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6:09 AM
only 25 letters to go
good morning
6:34 AM
Wordle 1,033 4/6*

7:10 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
More PolarDB questions... Hmmm... Gas-lighting? Or am I gatekeeping too much? :-)
People are free to ask questions. We have rules about promotion, voting rings, and whatnot. If we see anything undesirable happening, we'll consider taking action
Grand - just pointing out what I think is an anomalous pattern - I leave it up to the great and the good to adjudicate accordingly.
Yep, saw the message yesterday
7:51 AM
Wordle 1,032 5/6*

Wordle 1,033 4/6*

Wordle 1,033 4/6

@JohnK.N. - have you had that Naga sauce? It's available in a shop called "Fallon & Byrne's" at about the same price/kilo as gold!
8:22 AM
Boop boop boop
Pip pip tip top cheerio etc.
Erik is finally in the correct timezone
I’m always drinking in the right time zone
Given that it’s always evening
I’m drinking a Bloody Mary at breakfast and ~Fade Into You~ is playing
9:03 AM
@Vérace Currently in my fridge
I even had the hottest one about two years back.
The Voodoo Reaper (🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶)
@PaulWhite Aaah I thought the word "symbol" was referencing "a server you shouldn't talk about" (Harry Potter like).
The Naga costs CHF 16.50 (EUR 17.04 / USD 18.13)
The Voodoo Reaper costs me CHF 26.50 (EUR 27.36 / USD 29.12)
There's a little shop in St.Gallen that has a good selection of chilli sauces: nanna.ch/produkte/chili
9:43 AM
@Vérace second that
9:54 AM
Ok so I went through CU12. New highest trace flag is 16301.
@JohnK.N. Could only find this online - €17.50 for 155g (a snip @ €112.9/kg) <Pet peeve> why don't they sell their stuff at reasonable fractions of a kilo so that prices can be easily compared in one's head? Some of these sauces are sold by 155g and some 165 - WTF?</Pet peeve> (Yes, I know it's a first world problem!). Fallon & Byrne's is an upmarket food shop/deli in the centre of Dublin.
I go there sometimes for bargains like this one.
IIRC, the Naga was also €17.50/155g - eek!
And that's not even exported!
10:22 AM
@PaulWhite anything cool?
10:35 AM
@Vérace Looks interesting
@ErikDarling Too soon to say. More than I expected
I find it odd when people raise a Very Low Quality flag on a question, but don't cast a normal vote. Like, did you think it was low quality or not?
As I've said before, votes are a primary input into automated system bans
If you want more low-quality questions, continue not to vote, I guess
11:19 AM
I did vote on some.
...and on the others.
Good on ya
@PaulWhite I seem to recall the last high value being 12000 something
@ErikDarling That was quite a while ago
How many downvotes can you cast before you get flagged for serial downvoting
@PaulWhite yeah I haven’t been as interested lately
11:36 AM
They've gone pretty nuts in recent times
So many of them are only functional in cloud mutant offspring
Where there's usually no mechanism for us to enable them anyway
@ErikDarling Not many
Like, very few
Well I managed three
But, as I understand it, only the votes get reversed, not all the effects
I’ll leave it at that for now
I’m on a train. It’s pretty nice.
@JohnK.N. Yes, but bargains in that shop are like hen's teeth - few and far between and need to be hopped on pronto as they disappear like mist in the sun! I do most of my day to day shopping in Lidl these days, with occasional sorties to more upmarket stores for (what I like to call) "food accessorizing" - that bit of garnishing or supplementary cooking ingredient(s) which can lift a dish - others might call it "cheap and cheerful"! :-)
11:52 AM
@ErikDarling Glad you're enjoying your trip and it is a trip.
@ErikDarling Did you get to the Impressionist exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay?
@JohnK.N. straight trippin’
@Vérace we’re on our way to Paris now from London
Excellent - I expect a full report! :-)
How is Le Shuttle? A friend of mine will be taking it en famille in June.
This is fine. It’s enough like business class on an airplane 😃
@Vérace we’re on Eurostar. I don’t know much about trains here so not sure if they’ll be on something different.
Wi-Fi is a bit dodgy
12:06 PM
Le shuttle only runs between Folkstone and Calais and takes cars! I'm not surprised Wi-Fi is dodgy - you're below the sea!
That's not much of a tunnel - it only has one end
Maybe it comes out on the other side of the earth
I’ll wave to you when I pop up
Makes sense, you'll be drowning in the Pacific Ocean
I'm never sure whether to wave back, or high-five the hand in that situation
I seem to recall it is important to stay between the flags
user24266786 seems a bit spammy (even if their intentions are just) eh? 14 questions about an obscure database in ~2 days.
They can't ask any more at the moment
Fair enough.
12:28 PM
I know what you mean though. Still, 14 questions aren't going to tip the balance on overall site quality
Negatively voted and unanswered, they don't have much of a future
If it is a promo attempt, I don't think it's a roaring success yet
Heh yep.
And if it's legitimate questions, I just wonder why someone would think the 14th one would gather an answer, when the other 13 haven't.
OTOH perhaps we'll all be using PolarDB in six months, and feeling rather silly
I'd blame global warming.
Well, I'm bearish on PolarDB rn
So that makes a sort of sense
Tip of the iceberg, probably
Feels like I'm working in BiPolarDB with some of the execution plans that flipflop in for my queries.
12:35 PM
Rub some lithium on them
MemeDB will be ready in 18 months
Gosh, I hope not
Developing that is my only income stream
I’ll stake my Pulitzer on it
Apparently, my current antipode is Rivilla de Barajas, Spain
For my neighbours, who are currently close to Auckland, it's Marbella, Spain
The far north comes out in Morocco!
Had a conversation with my 12yo about jumping into a hole through the centre of the earth just the other day.
It takes 38 minutes (hand-waving away all of the impossibilities).
12:45 PM
It's surprisingly far
And a tricky math calculation to get right
Since gravity changes along the way
With losses, I don't think you'd come out the other side at all
the closest city to my antipodal point is augusta, australia
Oh no
at least for brooklyn
Anything that comes up through that hole will be trying to kill you
> Since gravity changes along the way
He figured out that one surprisingly (for me, anyway) quickly.
12:48 PM
Oct 11, 2019 at 13:41, by Paul White
chat markdown strikes again
the closest antipodal city to paris is waitangi, nz
far better situated
Which Waitangi?
Oh, Chathams again
The Pacific is huge
Oct 31, 2012 at 20:19, by RichardTheKiwi
I give up. I can't get markdown correct in chat. I wanted to fixed-font the middle section and italicise the error
Been going on forever
really is
bigger than the biggest thing ever, one might say
looking at a pacific ocean centric picture of earth is boggling
12:50 PM
mind-bogglingly huge
yeah it's p much a blue circle
> Space," it says, "is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space. Listen..." and so on.
Waitangi, CI is also the closest antipodal city for London, England
So, in a sense, you haven't gone anywhere
Which isn't surprising, using a tunnel with one end
Ooo maybe it's a Star Gate
Tunnel might just connect back up to itself. A mobius tunnel.
Wordle 1,033 3/6*

