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1:29 AM
Hey @sp_BlitzErik quit being so bloody cheeky in your flags ;-)
@jcolebrand I just don't want anyone to look the fool!
haha, I get it
I alerted him so we'll see if the other mods clear it before he sees it
it's too bad flags are confidential
@JoeObbish some days I agree. I wanna shame some Erik's
I mean people
yeah yeah, that's what I mean, yeah
you're lucky there isn't a way to send a flag to a specific mod only
1:38 AM
@EvanCarroll for shame
> Thanks for seeing the brilliance in this proposal, despite the other two naysayers/downvoters. You should probably ban them. – Evan Carroll 1 min ago
You know better. Don't be like that.
I cast every flag solemnly and with a heavy heart
I don't know what you're even talking about
You don't have enough messages pinned in here
mod abuse
everybody knows that Erik snitches early and often
I do my part to clear the review queue and be a productive member of the community
And also not ask ass chasing questions in chat
Just to get attention
1:53 AM
that didn't even notify me
never heard the expression "ass chasing question" before. do old people use it?
I don't know any old people. Unless you count Brent.
there's nothing wrong with my chat questions
would you rather be asked if you can do math in sql?
2:07 AM
At least that has a clear answer and requirements
3:09 AM
@jcolebrand Imagine a smiley on the end.
@sp_BlitzErik you're good with XE, right?
4 hours later…
7:26 AM
@sp_BlitzErik twas me and yes, it's a fine whisky
morning, afternoon and evening all
2 hours later…
9:56 AM
A: What are the most relevant similarities between T-SQL and MDX?

Tom VFirst of all T-SQL and MDX are 2 completely different beasts. SQL is intended to query tabular relational data, while MDX is intended to query multidimensional data. I'll start with addressing your question about common mistakes. In my opinion the most common mistake is to try and apply SQL know...

