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12:01 AM
And that's despite the (almost) total mobilization of both political parties against the country.
looks like they're back to roughly where they were before a spike during the peak of the 2nd us-iraq war
is the average american even exposed to iranian PR/propaganda?
I think so, Javad Zarif is on every media outlet. I mean, we're not nearly as exposed to it as we are Saudi and Israeli propaganda. But neither the Sauds nor the Israeli's try to appeal to Americans directly.
The Israeli and Saudi game is largely a mirror image of America at a smaller scale -- staying out of the limelight.
i had forgotten about zarif. think there is also an iranian-american professor who is falrly pro-government and has done interviews with the bbc. still i have no idea what name recognition stats are like for these people.
there's also presstv, dunno if anyone watches it.
12:18 AM
I don't think presstv has seen any real success, I do think Javad has forced a much needed pivot in the Saudi/Iran issue.
The inverse has happened with Saudi Arabia in the past year, fyi. Also from Gallop: 37% favorable to 31% favorable, 55% unfavorable, to 65% unfavorable.
And, that's with all the propaganda about the heir.
friedman got a really negative reaction to his story about the heir
He deserved that reaction. That story was utter trash and naked apology.
Total propaganda.
the saudis very publicly being close to trump probably hasn't helped their image. or the fact that almost everything they've done in the last 5 years or so has been a disaster
yeah agree
Well, everything up to and including 9/11.
Just saying their immense wealth, massive military, and failed attempts at puppet-mastery are failing in the eyes of every nation. While smooth talkers in sharp suits and direct engagement seem to be working for the likes of Canada of Iran even though neither of those countries is doing anything useful or different except in rhetoric and appearance.
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