. I have a hard time watching.
PETA sting.
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