If anybody still has that question in their review queue ;)
10:31 AM
@JoeObbish pretty good, why?
@hot2use ah, nice!
10:42 AM
> You can write the answer here in such a way that it doesn't look like we're promoting our product
and they have a friend here: dba.stackexchange.com/a/192600/6219
11:26 AM
@TomV Oh, dear. The #1 source of confusion for new MDX programmers - it has a syntax that bears a superficial resemblance to SQL so people think it might work similarly. OP is in for a rude shock.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Yeah, you only get reasonably good at it once you start thinking in the right mindset
The only "guide" for transitioning is "start over"
@TomV I have thought of doing an article on MDX for SQL programmers at various points.
@TomV Lakh Lamak sounds like a good name for an action hero from a Bollywood film.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells You misspelled "book"
@TomV I've seen a few attempts at that. None were particularly successful.
As an aside, I think Theo de Raadt has the best name of any prominent open-source luminary. It would make a great name for a bond villain.
@PaulWhite of course I didn't.
11:36 AM
At one point I worked with a project manager called Sylbert Lobo, which also struck me as great name for a bond villain.
@dezso k np easily missed
it really sounded like a comment to @ypercubeᵀᴹ
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Theo even looks like one :)
@dezso Yes I see thanks.
@TomV so MDX query result sets are cubes, not tables?
11:44 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ you can have more than 2 axis yes
Bitcoin is going bananas! Crikey
@TomV so an hypercube ;)
I don't know of an off the shelve client that knows how to render that though
I've done it in c# where you can just access the cellset.axis[x]
@ypercubeᵀᴹ It's called a cellset, the cube is the database
cellset, nice name
@ypercubeᵀᴹ I'll add that to the answer, thanks for asking
@Philᵀᴹ sure is. 0.146 lakh USD and still going strong
There we go ...
Lakh Lamak
Not even in GMT.
@Philᵀᴹ is bananas that the new exchange rate coz it's meaningless against EUR or USD any more
12:05 PM
@gbn You mean it needs a banana for scale?
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells guess so. And when the arse falls out of bitcoin we can turn it 90 degrees
makes me wish i hadn't sold in april
@JamesL I had a stop limit at what I thought was a silly price.
@gbn Yes. The ultimate bubble market - speculation in something completely artificial.
i saw that steam dropped bitcoin support because it's impractical for payments right now
12:08 PM
I'd be tempted to short it, but the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
@gbn i'm tempted to buy the next crash
like many folk, I punted a few 100 eur. I've done OK, could have done better....
i checked my accounts on all the exchanges last night and found i had some bitcoin gold credits and small numbers of satoshis that were once near worthless but now add up to like $250
I bought a mere 100 EUR at about 9600 EUR vs BTC last week. Up 35%
> Don't wait for Bitcoin or Ether or Litecoin to come down again. Or that they go below a certain threshold. Tomorrow the bitcoin may be at CHF 1'000, or at CHF 35'000. Nobody has any clue
he's richer than me it seems, so his idea seems legit
yeah i dunno
12:12 PM
can I afford to lose 100 EUR if it bombs to 1000? Yes. Then I can punt another 100
if it hits 35k, I've made 250 euros
i kind of want to get one of the digital cats
For comparison: we spent around 155 EUR (174 CHF) on a lovely meal last night. (Switzerland is expensive).
@JamesL Does it shit bitcoins in the neighbours' gardens?
@gbn i think you can breed and sell them
Just googled it
"Ethereum for girls"
it's like a parody of beanie babies but i'm not sure it's supposed to be
12:18 PM
user image
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells FTFY
12:52 PM
Thanks for the improvement @AndriyM
@TomV No worries. I didn't want to change much at first (pretty much only the "axis" bits) but ultimately couldn't move past other things. I trust you will always let me know if I cross the line
1:14 PM
First and most important: get the name of the product right ;) (see my edits to the question) Otherwise, this is not a good fit for the site. You might want to try it in chatdezso 15 secs ago
Ouch. No. Don't do this. — dezso 7 secs ago
1:30 PM
@dezso Going, going, going, and .....
@dezso I'm waiting for the rolback :D
@bluefeet do DBAs@SE close-hammer questions often? ;)
@dezso all the time
2:17 PM
@TomV queries can get memory grants up to 25% of max server memory. that could be a lot.
(by default)
(unless you monkey with resource governor)
@sp_BlitzErik but is that what he's looking for?
i have no idea, your comment just sounded like queries can't use a lot of memory
@sp_BlitzErik you're probably right that I was a bit brief but I don't think that's the problem he's investigating or else his question would have included more details I think
your optimism is appreciated ;)
did you hit the "just do a procedure with a for loop" answer in the review queue yet?
2:33 PM
hmm, I'm not sure how to respond to that :)
none of the delete comments fit, but it has no value either
it is very low quality
🚨 red dot alert 🚨
that sounds like you're making fun of the offshore team
don't be terrible, joe
don't know where you're getting that from
this unicode stuff is great
that's the point I'm making
@TomV I voted delete, without comments
2:48 PM
i can see the emergency
@sp_BlitzErik will send an email when I get a chance
about what?
about the thing that I responded to
i look forward to your correspondence.
This is an answer to a question that pretends to be an answer. — dezso 14 mins ago
2:52 PM
regardless of how it's spelled.
@Zane i thought you were dead
Yeah. Just stopped going to the office for a while. I always forget to fire this up with I'm WFH
Also holiday season so I've been slacking off quite a bit.
I'm showing @JoeObbish as being Joe Joe Obbish on my screen for some odd reason.
@Zane His rapper name? Ice ice baby...
@ypercubeᵀᴹ or is disguised as an answer
3:07 PM
Oh... It's doing that for everyone it can't render the photo for.
@gbn has a similar problem.
Hey @Zane
You hurt your face again?
nah. not yet.
Hydraulics don't work on my friends trunk and I managed to bash myself in the face with her bike rack.
3:15 PM
Oh that one.
Was a pretty good one I suppose.
I should have taken a picture. Not sure why I didn't in hindsight. Would have made it much funnier.
is your last name really brunette?
@Zane What colour is your hair?
Maybe I should make a new action figure photoshop for "Zane Brunette"
@TomV Get it 3D printed on Hero Forge
3:20 PM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells an incredibly dirty blonde.
@Zane /r/nocontext, or Ooo er. Sounds a bit rude.
Taken out of context most would assumed we are talking about something much more exciting than my hair.
@Zane Well done. Explained at great length per the room policy.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells I want my 10 minutes back
There really is a /r/ for everything
3:39 PM
Bitcoin is mad. 14.3k EUR. Dunno what that is over there
@JamesL: could have made a few quid in the last few hours
@gbn a ton.
@gbn I am waiting to see how spectacularly it will crash eventually
It's impossible to manage risk at this point, it's an all or nothing bet
which is ok if you treat it like that, but a lot of folks are going to get hurt at some point (I didn't say "soon")
Right. Everyone seems to think bitcoin is just some magic way to make money.
@Zane As long as I make something
3:47 PM
@gbn yeah, tbh i had just had a transfer from last week go through and bought more
only 400 EUR
i put a limit order to buy for the current price minus a few percent. it's volatile enough that it will get filled without having to buy at the current all-time high
it's just gambling though, no idea what will happen
make a few euros to buy the missus some shiny stuff for xmas
it probably makes more sense to buy with credit cards and pay the credit card fee, since it's going up by more than the credit card fees every day...
i was too young for the dotcom bubble but older people in the office tell me this reminds them of it
one guy went from having $300k in the bank to owing $80k
I'm too young old for the South sea bubble and Tulip mania. Same principle
Borrow to "invest" classic bubble...
also hearing stories about people buying with credit cards at all-time highs, then freaking out when there's a dip and selling at a big loss
sorry don't mean to turn this place into bitcoin chat
@JamesL is it offtopic or what?
3:54 PM
@dezso no idea, just concerned that it might be becoming tiresome for some people
@JamesL Could be worse, could be mysql
@gbn Or MongoDB
he he
4:24 PM
A: How do fill table with values for 5 years?

