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1:15 AM
@PaulWhite are you still around?
sweet. quick question. i've been attempting to test this but i want to see if there's already an answer out there. is the impact of data-moving page splits more severe on a defragmented index?
1:33 AM
@PaulWhite not sure if you have any thoughts on the above.
@swasheck What sort of page split doesn't move data? And by "defragmented" do you mean an index with no free space? i.e. 100% FILLFACTOR?
= unclear what you're asking :)
@PaulWhite hm. maybe i'm misunderstanding things. mid-page splits. and i'm meaning a freshly-rebuilt index with fillfactor 100%
Well a "bad" page split always moves ~half of the rows to a new page.
right. so i guess that's what i'm talking about
So I'm going to go with a tentative "no".
1:39 AM
tentative "no" because i'm not capable of clearly articulating what i'm asking? or tentative "no" because theoretically you dont think it should but can't verify? :) because i'm feeling the former.
i've just been doing some testing based on some developer feedback we've received
But the more I think about it, the more I'm sure the cost of a "bad" page split doesn't depend on the existing fragmentation state of the index.
Except that an index with lots of free space is less prone to split in the first place of course.
we have an overnight job that inserts data ... combo of acceptable and bad page splits are part of what's occurring. the job is significantly slower the day after we run our index defrag/maintenance scripts. another teammate is evaluating the quantity and characteristics of the data
Have you guys tried pumpkin spice joins?
1:42 AM
@PaulWhite but i decided to see if fragmentation affected the performance of splits.
and i'm not sure how that'd be tested
and i decided to ask to see if anyone knew off the top of their heads anyway
@PaulWhite right
@swasheck Are you sure you're not just seeing more bad splits on the freshly-maintained index? Why maintain at 100% if you expect inserts?
@PaulWhite a) no. i'm not sure about that yet. b) inherited tech. debt. this is the first step in changing from the default fillfactor of 0
Ok well there's something to measure then.
@PaulWhite i guess that's my thought --- would more = longer (theoretically)?
In general, yes.
Doing more of anything often takes more time, right?
1:47 AM
so that was my line of thinking but i wanted to make sure that i was granular enough (evaluating both acceptable and "bad" splits) to ensure that i wasnt misrepresenting splits in general
@PaulWhite thanks for your help. sorry i have such difficulty formulating a decent question/thought
I would ignore the good page splits. Adding a fresh page to the end of an index is not something you can improve much.
No worries. You caught me in the middle of writing an article, so I was a bit preoccupied.
@PaulWhite fillfactor wouldnt even improve that, right? also - it's not just now ... i do tend to turn into an SO user when i ask questions that are in uncharted territory for me
Right. A new page added to the end of an index is a new page, full stop. No fillfactor effect.
5 hours later…
6:30 AM
@Kermit Are those web scale?
7:06 AM
silly joke
A: How to save an interval of years in postgresql

Neil McGuiganYou could use an two smallint columns: create schema ponzi; /* a ponzi schema! Totally unnecessary */ create table foo ( from_year smallint not null, to_year smallint not null, check (from_year = to_year - 1 and from_year >= extract(year from current_date)), unique (from_year, to_year)...

7:28 AM
A: copying 1.2 GB mdb from pc to network

jefferycarson816large MDB files have threat go get corrupt so it is advisable to use small files on server. But in the case of mdb file corruption you can use Access Fix Toolbox to get back your corrupt data. http://www.access.fixtoolbox.com/ Kindly refer to the page for instruction and download of the solution:...

4 hours later…
11:37 AM
12:03 PM
@James of course.
12:53 PM
morning all
1:04 PM
morning you
1:16 PM
It's nice to see a new user on SO, ask a question that actually includes - table data, what they tried and why it didn't work.
it would be nice
1:32 PM
@Lamak here is one that actually did -- stackoverflow.com/questions/26141376/…
good question
Yesterday I got an user asking a question, reading my answer an then immediately deleting the question :-/
@Lamak that's not fair. What question?
I didn't save it, so I guess I won't find it?
So, do I close this as a duplicate of their earlier question or as a duplicate of the duplicate used for their earlier question...
Q: How to merge new aggregated columns

kavitha236I am trying to merge two tables after an aggregation transformation. Since I want few columns to pass through. Could someone suggest the transformation I need to use. Merge and Merge Join I am not able to use since I have 12489 rows from one output and 241 rows from another output. I want to add ...

