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2:22 AM
@Mourdos Von Neuman Golems... That's pretty terrifying right there.
Golem mythos does not support it, however. A religious rite is required to produce them.
5 hours later…
7:06 AM
@DonyorM Hello!
how's life?
man that is a philosophical question with depth well beyond my present capacity to delve into, but if you mean to ask colloquially about mine alone it's pretty good.
pretty good
You haven't done much on this site yet. Just browsing?
1 hour later…
8:22 AM
@DannyReagan Its the best way.
8:54 AM
Right, posted an answer to the golem question since it was still unanswered
Hey, could people take a look at the tag synonym I have suggested here:
@DonyorM We had a meta discussion about that.
A: Commerce tag - synonym of economy?

githubphagocyteThe commerce tag is not useful and should be removed. It is slightly more specific than economy without adding enough to justify its use. The economy tag is a useful distinction applied to several questions. The commerce tag seems more like a tag applied for the sake of it, just to make up the nu...

Q: More strict scientific culture in Worldbuilding?

AlexI just found this site and was thrilled since I have a big and broad general interest in applied science and politics. However, when seeing some questions and answers involving magic and other not only imaginary but unreasonable scenarios, I understood that there is something else to this SE-site...

9:19 AM
@DannyReagan How'd you like my war Golems then? :)
I personally thought it was awesome, Tim
Q: Cartography synonym of map-making

DonyorMI have just proposed cartography as a synonym of map-making, can the community look at this and see what they think? I think cartography and map-making should be made synonyms because they are essentially the same thing. They have subtle differences, but not enough to be worth having seperate ta...

9:31 AM
@DonyorM I'm going to have to reject your warfare tag edit :(
people know what warfare is, the tag wiki needs to describe what is in the context of this site, how to use it here
1 hour later…
10:41 AM
Hmm, unexplained downvotes...annoying :(
Q: Getting an error parsing WSDL in Eclipse but not in SOAP UI, or NetBeans

Tim BI have an eclipse project and I'm trying to add a reference to the webservice http://cm.eurotax.at/EtxVehDataServices.svc?wsdl However when I complete the Web Service Client wizard in Eclipse I get the error: WAB0399E Error in generating Java from WSDL: java.io.IOException: ERROR: Missing <soa...

11:03 AM
Have an upvote
lol, thanks. :) I think I've worked out what's going on now anyway
although it doesn't help me solve the problem
eclipse is trying to parse it as soap 1, but the wsdl is in soap 1.2
@TimB Hah! Those are excellent ways to weaponize Golems. I really hadn't thought of the sheer terror factor inherent in them.
11:47 AM
The unknown is always far more scary than the known. If 24 golems march out in front of the tanks it's gonna be a turkey shoot.
That answer was awesome
but if unknown assailants with unknown capabilities are constantly striking at you and you can't even find them....
if someone is hitting you and you can't even find them to hit back that's so frustrating to deal with
Ok, probably looks like I'm looking for rep, but I actually want to see if my math in this answer works. I don't really know the math very well, so I basically gleaned what I could from articles I found. I'm pretty sure it works, because I can get worked out values from online, but I'm not sure I explained it right.
A: What would be the communication range of an underwater species?

DonyorMTL;DR: At 1 km depth probably sound would travel about 642 meters, or if it how the same strength of normal conversation, without accounting for the fact that sound is stronger underwater, then it would go about 316 meters. There are many factors that are difficult to calculate that effect how f...

At a glance the math seems ok, your answer is a bit chaotic and disorganized and has a few typos though
you should probably look at reorgansing it
12:05 PM
It is a sad day when this gets on the HQB. rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/49747/…
lots of answers and votes will do that
@TimB Thanks, I worked on that
You should specific what the sound that would travel that far is (i.e. speaking/shouting volume)
Ah, forgot that
looks good though
I'd look up the loudest a human can shout
12:10 PM
and also calculate a figure for maximum range on a shout
7 more rep till I hit 2 thousand
also look at frequency range and see what's the best frequency a human can produce
All of these reasons are why you have so much rep and I don't have as much. Sometimes I just need to think more
I was just going to ask about your answer @DonyorM - it's much more like what I was after :)
12:12 PM
Thanks :D
:) that's why I get paid to think
I'm going to leave the bounty open for a bit - I want to give it the chance to rise to the top but so far you're the highest contender
bounty gets more people to look so question and answer gets more chances to rack up votes
Which is always nice ;)
I'm glad Irgi saw my math mistakes, it was pretty bad
I saw the cannon question hit HNQ
Seems to be generating new users and views at a good clip. Nice question
12:26 PM
A reminder
A: Community Promotion Ad

