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6:10 AM
Wow, this room has been frozen for a while.
Emrakul has unfrozen this room.
Welcome home, @doppelgreener & co.
No problem!
6:15 AM
Jul 6 '14 at 11:55, by BESW
For weight, I roll 5d6 and look at this table which was miraculously omitted from the 2nd edition.
Chargen starts on page 13.
You're expected to roll three characters and pick one of them to actually play.
Dun duuuuuun!
Ok, I am ready to commit this mistake.
@BESW, how do we start?
I support this plan entirely...
To start, you roll 2d6 for your PC's Moves. Your Moves determines how fast you are, and how much you can do in a turn.
6:20 AM
If you wind up with 0 or fewer moves, your PC will be unable to take meaningful action.
@Emrakul Thanks!
Now roll 1d6 + 3 for Resiliency: it's kinda like armour.
6:21 AM
Aw shit son you got hella move
6:21 AM
I suggest you start a Google doc to keep track of these results.
I am the flash over here!
1d6 + 3
@Althis I am interested to see if your character retains their legs during character creation.
Dude stop with the sixes bruh
6:22 AM
This will be hilarious...
Your Strength score starts at 0. It will change as we go, but make a note of it.
Roll 5d6 to see if you roll five sixes
Now we roll for age and ageing. Start with a 2d10 roll on the table on page 14.
6:23 AM
ooh, roll again
...ooh, roll again again.
6:24 AM
...okay, there's a lot of rolling again on this table
You're already dead by this point man
deadEarth PCs can only be between the ages of 16 and 60. If you're over 40, you get massive penalties.
Where is the table?
6:25 AM
For you, @Althis, I'm tracking it for you and will post the results in chat.
The others will have to fend for themselves.
(First come first served.)
I've got this in a doc
So, you're 50 years old.
6:26 AM
No, you don't have to re-roll.
(@sandwich @a, i hope you're using google docs or taking notes)
You got a 50, and that's within the age range.
6:27 AM
Yeah, google-doc-ing it.
I did, and I am. I'm 37
Wait, do I do 5.10?
Shouldn't it be 5+10 on the first roll?
"10" is "0" for our purposes.
6:28 AM
Six radiations
I dont like the sound of that
50 years old means you have -5 to your Moves, -1 to your Strength, -3 to your Resiliency, 3d6 radmans (we'll talk about those later), and 960 + 1d6x10 skill points (we will ignore skill points entirely).
Wait waaaaat?!
So your stats are now:
6:29 AM
If you want I have a google docs open here as well.
> Moves 7
Resiliency 6
Strength -1
Radmans 3d6
260 + d6 * 10 skill points
(@doppelgreener No problem!l
Share the doc(s) you're using?
6:30 AM
and D6 radiation...
(Skill points require rolling 2d6 one hundred separate times, and often radmans mean we have to ignore or re-roll them, so we skip that entirely.)
6:30 AM
26+48 inches height
Now, @Althis, your height is 48 + 6d6 inches.
So roll 6d6
Wait, who rolled for me? I was still writing these down.
@Althis They're rolling for themselves.
And you need to open up the permissions on that document.
6:32 AM
It is now. Sorry.
You're 71 inches tall.
6:32 AM
Way better Sandwich, thanks.
@Althis Still can't open it.
6:33 AM
17 weight
I activated link editting. Anyway, we better use the spreadsheet.
Okay, this is getting really confusing with three people rolling separate characters.
If @Sandwich doesn't mind.
@BESW It is.
Anyone who's rolling their own without my help, please roll in this chat:

 Dice roller & formatting tests playgr

The roller supports: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20. You can roll ...
Got it
6:33 AM
It is way less interesting then...
Apologies. I'll just use random.org.
And just post results here.
And that spreadsheet is not using @Althis's rolls.
It is still a better idea than a text document, I will make one.
Yeah that's my spreadsheet
Who uses text files thats laaaame
6:35 AM
Use text files. You'll need 'em later.