1:45 PM
@bluefeet ah, yeah, that one. I envy your mod powers (but not your mod responsabilities)
in your recent deleted answers
@bluefeet ah, didn't think about it since I didn't actually deleted it. Thanks!
@Lamak did you decide on the spanish CM position?
@bluefeet we decided for him. and he should be applying for it
@bluefeet Not yet. Though I think that I ultimately won't do it
1:53 PM
@Lamak booo
@Kermit you could write my CV
@Lamak just print out your SO user profile
tsk, tsk, tsk, We use resumes here
@billinkc the rest of the world uses CV
@bluefeet it just seems like I'm not ready for that responsability
1:55 PM
@Lamak working from home?
@Kermit Murica is the world
@billinkc truth
@billinkc right, I forgot
@Kermit correct
@Lamak See, you're even misusing our spelling rules. You can be a Murican.
Nevermind, go back to china
@billinkc yes, I can!
2:06 PM
i want to ask
I'm really enjoying my rereading the Great Gatsby but it's making all of my internal monologue sound like I'm an extra in "His Girl Friday".
f.a , f.c2 , e.Entrance_number, e.Exit_number,f.c5 , f.c6 , f.c7 , f.c8 , f.c9 , f.c10 , f.c11 , f.c12 , f.c13 , f.c14, f.c15 , f.c16, f.c17 , f.c18 , f.c19 , f.c20 , f.c21 , f.c22 , f.c23 , f.c24 , f.c25 , f.c26 , f.c27 , f.c28 , f.c29 , f.c30 , f.c31 , f.c32 , f.c33

