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@FoxElemental I don't see a reason for either
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Does worldbuilding have a discord or something like that? I honestly think we could create all sorts of fun stuff if we had a server. Note: just one of my crazy ideas in the morning
Q: Worldbuilding Discord Server

LutroIn case you don't know, Discord is somewhat of a chatroom. (I know that Worldbuilding already has them). Discord is much more polished as a communication medium, you can create different 'channels' within the main server and switch between them with a click. Roles may be given to users and permi...

11:50 AM
the answer pretty much nail it. what advantages have discord that the curren chat can't offer?
12:35 PM
@dot_Sp0T If you say so
12:49 PM
Only real advantages I can think off is hosting different channels on a single server (you can even create networks of servers)
I would say admins and moderation, but we are a civil crowd and self policing should be good enough
Personally I think discord would go really well with some of the people here seeing as I not only want to ask questions I also want to discuss and dabble with role-playing. Things that are easier and fluid on discord.
1:21 PM
@CelestialDragonEmperor Roomowners and mods have special privileges in chat already. And we often direct people to chat for interesting open–ended discussions. You can also just create your own room, similar to the story–go–round room. Like I said in my answer to the linked discussion: I don‘t see any advantages, but you are of course free to create your own discord channel and ask if people want to join.
Planning on wrapping this up today any final edits I should make, anyone?
@CelestialDragonEmperor You mean like Role-playing Games?
Sure they'd have a chat
1:38 PM
@Secespitus noted. I'll just see if anyone else is interested eventually
@FoxElemental well I usually do world building and role playing alongside each other on discord. The "usual" is a single channel role play usually between two people and a few characters. Larger ones I normally dedicate a category
Ex: your character explores the streets of The Markets
2:22 PM
@CelestialDragonEmperor Got it
Current status:
Day: 3 Tray: 1 Score: Invisalign: 15 Me: 11
3:03 PM
@CelestialDragonEmperor In addition to @Secespitus' awesome answer, I'll add that there have been cases on other sites on the network with cliques of users using off-site chat rooms to circumvent SE policies about conduct and moderation and such, and that's been a problem.
Now, the vast majority of people on Worldbuilding are fantastic, and I don't think those issues would arise in our community, but it still makes people . . . nervous.
Given that we've already had people ranting about "voting cliques" on meta, I don't think a discord server would be a great idea. I'm fairly sure that that sort of thing wouldn't actually happen, but it would be a lot harder to defend the site from such rants if a discord server existed. The SE chat only requires 1 rep to view, and 20 rep to comment on, so it makes it a lot easier to "disprove" the existence of such "cliques".
Yep. I think everyone's a lot more comfortable with the open chat system. Although I believe chat transcripts are public - so you don't even need an account to view them. Private rooms are an exception, but those are for mods in 95-99% of cases, and those are for handling sensitive information, for the most part, and private matters.
Well one way to solve those issues is to not make voting matter on the discord ex: trying to get upvotes, reputation, or any other cliques are banned and you kick people off of the server that attempt to do something like that
@CelestialDragonEmperor However, at that point, you need moderation for the discord server, and we need a way to pick the moderators, which there would be arguments over, and given that the SE chat works well as is, I don't think that it's worth the effort.
@CelestialDragonEmperor Yeah, but that would require that all (or most of) the mods for the site be on the server - largely because we're the only ones who can confirm that that sort of dodgy voting is actually going on. That's another level of monitoring.
3:12 PM
Now personally I don't think it would become a issue of you make the discord mainly around talking and role playing (as well as posting links to projects and stories)
Ah, Gryphon beat me to that point.
Yeah maybe just a server from a specific project would work better
@CelestialDragonEmperor You are, of course, welcome to create a discord server for that purpose.
Just don't call it a server "for worldbuilding.stackexchange.com".
I will in a few days once I can get on my pc. Anyone is welcome to join.
@Gryphon This. This very much.
(Not grammatically correct, but eh, I can't type well this morning.)
3:16 PM
Of course, lol @Gryphon
Hey @dot_Sp0T, how are you doing?
I need to find a way to get minion on here. He seems to be a really chill guy
You guys got any projects going on?
@CelestialDragonEmperor Who is minion?
Pinion Minion is his name
@CelestialDragonEmperor Ah, I haven't actually had any contact (that I remember) with him.