Kevin HaunstetterYou can do a Procedure with a For inside of it to fullfil the table.

aw, you found it
fullfil the table...
better call dr. phil about that
Well gee thank you kind sir what a lovely answer.
LOLs Bitcoin
Nearly $19k now
4:26 PM
So this is the day bitcoin crashes then? Or maybe tomorrow
@sp_BlitzErik I had voted, long time ago. Just noticed the typo and wrong use now
that reminds me of when my boss would ask for a report
"just do a join"
"to what?"
"the data"
join all the data
@sp_BlitzErik My favorite was back when I was working at Wand. I had a boss who would always say "Well google could do it"
Yeah I bet they could. I as an individual am not much competition for google it turns out.
4:31 PM
"fly to the moon, nasa could do it"
4:47 PM
@Philᵀᴹ looks like it's only a couple exchanges where people are seeing that price but still wth
no idea what's going to happen next week when the futures products launch and bears can enter the market
@EvanCarroll now you'll have to learn about parameter sniffing
sucks to be you
5:23 PM
@sp_BlitzErik sniffing is still better than snorting, for example. Or snoring.
I can't stand when parameters are making all those horrendous sounds around me.
i prefer parameter ennui
@dezso Something to do with code smells, I imagine.
Lucky for you, sp_blitz people are lurking around every corner here! — Anthony Genovese 53 mins ago
and they are sniffing, too @sp_BlitzErik
5:52 PM
should those tags be deprecated or something?
eventually. for now it's helpful for us to direct folks to github.
is that why you guys started using github
i remember brent used to be pretty militant about no one modifying the code
yeah, now we can be militant and still accept good contributions
i hope someday to make one
the new sql prompt has code analysis built in
the new sql prompt pegs my cpus to 100% and crashes ssms when i work on a large script
so uh
turn that mirror
5:56 PM
i have a database that has 30k tables
it makes sqlprompt run out of memory
@sp_BlitzErik surprised you approved of my idea then
@JoeObbish i can always not merge it
one day I hope to have the honor of being the author of the least used script of the bunch
I will do my best to get through code review
if I have to test on azure I'll need to "borrow" some DTUs
you have some good competition
most of our scripts collect dust, i think
i finally got blitztrace and blitzrs deprecated earlier this year
6:01 PM
what was wrong with blitztrace?
nothing was wrong with it, there was just no more development being done on it
too many race conditions
good enough plan found
1 hour later…
7:07 PM
@JoeObbish I saw you wrote a stab as I was posting.
Feel free to post an answer and I'll delete mine.
I'm not entirely sure about the details - regarding isolation level or locks needed - to accomplish what the OP wants. I mean no raws sneaking in in the 2nd table that shouldn't.
sounds like a bunk question
Iit's not very clear. But I don't see any close votes.
7:24 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ no worries
your answer is fine
I'm doing what Tom did yesterday
I think I might have a way to accomplish his stated requirement
and figured the question might get closed before that
@sp_BlitzErik ha!
7:49 PM
@sp_BlitzErik fixed it for you
weird, all i see is the same unproductive site activity
i'll check back in a few years
@sp_BlitzErik through the eyes of a snitch that's all you'll see
Updated links to point to correct documentation.
Allow single plan analysis directly from actual plan produced.
New set of icons.
Added support for recognize "Apply logical operators" like GbApply, InnerApply.
new... icons
I have a bad feeling about this
I bet they're flat and ugly
7:59 PM
Interjection: your mom
  1. (pejorative, US, Britain, slang) A general purpose insult, often used to comedic effect due to becoming stale.
  2. Conrad: I am not sure if this phrase is commonly used...
  3. Dominic: Your mom is commonly used.
  4. 2004, Napoleon Dynamite
  5. Deb: Well, isn't anyone else here trying to earn money for college?
  6. Kip: Your mom goes to college.
there we go
thanks for the notify
that was needed
just being thorough
8:14 PM
oh my god
this is butt ugly
OP accepted without an up vote 🤨
context is everything
The mdx thing
speaking of dmx, he did a christmas song
For his dawgs
8:27 PM
@sp_BlitzErik I TOLD YOU
i know, and i put up such an argument
i defended microsoft's aesthetic choices
I'm an industry veteran
you should listen to me
there's not even a consistence color palette
top is black and yellow
other stuff is blue and sort of purple
@ypercubeᵀᴹ do I remember correctly you liked Sci fi?
Or reading in general
you have a father
he has a chin
it's probably on his face
8:34 PM
I so enjoyed echoes by Laura tisdall
@TomV yes to both
@ypercubeᵀᴹ fairly sure you're going to enjoy that book
@sp_BlitzErik ha, thnx! I had forgotten I had done that. Long time ago
top web dev
@TomV Interesting thnx. I'll get it for Christmas
9:01 PM
Q: Average of averages fron joining two tables

