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10:00 AM
in another life I would love to do some hectic job like work in the north pole or on an aircraft carrier or oil rig
Aircraft carrier could be cool. I get sea sick very easily though.
How many countries have you been to so far?
this is country no 4
singapore, malaysia, cambodia, vietnam
so not that many
Still trying to hit the Philippians?
I would love to go the phillipines, but apparently it's not safe there
Singapore and Malaysia seem cool, I don't think I'd ever go to Cambodia though.
Whats not safe? Thats where all the American men get their mail order brides from :)
10:05 AM
cambodia is something else
At least I know 2 ppl who did.
heh, didn't know that!
guaranteed replacement if they run away within 1 year
I read a report from the AUS embassy saying that westerners were being kidnappepd
10:07 AM
Thats what they say about Mexico too, I don't know how true it is.
I don't want to take a chance though, i might end up on one of those NatGeo TV shows
So how expensive has your trip been?
And when did you start?
I'm in the positive, money-wise.
started in August 2012
My friend just got back from Belize, she was only there for a couple weeks, but it cost a ton.
One of my requirements for this trip was that I must make more than at my previous employer, and it must cost less than living at home
eh, it depends on how you spend the money
I live off $500 a week
I don't know if that's a lot or little in the US
10:13 AM
Thats probably a bit higher, at least since the economy is down.
$150 rent, $40 medical aid, $60 for flights, rest for food and extras
I'm probably going to be under budget this week
Thats really cool though. If I didn't have high speed internet for more than a day I'd freak out! lol, but I'm always on call because I'm in charge of some medical document encryption servers.
I get to be in New York soon, then in July I will hopefully be somewhere very cold!
that's cool
why are you going to new york?
One of the contractors I work for wants me out there for some new project for a couple weeks. Thats why I had to get the new laptop.
I've never used a os X system, hopefully it won't be too different from linux.
it's great when work gives you an excuse to buy new toys
I'm probably going to have to upgrade my pc at some point
10:20 AM
Yep! Especially when you can write them off.
I always base my PC shopping off of the CPU benchmarks, cpubenchmark.net/laptop.html this is for laptop processors
I used to not be bothered too much with cpu speeds, but I probably will have to be now that I'm building firmware on a regular basis
I always try to get the best one that isn't super overpriced, that way I can make it last a long time. The 4 core with hyperthreading is great, especially for virtual machines!
what's hyperthreading?
it allows the processor core to run two threads, so a 4 core system looks like a 8 core system to the OS.
that explains why my vbox has 8 cores
I thought it was broken
10:32 AM
but then howcome if I allocate 3 cores to windows, and windows runs full-tilt, then my CPU usage goes up to 75%
I believe the physical core on the die is 33% larger then if it didn't have hyperthreading.
shouldn't it be 37.5%
My understanding is that it isn't the same as having 8 cores, but it is better then having 4 cores without HT.
oh, ok
10:36 AM
does system monitor show 8 cpu's? Here's mine i.sstatic.net/UpOuh.png
I'm so confused, my /proc/cpuinfo shows 4 cpus
but virtualbox has 8
What processor do you have, I have Intel® Coreā„¢ i7 CPU 930 @ 2.80GHz × 8
My virtual box shows 16cpu's but the last 8 are in red.
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 390 @ 2.67GHz
mine is a small fry compared to yours
ooh, so it's actually 2 cores
10:41 AM
You have 2 cores with hyperthreading, so 2 cores each with 2 logical.
so virtualbox is just confused. I have 8 cpus in virtualbox, the last 4 are red
Also, in virtual box, make sure you have "Enable PAE/NX" checked, and Guest Additions installed on the vbox.
I definitely have guest additions
Yah, I think it is a fake or virtualization feature of virtual box.
yes, I have that PAE thing too
what's PAE for?
10:43 AM
I'm gunna see what happens when I select all 16 CPUs.
It exposes the processor to the guest OS. so it can use extra features.
At least that's what I think it does.
the one day i started two virtualbox windows without realising that I'd allocated 3 cores to both and 4gb of memory (I have 6 total) to both
Ahh, when I select more than 8 CPU's it gives a warning that I've selected more then the host has.
You can run several virtualbox at onces using the same cores, because most of the time the cpu is idle.
in this case, they weren't idle
everything kinda froze
it was a disaster
I think I ended up hard resetting after trying for 20 min to start top and re-nice
Ouch, I keep the execution cap at 80-90% so that my linux system is still able to work.
I'm starting Windows Server 2012 with 16 cores. We'll see if it crashes my system. brb
Everything is working fine... need to stress the windows system
That's soo cool!!! Windows sees 16 cores. I'm taking screen shots
how is virtualbox doing that?
surely the cpu must be operating at half speed or something?
