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7:00 PM
@billinkc a damn shame indeed
@swasheck so... Taco Salad!
@Zane indeed
@ypercube any answer in particular?
@Zane I agree, I love taco salad
@Lamak All I guess and none in particular. It's not that they are wrong. But look like teachers who do not understand their subject fully.
7:07 PM
@ypercube yeah, I see what you mean
@Lamak i.e. "the from operator", "the join clause". The deviations on the outer joins which (I think) irrelevant.
right. Damn people who doesn't know that it's "the from thing" and "the conditioning of the join"
And the magic button/solution for every deadlock:
...from transactions with nolock where...paqogomez 2 mins ago
Is it just me but that is not a temp table?
A: How to create temp table from a dynamic query?

JimboSET @SQL='SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY ' + @SortColumn+ ' ' + @SortDirection + ') RowNum, ' + @PrimaryKey + ', ' + @Columns + ' INTO tempTableName FROM ' + @TableName + ' Where 1 = 1 ' + @WhereCondition

calling is temp at the beginning doesn't make it temporary
Anyone have a good reason why someone would use exec('drop procedure etc') instead of just drop procedure etc...?
why execute a sql string?
@bluefeet I can think on a very stupid case for it
7:22 PM
@bluefeet derp derp.
@MartinSmith hey. can you educate me? the CTE thing - is it intermediate materialization?
@swasheck In general?
@swasheck I'm assuming you read his answer about CTEs in dba
@ypercube well i guess starting with in general and then stackoverflow.com/questions/26184670/process-stalls-on-tiny-cte
@Lamak no
go to DBA.se
and order answers on votes
and then choose the most upvoted one
7:24 PM
oh. the temp table one?
@swasheck No, it isn't materializing necessarily in SQL-Server.
@swasheck ah, you are right
it was table variable, not a CTE
@ypercube i didnt think so. but that's only verified in the query plan, right?
Yes, I think so.
Wow you really drew the wrong conclusion from the accepted answer that you posted. — Zane 7 secs ago
7:28 PM
@swasheck, you meant this comment?
This isn't the case as a general statement. Sometimes intermediate materialization helps. Other times it would hinder. — Martin Smith 12 mins ago
@ypercube yeah
I think Martin means the temp tables when he says that.
I just can't believe he used such false statement and then posted a link affirming his own wrongness.
@Zane well he linked to something with the word "performant" in the title. That should have been the biggest clue
@bluefeet My issue with the word performant is it makes the speaker sound like a jackass.
7:38 PM
@ypercube language:none doesn't work (but language: none does).
@kaptan - please do not think we are "bashing" your question by voting-to-close it. Prior to the question being closed, we provided several answers; all where turned down with "that doesn't work", with no reason why they wouldn't work. Since you have added a fair explanation of why those answers won't work, I will vote-to-reopen your question, in the hopes you may find an answer that will work. — Max Vernon 14 secs ago
Good luck to him.
@MaxVernon "I want to to sail the Atlantic on a boat with no sails, no oars and no engine."
@ypercube and to that, I say "good luck" also!
My security mumbo jumbo accurate?
A: Permission to view execution report in SSIS Catalog

billinkcWith the caveat that I'm not a security person... There is no predefined database role other than ssis_admin that is special to the SSISDB. That allows one to do all the SSIS things but that's clearly more power than a support person should have. There are two schemas, internal and catalog. Cat...

8:03 PM
@MaxVernon from where i am looking at the question, i believe the question is clear enough. the question is well stated along with the limitations and conditions. the reasons why such limitations and conditions exist are irrelevant to any potential answer. — kaptan 2 hours ago
How suprising that you understand your dumb question quite clearly.
Can we have one more re-open vote for this one?
Q: How to query from a linked server via a linked server in sql server?

kaptanI have the following set-up: SQL-Server 1 --linked--> SQL-Server 2 --linked-> SQL-Server 3 The question is can I query SQL Server 3 from SQL Server 1 via SQL Server 2? I have unfortunately several restrictions: cannot use openquery cannot use views on Server 2 (there would be many of th...

@bluefeet thanks!
now downvote into oblivion
A: How to query from a linked server via a linked server in sql server?

Max VernonUnfortunately, with the conditions you've placed on your question, there is no way to accomplish what you want. SQL Server would need to support 5 part naming such as: SELECT * FROM server1.server2.database.schema.table; Which is clearly not going to work.

8:09 PM
@MaxVernon why'd you CW your other answer?
shamless play for more unicorn points. — swasheck 11 secs ago
I'm out. See you guys.
@bluefeet 'cuz I was ashamed of it.
Ebola in DC :)
8:24 PM
@bluefeet the poor guy wanted to releive some stress from your shoulder
(already dv and vtc)
The question makes no sense
if he had some data, maybe it'd be clearer
Why did you delete that?
flamewar material
An absurd comment? I don't think there will be many to agree with that.
dont think that there would be many to agree with me that it's absurd? or dont think that there would be many to agree with the comment itself?
8:35 PM
@swasheck much less out of the mouth of someone that high in society.
@swasheck hopefully not many would think your comment was wrong.
Just read the huffington post article. I enjoyed when he compares himself to Frodo.
@swasheck the second of course.
@ypercube ah. ok.
@ypercube does that make Clarence Thomas Sam Gamgee?
If you say so. (Who is Clarnce Thomas? Have to google)
referenced in the article
> “It’s a long, uphill fight to get back to original orthodoxy. We have two ‘originalists’ on the Supreme Court,” Scalia said, referring to Thomas. “That’s something. But I feel like Frodo … We’ll get clobbered in the end, but it’s worth it.”
and ultimately you fail at the task you set out to do and the only reason your task gets completed is some nut job bites your finger off and falls into lava
8:54 PM
@swasheck Ah, thnx.
9:34 PM
select distinct top 1 * with no order by... I don't understand why
@bluefeet to listen to the query processor's laments
the data is being returned via a stored proc - why the distinct if we obviously don't care about what row is being returned
@bluefeet you can never bee too sure, i guess
It's for a code review, they are going to hate me. I'm nitpicking all the TOP usage without a ORDER BY. I guess @AaronBertrand has taught me well
@bluefeet or an order by
9:42 PM
@swasheck whoops, and edited
I haven't slept
no worries
anyone want to help me with a really hard assignment question
SET @i = 1/0; Now that's hard
9:55 PM
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