3:27 PM
@Gryphon he comes up with good and zanny ideas which I like in people
Although apparently, I've seen quite a few of his questions. I don't tend to remember user's names unless I've talked with them in chat for a while.
@FoxElemental One more thing about your elephant. The skin is an excellent defense against poison. You'd have to have a powerful poison if you just want to spray it on the skin.
You could have it mist the poison so the victim breathes it.
Or you could, as I previously suggested, gore the victim so the poison gets into the skin (odds are, you'll get gored anyway, fighting an elephant).
Either way, misting or trickling it down the tusks reduces the amount it needs to use, which A) preserves poison for more victims, and B) reduces the demand on the elephant's venom gland.
@Hosch250 If you're fighting an elephant, and are close enough to be gored, and are pretty much anything but another elephant, you're probably dead with or without poison.
@Gryphon Exactly.
My latest idea was a bunch of matriarchial "pig people" known for bog iron, ranching kids (and selling them), and good ol' Pookha stew
3:30 PM
And if you aren't close enough to get gored, you aren't close enough to get sprayed.
@Hosch250 Hm, maybe if they could impregnate some kind of mud-ball with poison, and throw it...
It's a jade elephant. They probably have access to higher tech than mud :)
Although how in the world it'll move is beyond me.
@Hosch250 Wait, these things are sentient?
I have no idea. @FoxElemental ^?
It seems like it.
What if instead of mud they used some thing like napalm (the sticky gooey bits) so it seeps into armor and people's pores
3:33 PM
Sounds interesting.
@Hosch250 If so, better ways to spread their poison could have actually been an impetus for the development of sapience, although the poison would be largely vestigial at this point, given that poison is largely pointless for a sapient species.
Are elephants at all omnivorous, or are they obligate herbivores?
@Gryphon It's fighting another elephant, I think.
@Hosch250 A normal elephant, or a different poison-elephant?
From the chat, it sounds like there will be 4-8 different kinds of poison elephants with a treaty of offense and defense.
@Hosch250 Oh...
3:34 PM
Like Sapphire elephants, etc.
Well then, I guess they are sentient.
And then spraying poison actually becomes useful. Even just something like a narcotic or a tranquilizer could be really effective.
Even being able to blind them with spray would help in a fight
Yep, except, as I said, the skin is a pretty good defense against poison. You need some method of getting it inside the enemy, like either something that will pass through the skin, making them breath it, or injecting directly into the blood.
Good ol' poison shiv
And if it passes through skin, then you have to deal with it potentially passing through the gland into the "host" elephant.
3:41 PM
On a completely unrelated note, don't piss off the villain from this question.
Although, considering the side effects, I think I'd just put them in a zoo.
One of my sci-fi villains runs a massive space zoo full of all sorts of creatures
It'd be really ironic to break into the place, rescue the guy, and then have him die of a Pulmonary Embolism when you break him out.
@Gryphon Life insurance for the villain.
You kill me, your friend won't be supported anymore.
So long as I'm alive, your friend lives. Sort of.
What I want to know is how the concrete works. Are they completely encased, or are they essentially just immobilized?
You could probably free his head without killing him. Of course, he'll have some pretty intense psychological problems.
3:44 PM
Does any skin show through?
The villain should start a "Exotic Landscaping" business to sell some of the older statues
If it's more of an immobilization, they'd be far more likely to survive.
@Hosch250 I'm pretty sure they're completely encased, albeit that there'll have to be some sort of a "port" on the back for waste disposal and air/food intake.
Get some gigs from the mob in the side
Also, Raditz_35's comment is great.
"You will develop a serious disliking for pigeons"
3:46 PM
If they are completely immobilized, there is no difference to them being dead. The hero doesn't even know which statue they are in.
Also, the villain won't get any fun from repeatedly taunting them.
So, there's no difference to them being dead.
Okay, to clarify: The "emerald/sapphire/different powers" was all trying to narrow down my options for one single breed of deadly elephants.
@Hosch250 You'd have to chip away the concrete from the head of all the statues, looking for the right one.
If they are just immobilized, but are mostly visible, including the head, that would be more exciting. The hero knows who is who, the villain can taunt them, etc.
Secondly: They aren't sentient.
@FoxElemental Oh. I thought you were setting up a massive war.
3:47 PM
@Hosch250 Maybe if they're entirely encased, except for the head?
@Hosch250 No
Well he could mark the statues for clarification
Thirdly: No goring.