(select distinct a.Entrance_number , a.Exit_number from all_OD as a) as e

left outer join

select * from

(select dx.*
, rq.c2
, rq.c3
, rq.c4
, rq.c5
, rq.c6
, rq.c7
, rq.c8
, rq.c9
, rq.c10
, rq.c11
, rq.c12
, rq.c13
Have you considered asking a question on dba.stackexchange.com or perhaps stackoverflow.com?
@user965347 posting a sql query in here isn't asking a question
2:07 PM
what exactly are we supposed to get from that block of code?
Second point that isn't a question. It appears to be a code wall.
ok ok i know problem here
gtg to SO
sorry pal
Come on computer. Let's pick up the pace here.
15 minutes into signing on and I'm still waiting on SSMS to boot up...
Eeegads that's a shitload of hard coded values he's got in that thing.
2:16 PM
that was terrible
There's more hard coded values in that one query than I've used in my 3 years in the industry...
they have a column for each hour
hahaha so they do.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably not performing well.
we all know your super-sekrit password
2:24 PM
@AaronBertrand you can come back it has left the room.
That may be the ugliest query I've ever seen...
sigh Gordon posts a query with syntax issues and it doesn't give the result -- stackoverflow.com/a/26143485/426671
Ruh roh Seth turned into a robot of some kind.
jeez, that query made my head hurt
It wasn't good.
having a hard time getting going this morning
2:27 PM
verrah verrah disappointed in myself
Have you tried coffee or perhaps cocain?
@ypercube Synopsis what star trek bit this is?
@Zane coffee now. i thought i was supposed to wait until the day was done for cocaine
Data uses a 100-long security code.
@ypercube probably stored as a nvarchar(100) *gotta account for internationalization/galaxization
2:39 PM
Much broad. Read manual. — Kermit just now
2:56 PM
are you able to answer the question? or are you just going to nitpick regarding the use of nolock? — chenks 2 mins ago
thanks... that seems to do the job good to see some folk actually answer the question that was asked. — chenks 1 min ago
@billinkc i would give this user a time out if i was a mod like @bluefeet
@bluefeet thanks for your comment
@bluefeet @Zane @Lamak i appreciate your support
What a bitchy little prick.
c'mon ... there's gotta be a dupe somewhere
k, folks I'm gonna clean up the comments. No need to pile on :)
3:04 PM
@Kermit I mean, you even linked to a blog post about it, not just said "don't use NOLOCK"
@swasheck lol
for posterity
I want to wring that little turds neck. There are few things that annoy me more than kind of SO user.
> i'm going to contribute a VTC as soon as i choose one.
3:05 PM
for posterity
@bluefeet oh wow, i didn't know you could edit comments
with (nolock) why are you doing this? Bad habits : Putting NOLOCK everywhereKermit 18 mins ago
@Kermit yes I can
I figured I'd consolidate them
found it. you may all VtC
@Kermit that didnt have my comment
@swasheck You didn't make the cut.
@Kermit Let the record show that OP was indeed a jackass.
3:09 PM
@Zane and kermit wasn't even nasty
@Kermit I can testify if you need
I'm going to have to start being meaner to SO users.
Someone has to do it.
@Zane we have enough users who resort to that. Please don't
@Zane you need to ask yourself, "what would megaman do"?
He would die. Many times. That game is hard is hell.
3:13 PM
@Zane that's true. So true
what. an. ass.
thanks Unicorno Marley for giving a sensible reply to those previous comments. and yes that is exactly the reason for using it. — chenks 43 secs ago
@swasheck remember when media was not allowed to play RATM after 9/11
What an intolerable jackass.
@Kermit i dont, actually. that's a shame.
(both that i cannot remember it and that it actually happened)
@Kermit RATM?
3:20 PM
@Lamak rage against the machine
@swasheck second paragraph
Rage Against the Machine, commonly abbreviated as RATM, is an American rap metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1991, the group consists of rapper/vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist and backing vocalist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk. They draw inspiration from early heavy metal instrumentation, as well as hip hop acts such as Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys and Dutch crossover band Urban Dance Squad. Rage Against the Machine is best known for its leftist political views, which are expressed in many of its songs. As of 2010, they have...
@Kermit What do you mean they weren't allowed to RATM? On what form of Media?
wtf. that's dumb. stupid clearchannel/iheartmoney|music
@Kermit I know them, didn't know they had an acronym though
@Lamak if they didn't before, they do now
We have clear channel here and they play Rage.
3:22 PM
@Kermit just read about Tom Morello being an ass to some bar owner and stuff this week
@Zane uhhhh ... it was apparently, like, 13 years ago. :)
@Zane it's not the day after 9/11
Oh it was just for a day?
@Zane don't know how long it went on for, but it was just immediately following the event
The 2001 Clear Channel memorandum is a document distributed by Clear Channel Communications shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, to the more than 1,200 radio stations they owned. The memo contained a long list of what the memo termed "lyrically questionable" songs. During the time immediately after the attacks, many television and radio stations altered normal programming in response to the events, and the rumor spread that Clear Channel and its subsidiaries had established a list of songs with lyrics Clear Channel deemed "questionable". The list was not a demand not to play...
RATM was the only artist which had all songs blocked
c'mon folks ... two more VtC
Q: combine two queries to produce one row of results

chenksi have two queries each producing a count of records grouped by a key field query 1 select link_to_contract_header, count(*) 'total1' from calls with (nolock) where call_type in ('HB','PI') group by link_to_contract_header order by link_to_contract_header query 2 select link_to_contract_head...

