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2:09 AM
Q: Administer or administrate?

K124STI'm writing a book, and I'm kinda stuck on how to word this sentence: •"I've got a forum to _," he said as he walked out the door. Should "__" be swapped with administer or administrate?

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5:19 AM
Q: Where do I fit in the future of publishing?

JeremySo I'm at that awful point in life where I've graduated college, painfully unemployed and no real direction in life. Trying to get it together currently. Computers, code, software, apps, web, anything like that I can do, and the idea that that skill base is marketable to any industry keeps popp...

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1:39 PM
Q: What is the correct location for page numbers in a report?

2pietjuh2I am writing the report our project in school. We had the discussion of what the best place is for the page numbers. Obvious is that the right side (report is printed single sided), but should we place the page numbers at the top, or at the bottom of the page?

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2:44 PM
oh hai!
Can we use "to + present participle" ?
@Hemant no idea what that means
i mean can we use something like "to+(-ing) words
Q: Completed New Novel

Leandro HawthorneI have written a novel,and am thinking to get it published or at least get some reviews about it.I am planning to go on with the next one,but i would like to know how the first one is. This is my first venture and i would like to know how it is.It is completed. The name of the novel is The horizon.

@Hemant so using something like "I am to working?"
2:55 PM
for example - to playing or something in that line. I'm asking this because yesterday Kitfox told me that to + past participle is ungrammatical.
that sentence seems totally weird, but i just wanted to know is that kind of structure is grammatical or not
@Hemant she would be correct. throwing "ing" behind it makes it weird, but there are probably edge cases where it's ok, but generally i would say no
so there is definite no for "to + past participle" but "to + present participle" may be correct , right ?
"He resorted to playing with his toys when he got bored."
works in that case
have i mentioned i'm completley the wrong person to ask this?
no worries, DForck42
4:05 PM
hi @kitfox
Oh hai!
I was just talking about you yesterday.
About some exercise stuff.
4:32 PM
@KitFox oh?
Yes, about the recovery time and protein intake.
@KitFox cool. what about it were you saying?
Let me think. I had asked you about whether older people should rest for longer periods between exercise sessions.
And my recollection was that you had said that protein intake was a factor in determining how much rest was needed for muscle recovery.
@KitFox yeah, it all really boils down to the individual, their past history, and how well and how much they're eating
if you're eating A LOT, you'll recover faster and build more muscle. if you're eating at a deficit (calories in < calories burned) then recovery and muscle building are restricted. that's why when people are on a cut (calorie deficit to lose fat) they do maintenance work rather than progressing their lifts
also, people with higher percentage body fat also don't tend to have as big a problem with recovery since they have the extra stored energy for the body to use. people at lower percent body fat need to eat more in order to gain muscle and strength
also, rest periods depend on the level of effort in the session. weigh lifters will go a bit lighter before competitions to give their body time to recoup for the big lifts, and then go lighter after the competition to give their bodies time to heal. after that they pick the pace back up.
4:47 PM
if an older person does a workout that appropriate for them, then 3x a week should be fine. if they OVERDO it, then they might have recovery issues. again, it's all dependent on the individual person
another thing to keep in mind is that there is such a thing as too long a recovery time. if you wait too long in between sessions you short change the benefits you're getting from the sessions.
for example, it's been about 6 months since i last weight lifted. i did some squats on monday. my 1rm (one rep max, the max weight i can do one repetition of) dropped about 50 lbs
@KitFox yeah, was a bit sad but i expected it when i did it, so yeah
focusing on other aspects instead of just strength
Of course, I'm pretty sure my 1rm is less than 50lbs.
@KitFox you never know till you try
so are you looking into doing stuff @kitfox ?
I've thought about it, but it is not a priority right now. I have been doing a minimum amount of core work as often as I remember to, to try to get into a habit of thinking about exercise.
5:01 PM
@KitFox what kind of "core" work?
Some...I guess leg lifts? For the spinal erectors and the uh...obliques?
see this if you want to listen to an bitter weight lifting coach talk about "core" (ie rant about it) startingstrength.com/articles/core_stability_rippetoe.pdf
Really just maintenance after some PT I did.
@DForck42 Nice. I'm glad someone else gets annoyed by that term too.
if you want something simple and can do at home, definatley recommend nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/12/09/…
What I need is something I can do in the elevator with my satchel.
5:06 PM
laugh it's good exercise :)
@KitFox squat it?
sneaks back out
@DForck42 That could work.
I hadn't thought of kettlebell.
Haha. I'm reading more of the pdf about "core" training and I have no idea if this guy would think I'm crazy or not.
5:14 PM
@KitFox why would he think you're crazy?
Pretty much I'm doing standing leg lifts, precisely because I want to balance while I'm doing them.
But I'm not training for anything, of course, it's just that I have lower back issues.
It's an unauthorized adaptation of my PT's plan.
@KitFox what kind of issues?
Let's see if I can remember the words.
My pelvis rotates in a way that it shouldn't on the sacroiliac joint. Or something like that. I can picture it, but I don't remember how to describe it.
I'm supposed to do these lifts while lying down, but I decided to do them standing up because I wanted to increase my balance and I liked the feeling of traction on the base of my spine.
Yes, I think so.
So it's supposed to tighten everything up so it doesn't wobble so much.
Or something. I don't know really, except that it helps.
And if I forget for too long, it hurts again.
5:21 PM
@KitFox it kind of sounds like it's caused by a lack of strength in the muscles there, but i am in no way a doctor
Well, it has been a chronic problem, but two pregnancies really did me in.
did your doc prescribe a workout for you?
On the one hand, it felt better with everything stretched downward, on the other hand, everything stretched out.
@DForck42 Leg raises and knee hugging and something else that I never do.
@KitFox meh. what kind of doctor was this?
Like I said, I am really just trying to make thinking about exercise habitual.
@DForck42 A PT.
It's been the best treatment I've had thus far, but that's not really saying much.
5:25 PM
@KitFox ...yeah, my recommendation? if you can afford it go see a sports doc or a physical therapist. they'll set you up with what you need to do
That was a physical therapist.
@KitFox oh... i was thinking "personal trainer"
i'll bb in a bit
@DForck42 Oh. Right. Sorry. No.
Hey all, does this answer make any sense to anybody else? It kind of reads like a 'bot product to me, but maybe I'm being dim?
A: Time measures in fantasy worlds