@FoxElemental OK. Can I have that story?
3:48 PM
@Hosch250 If you want to??
@FoxElemental How about misting?
That's what I was going to rephrase the question about
Or do they just have a firehose they spray things with?
No, they mist it through . . . oh, hold on for 30 min
3:50 PM
Hey weird question could a animal ever have consumable bones? Like soft enough to chew without worry if injury?
@Hosch250 but if you want to write a story using the idea, I'd suggest you put it on WB's blog.
@CelestialDragonEmperor Pretty sure some do.
I was going to have pookhas be a series of amphibians and reptiles that are eaten across urbat (fantasy world)
And wanted to maybe have "bone fries" become a thing
@CelestialDragonEmperor Hmm, if the creature's bones can bend, maybe it can squeeze through extremely tiny spaces.
3:55 PM
@FoxElemental Suggestion #1: Research skunks. They mist it pretty good.
And what would the ketchup be?
Must it be trunks? Perhaps they have an ejection system right in each cheek?
@Hosch250 After researching "cow udder anatomy" for the acid cow question? No thanks. NOT looking up "skunk misting mechanism."
@Gryphon now I just need to find a reason why Pookhas would need to be that flexible. Maybe to squeeze through right spaces in the swamps they're native to
3:57 PM
@CelestialDragonEmperor Like Virginia Rails.
Reeds grow mighty close together.
Now to design the tools for a a muck raker. My current idea is a literal rake in the shape of a claw that you "whap" the pookha with
@CelestialDragonEmperor Look at mud dredging systems, perhaps?
Set to only scoop up the surface, wash the mud through a net, and leave the pookha behind.
@Hosch250 That could work if you found a large breeding ground.
Usually they just capture a few and start breeding them in special pools near the markets
@CelestialDragonEmperor Or formed one.
4:08 PM
So, they could use a small thing like that to scoop them out.
You don't need to have a full dredger. Just some of the concepts they use.
This seem really broad to anyone else?
Q: How could a state without a military defense exist?

borkI've just started out with worldbuilding and got this idea of a state/country that has no need for any armed forces as they don't want to go to war because of religious reasons, and no other state would want to attack them. But during what circumstances could such a state exist? I'm guessing th...

@James Kind of.
@Hosch250yeah seems like a much better idea then the weird fishnets I was drawing up
If the answer is "It depends on 40+ situational criteria that haven't been established" then...maybe vote to close as too broad/POB
4:10 PM
@James yeah it's a bit broad and could be answered byblookibgbup countries like Bhutan
Jesus, that's a bad typo
A nation like that is usually resource poor or isolated so it's really not worth invading
There are pretty much two/three answers I see.
1) Country is a dirt-poor wasteland.
2) Country has uber-powerful supporters (think small country caught between Soviet Union/NATO support.
3) I had one, but I forgot it already :(
Kinda like the ottomans in the late 1800s where they as in decline, but people fear them enough for past historical deeds that they leave them alone
3) Trade--they won't attack a country that trades with both uber-powerful nations.
Just like US wasn't attacked directly for a long time during WWI simply because we supplied both Germany and England.
@Hosch250 I'd chalk that up more to protectionist policies and geography honestly.
Both countries sabotaged the other's supplies, but neither attacked us more/less until England blockaded Germany and wouldn't let us in.
@James Probably, but trade helped.
4:18 PM
Applying military force en masse across an ocean is hard to do.
Because as soon as we couldn't trade with Germany, they did more/less bring attacks to our soil.
Not full-scale military, but general factory/shipping destruction.
Well Hitler was also stupid enough to declare war on the US
@CelestialDragonEmperor Triggered mostly as a show of support with Japan.
Brought about his destruction, though.
England and Russia could have never held without our supplies
@Hosch250 the problem is the German's and Japanese never thought each other equal partners and lost the chance to invade Russia from two sides
@CelestialDragonEmperor Yep.
But even then, the US and England alone could have won.
Japan was just stretched far too thin, and we would have defeated them more easily.
4:23 PM
@Hosch250 Did you mean WWI or WWII on this?
@James WWI.
WWII, Hitler would have won without us. WWI, it was a toss-up who we'd support. England won our support by winning our industry with the blockade.
WWII, we were buddy-buddy with England the whole time.