10:54 AM
I gotta install prime95 or something to push this hard.
shit!! my cpu is at 104c
and I thought I had temp trouble
dude that's above boiling
Wow, that was fun, I'll have some pics in a sec... gotta let the cpu get below 80.
This is the virtual windows thinking it has 16 cores. i.sstatic.net/aedwZ.png
And this is the linux system monitor, i.sstatic.net/Ksc95.png
You can see that just because I had VirtualBox emulating the 8 extra cores, it put significantly more load on the system then if it only had 8 cores.
ja, that's crazy
For whatever reason the screenshots when I was running prime 95 didn't save.
I gotta go, I was supposed to leave for the airport tens mins ago.
If you figure out why/how virtual box emulates the extra cores, let me know.
sure, I also have another question to ask you about a linux thing I need done
we can chat later :)
11:08 AM
K, I'll probably be back in an hour or so.
11:28 AM
I was just browsing the latest copy of an Australian electronics magazine and saw screen shot and half a page about some software I wrote over 12 years ago that I'd almost forgotten about. Now I'm torn between feeling proud and an old fart. It's "GPSDiag" on CNET if anyone wants a Windows program that decodes NMEA output from a GPS for general diagnostics.
oh wow, if i'd known about that a while back it would have been so useful
One funny thing is that Circuit Cellar also had a screen shot as part of a (possibly paid) review of a GPS receiver years back and it was included on their GPS evaluation CD. The link on the main screen led to the company I ran at the time and we sold different modules that were cheaper. It was always free so no legal problems, but it amused me that someone would put software on a CD that included links to competitor products.
2 hours later…
1:49 PM
@PeterJ post a link to the article.
@StaceyAnne you mentioned you had a Linux related question for me?
oh, yes. Any Idea how to echo to the beginning of a file?
You mean to prep end text?
I'm on my tablet, and it doesn't want to behave with this site's chat. :(
prep end text?
sorry, I don't mean to keep you up
@GarrettFogerlie, I'm about to head off but it's the April edition of siliconchip.com.au but by the looks of it you'll have to pay $8.99 to view and then not get a PDF only use their crappy online viewer. I saw it in the paper version but it's the reason I wouldn't subscribe myself, Circuit Cellar is cheaper / better and has PDFs you can search on.
You not keeping me up. But my tablet is pissing me off, every time I type it zooms the site so I can't see anything. Ugh. But there are lots Of ways, just Google "Linux echo to begining of file"
I'll catch you guys later, my tablet's being a pain! Goodnight.
1 hour later…
3:13 PM
Hi all!
@DavidKessner hi
@DavidKessner allo
@StaceyAnne pre-pend - the opposite of append
3:31 PM
@DavidKessner hi
morning all
And how is everyone doing this morning?
@DavidKessner Good! You?
@Kortuk Not bad. Dealing with a terrible bug (the EE kind, not the flu kind). But otherwise good. You?
@DavidKessner paperwork time today. getting some things sorted for planning 1.5 months from now.
3:44 PM
I have trouble planning next weekend, much less 1.5 months from now. :)
@DavidKessner I have to have time to order parts and such.
2 hours later…
5:16 PM
@Kortuk Look like Mr. T. is back: electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/64381/…
@Kortuk: (Hello :) )
@angelatlarge Flagged as spam.
@DavidKessner I thought the pulse dialing idea was pretty ingenious, actually. If that's what was meant, I wasn't totally sure.
@angelatlarge Yeah, except that pulse dialing is obsolete, and many phone companies no longer support it.
@DavidKessner Interesting. I didn't know that.
A: Circuit that can convert current pulses to voltage

Grandpa TonyThis is basically a tachometer. Depending on the pulse size, gain of 1000 may be enough. If so ac couple to a Buffered Cmos Nor,Nand or inverter gate with 1 to 10 MOhm feedback and 1000 pF or so to drive the date from Vcc or add a small series resistor if necessary on power to create the pulses l...

@angelatlarge Arduino. :(
5:30 PM
@DavidKessner I'll get right on that!
I don't think the user wants a pulse to V converter. Rather, I suspect that you can run the pulses directly into an Arduino timer/compare/whatever module. I am not familiar with the AVR's specifically, but many timer modules in MCU's will take an external pulse/clock in and measure the period of that signal.
Hello @all
@DavidKessner Well, it seems like OP needs some way of getting that windspeed into the Arduino. The AVR chips I know don't have a "measure" function like that AFAIK, though I think Arduino code might. It seems like some sort of RC timer circuit to convert the pulses to voltage that could be read with ADCs will be difficult here, because (I would guess) the duty cycle remains constant regardless of wind speed.
