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8:00 PM
SQL Server Golden Edition
@JNK a query plan
@swasheck smack
8:11 PM
missed me missed me
i have a problem
We're not spectacular if this is MySQL based
SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, probably even sybase, bring it on.
@Carbos is there a reason you're bringing a problem to chat instead of creating a question?
MySQL, be prepared for blank looks
@billinkc be prepared for blank looks regardless
8:20 PM
be prepared
hi all
i don't have any problems
can you help me?
Beware, Blanks looks are coming
@James yes.
@James Not enough alcohol to help you
8:21 PM
@james i got 99 problems
want one of mine?
@swasheck you should look for another problem, you know, round numbers and all
@Lamak whoosh
@swasheck maybe, what's today's?
The top of 9s are round
@James dbcc checkdb jobs collided with a ... logjam of virus reporting data loads. still suffering from it
i'm the lucky on-call dba
8:23 PM
how many times/week does your team get called?
maybe once per day. but we also have proactive monitoring that pages out whenever things look like they're about to go wrong
so i'll get alerts all day long
(and through the night, depending on the situation in life, i.e. are our poo-flinging monkeys, er, devs, making changes?)
that's nuts
what does 'about to go wrong' look like?
@James it's not bad. most of it is noise. "server down" "server back up" (reboot)
@James blocking for > 10 minutes. query running for > 30 minutes. error log entries look suspect.
"this mount point is low on space, request more"
"this AG is unhealthy"
Q: Count Comments for each Article

CarbosI have three tables users , article and comments_article i use this query for have all article and the information about who write this article: SELECT article.* , users.* , article.id AS id , (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `article` JOIN users ON article.id_user=users.id ) AS coun FROM `article` JOIN us...

our sql sentry monitoring service is noisy - because we configured it that way
8:27 PM
help pls
@swasheck does every query that blocks for > 10 min or runs more than 30 min lead to someone getting texted or called?
yeah, we have the same type of thing with sql sentry. it is a nice monitoring system but we need to stop alerting on things that are expected
@James we get a text alert. and yes. all queries (well, on the big instance with crappy queries we have it set to 1hr)
@swasheck how do you sleep?
@Carbos you just posted the question 4 minutes ago. Give a bit of time. Even say hello before you just drop in and say help pls
8:30 PM
@James only on call 48 hours and then done for a while. it's not actually that bad. we dont get a lot of pages even though we've set ourselves up to get a lot
@James well, for things like server bounces, we want to know when any server is down and then we want to be able to cross-reference that to servers coming back up (cleanly).
@swasheck yeah, i would want an alert for a server rebooting. they aren't supposed to do that.
the ones we have for blocked and long-running sql seem mostly silly though. we get a few hundred a day and ignore them.
there are a few that we do actually need to know about, but they get lost in the flood emails.
@bluefeet but anybody answer to my question
16 mins ago, by Carbos
i've suggested turning most of it off. hopefully it will happen soon!
@Carbos "Doesn't work" does not describe the problem
8:34 PM
@Carbos like I said you just posted the question a few minutes ago. You have to give people some time to read the question and even write a response.
@billinkc missed that..whoops
How does it not work? Does it catch the keyboard on fire? Does it return the wrong results? Great, how are they wrong?
@bluefeet That's your one mistake.
@Carbos It would be better if you include your table structures, some data and then the desired result. We can't guess what the problem is
One more, and your diamond gets broken
@James i go and look for them and see what's going on. does it have a plan yet? when's its grant timeout, etc.
@billinkc nuh uh. diamonds are forever
how i can include a structure in the post?
8:36 PM
@billinkc never, I am all powerful.
Well, only on SO
@Carbos CREATE TABLE MyTable(Col1 INT.....
@Carbos The Edit button
@bluefeet which is where i voted to send that question
@swasheck please don't It will get closed there
too late ... and PERFECT!!! if it gets closed there, why should it stay here?
8:38 PM
how i can take CREATE TABLE ecc from phpmyadmin?
@swasheck why send something that is off-topic though?
and why is it off-topic here?
the rule of thumb is not to migrate crap
but if i use GROUP BY
When you say "after use count in PHP but it doesn't work..." ... this isn't a programming site. If you need help with the PHP piece, please take this question to Stack OverflowKermit 8 secs ago
how i can use it?
Kermit... i have problem with query, but i can "count" with php too
8:43 PM
@Carbos The fine manual describes all of this dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/group-by-functions.html
@swasheck i am kind of shocked. if i looked at every query that was blocked or long-running on every database, i'd never get anything else done.
i can do
GROUP BY table1.colomn ORDER BY table1.colomn2 DESC ?
no i can't
@swasheck i suppose something like that is common many places, though? when i was a monitoring tech working the night shift about 10 years ago, we'd wake up the oracle dbas almost every night.
@Carbos i would really recommend learning SQL basics
8:48 PM
@Carbos You can only order by columns that are in query.
(it was mostly because i hated oracle)
And Kermit is correct, you should work though some basic tutorials (not W3C by the way)
i study sql <.<
Study harder
@James probably not common. it's not common for us. just because we have a low threshold doesnt mean that we're always getting pinged
8:49 PM
i use it only in website
not other
@Carbos Study on a platform other than MySQL.
I drive a go kart on a track, therefore I can drive formula one
i have help fot this query for work , and it is very urgent
i know i must study hard
@swasheck well you just told me the on-call dba gets called every day and that you get alerts all day. i guess it depends on what you mean by always
but i need this query now
8:51 PM
Your urgency though, is not our urgency. The StackExchange model is that we want good questions that help promote learning, not just scratching the current itch
@Carbos You aren't providing enough details to answer the question. We already said that including table, data, etc would help tremendously.
Also are you getting paid for a job you can't do?
even if that gets migrated to Stack Overflow, it will be closed because you haven't provide enough details on why that code isn't working
@AaronBertrand I would send that question to Stack Overflow
8:52 PM
@Kermit but it will be rejected and closed there so there is no point
@bluefeet which is the point
@James i see. yeah. that's the confusion. i'm actually currently working an incident so that's why i'm not making much sense. i'll talk to you all later
@Kermit you make no sense
@swasheck yeah sorry. good luck with the incident
8:53 PM
i don't post on stackoverflow because i've reached the limit of post
So then when you reach the limit of posts here you'll move on to where?
And the reason you've reached the limit is because you are not following the rules
asd no
The site isn't meant to be a free consulting resource where we can solve all the problems you're getting paid for
@Carbos I strongly suggest that you read how to ask
8:54 PM
because i go to stackoverflow for do a question and not for answe
i don't paid
it is for a my friend
@Carbos Just google SQL Server aggregation and/or GROUP BY
@Carbos your friend urgently needs to know how to GROUP BY and COUNT()?
what you are looking for is a very very basic implementation of aggregation
which is a very very basic concept in relational databases
@Carbos the people who answer on these sites do it for fun or to help others, but you have to provide enough details to answer a question
now i search group by and how i can use, if i don't undestand, i write the structure of tables
8:59 PM
@Carbos No need to search, I already gave you the link dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/group-by-functions.html
but, what for you is basic, for other could be hard
i'm not english, so i prefere in another language
you are not the first to ask, nor will you be the last. Asking is fine but you must do the basics which are outlined in the How to Ask that Bluefeet already linked
YP, not MP
But, even as that's the case. you could show some effort on your part by running the same search through google.it and find the Italian translation or let Chrome autotranslate for you. Instead, you stand with your hand out
We love to help but you have to be helpable
i think, these information were enough , if it wasn't enough , exscuse me
ciao and buona fortuna
@Carbos I feel like I'm repeating myself, but we've given you some pointers on how to improve your question. Instead of arguing with us about the urgency of it, edit your question and fix it.
9:04 PM
now i try to resolve by myself
thanks every one ;)
so, can you tell me a good manual for SQL?
not a manual, but an online tutorial: sqlzoo.net/wiki/Main_Page
9:23 PM
I had nearly used my kick-mute powers
Q: Can we get log messages for kicks?

