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7:35 AM
Hi, just dropping by.
@MechMK1 since we had some fun ranting about unethical / bad mobile game mechanics some days ago, I thought you would like this picture.
It is a graph showing the trend of the reviews over the last few updated to the Animal Crossing mobile game
7:56 AM
@Derpy Wow, that's not a good trend. Even before, the reviews see, to have beecome more and more negative
@MechMK1 Oh, I've read about the content of the last update. I am quite surprised the reviews weren't worse
Hello there @forest
I have never played the game, so it's difficult for me to make objective judgements
@MechMK1 look, basically it goes like this:
In the game you can get a lot of duplicate items, both from events and from the loot gatcha boxes
Before the update, you could give out unwanted items to a specific character. Every 10 items he would go off, return after 6 hours and bring MULTIPLE items in return. Mind you, the item he returned were RESOURCES, not clothes/furniture like the one you had to trade in but still it gave you a chance for dupes
8:01 AM
Hello @MechMK1
I expected "General Kenobi" :D
Also, the character (called Gulliver) also would give you special maps that would unlock new characters in the game.
@Derpy So you could give away dupe shirts and get cloth, wood, iron, etc...
@MechMK1 basically yes
But the maps were the interesting thing. Every now and then they would add new characters map and if you used Gulliver you were granted to get a map you didn't still have
I assume they removed that?
8:05 AM
Post update:
You can no longer choose what to give to Gulliver. He will ask for specific items. Some of those items are normal items you can get, some are Gulliver specific items that you have to craft using RARE resources
the Gulliver specific items (that serve non purpose other than being given to him) use rare resources and are VERY pricey. They have ridiculous build times (like... 10h to build a box).
Wow, I guess that's what free-to-pay economies have become
after you fill the ship you get to send it to an island. Each island has a reward pool with a few items and IF YOU ARE LUCKY some character maps
What a scam
I am really sad. I was so excited to be able to play games together with my kid, but I guess I could literally take them to a casino now as well. At least there you have a chance of a real-life reward.
Each time you send the ship to a destination by filling it..... you wait about 12 hours. And then you get a SINGLE item
at least, the game tracks the prices you already got from an island.... so over multiple times you can exhaust the reward pool until you are granted to get the map.
You know, you could be a lot more grateful. You could wait 12 hours for a chance of getting an item.
You have to see it positively: You are guaranteed to receive an item
8:10 AM
Isn't this a kid's game though?
Of course it is
Because kids don't see how much of a scam all of this is
well, if the island uses cargo items... To fill it you probably spent over 60k bells, multiple rare resources and a lot of time....
And the price is.... 5k bells if you are unlucky.
Oh, and please, take notice of the offer to buy another price (without knowing what you get) for Leaf tickets (the game premium currency) so that you don't have to fill the ship again.
This is so scummy.
It actually makes me angry
I know that it's stupid to feel angry about a game that I don't even play
But it's a symptom of a much more widespread disease
Based on reddit, you even get a WARNING if you try to close the screen after getting just the "free" price claiming that "If you don't pay leaf tickets now to get another price, you will have to fill the ship again to get one"
8:16 AM
Videogames have always been dear to me, and to see them being turned into what is essentially a get-rich-quick scheme for managers. Because the developers will be kicked to the curb anyways after the game is out.
^ and yep, if that's true (will try to get a screen) it is somehow lame
@Derpy It's essentially a dark pattern
@MechMK1 and it is not just games...
But games is what really matter to me
See how it went with the recent Sonic movie thing... They actually tried to put the blame for the bad Sonic design on the animation studio.
8:17 AM
Sonic is just...I don't even know, man
Sonic Adventure 2 was the last acceptable sonic game. And if I could, I would completely re-write it
To be clear - the animation studio is the one that basically did the animation for.... every single one of the last 10 years games....
The whole "Shadow looks exactly like Sonic"-subplot is garbage
@Derpy Easy scapegoat still
I wasn't talking about the plot or poor game quality due to rushed launch dates... I was talking about this.
Yes, I saw that
Absolutely weird
no way that was a decision made by the animation studio
that was some "smart" manager / CEO that thought the Smurf movie was good.
8:22 AM
That was some board room meeting where people were like "We can't sell cartoon characters anymore. It needs to be sleek! It needs to be modern!"
@Derpy The fact that the Smurf movie costed 60 million USD to make and had about 45 million USD revenue should have been an indicator
@Derpy wtf
Why is Sonic a furry?
Reminds me of SorrowTV: "Pokémon are smooth! With the exception of some obviously furred or feathered Pokémon, all of them are smooth! Ask me what a Bulbasaur feels like, the answer is: Smooth! A Charizard, smooth! A Mewtwo, smooth!"
Of course
I would apply the same rule to Sonic as well
i dunno, the idea of a live action sonic movie is so bizarre
@forest When the trailer came out, I actually assumed it was a FAKE trailer, crafted just as some form of weird, viral marketing
8:37 AM
Didn't someone also make a crappy Pokemon movie where one was a furry?
I mean, the design is basically based on the Sanik meme
@forest Detective Pikachu?
Apparently, that was quite successful
I don't know what it was. I just saw some Pokemon that looked furry.
I died a little inside and went with my day.
8:39 AM
@MechMK1 Yeah that was it. Repulsive.
Pikachu does not have fur, even if it's a mouse Pokemon.
@forest split eyes, blue arms, red shows with no white line, human proportions.... yep the one in the movie is Sanic, not Sonic.
Major Characters in the Sanik Universe:
Overly Sexualized Bat
Dr. Eggplant
Coldsteel the Hedgehog (OC do not steal)
*Teleports Behind You* Nothing personnel, kid
Dr. Eggplant is often abbreviated Dr. 🍆
8:43 AM
@MechMK1 You saw that parody Sanic video game, right?
With the glitchy speedometer.
This might be it
> Click on video
> /mlp/