@rawbrawb Hallo
Also, TS's answer is a PWM to V converter and the OP wants a Frequency to V converter.
@angelatlarge Yes, duty cycle remains constant.
The poor guy must have tourette's (sp), it's sometimes hard to tell that it's him sometimes until he starts spouting anti-mod speech.
6:07 PM
good morning
@jippie Hallo
"Simple current to voltage amp and LPF makes this tach work as needed" - I don't see it. Am I missing something, or is this not his most lucid moment?
did I miss anything today?
2 hours later…
8:22 PM
Hi guys!
Electronics porn:
Just watched it and wanted to share before going to sleep.
9:09 PM
@angelatlarge :)
9:19 PM
@Kortuk: what's up?
@Kortuk Oh, and hello :)
@angelatlarge if you look at what I responded to you can see. There is an arrrow on the left side of the message that if you click it will highlight what I responded to.
@Kortuk Ah.. that was so long ago :)
@angelatlarge that is why I used the reply. :)
@Kortuk Gotcha
9:41 PM
Whew. Just finished making more thermocouples for the lab.
@DavidKessner does touching the leads together count? lol
@MLM Ummm, no.
10:12 PM
@Kortuk Look, Mr. T got himself 20+ rep. Question protection is not gonna work anymore.
@angelatlarge Flagging as spam. Everyone else should too, so it'll get deleted quicker.
@DavidKessner I would, but just one question: I thought you guys (ye olde timers-e on this-e forum-e) decide to keep the answers that were relatively on-topic, no? Didn't I see that in the chat somewhere, or did I invent that like over-current protection on AVR chips?
We tried to let him stay and see if he would play nice. It didn't last. But I do not make official policy.
@angelatlarge If he were smart, he'd make some puppet accounts for the sole purpose of up-voting his other accounts. Fortunately he's not smart, just tenacious.
@DavidKessner Apparently he can get the upvotes he needs without the puppets
@angelatlarge Once upon a time he might have been a good engineer. He has given good answers in the past. Unfortunately he has also given some really terrible answers and when he's called out on it he basically throws a temper tantrum.
10:29 PM
@DavidKessner Have you ever seen this: elsewhere.org/pomo ? The post-modern paper generator? I think Mr. T. is the EE version of that.
@angelatlarge I haven't seen that one specifically, but I have seen similar things. TS indeed has become that-- but with a bad attitude, unlimited time, and a mental problem (I am not a Dr.).
Who is Mr. T?
@Bitrex We also call him, "He Who Shall Not Be Named".
Q: Many new user accounts+answers+suspensions and protected questions

angelatlargeI apologize if thise has been discussed before, but I didn't see anything. There has been a rash of new user acounts answering questions, and an equal (rush) to protect them 2.1 sound system noise user22024 Bus vs. seperate return paths for 3 phase bridge? user22023 High to low impedance micr...

10:34 PM
Whoa... that's that "2238" under my name. That ain't my rep...
@angelatlarge I think it is some combination of rep for all the SE sites you go to.
@angelatlarge Yeah, the sum of your rep for all SE sites is about 2223.
@DavidKessner Almost.
Either that or it counts down, and when it reaches 666 you're in trouble. Maybe you turn into Mr T.
@DavidKessner -programmers.com 101.
@DavidKessner I had 666 today or yesterday. It was sad to move on from there :(
10:39 PM
I spent all day yesterday diagnosing a problem with an AVR and it turns out it was a hardware fault :(
it takes forever for me to come to that conclusion because it's so unusual
@Bitrex You mean the AVR chip was faulty?
Seems so.
@Bitrex Which one?
It worked on the board for a while, but then started doing crazy stuff.
an ATMega32
Looks like the Gramps account gone (deleted).
10:46 PM
Unfortunately, I don't own a programmer that can do JTAG in circuit debugging stuff, I've just been using a usbtiny programmer. Maybe in-circuit debuggin would help find such faults fastser, this might be my impetus to get one.
@DavidKessner shocking
@Bitrex That's what I use. Some day...
@angelatlarge Hmmm, I was wrong. For some reason it wasn't the the "new user" list.
@angelatlarge Everyone down-voted him. But they should flag it as spam instead. If enough people flag it, the post gets automatically deleted without moderator intervention. I forget if it is 3 or 5 flags.
Take yr meds, bro! — dext0rb 3 mins ago
10:52 PM
Time to go home. G'nite everybody!
@DavidKessner Goodnight
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