R. Martinho FernandesIf you kick someone in chat there's no notification of that for anyone but yourself. This is not good. I just applied the third kick to someone thinking it was the second because someone else applied another one without my knowledge. When I kick, I have to announce it manually out of a personal ...

@billinkc ignore
But, but with new powers come new abuses
@billinkc same here, almost clicked it twice..
anyone ever dealt with a hung checkpoint?
no, how does it behave?
9:35 PM
it doesnt. it just blocks things
like the poo-flinging monkey who configured this database to run autoshrink
@James we get a lot of informational pings during business hours. overnight it's just high-priority stuff.
@swasheck can this help? is it a prod machine or dev/test?
oh. it's prod.
you can check Perfmon counters then, right?
yeah. it finally stopped
9:52 PM
well if it was writing a lot, I guess you could see it with Lazy Writes/Sec and Checkpoint Pages/sec (and the other disk related counters)
if it was just hung over.. thank just give it some vitamins and rest :-)
yeah. it's just odd because i've never seen checkpoint block for ~15 minutes
large instance ~ much memory? drop in PLE?
just grasping at straws, nothing useful most probably
Not an answer or just poor quality?
A: SSIS Job using ADO.NET SQL Server only will not run in 64 bit, only 32 bit

NickMy question is why do you need to debug in 64 bit? I know for us, we debug in 32 bit but that's because we have a 64 bit instance installed with a 32 bit integration services instance installed. I didn't think it was typical for local machines to run IS package in 64 bit. With that being said, ma...

10:38 PM
Help needed.
Q: How to auto-complete all columns in "select * from table" in SQL Server Management Studio

user2055187Write this: select * from TableA Want this: select c1, c2, c2 ... from TableA SQL Server Management Studio provides intellisense to pick one column at a time. it takes a while for table with lots of columns. I can use Script Table as =>Select To=> New Query Edit Window. and the copy/Paste to m...

what is happening in here today
how about you help me
create table aTable (
id int zerofill not null auto_increment,
primary key (id)
why doesn't that work on oracle sql developer
SQL Error: ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis
what database? Oracle? If so they don't have auto_increment
oh man.
just another concern i have to bring up with my professor
@swasheck oh i see. well that seems to make more sense. i'm hoping to get some of the noise turned off so that we can focus on things that matter (e.g. blocking on the trading systems).
11:04 PM
@Hellovart how about you test on sqlfiddle? If it doesn't work there.. it might also not work on a real server.
(but choose your version wisely)
@Hellovart did you ask this question on one of the stack exchange sites?
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