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11:23 AM
@James the books argument is plain bollocks... the books are meant as a framework in which to do things, not as an absolute list of what exists/doesn't - the whole of Chapter 9 of the DMG is about creating things yourself.
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4:14 PM
@NexTerren I still have weekends. But, there's always stuff to work on... And working from home makes it hard to leave everything at the office.
@Green Ew. Does not sound enjoyable.
@Green There are reasons I haven't pushed to work from home. Main one is that it would be hard to convince the family that I'm not available to do stuff around the house.
5:07 PM
@NexTerren I like the work I'm doing now so it's fine.
@AndyD273 my wife and I had a talk about that. She understands that just because I'm home doesn't mean I can clean/cook/etc. Although, if she's home on a quiter day, that impression is harder to keep up.
5:22 PM
@Green Even harder for the kids. Also, sometimes when it's computer work, it looks like you aren't doing a whole lot. It's harder to see the stuff happening
@AndyD273 especially when it's high concentration work where if you look away for a second, you've lost an hour.
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6:45 PM
@dot_Sp0T I agree but I try to stay within some semblance of guard rails. The guys I play with have been at it for a long time and I try not to get too ridiculous because we have a pretty solid shared understanding of the framework. That said my current character in the campaign we are actively playing had the heart of an immortal fey lord implanted in his chest. He is now effectively immortal and ridiculously deadly (Assassin Warlock)
7:26 PM
posted on June 18, 2019 by Secespitus

Positano Coast by Benson KuaAfter a few incidents that involved a test subject with cat ears and another one with a wolf’s nose we can this time follow our heroine on her quest to find a new assistant while she is taking a little vacation from the strenuous experimenting. “How dare they forbid me to experiment for a whole month! I am not even allowed any preparations! What am I supposed to do

7:37 PM
@James the guard rails should be the underlying system, not the things that others have thought of so far. At least in my opinion. E.g. I tend to use a version of skill-challenges (derived from the 4th edition skill-challenge system)
@James A couple (read a lot) Glyph of Warding with Counterspell and a trigger like Creatures that do not belong to my group of baddies uses magic?
7:57 PM
Wonder if there is any kind of "do X to P that passes through this door", so that any character that passes through the door/gate gets the anti-magic, but ones that came in through a different door do not.
8:13 PM
@Secespitus Interesting idea. Very devious.
@AndyD273 I was thinking the same but anti-magic fields are pretty all-inclusive. Making a selective anti-magic field doesn't feel right to me.
It wouldn't have to be a field though, right? More like a curse.
There are trapped doors, where a fireball is triggered, so why not a different kind of spell
I am currently sitting on the idea of using hallow. You can use it to make anyone entering the area roll a charisma save or be silenced, which keeps the vast majority of spells from being available.
...I could create an AOE curse that stops people from casting magic.
Don't think anything like that exists.
two questions that I don't know the answers to: 1. can a curse be cast on a specific player? 2. Are there any curses that affect the ability to cast magic?
and I guess 3. Can a curse be set that it is auto cast, so as to be used as a booby trap.
It could also be a rune carved on the floor that they walk over
Or maybe a captive demon observer that is outside the door and casts the curse on anyone it sees walking through the door...
But once again, I don't know if any of those things exists.
@AndyD273 1. Yes, 2. Not that I know of, 3. This isn't much of a stretch, but technically I don't think its in the rules.
@James I thought that was a requirement for being a DM :D I love Glyph of Warding. And my players hate it. I wonder why...
8:26 PM
@Secespitus Oh its fantastic, but I've never considered using it en masse.
@James Contingency is perfect as an auto-cast tool
@James Every trap is better en masse
@Secespitus I am thinking of using the option on the Hallow spell that makes them make a CHA save or be silenced. Thinking DC18 give or take...so they have a chance
I am also thinking a cleric that will be super annoying with counter-spell.
Found this antimagic curse, though it is apparently homebrew... Then there is this answer which has a promising bit:
A: Is there a way to remove a spellcaster's magic forever?

guildsbountyPermanent Anything in 5E is basically impossible, because Wish exists. If the character stripped of magic can convinced someone to Wish their magic back to them, and they phrase the Wish well enough...then whatever permanent effects you established are undone. Thus, I have to somewhat challenge ...

A high level Cleric of the god of Magic (in The Realms, this would be Mystra, so I'm going to use that name going forward) asks Mystra to take away the target's magic. Whether or not this works would be entirely up to your DM, but it does make logical sense and, if he's on-board with your idea of how to replace your character, he may give you the thumbs up. Simply put, the Cleric of Mystra uses Divine Intervention to ask Mystra to sever the target character's connection to The Weave of Magic.
So if a high level cleric of Mystra could craft some kind of curse to interrupt the targets connection, even if not permanently...
Since they are going into a temple, divine intervention seems like a fitting way to do it
@AndyD273 If you go back a bit in time you could make a cleric of Shar, Mystryls counterpart and creator of the Shadow-Weave, and have her do the anti-magic thing. Cutting someone off from the normal Weave would be in line with her modus operandi.
Sure, makes sense
8:39 PM
Also Shadow Weave : "Since the Shadow Weave is a separate force of magic, it is not affected by areas of dead magic or wild magic within the Weave." -> and now a normal antimagic field is in the game again :D
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10:02 PM
@James regarding 3. -> check the DMG on magical traps
why not got with your original idea of having a *magic-type-specific-anti-magic-field*? Especially if you go for forbidding arcane, but allowing divine magic.

If you don't want this to be a 'normal spell' consider that the magic of other creatures than humanoids (e.g. dragons), and especially that of the gods, is crassly dissimilar to that available to the players. Also consider this writeup in the forgotten-realms wikia about magic, and a few passages on events where certain kinds of magic ceased to function: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Magic
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11:36 PM
Q: Foreign language mirrors

WillkI was searching for something and wound back up on WB Stack, but in French. My search terms found a bunch of mirror sites with similar formats but in different language. Now I am suspecting I dreamed it because I can't find it again, or anything in my search history nor any mention of foreign...


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