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7:36 AM
Can you recommend some nice books for privilege escalation .?
@TilakMaddy For what knowledge level?
I.e. "My First PrivEsc" or something more advanced?
7:51 AM
A: How to implement token based authentication for my API?

Geeki SquadA token is a piece of data that has no meaning or use on its own, but combined with the correct tokenization system, becomes a vital player in securing your application. Token based authentication works by ensuring that each request to a server is accompanied by a signed token which the server ve...

Is this answer spam? The writing style is weird and the external link + username
8:09 AM
@Derpy Good morning
8:27 AM
@MechMK1 Morning
8:45 AM
How're things going?
I'm currently bored out of my mind, because the pentest that should have started on monday is delayed again
@Derpy tl;dr?
@forest SimJack
Oh. Well I haven't read about its supposed capabilities, other than that it can "pinpoint your location" without you knowing. That's something that's well known from the days of the e911 leaks.
Now, if it's capable of arbitrary code execution rather than extracting low-level hardware information and performing location pings, that would be a little more interesting, although not at all unexpected.
The point derpy was making is that there is no independent confirmations of it yet
Just word of mouth, all coming from one source
There is no PoC, no technical details at all
I could give you a dozen anecdotal "this contractor has this spooky capability" examples.
They aren't very hard to come by.
Without technical details, or at least details of capabilities (location tracking vs code exec), there's nothing anyone can say about whether or not it's a big deal. I'd wager to say that this is just a marketing ploy, and they're disclosing some "no shit" level capabilities.
9:04 AM
@forest As I said before, based on my limited understanding, I am not even sure that this "S@T Browser" component is still used in newer USIM.
I honestly didn't look into this whole SimJack thing at all, so I'm not sure what they claim.
The "billions user affected" claim could be very overestimated even if the issue is real.
@forest this is the original source to all the article. All point back to this, and as you can see even the source has little to no real content.
> We will be giving technical details on Simjacker during the Virus Bulletin Conference, London, 3rd October 2019 but in this blog we will give an overview of Simjacker, how it works and who is potentially exploiting it, as well as why it is such a significant new type of attack.
I guess we'll find out. (Reading the rest right now)
> Simjacker code running on the UICC requests location and specific device information (the IMEI) from the handset. Once this information is retrieved, the Simjacker code running on the UICC then collates it and sends the combined information to a recipient number via another SMS (we call this the ‘Data Message’), again by triggering logic on the handset. This Data Message is the method by which the location and IMEI information can be exfiltrated to a remote phone controlled by the attacker.
This sounds an awful lot like traditional location pings / silent SMS.
Oh, "Beyond Location" explains that it has more capabilities.
yep, they claim it can be used to send sms, trigger calls and so on.
It sounds like this is legit, to be honest.
We'll have to wait until October to know for sure, of course.
But I'm not noticing any inconsistencies with either the MO of whatever IC contractor they're referring to, or with the technical capabilities of SIM cards and the GSM network in general.
9:21 AM
Well, for one, this guy seems to claim that the "SET UP call" means that the phone would just prep a call, but the final user would still have to press the call button.
Anyway, see here:
Yeah I would be surprised if it allowed arbitrary code execution on the main OS.
At least, without an additional 0day.
I think the whole "malware" angle is stupid, but they're likely describing a real vuln.
as I said before, the thing that bugs me is not that the claim is really unreasonable - it does seem like the usual unprotected service that was intended just for carrier operators usage and can be abused by regular users
AKA the usual "Security by obscurity" nonsense
Sorry, I was busy
What did I miss?
What smells fishy is the marketing like claims on the "oh my gosh we will all die"
9:25 AM
I mean, technically it's true.
@forest I am not sure the impact is as big as they claim. It would be nice to know how many operators still use the S@T browser
I think the impact is likely as big as they claim, but it's probably very conditional.
And there's likely not many capabilities it provides that aren't already known.
@JourneymanGeek I would be surprized if we wouldn't
There are some things that scare me in infosec, and honestly, this isn't one of them.
I've been all "zomg"ed out when it comes to mobile security issues.
@forest it is a component last updated in 2009. From what we know, newer SIM/USIM may even no longer include it, that's what I mean.
9:27 AM
@Derpy Billions of people still rely on GPRS/EDGE.
9:39 AM
@forest that's true too, but imho the article is still written in a weird way almost like the primary purpose was to generate fear.
10:28 AM
(oh, the prototype photos for the Kotobukiya's Rarity figure are out. Nice)
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12:29 PM
@ConorMancone I heard you like DRM questions:
Q: I want to hide my youtube embeded code from my source code