Both Germany and Japan tried to invade areas that are just to large to invade
@CelestialDragonEmperor actually, japan started that fight
the americans merely finished it
4:25 PM
@CelestialDragonEmperor Yeah had the US stayed out of the Pacific battles in later WWII I am pretty sure the Chinese would have eventually sent the Japanese packing on their own.
@James I am doubtful
a united china might have
they weren't very united
it would have probably been a long, drawn out guerilla war
@Hosch250 Won briefly or permanently?
China lost a LOT because the nationalists had to fight both Japan and the communists.
@James Briefly.
4:26 PM
@Hosch250 ok agreed then
He would have controlled Europe and significant chunks of Asia.
Chiang Kai Shek is the real monster
Given his policies and ambitions, he would have tread on the US toes before too long and the resistance would have been weakening him internally.
His policies are the main reason the communist eventually won and why it took so long to beat back the Japanese
4:28 PM
And even if he didn't tread on the US toes, I'd only give it 50-100 years before it collapsed anyway, assuming he had a clear line of succession of power.
@Hosch250 or encouraged pro nazi elements in the US
@JourneymanGeek He would have tried that too.
@Hosch250 which he probably did.
@Hosch250 well, they existed
Nazi Germany was doomed to fail. Too much of the leadership was fanatics or crack heads
@JourneymanGeek To a certain extent, yes. Less successfully, fortunately
4:28 PM
and in the case of somewhere like the US, it would have been a smarter stratergy
I was trying to format with the 4 space
@JourneymanGeek FWIW, the US is less racist against the Jewish community than you might think. They were equal citizens here long before most European and Asian countries. It might not have been that great a strategy.
Not saying it doesn't exists, because it does.
@Hosch250 true - but you'd find the cracks, and find an equivilent.
Most of Hitler's success is because he happened to have good generals and statesmen that worked for the good of Germany and not his regime
Say... find folks in the south who still hadn't gotten over the civil war, and convince them black folks were the enemy. Then once that divide is done, conflate jews and northerners.
4:32 PM
That's because they fail to realise how corrupt the confederacy really was
tbh, that's kinda what folk of that sort in modern day believe too :(
@CelestialDragonEmperor that's the nice thing with nostalgia
people forget the nasty bits
Hell, the roman republic was an expansionist, violent and decadent nation that...
The aristocrats dominated every thing and trampled the "humble farmer" they claimed to support
somehow inspired the modern ideal of democracy.
The Confederacy was a very complicated thing. The government was all about slavery, while the average soldier was mostly trying to protect their state. Because then, it was far more like an alliance of states than a single nation.
Roman Republic was beautiful in its chaos
Banning pants and sausages because they where "unroman"
4:35 PM
@CelestialDragonEmperor LOL, that would lead to an interesting translation of asking who wore the pants in the family :)
And made real estate into a truly cutt throat business
@Hosch250 well, more the idealised version of it, than the reality that it was literally a bit of a mess.
@JourneymanGeek Isn't all politics?
Of course, the north wasn't so much anti-slavery as you might think.
4:36 PM
Who ever controlled the mob controlled Rome
They only made it official as a last-ditch war effort.
@Hosch250 true but we're talking a good... 100 years after the fact?
Who ever controlled the solders controlled the Empire
@JourneymanGeek 150, at least :)
I think it's close to 175.
and if you were a semi hostile foreign state trying to influence a isolationist state and weakening it so you could invade.
4:38 PM
Hey we only annexed Haiti like twice
the US, (and russia) are too big to invade
@JourneymanGeek Yep. The key here would be to A) trigger the fighting internally before there was any show of involvement.
Well at once anyway
Then B) form an alliance with one side.
@Hosch250 yup
then "peacekeep"
4:39 PM
Under no way would the two sides not join together instantly if there was an appearance of external meddling if full fighting hadn't started.
Russia isn't worth invading seeing as they just manage to find a new oligarch each time
Don't forget, quite a few parties in WW2 had units of folks from "belligerent" countries
@JourneymanGeek Like most wars.
(and heh, for some reason I started with the fenians, and ended up with various german units of brits and indians)
That's because the SS was weird
4:40 PM
so is wikipeida
They had a Arab Legion
I don't even remember why I was reading about irish republicanism
Because you're a generalist.
Why not. I read all sorts of weird stuff on Wikipedia for who knows what reasons
A specialist would have stuck with one topic.
