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12:27 AM
@HDE226868 Thanks.
12:45 AM
Wait. . . It's now past midnight, UTC time. That means it's September 16th.
Happy birthday, Worldbuilding Stack Exchange!
1:01 AM
1:28 AM
I noticed my currently active question has 4 upvotes and no response, is there something that's confusing about the question I should be aware of?
1:45 AM
@InterstellarFascist Nope, just that it's a tough question. That happens sometimes.
1:59 AM
@InterstellarFascist I'll have one for you soon.
2:17 AM
Tada! Two answers!
3:14 AM
Q: Judicious use of inline LaTeX

HDE 226868I'm certainly one of Worldbuilding's foremost proponents of $\LaTeX$, and I've encouraged its use in the past. However, I've noticed a certain trend that I think is important to note: the use of inline LaTeX. Here's an example: You'll need a spaceship to provide about 125,000 newtons of thru...

4:45 AM
@InterstellarFascist I got this message : You don't have permission to access /public_html/rocket/images/spacemaps/galacticMap02.jpg on this server.
5:37 AM
Q: I'm Given Bronze. I Demand Gold Gold Gold?

Youstay IgoOK, I was given a lowly bronze badge when I acquired 200 rep in one day which has been stated as daily maximum. Now now! I put such superb hardwork, concentration and support to fellow members and gathered as much rep in a day as was possible for any mortal. And at the end of the day I am awarde...

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6:46 AM
Q: One Year of Building Worlds

bilbo_pingouinToday, Worldbuilding SE celebrates its first anniversary. It was announced, and the day has come finally. As part of the celebrations for the anniversary, a blog has been launched and several members of the community wrote some very good content for it already with, as of now, 13 posts about W...

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8:03 AM
Happy birthday, all.
1 hour later…
9:20 AM
@montywild What are you expecting to be added to 4D periodic table? The high-voted answer is pretty thorough and I don't know what else could be known.
Why do some SE questions show up here?
9:35 AM
@JDługosz what do you mean?
10:02 AM
I see "q: I'm given bronze..." and others mixed in with the chat. Why would that be?
those are meta questions
worldbuilding meta
they are always in the middle of chat
whenever someone asks a new one
3 hours later…
12:50 PM
@HDE226868 Could it not be asked as an different question (while including a disclaimer describing the difference between the two questions)?
1:12 PM
Is there a place I can go or a query to run to see who is in the running for the Legendary tag (Max Rep 150 times)?
1:24 PM
I don't know... but I think you can find the usual suspects by checking the highest ranked in rep...
max rep 150 times, means at least 30,000 rep
and btw, your question was trusting the 1st spot on HQN all morning. It went down to 2d place now.
Ok this line from the blog is hysterical You hear that, books?? We’re coming for you, you filthy tree-based anachronisms.
1:36 PM
It makes me laugh that the SE Blog calls us the "Whatever these people are". That means I'm in right place. Much of my life, people can only describe me as me. "I don't know. Green is just Green."
ok. I got to 200 rep today. 1st time for me. All on your question, @Green :-)
@bilbo_pingouin Sweet! I'm very happy to provide good questions. :)
That's a really good answer of yours. You earned it.
It did not seem that good tbh. I think the koala got me half of it. :D
@bilbo_pingouin A little humor can go a long way. "this hippo will wreck them." from this answer: worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/a/25743/10364
Probably got the same effect.
1:52 PM
@Green Your spin-off did WAY better than the original lol
@James I'm working on another question that I hope does at least as well. Hopefully.
2:14 PM
Seriously warfare questions are not as easy to come up with as I would have thought...
Is it fair to apply a science-based tag to a question where so many conditions in the question are impossible given earth's history?
@Green Example?
@bowlturner I've been working on creating a formula for military size but my math skills are only so-so, it would definitely only be kinda accurate...
Like the herbivore question. It's tagged as now but would prefer answers.
@Green Hrm....I see what you mean.
Granted, I got lots of science-based answers.
And and on the same question is just going to get confusing.
2:25 PM
@Green My general rule is once there are more than 1 or 2 answers I leave questions alone no matter how much I want to change them.
I think science-based is the better tag.
I think you could swap them without incident in this case
Does anyone consider creating excitement in the person answering when they write a question?
@Green sure
I'm looking for ways to engender it in my next question. It's fun to think about.
2:50 PM
Humor does seem to work. Sometimes. I really thought my logistics question would draw more views... Oh well. at least it hasn't drawn any close votes
3:20 PM
3:39 PM
I can't believe that no one has asked a dinosaurs v. mammals question before today.
@Green I tried to answer you're age old question!
4:48 PM
Where would I be able to share a timeline on this site?
I have a full timeline that's related to the question I posted on the site. It's a bit messy and extremely subject to change, but still want to share it even if it is likely to be confusing and not really give good information on any species.
It also may clarify to some why having the Annihilation be 50000 years ago is something I don't want to do.
@InterstellarFascist If it's related to a question, you can include it in the post.
5:19 PM
@Vincent Seconded. You'll only be able to add a static image though.
1 hour later…
6:36 PM
The yearling badges are starting to come for WB! I just got mine for Meta!
We made it a year! WOOT!!
7:21 PM
Yep, I got the meta yearling badge
congrats, guys :)
1 hour later…
8:30 PM
dsollen has 3 from the top 5 longest answers!
(and SF the other 2)
2 hours later…
10:42 PM
@Green I'd rather not. There's not too much that's new.
@bowlturner Ah, I have to wait for a couple more weeks. :-)
@HDE226868 Fair enough. I can see how small iterations on a question would get confusing pretty quickly.
Ooh, I finally got the Outspoken badge!
1 hour later…
11:54 PM

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