Oh dear...
@forest I saw that parody Sonic game, the one with the human princess. That was enough trash for the rest of my life, thanks.
Final Fantasy 06: Gotta Go Fast Edition
8:45 AM
@MechMK1 Gross. But don't worry, it's not from pony******s.
Sanic The Game looks more polished than Sonic '06
Just look at the speedometer. :D
What speedometer?
Is this not the right video? hm... I can't play YouTube videos so I just Googled it.
Has anyone of you played Remnant: From the Ashes?
"Press F1 for Help"

Nobody can help you now
The audio is beautiful.
My boss is on the other desk. I can't bear myself to enable sound. I need this job to feed my family.
@forest Your Winner? Ok, they played Big Rigs
I love the dubs picture in level 2.
8:52 AM
But you can tell this game has a strong smell of 4chan.
Dubs guy, SHIGGY, rustled jimmies...
I recently had to send my bus ticket to HR
It was like 1791046666
And I was this close to making a comment about it
Though I doubt that HR would have appreciated my usual approach
Check dem quads
Only quads can kill gi-------r
Not sure what that is. Never heard that on /a/.
Granted, /a/ isn't much for dubs, only the odd GET.
8:55 AM
Anyway, back to the original topic, I will be curios to see how the Animal Crossing post update mess ends out
Wait nvm I think I know what that is. Giga******?
@Derpy Probably a bit of backpedalling, everyone gets a free shirt and the update is reversed, only for them to pull a Bungie and silently reduce resource gain
Do you guys know the Destiny 2 XP controversy?
Basically, in Destiny 2 you would level up until you reached level 20
From that point on, you could still gain XP and "level up", but you would only get a loot box as a reward. You would not get more powerful
You would need 125,000 XP to level up once you reached 20
But what happened was that the game would lie to you about how much XP you would actually get
Like, the game would say you got +8,000 XP for completing an event, but only give you +2,000 XP progress towards your level
Bungie apologized, stating that they wanted to "keep the experience fresh by discouraging players from doing repetitive tasks" - without anything in the game actually telling players they would get reduced XP from such tasks.
@MechMK1 the experience you needed was measured in Snake Seconds?
9:01 AM
@Derpy I don't get the reference
But it got from bad to worse
Bungie reversed this measure, so players would always receive the amount of XP that was shown on the screen
But at the same time, they silently doubled the amount of XP needed to level up, from 125k to 250k
Aka. "We act like we are giving you more and want you to see us as benevolent, but we don't give you anything"
@MechMK1 reference to an old Nes game called Snake Rattle&Roll. For unclear reasons, the in-game clock was slower than normal. 1 game second equals 2 real seconds for apparently no reason (some say it was probably a timing bug that the dev decided to keep because it was fun).
The game manual called the "double" seconds "Snake Seconds"
I think you can actually get a scan of the manual if you google it
it didn't had any influence on gameplay, so...
No, it was just fun
I remember when games were that
Good times
@MechMK1 the ability to update the content of a game after launch is one of the greatest curses of this gaming era.
9:12 AM
A blessing and a curse
I honestly believe that those who had the idea "What if we could update our games post-launch" had genuinely good intentions.
"Imagine if we had missed a bug, and we could just patch it out! Imagine if there was a map exploit that we didn't catch in testing, and we could just patch it out! Imagine if there was an unbalanced item and we could just rebalance it!"
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
Oh my god, RMS was forced to resign from FSF not long ago. O_o
Apparently he claimed that some girl was forced to have sex with someone else, and that she was coerced into pretending she was willing. The media took the words "she presented herself as willing" and took that out of the context "because she was forced to present herself that way".
We had such a conversation not too long ago, if I recall correctly
Huh, I wasn't here for that. I just found out about this now.
The court of public opinion only knows one verdict.
You can quote me on this
@forest No, not about GNU/RMS, but about false accusations
ah, yeah
9:30 AM
Q: have the sshd host strings that are present in /var/log/auth.log been validated by sshd?