WDHellSA Fantasy World is what Planet Earth are imposed to live, as the reality of packed facts given to another, that tells the story. Which for this catch there's no time at any world but the charge measure in Tax. the Evil and Vile that creates it's social groups to manipulate the lives of many wher...

@MonicaCellio you've got the right of it.
delete and submit to gemsfromstackexchange.tumblr.com
5:32 PM
@waxeagle oh, there's a place for those? Wow. (Blocked here at work, so please be my guest.)
@MonicaCellio mostly it's for laughs. Just a place where we collect lolwut SE responses
Oh, wow. That Tumblr is hilarious! I'm clearly not getting any work done today.
@NeilFein I look forward to tonight's entertainment. :-) (And I'm impressed that someone managed to upvote my "um, what?" comment in the <1 min it was undeleted. :-) )
If anyone sees this user posting anything else like this, please feel free to ping a mod or flag.
@NeilFein if anybody sees anybody posting stuff like this, please flag (and use your delete vote if you have one).
5:38 PM
> a jobless Democrat from Michigan
Yes, everyone please use your delete and close votes! I absolutely hate mod-closing questions.
Heaven protect our daughters!
must stop reading
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6:48 PM
@NeilFein but it's fun!
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11:11 PM
Q: Title copyright

Javeer BakerIs there any such thing as copyrighting a title? A title of a novel / short story is usually less than five words. The words are chosen after much thought to reflect the contents of work. They are often common (everyday) words. A typical example is a romance novel which may have a title such a...


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