You'll probably be pasting in large radmans descriptions.
And spreadsheets don't play nice with large paragraphs.
I can just format cells for that
So with 72 inches height and 17 weight
Okay, the spreadsheet formatting is horribly broken on my computer. can someone tell me what table C1 is?
What does that mean? I cant read this chart
Its a -1
Oh wait
C1 in the book is weight
6:37 AM
@Althis Still don't have permission.
@Sandwich "I can't read this chart" - Sandwich on deadEarth, 2015
I'll make one.
this is a penetrating statement
Try now. I forgot to select everyone, not everyone on my college's group.
@Althis Have you set it so "everyone with the link" can view?
6:38 AM
It said to roll 5d6 and then check this table for your weight results
Okay, that worked.
But I don't see anything that indicates what a 17 even is
@Sandwich yeah, the table we are looking for doesn't seem to display properly in this copy of the spreadsheet
6:38 AM
@Sandwich You're ahead of the person who's being helped. Wait 'til we catch up and then if you still don't understand, ask questions.
the table we can see is a different one (I think it's C2)
What is even going on with that weight table?
Ah that makes more sense
6:40 AM
@Althis So, you got a 17. The table @Magician just re-linked (which is not printed in the book, as my link earlier explained, @Sandwich) says that means you get your weight by multiplying your height by 2.
What is weight measured in?
Makes sense.
Pounds, which we only know because that's what it's measured with in the next table.
So, now we look at the table on page 15.
At 71'' and 142 lbs, you get...
Is this supposed to be creating my real life me? Because it is pretty accurate so far.
Except I am not 50. But I hope to be, one day.
6:42 AM
+2, 0, and -1.
Which we have to look at the text and learn is for Moves, Resiliency, and Strength, in that order.
I got the same
As did I.
The table is completely broken to me.
Your Strength is now -2. May you rest in peace, 'cause you're not doing much else.
I don't even know how you did to see it.
6:43 AM
Yeeeah, I'm walking you through this so you don't suffer like I did the first time through.
@BESW I am 50 years old, dude. And it's the apocalypse, I am hoping to retire soon.
Or die.
@BESW Might still get positive radmans, right?
@Magician Might be asked to re-roll everything!
For the record, now:
Your carrying weight is 10 lbs.
This is the most fun I've had in ages, this is sad
Your gender is your choice, but make a note of it because it might matter later.
6:44 AM
How was the carrying weight determined?
We're skipping the 200d6 rolls for skills.
It asks me to look at another table.
> maximum carrying weight = 30 + (strength x 10) pounds
(Okay, just rolled for random mutations, trusting in the holy power of atmospheric noise to see me through.)
6:45 AM
Thank god for that BESW
Now, pick one of these values and add 1d6 to it:
• age
• height
• initiative
• maximum carrying weight
• moves
• resiliency
• shielding
• weight
So.. I have negative strenght but I can carry 10 pounds.
Makes sense.
I will go for shielding.
God knows I will need it.
Alright cool
13 moves now
Supa fast
6:46 AM
Now we get to the fun part.
This is the most stupid thing I've ever seen.
I am loving it.
Please do tell.
@Althis, roll 3d6 to determine how many radmans (radiation manipulations) you have.
I already rolled this, I have 6
6:47 AM
Okay! Just got my first radiation, and immediately went insane.
I guess there is another table now, right?
Yup. It's got 1000 entries.
So roll 3d10 to determine your first radman!
(The table starts on page 21.)
730 hmmm
6:48 AM
Lets see.
> 145 Eraser. You may spend 25 skill points to erase a random
radiation manipulation, 75 to erase one of your choice, or 200 to
erase them all. cost: depends. range: self. effect: cumulative.
That's actually REALLY good.
@acomputingpun Hah, and you lose radiation madness so you can't even argue you go un-insane after you generate renown. Neat!
