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2:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Vogon PoetWhat would be the most impactful consequence of split-second time cloning device in middle-class suburban life? [technological-development][cloning][time-travel][teleportation][sciemce-based][power-sources] I have a device similar to Douglas E. Richards' used in Split Second and have deve...

How's everyone doing?
Ah, guess it's late.
Doing okay over here. How'er you doing?
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4:27 AM
@JasonClyde pretty well, I think. How are your questions going?
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3:18 PM
Hey, LotR food for thought. Is it possible for anyone to willingly destroy the ring? Gandalf said that the idea that they would attempt to destroy the ring couldn't be in the " darkest dreams of Sauron." And, given Sauron's lack of defenses actively around Mt. Doom, it seems like he didn't register this as an active threat.
And the two (?) times someone tried to destroy the ring they were unable to do so, and the onlookers who wanted them to destroy the ring seemed unwilling to actually make it happen. It took effectively really bad luck for the ring for it to be destroyed.
3:37 PM
Maybe Tom Bombadill?
@Ranger ...I like it.
3:53 PM
Q: Should there be a 'husbandry' tag?

MatthewI recently asked this question about how many people would be required to care for a particular menagerie. It's tagged farming and zoology, which could be worse, but neither tag quite fits the topic, which is caring for animals, i.e. husbandry. (Farming usually refers to plants, and zoology a) is...

@Ranger that sounds like Sauron knew the defenses were built into the ring itself. Putting defenses into the ring is a one time cost. Building tons of defenses around Mount Doom is expensive and ongoing.
@Green Right, and if the defenses were absolute (in that it was impossible to willingly destroy the ring) he was right in totally not putting a single guard actively guarding Mt. Doom.
I mean there were orcs and goblins in the area but you don't just trust the nuclear launch control panel that there are "soldiers int he area." But if it would be impossible to willingly launch the nuclear warhead, then security... doesn't have to be as tight.
4:18 PM
@Ranger that does leave open the exploit of someone who doesn't want to destroy the ring but goes on some crazy quest to "Return the ring to where it was made" then drop it in the lava. The intent isn't to destroy the ring, just bring it back home.
You'd have to do your brainwashing just right on the right person to make that work.
5:19 PM
@Green Isn't it really hard to willingly give up the ring though. Plus the ring is at least slightly sentient so it might be able to break your brainwashing.
5:30 PM
@Mephistopheles The main character of Trigun has a machine gun prosthesis... Also a symbiotic relationship with his main gun (looks like a six shooter) that has some interesting results toward the end.
5:46 PM
@James CB does have a clear escalating arc, and it does have a resolution too... It does deal with "monster of the week" a bit for sure, but also there is a clear thread, and a big bad to defeat at the end.
@Bellerophon I wonder if Tom Bombadill was the only one who could have thrown it in willingly, since it had no effect on him one way or the other? Could maybe encase the ring in a lead ball so that it can't be touched or seen... might make it easier to throw away, especially after carrying a heavy lead ball up the mountain.
(the lead is because it melts easily, meaning that once hitting the fire it would boil away and allow the ring to be destroyed)
6:02 PM
@AndyD273 I honestly can't remember it...I may have to rewatch it at some point
It's on hulu... I restarted watching it a few weeks ago
@AndyD273 Interesting feels like a gigantic understatement.
@James That was on purpose :) Don't want to give away the ending to someone who hasn't seen it.
@AndyD273 Fair. I actually own the box set of Trigun.
Me too
6:05 PM
...I think Ill re-watch that one first
@MonicaCellio Hey I ping'd Kurtis via twitter but never heard anything back, would you mind reaching out to him about the journals?
I tried watching it with the girls a few years ago, but they weren't ready for it yet.
@AndyD273 Yeah there are a lot of things I want to watch with the boys but force myself to wait. They just aren't old enough to appreciate them yet.
I try sneaking in new things every once in a while, occasionally with surprising results. I watched Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus with the 6yo a few weeks ago. She was really hesitant at first, eventually thought it was funny, loved the part about rolling around on a million pizzas, and decided that she did not want to watch it again even though she liked it...
6:33 PM
Kids are super weird
@James I just sent him a DM. I'd sent one last week but didn't get a reply. That's the only contact info I have for him, alas. (Does he ever visit SE any more? Did you try pinging him in a comment?)
6:55 PM
@MonicaCellio Yeah, so far as I could tell he hadn't visited SE for a few months.
7:15 PM
Q: Symbiosis tag please?

Vogon PoetAt the root of every ecology is a biome filled with co-dependant organisms. Things which just evolved together over time - frogs hiding in trees, Egrets riding on oxen, ramoras riding on sharks, cows using rumen bacteria to digest grass, etc. I did not see a symbiosis tag in here for developing ...

@MonicaCellio I suppose I could ask Catja or Jnat if they have info to contact him...
7:42 PM
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9:02 PM
@Green Pretty good, though I haven't had many lately. I do have one in the works but I'm not sure how to phrase it or what I'd even need to ask.
2 hours later…
10:58 PM
My main thing right now is that I'm playing around with this concept of a magic power that passively laces your bodily fluids with a fictional, magical drug. I like the general concept, but it has some worrying questions it raises.
The main question I have is how exactly the drug would be harvested to be given to other people, but another major concern is that since only people who don't have the power can be affected by the power, and since when it first appears, everyone over the age of 13 has the power due to how my magic system works... some of the first people to recognize what the power does are breastfeeding mothers who notice their babies acting weird.
So I ask myself: how much of a dose does this drug require that the amount contained in however much breastmilk a baby drinks in one sitting won't make the poor tiny little thing overdose on it?
Honestly these questions make me think I should come up with another way of allowing my magic system to introduce fantasy drugs.
But for now I'm trying to see if I can still make it work.
11:51 PM
Probably want low dosage since babies have a low body mass but it would depend on the drugs effect and how easily it can pass from the blood into breastmilk.

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