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3:16 AM
@AndriyM there needs to be a new message, not one from Feeds, to prevent refreezing next time the script runs
The act of unfreezing does not itself reset the clock
4 hours later…
7:15 AM
@PaulWhite Oh I see, that makes sense, thanks
7:44 AM
Personally I think the logic is stupid. Unfreezing should reset the freezer clock. But it doesn't.
8:08 AM
1 hour later…
9:27 AM
I agree, it doesn't work well for a room that's used as a storage for messages migrated from elsewhere. I guess initially the devs expected people only to chat in chat rooms. I know, ridiculous!
9:46 AM
6 hours later…
3:19 PM
good morning
I'm trying to see if there is a review that wasn't paid for or written by the marketing department: gartner.com/reviews/market/database-platform-as-a-service
4:03 PM
Ask Consumer Reports to take it on ;)
1 hour later…
5:11 PM
I can't use <some>DB, Consumer Reports says the seek performance is a half Circle
Me: "Surely, joining to the same tables 4 times must be slower than joining once and aggregating" Narrator: It was not
I was thinking: "Gee, everything should be on the same page, just read it once!" and this is again where I learn the lesson of "joins are less expensive than reading more rows"
"Efficient" method: clustered index seek: reads 27 million rows (out of 420 million). "Inefficient": reads 206K rows 4 times.
5:29 PM
When does the next edition of Bbaird Reports head to the presses?
Q: Spurious double grant of "Steward" badge

Laurenz AlbeI noticed that I have just been granted "Steward" badges a second time: I guess that is a bug that should be fixed.

@billinkc It was quarterly, then I had a second kid... so 2026
Fair enough
Next month the oldest becomes a "preschooler" and saves me 34/week in childcare
Brain: You should save that money Me: Hey, I can buy more beer
I will not ascribe that thought to any part of your body because I'm classy
5:59 PM
I think the tax credit is capped at two now? Hard to follow since the tax plan went sort of off the rails. I do know we'll get stimulus money for the youngest when we file.
1 hour later…
7:10 PM
@teylyn the dates for your badges have been restored — Taryn ♦ 38 mins ago
I was also having issues with the date when one of my tag badges was awarded
It is shown correctly now
1 hour later…
8:17 PM
A: Magic-link for "Text please, no screencaps"

Max VernonI wonder if simply pointing at https://dba.stackexchange.com/help/minimal-reproducible-example would be helpful. From that page: provide the SQL scripts so others don't have to recreate them. Do not provide screenshots of tables or results.

@MaxVernon i think lack-of-repro and and screencaps-instead-of-text are two distinct problems. certainly there's a lot of overlap in occurrence and symptom, but i don't think the people who need the information are served by compressing the guidance down into a single page
denormalise the FAQ
8:49 PM
@PeterVandivier feel free to add an answer with what you believe the desired wording could/should be

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