3:26 PM
whoops my mouse slipped and voted to delete
@swasheck i think @bluefeet can step in now
@bluefeet ... chenks cussed at us in public
"right assholes"?
@Lamak sounds very propah englishy
3:29 PM
ah, like "righteous assholes"?
@bluefeet feel free to delete my comment I just wanted to make sure it showed up in his inbox.
@Zane oh it's gone
@Kermit it makes me sad that you didnt upvote any of my comments
I think the retention period for some of MS properties is measured in microseconds
3:30 PM
They didn't live long.
@swasheck i'm sorry. i was feeling sad that i was trying to help this fucker and he was being a fucker
Oh, sign in. You're not signed in, please click here. Oh, have you thought about signing in? We're sorry, we couldn't finish the sign on process because you needed to sign in first
@billinkc huh?
@billinkc fustercluck
@Kermit fair enough
You have my upvote
@bluefeet I love it when you get all moddy
3:32 PM
I'm signed in for a few MS websites, msdn, hotmail, etc. and after most any click on one of them, I keep getting signed out
@Lamak I read that as moldy and was soooo confused
@billinkc dumb
@billinkc I do get moldy sometimes
@billinkc you shouldn't drink so early
@bluefeet I wouldn't think so. Figured the blazing sun there would keep you dry as a lizard
@Lamak you misspelled should.
3:33 PM
@Lamak This implies I stopped drinking. Our local sportsBall team performed well in their match last evening
@Zane lol
@swasheck how's your wife, how's your kids
@billinkc that explains it then
@Kermit For some reason I thought "911 is a Joke" was on that list as well.
@billinkc they did. steve balboni is proud
@Kermit alive and kickin'
@James that's funny
@swasheck that's the best kind
3:35 PM
I used to work for Clear Channel. It kind of sucked?
@James at least you didn't work for Comcast
@Kermit or the DoD
@swasheck same thing
@swasheck Dan Quisenberry was #29 and this is 29 years since we did won the the world series so it's been said there was divine intervention last night
3:37 PM
@billinkc They're stress-testing the SSO database
@billinkc Q was awesome. i'm a big fan of the Royals. they had spring training in orlando (where i was raised) and they were always the most personable of the teams in the area. ergo, i like them
@James they're doing it wrong. it's not supposed to be stressing the users
@swasheck That must have sucked. During the 90's and 00's and most of this decade as well.
@Zane hahahahaah. yeah. it's funny that you mention the whole twins/royals thing because they were always my two favorite spring training teams. i played catch with chuck knoblauch when he was a rookie.
A SAP consultant just sent me an email that says mount points are faster than drive letters
3:44 PM
@James send the research
@swasheck Nice.
@swasheck I'm pretty sure there won't be any
@James that sounds like a good serverfault question. let them geek out on it
We use mount points anyhow, so it doesn't really matter. I just thought it was funny.
If there really is a performance difference, something is really wrong with Windows.
@James yeah
do you have a quote from the email that you can share in here
3:48 PM
Q: Delete duplicates from 941million records in SQL SERVER

VaniI have a table with 941 million records, a business logic is used to delete duplicates from the tables.It takes hours to do so.Below is the part of actual code:- SELECT A.MDA_IDAndDateID, A.MDA_DefinitionElementID, A.Value ,MIN(A.QuoteID) as SelectedQuote ,Q.QuoteTypeID FROM TABLE_A A Inne...

