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5:45 AM
@jcolebrand I still was the only vtc and wanted a second opinion
My personal opinion. Just delete it
Now that it's closed I can and have vtd
6:45 AM


Use to list questions that can probably be deleted in future.
7:08 AM
7:49 AM
Good morning
8:07 AM
Review queues are big-ish if anyone's not on strike :)
Fair few close votes
8:47 AM
9:00 AM
Morning all. I think I'm missing something. All the links & searches I do for SQL Server 2019 take me to evaluation downloads. The installer is SQL2019-SSEI-Eval.exe. I was expecting a GA or RTM one. I've tried different browsers and private tabs and whatnot & I really don't think I'm stuck in a little pocket of cached links. Where have I gone wrong? (Specifically on this download issue; let's leave my broader life choices 'til another time.)
This page seems to offer various options (found using sql server 2019 download in DDG)
@MichaelGreen You're starting from microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server/sql-server-downloads?
clicking Developer Edition there gives me SQL2019-SSEI-Dev.exe
@PaulWhite Weird, considering one of us was doing it in the future
I wonder what makes Michael think Eval isn't RTM
Do you just plonk a key in and they become "real" ?
9:13 AM
Non-evaluation? Yes.
9:24 AM
They're implementing a workflow system here.
Unfortunately Dilbert doesn't seem to do one-boxing.
Wooo! Thanks guys. My searches were landing on that page but the big "download free trial" box at the top captured my attention. Never thought to scroll through the rest of the page. Derp.
@PaulWhite Because it's called "eval" and has the same download experience, look-and-feel and naming as the CTP editions I pulled months back, before it was announced as GA. And there's no indication (that I could see) that following the eval path would install the post Nov-5 functionality.
9:43 AM
No worries
@Philᵀᴹ Done my bit and them some.
1 hour later…
11:16 AM
> Comment: Content not write properly.
@George.Palacios Good to see irony's alive and well.
11:50 AM
Yuck that should have been rejected and edited
Never going to learn to edit better otherwise
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
Love that I can just ping the product manager for SQL Developer on Twitter & he'll hop on here and answer :)
A: SQLcl history (up-arrow) rewrites my queries

thatjeffsmithYup, I see that, it's a bug. Will log it and we can hope for a fix in version 19.4. Just a quick note, you're missing out on features available in versions 19.1, 19.2, and soon to be version 19.3.

Looks like there won't be any hats this year
@PaulWhite this is an outrage
I'm not privy to what's going on with Winter Bash (literally heard nothing about it myself, but maybe I missed something), but a major factor to keep in mind is our chief architect of fun things no longer works for us. — animuson ♦ yesterday
hats are overrated anyway.
Typo of the day: incestigate
1:31 PM
Love thy brother?
@Forrest Started one of your pinots last night. Super popular.
Good to know!
It's like really really really nice
> Made by John & Brigid Forrest
1:35 PM
I had to come up with some criteria for picking wines
@PaulWhite it sounds there is also a 'how much' question along the way
just one glass
too good to glug
Opening a bottle of wine is dangerous. Don't want it to spoil.... Just 1 more topup ....
A bottle of wine never lasts long enough to go off.
One glass each per night.
Two nights per bottle.
This one takes some willpower though for sure.
Wait what? No more hats?
1:55 PM
@PaulWhite That's in our local!
I will pick up a bottle at the weekend
I hope it travels well
The network seems to be offline
@George.Palacios Local wine store?
> **We are currently offline for maintenance**
> Routine maintenance usually takes less than an hour. If this turns into an extended outage, we will tweet updates from @StackStatus or post details on the status blog.
2:08 PM
It's back
Gives me time to learn XML
Evan? I don't know their personal pronoun
2:24 PM
startrekwines.com <--- love the Zinfandel bottle
Such a nice shape
answered my own question
@PaulWhite Local upmarket grocery store
1 hour later…
3:50 PM
@George.Palacios I had a similar experience once. My parents have a lifestyle block next to a winery called Langdales (no longer a winery as the vines were destroyed in the 2006 grass fire). One day I saw some wine from Langdales in a grog shop in Reigate.
1 hour later…
5:18 PM
@Johnakahot2use my third person singular pronoun is "supreme leader" and the possessive form is "zog". any violation of this goes beyond my gender identity (i am a gender fluid god) but also insults my authority and my religion. This is another reason why I'm glad the CoC has sent a firm blow to Christandom, and helped established the real theocracy that we all deserve.
In the world I will build, we will all live in a post-binary communist utopia. I will establish PostgreSQL as the supreme database of the land, and banish SQL Server to the dustbin of history.
6:03 PM
So here's a good one. If you send a job_id variable to sp_add_job (as OUTPUT) that is not initialized to NULL:

Msg 14274, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_add_job, Line 132 [Batch Start Line 2]
Cannot add, update, or delete a job (or its steps or schedules) that originated from an MSX server.
Rather random error.
(It had the job_id of a previously deleted job, in case you were wondering)
@CadeRoux Was the deleted job one that originated from an MSX server?
Lol, no
It was the same job that was being recreated
DECLARE @jobId uniqueidentifier = NULL
SELECT @jobId = job_id FROM msdb.dbo.sysjobs WHERE (name = N'JobName')
	EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_delete_job @job_id = @jobId, @delete_unused_schedule = 1;
	SET @jobId = NULL
EXEC @ReturnCode =  [msdb].dbo.sp_add_job @job_name=N'JobName',
		@description=N'No description available.',
		@category_name=N'[Uncategorized (Local)]',
If you leave off that SET @JobId = NULL, it will fail the second time through.
Or the first time through if the job previously existed, obviously
Curious oddity
And useful to know too, so thanks for sharing @Cade!
Yes, moving variables around is not always harmless. I had pulled the variable up because this was becoming a single batch in a transaction instead of two batches separated by a GO
I didn't think I would need another variable since the variable was just an output.
6:26 PM
A: Suggestions for Winter Bash 2019

Lightness Races with MonicaMultiverse hat Contribute to a question/answer, via editing, that's old enough to mean the post is now allegedly covered by at least three separate Creative Commons licences simultaneously, while the UI only actually indicates the one that relates to your new contributions. t ──────────────────...

Lol, is that akin to a Mandela-effect. It was Berenstein!
3 hours later…
9:36 PM
@mustaccio You have an answer inside your comment, so you'll need to escape it by posting it as an answer.
I VTC that question, so, no. Appreciate the pun though.
10:36 PM
I voted too, the immediate problem is a typo (a space between the : and the =)

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