@PaulWhite thanks for summarizing my life so neatly
that's a long transcript
1:02 PM
@HannahVernon well played
@PaulWhite Should I file a feedback item?
I expect it out in the next cu
really should be a hotfix
Would be weird having a fully functional chat markdown after all this time
I don't know that I would cope
local factors for sure
I hear wine will help
1:15 PM
you sound unusually upbeat this morning
sean finally heard of wine
really changes a person for the better
I don't feel any more or less upbeat than normal. Hmm...
Your feelings don't matter
I wish more people had that outlook
I wish no one had Outlook
1:19 PM
outlook is not the enemy
drunk already
@SeanGallardy We have an entire road dedicated to your software
time is a flat circle, etc.
Is it a cul-de-sac
also, what sort of circle isn't flat
The earth, Paul
1:22 PM
See that doesn't work
I anticipated that reponse
Clearly, the earth is flat
I read all about that just the other day
~regardless~ that would be a sphere
I suppose a circle in non-Euclidian space might not be flat
I honestly don't know
ypercubeᵀᴹ would know
maybe it all turns on what one means by "flat"
Flat and birdless
@MichaelGreen I wish it were my software, I'd be rich!
@PaulWhite I much prefer outlook to the alternatives... though "new" outlook sucks camel dick.
I watched a short video where Neil deGrasse Tyson was talking about that "jumping into a hole through the centre of the earth" question. He said the math works out that you just barely come out of the other side. Of course, I didn't fact check it 😁
He's well known for talking shit tho
1:37 PM
He seems to be pretty spot on about physics stuff. It's a real crapshoot when he's acting like he knows everything about everything (psychology, history, etc.).
Which happens a lot.
Maybe I'm thinking of non-physics stuff
Can't stand him, personally, and most of his stuff is hot air. He might have been good at one time, but not now.
Seems to be what happens when you get famous though
I found his style a bit condescending tbh
But each to their own
That's because, Paul, he's smarter than you.
So it would seem
1:39 PM
Didn't you get that from his tone?
Some of the smartest people seem to also be some of the dumbest
My wife likes Prof. Brian Cox (physicist) but I don't think she ever listens to a word he says
He speaks sooooo softly
I've put him on in the background to help me fall asleep
Explain Like I Have An IQ of Five
and maybe learn through osmosis
There's another british dude who speaks like that, can't remember his name
Maybe it was too quiet to hear
1:43 PM
I fell asleep last night to a lady talking about esotericism in ancient religions
Most people just have a cigarette and roll over
I wonder if Erik has his first box of Gitanes yet
Oh yeah
Gitanes are lady cigarettes
1:45 PM
For ladies
And your point is?
Ladylike ladies
With lady rolexes
Looks v pretty btw
@PaulWhite it’s usually the gentleman’s job to smoke a cigarette and roll over
The world has moved on, patriarch
1:47 PM
Is that you Roland?
This is one of my favorite videos where someone debunks some nonsense that NDT says (about history and calendars in this case): youtu.be/sNuWesPGHoY?si=N7VmfHj7ilgZ0ZBI
Erik things Gauloises Blondes are manly
I mean ok, so the Gitanes logo is a chick
But they'll blow your head off
They are wrapped very nice
Filterless Gitanes are a near-death experience
my virgin lungs would cough themselves out of my body
but a gitanes and a crape might be worth the experience
Just look at that.
Overcompensating with the helmet.
It's practically giggling.
1:54 PM
Mr fancy unicode over here
Gauloises (pronounced [ɡo.lwaz], "Gaulish" [feminine plural] in French;
well there you go
Have a Woodbine
Woodbine is a British brand of cigarettes which, as of 2019, is owned and manufactured by Imperial Tobacco. Woodbine cigarettes are named after the woodbine flowers, native to Eurasia. == History == Woodbine was launched in 1888 by W.D. & H.O. Wills. Noted for its strong unfiltered cigarettes, the brand was cheap and popular in the early 20th century with the working-class, as well as with army men during the First and Second World War. In the Great War, the British Army chaplain Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy MC was affectionately nicknamed "Woodbine Willie" by troops on the Western Front to whom he...