...unfortunately you rolled it first, so it's useless.
Dude. @BESW. Admit, I am owning this thing.
'cause, yanno, you have no radiations to remove.
6:49 AM
Admit it, dude.
So, first radman: no effect.
Roll 3d10 again.
Don't I get to use it later?
Isn't it a thing I have now?
Nope, it's just a "do this now."
Because being otherwise would be considerate and useful, and this is deadEarth.
Simple logic eh? that doesnt sound too bad
6:50 AM
> 969 Slippery. Your skin secretes oils which keep it very slippery.
Any combat maneuver which involves grabs, holds, etc. are at
-2D6 to perform. +2D6 to escape. Clothing tends to be uncomfortable;
if armor heavier than leather is worn, -2 moves. Your
skin also tends to be reective due to its sheen: -D6 to hide.
cost: none. range: self. effect: binary.
458... hmm
Congratulations, you're slimy.
Are you SURE this is not a power I get?
Because those seem like abilities.
Or descriptors.
6:51 AM
yeah, see where it says "Effect: Cumulative"?
Radiation weight gain
Or, you know, stuff.
That means each time you roll that number you add the effect again.
I do not see cumulative.
6:52 AM
But ok.
Whereas Slippery is Binary, which means if you roll 969 again you have to re-roll.
> cost: depends. range: self. effect: cumulative.
> 364 Scholar. You are driven to seek out knowledge entirely for
the sake of having knowledge. From now on, for every skill point
you spend on any non-technical skill (physical, weapon skill,
drive, etc.) you must spend at least two skill points on a technical
skill (computers, medic, metallurgy, etc.). Also, in every technical
skill area, it takes ve fewer skill points to raise a skill to the next
level. cost: none. range: self. effect: binary.
6:53 AM
I really thought that it was a good thing.
I am just compulsive.
Turns out it is not.
Alas, it would have been great if you'd already gotten radmans you didn't want.
So far I am pretty ok.
That's part of deadEarth's "charm:" often times it negates itself.
6:54 AM
Not as badass as at the start, but ok.
You may add to your list of radiations any singleradiation which has been previously removed from your list,then remove reprisal from your list. If no radiations have beenremoved, or you cannot remember, or you do not wish to usethe effect, also remove reprisal from your list.
> 022 Reprisal. You may add to your list of radiations any single
radiation which has been previously removed from your list,
then remove reprisal from your list. If no radiations have been
removed, or you cannot remember, or you do not wish to use
the effect, also remove reprisal from your list. cost: none. range:
self. effect: temporary.
I'm not dead yet!
One more to go!
And that formatting...
6:55 AM
Oh, yes. The formatting is terrible.
So, that's another dud radman.
Three more to go!
Wasn't Eraser removed from my list?
Yes, but you don't roll again to add another.
Can't I put it back in and remove Slimy?
I guess there are your advantages to being slimy.
Slippery wasn't removed from the list, so you can't put it back.
docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… That's what I've got so far
6:56 AM
I could put Eraser and erase Slimy.
Oh. Eraser wasn't removed from your list either.
It just... didn't do anything.
I am impressed you did so well @Sandwich.
> 207 Intimidated. Roll a D6 when you enter combat. If you roll a
one or a six you must ee from combat. You may not take any
offensive actions, even if you are cornered. cost: none. range:
self. effect: binary.
Now we're getting into the juicy stuff.
I got one that took skillpoints and another that gained skill points so I cancelled those two out
6:58 AM
You have a 1/3 chance of bailing on any combat.
The other ones are inability to haggle
Really?! That is a 33% chance of leaving combat?!
And I can charm people
Into giving me food
6:59 AM
> 301 Brilliant. Skills cost only half the normal skill points to
advance. The effects of this radiation manipulation will not take
affect until after character creation. cost: none. range: self.
effect: binary.
That synergises interestingly with Scholar.
It does.
It is not going so badly for me yet.
Two more....
No, one more.
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