Error 404 Looking for another ways to write a query that finds for each student the average of averages in each subject.my query is working fine, I'm looking for another approaches For example: the grades of me(aka Error404) are: Algebra: first exam: 99, second exam: 97, third exam: 96 ---> Averag...

I'm getting bored form these "my query is working fine, I'm looking for another approaches"
i can't imagine it's working fine, "fron" isn't valid syntax.
9:18 PM
@gbn yes, it is a database-related site after all
We have an influx of "serious" questions
Q: Do my relational algebra operations produce the desired results?

windy401I had tried to do a problem with the following tables, of finding which sailors, sname and rating, had reserved both a red and a green boat. I had tried this: and was told it was wrong but not given an explanation as to why. Can someone explain what the problem is?

After a previous question with screen copies, they felt the could improve, with photos ...
and then
Q: what permission should an application login have on sql server

SqlNovicewhat permission should an application login have on sql server. Should I assign database reader and writer role only or database owner ? I will be using a sql server authentication as the application will be using asp.net.

seriously bad
10:04 PM
@PaulWhite Nice profile picture, very monetary
10:51 PM
There, hope that's good. — windy401 7 mins ago
Iran has easily the best PR team of any nation state. I feel like they're playing the cards right in a new game of survival, and Russia and America are lagging behind at least 50 years.
I'd give it to Trudeau too. These are the new faces of neoliberal populism.
11:25 PM
nothing says neoliberal populism like militarized morality squads and beheading people you disagree with
then again, given the people you cheer on, perhaps it is
youth, huh?
> nothing says neoliberal populism like militarized morality squads and beheading people you disagree with

I so agree with that statement, fully.
You got Trudeau arming the Saudis, and getting cozy with Israel. And, as you've indicated, Iran beheading people they disagree with, and American drone bombing them.
Point here is, the only people that try to dress that up for modern first-world Millennials is unironically Iran, and Canada. And, they're leagues ahead of the rest of the rest of the world getting public approval for their violence.
11:53 PM
i'm not sure iran's PR is working, at least not in north america outside of the fringes of the right and left
that said, i think they did the world a considerable service by backing the PMU and hezbollah against isis and various al qaeda offshoots in syria and iraq
How do you read those numbers? Their unavailability rating has dropped ~10% in 10 years, and their favorability rating is up almost that much in the same time.

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