@swasheck "for performance reasons, architecturally it is better to run the DB on mount points". It's probably just a misunderstanding from some discussion he's had with a DBA about mount points vs drive letters. No evidence presented. I'll ask him about it if I ever have a chance.
@James ah. i was going to post to SF
but that's a bit more ambiguous
> Secret Service grilled over intruder
that seems a bit extreme, doesn't it? wouldnt termination of employment be sufficient?
@swasheck was this about the security guard that was armed in the same elevator as Obama?
3:57 PM
@Lamak dude who hopped the fence at the WH
and got fired for behaving like a jackass taking pictures?
@swasheck oh, that's a previous one then
@swasheck char-broiled?
with a nice chianti
and some fava beans
4:04 PM
@Lamak link?
good lord people are awful
So I dropped my facebook account and I'm quite happy with the result. I didn't have to hurt any friends or families feelings by telling them I'm not interested in their irrelevant click-bait, borderline psychotic religious rantings, or their self serving left wing ramblings.
Bomb threat at Sandy Hook today
I'm back in control of the content I'm viewing.
@JNK dammit.
4:14 PM
not a great phone call to get
I would bet money it's one of the kids who goes there. We had some little shit do that when I was in Jr. High.
These are 5-10 year olds so probably not
but you never know
Thanks for the advice. I know how to use SO. — Aaron Bertrand 24 secs ago
@Zane I find that stuff easy enough to ignore without deleting my account. :-)
@AaronBertrand you missed a party earlier
Ooh really?
4:20 PM
50 mins ago, by Kermit
user image
with (nolock) why are you doing this? Bad habits : Putting NOLOCK everywhereKermit 2 hours ago
Sorry I missed it. Some people have skin far too thin to participate in sites like these.
Yo. What's occurring?
4:34 PM
@Phil holy turdballs. we see Nessie more than we see you these days. how're things?
I'm awesome now. Had a crappy few months, but I'm alive, well, and recovered :)
Ready to once again terrorise you all!
sorry for the crappy months, but glad you're recovered.
Had a month off beer too, which must be a minor miracle in itself ;P
an interesting pause for reflection
Every once in a while, a dry month is good
4:46 PM
@Phil AH!
@MikeFal indeed. i try to do a few per year
@AaronBertrand You're a stronger man than I.
@Phil Welcome home.
@Zane I wish there was an anonymous dislike button for a lot of dumb shit that people post (just like the anonymous down-vote button for all the crap on SO)
How is downvote != dislike?
Anything of interest happened here of late?
4:55 PM
@MikeFal There is no downvote for comments.
Ah, well there should be
@Phil I heard Phil came back!
Heh :D
@MikeFal who didn't say it wasn't not-not-equal?
@AaronBertrand Implied that it wasn't there based on your last comment. It seems like you can downvote almost anything, so I thought you were asking for something else. However, no downvote on comments makes sense.
4:57 PM
@Phil we're being invated by SO-type questsions
@MikeFal I was talking about facebook. You can like shit all day long but you can't dislike anything.
Ah, my bad
That's not good. Thankfully, I bought my superhero sarcasm abilities back with me to thwart their plans!
@AaronBertrand that doesnt fit their advertising model :)
I have a dislike button on FB. It's called "stop following".
4:58 PM
@Phil we do a pretty good job of closing things
@MikeFal Mine was unsubscribe. That service was doing me no favors.
FB is handy for keeping in touch with family across the country, but I keep my FB friends to a minimum so I can avoid garbage.
@Phil How's life?
I have a private group of family and friends where I share most things, and where I pay attention to what they share. The public stream is a firehose of garbage.
@MikeFal I don't know. I kind of want to back to a model where when my family meets up and have pictures and stories to tell me.
5:03 PM
@Zane that is not RIGHT NOW enough for anyone
@Zane Not possible with a lot of my cousins.
You did not just post a Frozen song
5:08 PM
@Phil Glad to hear that.
@AaronBertrand ayup.
I was a bit worried about you. I dare say others were too.
@Phil synopsis?
@Phil Gotcha!
^---- don't be too excited
If you're installing in a VM, anyway, you need to wait for your VM vendor to supply drivers.
I tried providing Win 8.1 drivers on a USB stick, no go.
@AaronBertrand VMWare or Hyper-V?
5:14 PM
I'm on a Mac so neither. Parallels.
5:30 PM
I am currently upgrading my project to 2012 Data Tools! :)
I am currently trying to bend this availability group to my will
YEah, wish I knew more about clustering. the AG won't failover to its secondary node and the error messages are exceedingly vague.
@swasheck You there, bucko?
5:45 PM
So I've got an AG, the AG cluster resource won't start on the other synch node. Got no messages as to why, but it won't let me failover because of it. Any thoughts?
@MikeFal cluster service running on the other node?
I'll verify, but pretty sure. It shows fine in the cluster manager
the biggest problem we have is that our cluster service doesnt come up. you may need to bounce the sync node too. there's something weird going on and it periodically happens to us. there's not really much we've found, but bouncing the secondary helps
Additional: The IP address resource will come up, it's the AG resource that won't.
Yeah, cluster service is running. And we have bounced that node a couple time
IIRC, AG resource is simply the listener. is there something awry with the listener config?
5:52 PM
Not much to look at, but looks ok compared to other servers that work.
not sure. tucker may be a better resource for you. ping him
Heh, I don't have a convenient way to do that. :) Maybe I'll email him.
I'd post it as a question to the site, but I don't think it will be specific enough.
@MikeFal yes. email.
then text him
he's WFH
This was much lulz while I was headed to lunch
Down vote! I'm going to have to re ask this question because this does not answer my question and no one is looking at this anymore. Very frustrating! — Schwimms 2 hours ago
Note, no actual DV has been encountered
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