Saad ShaikhI have iframe in my website i want it to be encrypted so that user can't understand the link and when user try to paste on browser it should show the video <iframe id="<?php echo $fetchyoutubedetails['id'];?>" class="yt_players" width="972" height="284" src="<?php echo $fetchyoutubede...

1:22 PM
@MechMK1 Another one! Until I recently started paying attention, I never realized just how many people basically want to implement DRM. I'm obviously all for people making money from their work, but I wish more people understood that fancy content protection just hurts you in the long run.
I've purchased world of goo before and enjoyed playing it. They use to take a strong stance against DRM and therefore distribute their game very freely (they're still against DRM, they just don't advertise it on their main site anymore). 2dboy.com I swear that their reasons for being anti-DRM were the most coherent I've ever heard
Or maybe we should go the other way and someone should release a "DRM-based" browser that tries to lock the user out of everything, so web developers can easily generate protected websites? I don't see any way in which that could go badly...
Funnily enough, when that game came out, I did pirate it. Not because I was a cheap bastard, but because I was a teenager back then and literally had no way of buying it legitimately. Later of course, I bought the game
I think the big reason why people want to implement DRM is because they are so afraid that someone could use their assets.

Well, yeah. That's life. You could use my avatar and there was nothing I could do against it
There isn't even any legal ground upon which I could protect it, because it's literally just a purple hexagon with the letters "MK1" inside
DRM is probably something management want to add, hoping that it will stop the average unskilled kid from pirating their software.
For the color, I wanted to use #6400FF, but it didn't look good as avatar
More often than not, they don't realize two important things:
So I picked a darker shade of purple, #490088
My thoughts on DRM:
yesterday, by MechMK1
Pirates already have the very compelling argument that their product is free. Don't also give them the argument that their product is better than yours.
1:35 PM
@MechMK1 Reproducing your avatar is now soooo tempting. You're making it easy... fortunately I'm lazy and already like mine....
a) the kid does not need to know how to crack the protection, just wait for someone to do it and then download their work. Usually those who crack DRM and other forms of copy protection are FAR more competent than the one who did the DRM... so it is a lost battle.
@ConorMancone The font is Consolas, the effect is an inner drop shadow
@MechMK1 lol, good point.
I think I still have the PSD file if you want
b) because of a), the DRM only effect is to impair the user experience of those who actually bought the game.
1:36 PM
I was just going to steal it for fun. It's not stealing if you help me :)
I'm just waiting for someone with an avatar just like mine, but instead of "MK1", it has a big phallus inside :D
My ID says I'm 25, but I swear my mind is no day older than 14
Honestly, I bet it would be easy to make a practical argument against DRM. It costs money to try to make fancy DRM happen, it is an inconvenience for customers, and it gets circumvented and pirated anyway.
@MechMK1 as @forest could probably tell you, I have an user script for a very annoying feature that I could use in there situations -_-'
I'm pretty sure that a detailed analysis would show that it costs businesses more than it saves them. That's an effective argument
DRM only has one purpose anyways: Delay a cracked version for the first X days of release
@ConorMancone No, it works just fine. Look at GTA 4 for example. The DRM held for like 9 days or such. Waaaay more than they had expected
And in this time, they get the most sales
Because people care about getting the thing. And if the only way to get the thing is to buy it, they will
1:41 PM
@MechMK1 not really sure of that, unless you have the OHMYGOSHFF7TAKEMYMONEY factor on your side.
I'm sure with a big release like GTA IV, enough people wanted to get their hands on it, no matter what
But this is what I have heard from people in the business
And it's also the reason why many games go DRM-free weeks or months after launch