user964491Since the log messages are written by the sshd deamon after an established connection then my understanding is that the host strings have already been validated by the sshd deamon since the log records would not be in there since the /var/log/auth.log has messages regarding the sshd login attempt...

9:40 AM
@MechMK1 "Imagine if we could sell just half of the game, and then sell them the rest of the content in small, overpriced packages"
@Derpy That's what the managers thought afterwards
I'm surprized "gread" isn't a legitimate spelling yet
> "Mayst death find thoseth who canst't updateth their game, theie shall forever liveth with a butchereth releaseth"
Art is a virtue, Money is a vice.
10:08 AM
@MechMK1 Day one cosmetic dlc included in the game. Why Y NO ON DISK??
Oh, yeah, right....
DLC cant be resold as used
so, an used game is an incomplete game.
why would a FREE day one dlc be a dlc otherwise?
why should that content not be in the game in the first place? Why should you make the buyer go through additional hops to download a skin that you are giving out for free?
Because that is a single use claimable code, that's why.
@Derpy Because DLC used to be "content the developers could make while waiting for approval of the main game" and has become "content that is removed from the main game and added in at a premium, so that the illusion of 60 USD games could be maintained"
10:24 AM
@MechMK1 as I said, it is not just that. Day one DLC included in the box are clearly being used as a way to boycott the used games market.
It is not extra $$ if every version of the game has a "skin pack download code" or "additional quest" code in the box.
It is just "if you redeem it and sell the game, the game will be incomplete"
@MechMK1 Anyway, I have a new gem for your, since it seems we are on the same wavelength in regards to mobile scam games.
This game used to have in app purchases DURING THE BETA PERIOD.
10:55 AM
@Derpy I absolutely hate this
I think it was Warframe, that claimed to be in "Early Access", but had in-app purchases
So many games use "Early Access" like a shield to deflect criticism
@MechMK1 I don't know if they went as far as to reset the game status when the beta finished (IF the beta finished, google store web pages aren't really that clear)
"The game absolutely lacks any meaningful content" - Yes, we're early access. Please be patient.

"The game has so many bugs, it's borderline unplayable" - Yes, we're early access. Please be patient.

"The game is extremely unbalanced. If you don't use *this specific build*, you can't play" - Yes, we're early access. Please be patient.
@Derpy What does it even mean for a game to be in beta? That's a serious question by the way
@MechMK1 technically, from Google Store point of view two things: restricted number of players and "game may have bugs" disclaimer
but it seems you can still monetize while in beta
Yes, but I was talking from a game developer perspective
Because to the player, the game appears fully functional and is underhandedly being advertised as such
No, I mean that if you browse the store from your device there is a warning saying that the game is in early access beta and that if you enter the beta test you may experience bugs.
11:08 AM
I remember when GTFO released their roadmap, they had to explain to players that this is **not** a preview release.