overactorI'm happy to announce that we made it past the threshold on 4 sites now: RPG.SE Scifi.SE GameDev.SE Physics.SE The ad has also been posted at: Gaming.SE (1 more votes needed) Note that this is a community wiki, feel free to edit as you vote on our ad or if you post an ad elsewhere.

@Mourdos Wish I had the rep on those sites to help you out, there
Do you have 200 rep on any site? Or is it 500?
Yes, then you have 101 rep on thse sites. 15 is enough to upvote
Basically, once you have enough rep on one site, they give you +100 rep on every other site. So that you can bypass the new user restrictions
A: What is the association bonus?

Martijn PietersCongratulations! One of your linked accounts has reached 200 reputation points, and as a result, all associated accounts are given a 100 point bonus. The bonus is awarded because you have proven that you know your way around the basic features of any Stack Exchange website, and with those 100 ex...

@Mourdos Handy, that
don't edit for a sec @DonyorM, gonna tidy up the english
12:42 PM
@TimB, ok thanks. I am definitely bad at english
not bad
there you go
feel free to tweak any of the changes
Looks pretty good. Thanks a ton!
mostly you just tend to repeat things a bit, and some of the phraseology is a bit clumsy
I'm still going over all this in school, but it's definitely not my best subject
This sentance for example: Normal conversation at 1 km depth would travel about 2 kilometers in water, or if it how the same strength of normal conversation, without accounting for the fact that sound is stronger underwater, then it would go about 1 kilometer meters
Look at how long it is
and it jumps around
and repeats itself
12:46 PM
Basically, I think I need to proofread more
and totally irrelevant facts - the question is about underwater so why even mention the range not underwater?
And get better at noticing that kinda stuff. Thanks for the tips.
more than one comma in a sentence is a bad sign. More than 2, unless you are making a list, is definitely bad
In that particular case, I wasn't sure if Liath wanted the sounds directly transferred to underwater (i.e. same dB values) or if he wanted the value of the air sound translated to water. But it probably wasn't worth the space, he'll ask me to include the values if he wants them.
my second sentence there illustrating the case where you would use 2
12:53 PM
I see
1 hour later…
2:07 PM
You have the same problem I do. My sentences have 15 words when 10 will do!
Actually more like 50 where 15 will do ;)
Having said that it's a great answer :)
2:32 PM
Bah, a one paragraph + one sentence answer just got more upvotes than any of my answers :(
lol :D
pwned :(
3:01 PM
It's great that we're getting visibility on other SE sites -- good job! I'd like to urge just a bit of caution; the community-promotion ads are meant to be things that members of the host site want to run ads for, so if you find yourself joining another site just to vote on ads, without otherwise participating, ask yourself if that's being a good neighbor. We should talk up WB, we should participate on sites where we want to participate, and we shouldn't push our agenda overly. Only graduated sites get ads so this is probably ok; they'll have more users than us. But consider appearances. — Monica Cellio 31 secs ago
I posted that ^^^ as a comment to the question, but it's tied into discussions on the answer, in here, and probably other places, so linking it here too. Thanks for all the great work on spreading the word! And let's do our best to not get into voting tugs-of-war with users on the target sites, ok?
Upvoted again on Physics :) — Shokhet yesterday
@MonicaCellio I wouldn't have done that if I wasn't already a member of Physics (just to clarify)
@Shokhet thanks. And I'm not trying to call anybody out; I don't know who's active where and have better things to do than to compare user lists across sites. :-) I just saw enough comments along those lines that I thought it worth saying something.
3:17 PM
@MonicaCellio All right, no harm done. :)
@Shokhet ok, just want to make sure you didn't think I was criticizing you -- not the intent at all.
@MonicaCellio I didn't think that, don't worry :)
On the on-topicness of magic questions -- I've edited my Eragon question and received an answer .....what do you guys think?
updated question is better
I'd put the update before the divider not after it though
start with the important stuff
@TimB Maybe.....
3:37 PM
@TimB And there goes the solar system. At least we managed to lift the rock I bit before the human explosion blew it into orbit. :)
Is it possible to cool down a volcano planet? Apparently... spectrum.ieee.org/images/may07/images/clim01.pdf
@Vulcronos lol
@Mourdos That's an answer!
Though you'd need some technologically advanced species to interact with the planet for that to happen; AFAICT none of those are natural ;)
Iron dust?
Well the goal is to artificially cool a too-hot planet for terraforming surely?
3:53 PM
@TimB I'm not sure.......
Are you asking about a natural process, or an artificial one? — Shokhet 14 secs ago
@Shokhet I'll write the answer up later. By copying the text and providing the source
@Mourdos That works.
Watch the comments on the question, though, in case it turns out he wants a natural process.....
Any answer would be worth mentioning that we have no fast ways to do this. You're talking hundreds or thousands of years.
4:13 PM
@TimB I love your golem answer! Nice job!
@Shokhet Done!
A: Is it possible to cool down a volcanic planet?