Yep, as I say - that is if you are one of the viral games that will sell no mater what.
One argument regarding piracy I have seen is "A pirate would not pay for a game anyways. Either they play it pirated, or they don't play it at all. The company would not cell a single cent anyways"
I don't trust that one either.
I think the only legitimate reasons to pirate a game is if you have no way of obtaining a product legally
E.g. the product is not sold anymore, the product is not sold in your area, etc.
1:46 PM
But I have a personal counter-argument: If the DRM is annoying enough, I will skip your game.
@Derpy I agree with that
But my point is: If a company doesn't want to sell me something, then they can't complain that I am not buying it
This is especially relevant for obsolete media, e.g. retro games, etc.
@MechMK1 Interesting, I've never heard that before
At least the developers I had heard of talking of DRM consider it as a measure to prevent piracy in the first X days
@MechMK1 You would laugh a lot if you knew the loops I had to jump thru many years ago in order to obtain a copy of the Black Adder Collection dvd box
I live in the middle of nowhere, and such collection boxes sell in local retailers at HILARIOUS markups
1:57 PM
@Derpy Do people still buy DVDs?
To be fair, it got better over the years
I mean, I know that when you buy a movie on a streaming platform you aren't actually buying it, and it's probably worse than DRM, but keeping actual DVDs around and being limited to watching it on a t.v. is just not worth it...
@ConorMancone it was about... 10 years ago. And anyway... yep, I can use a DVD/Bluray in some specific cases.
(plus my kids destroy anything that enters my house - that actually may be 95% of the reason why I refuse to buy DVDs anymore)
But I recall trying to buy the first Season of Criminal Minds Season 1. On Amazon, it costs 10,99 €. In retail, it used to cost 89€
1:59 PM
@MechMK1 Yikes!
@ConorMancone Funnily enough, I buy DVDs just to dump their contents as MP4 on my server
One of these days I'm going to have to figure out how to get "my" movies out of amazon... shh
@MechMK1 I would totally do that!
@ConorMancone I guess that you weren't one of the lucky ones that bought Disney games and now can't download or play them anymore because the service was pulled off....
2:00 PM
I specifically chose amazon with the expectation that they would be around for at least a decade. My DVDs never last that long anyway, so at the end of the day it's not as terrible as it actually sounds...
Disney is just like Google in this regard
They just kill off products and services as they want
But here's my thing: I consider most of my entertainment a product, not a service. And I want to keep my products around
Netflix is a service, and I respect that if netflix dies, I lose my access to hundreds of low-quality TV shows that nobody cares about
But if I buy a movie, I expect to be able to watch that movie now, tomorrow, in 20 years and on the day that my soul leaves this mortal husk of flesh and bones
2:55 PM
@MechMK1 On an unrelated notice... Yesterday you asked me what beta / preview even means for a game.
Today I ask you.... What does "beta/preview" means for a payment plan?
because apparently on Azure the pay as you go / consumption based payment plan for the App Management is in preview.....
What does preview mean for a payment plan... only Microsoft know.
7 hours later…
9:53 PM
@MechMK1 I do the exact same thing, though I've been doing some blurays as well
haven't tried 4k blurays yet because the drm is even worse bullshit than normal bluray
Isn't it just great how the DMCA criminalizes completely legitimate activity?
it wouldn't be such a big deal if everyone that sold media didn't always try to use DRM, but whole situation is the most annoying thing
I would post a question on sec.se ... but I think this is largely opinion based ... the CEO of my firm has requested that my IT department look into increasing our security posture ... my bosses first attempt at this was to talk to a snake oils salesman. I eviscerated this salesmen on the phone call but need options for a real security firm
where would I go to find a listing of decent security firms for contract work

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