To quote: "If we test the network code, then expect the network code to be buggy. Expect having connection problems, lags, etc. - this is the **point** of a test. We need to figure out what doesn't work and how to fix it. If we knew the networking code was fine, then we wouldn't need to test it"
I don't see the warning on the store site so either the game exited the beta or the site doesn't show the full info.
@Derpy Does that mean anything to the player? I would doubt so
@MechMK1 well, nowadays many games aren't exactly what I would call smart. I don't know if that is the result of gaming becoming more accessible to a larger group of people or what... but surely back in the '80 gamers were far more knowledgeable.
By which I meant they usually knew what they were doing
today... people go asking how to circumvent piracy protection on the developers forum.
(or accept to live with drm schemas that are borderline illegal - see drm that damaged your DVD player)
DRM is a scam
I bought the game, I can do what I want with it
"You're not allowed to reverse engineer the game" - You're not my real dad, you can't tell me what to do
11:24 AM
@MechMK1 I can live with "you can't reverse engineer the game". I can't really accept the "this game installs securom/starlight/[otherDRMSUITE] which will mess up your OS, installed software and may even damage your hardware if you are unlucky."
You want to play a game? Only if you install some malware too
I mean, if my memory servers Starforce way of working often ended up in your dvd player to be forced to run in a sort of debug mode, which would result in additional strain put on the laser/lens, in some cases causing actual damage
Don't remember the details, but I think it true info taken from actual analysis made by a piracy group.
You know, I really dislike piracy, but I absolutely support their fight against DRM
the second you come to the point that playing an actual original, legit, retail copy of a game causes you more discomfort that playing a piracy copy you know they are doing it wrong.
Yes, absolutely
11:39 AM
It is fun because no mater what they try, in the end the drm only end up ruining the experience of the paying players
Pirates already have the very compelling argument that their product is free. Don't also give them the argument that their product is better than yours.
it is not like the cracked versions will contain an additional software that will mess up your pc.
I mean, how can you even think that people who actually understand what they are doing will accept that the drm tied to the game DISABLES dvd burning softwares???
Some of them are made to block software like Nero or Alchool.... Which for what they know I could be actually using just to store my photos on dvds (not far from the truth, btw - owning a reflex and loving to take 4k pictures in raw format)
Just the fact alone that a software developer tries to tell you what you are allowed to do on your PC or not is enough to show them the finger.
to be fair, I switched to console gaming many years ago now. I sometime regret not being able to play with mods (the Elder Scroll games are actually very poor in their vanilla version if you ask me) but it is a price to pay to avoid the mess pc gaming has become
11:56 AM
I have a good gaming PC and a Nintendo Switch
And I almost exclusively play indie games
7 Days to Die, Human Fall Flat, Cultist Simulator, etc...
I... don't think I have a favorite genre. I can say I usually don't play many mass "AAA games" that many gamers think are the best-game-ever
If we had to set a genre..... mostly JRPG related?
You know, adventure, exploration, that kind of games.
12:14 PM
Yes, I really liked Final Fantasy X. i think the story was great, even though the english voice acting was terrible
I wish the HD remake would actually have done more than to increase texture resolution
The music was just...so good. I remember playing "To Zanarkand" on piano. It was beautiful
And before you ask: I am a terrible pianist :D
I have weird musical taste, which usually means I like (good) game music more than actual songs albums made by many famous artists.
12:32 PM
Music is just distilled emotions in acoustic form.
And it's up to us to interpret these emotions
If you associate the timbre, chords and melody of a particular arrangement with any specific emotion, then that's just as valid as any other interpretation
There is no particular reason why the first two bars of "To Zanarkand" would instill a vague sense of sadness in a person, except that they associate the music with a particular moment in an abstract narrative
12:48 PM
@MechMK1 So on point.
anyway, just to discuss something in topic for once....
Just read about the recently? found Simjacker "vulnerability"
What about it?
I don't know if you already talked about that before, but it seems pretty bad.
basically, due to a vulnerability in the now obsolete S@T Browser module found in almost every card, it is possible to just send an SMS to a device and trigger the following comands
PROVIDE LOCAL INFORMATION (including location, battery, network, and language)
How can I protect myself from that? Aside from taking out my SIM card?
basically, it seems that due to this anyone can send a crafted SMS message to a device because the device makes no validation of the sender. So anyone has access to the same commands that the operator has. And did I mention that some of those commands don't even make much sense in the first place?
@MechMK1 that's what I was trying to find out.
Probably something like "You can't. Everything is fucked." again
1:04 PM
yep, probably.
But I lack appropriate knowledge in the field.
Based on some reading, this S@T Browser seems something tied to SIM cards. Some articles seem to imply that USIM don't use the S@T module anymore since it has been replaced with more up to date components.
at the same time, all the articles point to one single source, with no form of independent confirmation
Smells a little fishy, like it was deliberate false info spread for marketing purposes.
Maybe @forest can understand a little more.
1:20 PM
It might be, but it doesn't have the "Buy our product"/"Hire us"/etc. vibe to it
Like the one company that claimed to have viable first-preimage attacks for SHA-256
seems we may get some news on October, 3rd
in the meantime, I think this guy has some valid points
It does seem fishy

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