4:41 PM
cause wikpedia is as bad as tvthropes ;p
Tvtropes is a beautiful place
Might have started with RSS feeds
I honestly enjoy reading it just to see how tropy my own writing is
Now I don't like the people that complain about tropes and then try to make something "fresh" and really just rip something off, lol
more that you get sucked into various tangents
and tangents of tangents
I usually have a trials of tabs that leads me back to where I started
If you're not on a FBI watch list then you aren't world building right
4:57 PM
@CelestialDragonEmperor Only one FBI watchlist? C'mon, that's not even close to good enough.
A REAL worldbuilder is on all the FBI watchlists. And most of the CIA ones too.
5:42 PM
I think this is the first time I've seen the community undelete an answer.
6:14 PM
@Secespitus Wait, the community user, or the people on worldbuilding in general?
@Gryphon The users, as in: the people with the required reputation to undelete posts.
@Gryphon See here for the timeline
@Secespitus I see. How does one get that timeline from a post?
@Gryphon You have to change the URL in your browsers address bar. Normally it's something like blabla/question/123456/otherrandomstuff and you simply change it to blabla/posts/123456/timeline. You need to know the number, so either you go to the revision history or you for example have a link to the post.
Works for questions, too.
Q: List of unlinked pages on Stack Exchange sites

rightfoldHere is a list of special, unlinked pages (they may be linked in questions and answers) on Stack Exchange sites. Most pages listed here are work in progress or legacy. Currently, this list is incomplete. If you know more of them, add them to the answer. Related Hidden features of Stack Exchange...

Can you see user timelines too?
apparantly not
@Secespitus Thanks. That's a useful thing to know.
6:27 PM
@FoxElemental What do you mean with "user timeline"?
Meaning, date joined, date hit privilege, etc. Never mind
@Gryphon No problem. It's a somewhat hidden feature that's also very rarely useful.
But it's funny.
Oh, IDK. I'll be using it.
@FoxElemental Well, I can look at your profile, which shows a lot of information.
@Secespitus It's nice to be able to look at your own posts with it, so you can see things like when you got upvotes.
6:29 PM
@Secespitus I know
Wait. Do you mind if I use you as a guinea pig? @Secespitus? Just to see if a certain type of notification works
@FoxElemental Ehh, okay? What kind of notification?
@FoxElemental If you want another guinea pig, you can use me.
@Sece Like this . . . do you get notified? Sure, @Gry too
@FoxElemental Yep, that gives me a notification.
@FoxElemental Yes, you just need three characters
6:31 PM
Got it, thanks
But it will ping the last person that posted with a matching substring
@Secespitus So not all pingable users with that substring.
Or wait... there were some tests before with me and Secret.
Wait, let me try something.
6:32 PM
Does that ping you?
@Gryphon No, it has to be the begining
@Secespitus OK, just checking.
Jan 31 at 15:29, by AndyD273
@sec if you get this ping reply
Did you both get the ping, or just one of you?
You can see that me and Secret replied. So it's everyone with the corresponding starting characters.
6:33 PM
I see
Does more than 3 characters (but not the full name) work?
@Gryph This should ping you
Beat me to it
Yep, that worked.
Also, you guys might like to visit your all time rep overview
There are lots of "hidden" features
Oh wow
6:36 PM
That's really neat, and I'll have to go through that entire thing sometime.
Me too
Meanwhile, real life interupts. See you all later.
See you, @Gryp
6:41 PM
Ah yeah, the "paragraph break" for chat
Testing again:
@Secespitus this is fine
@FoxElemental @Gryphon Easter Eggs
See it?
I can't
6:43 PM
Ah. Now I do
@FoxElemental You have to use only the text, no additional ping
ah got it
Only works on SO
Talk to you later
7:04 PM
Going back and making my old crappy answers better might be one of the best feelings in the world.
1 hour later…
8:29 PM
Yes, I've seen the floods of edits on the active page.
8:43 PM
Calling all worldbuilders: Does anyone have any questions you ask yourself about worldbuilding? What do you think is important for building the culture, setting, and life on your world?
9:21 PM
@FoxElemental I focus on "why" alot. So why do the pucks behave this way, why do the dverg do that. I also have a single sentence, for example the dverg, Liniege obsessed dwarves then I build a culture around that
Also finding inspiration always helps or even just reading what other people have written or even real life cultures
Finally add something weird is what I enjoy doing. For example the Dverg are in a state of constant war with a parasitic shroom hoard (pretty much gnomes turned into zombies)

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