David Bowie smoked Gitanes
> the unfiltered high-tar Woodbine was one of the brands collectively known as "gaspers" until about 1950
2:04 PM
all I know is that way back when I was a heavy smoker, I couldn't finish a whole filterless corn Gitanes
massive head rush
@PaulWhite I searched your site but didn't see anything specifically about persisted computed columns and the general logic for a persisted value will be used or recomputing. Anything come to mind off the top of your head?
I only really remember writing about TF 176 on SQLperformance.com
There's plenty on the main site here about it
I've probably answered a dozen questions like it
But none of it is fresh in my mind rn
Look at me, looking at this kind of stuff. A real growth moment.
I was today years old.
2:13 PM
QP ysteries
Could you IMAGINE
Real end of times stuff right there
@PaulWhite I maintain my gentlemanly civility
@SeanGallardy I have a tenuous grip on reality at the best of times
@ErikDarling Shouldn't you be parling francais by now
forearm curls might help with that
use a wine bottle
@PaulWhite way.
2:15 PM
Stepped off the train and got rained on. This is exactly what I wanted.
There is no sarcasm in that.
we need to find you the right hat to wear En France
@Zikato Pimsleur offers Czech
Or maybe
2:24 PM
@SeanGallardy No idea what's a Pimsleur
see if you can find somewhere black & white to hang out
Ah, I'm pretty decent at Czech conversations already. Almost native level
I, however, do not czech out
@Zikato Can you reczech?
3:16 PM
@PaulWhite Paris is generally black and white
that's handy then
Looks like I found a bug in TiddlyWiki github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/issues/8153
3:45 PM
Haven't seen @Criggie in a while
1 hour later…
> after a Gate Gourmet catering company SUV collied with the engine of the Airbus A350.
How do you even do that....
5:52 PM
@PaulWhite cheers, it was a bit of a head scratcher for me
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
@SeanGallardy Sorry, been working. Oncall week is unpleasent.
@Criggie I feel you there! Good luck!
@SeanGallardy you don’t put your car in park when you get out and whammo airplane engine
I guess idle on that SUV should be called rage mode if it wedged itself in like that, dang!
7:24 PM
From what I know after charming various airline employees, the engine was not quite so much attached once the vehicle was towed out
I'm sure the good unions will have that person back to driving in no time at the airport
One person I spoke to seemed to think that a 25 million dollar insurance claim would be enough to get them fired
But who knows
Maybe they’ll be pilots next
Much harder to drive a plane into another plane
1 hour later…
8:35 PM
My antipodean point (on land) is here - just the excuse I've been wanting to go and visit New Zealand and say hello to my friend Paul White! :-)
@ErikDarling Not when you're in the air, it's not!
Gitanes sans filtres - un nom féminin mais une cigarette bien masculine!
I'm off to bed - très fatigué - must be long Covid - even though I never caught it - or maybe I did (aymptomatic infection)? Near the beginning of Covid, the best man at my sister's wedding was tested (while in hospital following an accident) and found to be positive - didn't have a clue!
9:31 PM
@SeanGallardy On-call week basically pays double, so its worth doing.
In other news..... *uggghhhh* I get to work and the lift-access system isn't working, and the fire escape doors are only allowing access to prime-numbered floors. And the coffee machine is on 4, the top floor.
sounds like an excellent day to WFH, but I'm already here
9:48 PM
@Criggie You hiring? I get paid nothing extra for on call :/
@SeanGallardy -grin- I'm in New Zealand - my American coworkers get nothing for on-call, which sucks.
@SeanGallardy suv? its a station wagon.
@ErikDarling challenge accepted !
@Criggie Pros and cons to living in the best country ;)
I'm pretty biased on that though :D

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