MourdosVolcanic planets are actially in the process of cooling themselves down already (see bolded answer futher down.) In addition, the heat is not from the volcanos but rather the greenhouse effect. "Venus is hotter due to the greenhouse effect: Venus has an atmosphere about ninety times thicker than ...

Yes, a shameless copy paste (with editing). Following that SE prefers we copy relevant data rather than linking
@MonicaCellio Have you ever had a question about Golems on the Judaism SE?
Heading home now, cya
Huh. Just looked that up. It seems you've had ~20 questions on or related to Golems. I should have looked there for some info first. :D
1 hour later…
5:51 PM
@DannyReagan yup. :-) Here are a few that might interest you:
Q: Was there a GOLEM?

In Search of EMeThwas there really a golem made in Prague that was alive and interacted with other people? I heard that this story was nothing more than a made up tale in a children's book. Does anyone know the real history behind it? What evidence do we have backing it up? Is it brought down in any written autho...

Q: Does Robot = Golem?

Ze'ev haKohenWould an anthropomorphic robot who could communicate with and do the bidding of humans qualify Halachicaly as a Golem? Would new rulings have to be devised for their status?

Q: sefer Yetzirah ox goring,or Golem damages

samIf an ox made from sefer Yetzirah gored a regular ox, or vice versa, or if a golem hit someone is there any Torah obligation to pay for damages that was inflicted? I used the classic example of damaging(Torah's example) ,but my question extends to all types of damages by things created by sefer ...

^^^ In other words, are you liable for your golem's damages?
@MonicaCellio Hah! That's an interesting question, that is.
1 hour later…
7:05 PM
@Mourdos Nice, +1!
2 hours later…
9:01 PM
@Mourdos Well, SE doesn't prefer that you steal copyrighted work...what's the license on the thing you copied from?
3 hours later…
11:36 PM
Q: MathJax render failure in Suggested Edit queue

githubphagocyteNow that we have MathJax, people are editing old posts to replace compromises with clear mathematical notation. I just approved an edit to this answer. In the Review Suggested Edits queue, selecting "rendered output" did not display correctly rendered MathJax. After I approved the edit, I looked ...

@TimB @MonicaCellio @MichaelKjörling this has come up in the Suggested Edits queue but the tag blacklist meta.stackexchange question it links to doesn't appear to make clear what the process is. I've skipped the edit for now until someone who knows how tag blacklisting works can look at it.
Similarly for this
Now that I've skipped those two suggested edits, I've realised that they were just relating to the tag on meta, and I was overcomplicating it. I should have just approved them. I've gone back and pressed approve, but I'm not sure if it works like that after I've already pressed skip. I apologise if I've created extra work...
When making an embarrassing mistake, be sure to ping all three prospective mods...

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