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9:00 PM
@JeffFerland Why can't it be both?
There is that great picture of Teddy fording a river on a moose.
@JeffFerland For a moderator, you need something which demonstrates natural authority
@ThomasPornin like a moose?
A fierce creature, but also a calm one
@ThomasPornin Like an image taken from a slight upward angle, of a man staring off into the future, and wearing a rather cunning cap?
9:01 PM
@ThomasPornin I think Tiggers are neither fierce nor calm.
One which could spread utter destruction but will refrain from doing it through sheer will.
@ScottPack I thought it was Tom Morello's cap you'd stolen
@ThomasPornin a... BEAR!
with frakkin lazer beams!
riding a horse!
@RoryAlsop It was a gift from my brother. So I can't really say where it came from.
9:03 PM
@AviD - yes! On a horse!
@JeffFerland bouncin' is what tiggers do best!
@JeffFerland If you use a moose, people will think that you are Canadian
actually, the tigger represents my raw enthusiasm.
@ThomasPornin that sounds aboot right:-)
I actually thought you were a lady for the longest time since all the Tigger fans I've known have been....
9:05 PM
@ThomasPornin I'm from Maine. It's a technicality.
@ScottPack whaaa??
no, thats @Iszi!
@ScottPack @Tigger is an alpha male! have you not watched any of the movies?
@AviD No, @ScottPack has "verified my gender to within an acceptable margin of error" as male.
Not since I was a child
@Iszi lol
@Iszi Precisely. I still maintain the possibility of a stand-in, though I feel that is a small enough probability to be effectively zero.
9:08 PM
@ScottPack ah, see - I used to hate the poo movies. until my son made me sit through The Tigger Movie, over and over and over again, when he was home sick....
@ScottPack Trust models FTW
@AviD You so want to add an "h" there
umm.... no.
@AviD Winnie the Poo?
@JeffFerland yeah, those movies are crap ;)
9:13 PM
@AviD HA!
but actually, after the 30th time or so, I began to see some good in those movies.
each character is annoying, but with a redeeming quality.
@AviD better than Spongebog?
@RoryAlsop oy.
oy oy
@RoryAlsop hassidic pirates, then?
9:15 PM
I did extensive googling, but couldn't find anything
so disappointed
I did like some of the geekier talk like a pirate quotes.
@RoryAlsop ?
@AviD that's talking like a pirate
@RoryAlsop ohhhh slaps head
9:19 PM
right - will finish reviewing your epic:-)
@RoryAlsop Slapping somebody as a mod must be fun, but I can't imagine anything beats getting a mod to slap himself. :)
@RoryAlsop :)
@JeffFerland WITH A HAMMER!
@AviD - interesting formatting on the smileys
not sure why they seem to stand proud of the text
will see what I can do
@RoryAlsop tried removing them... the editor seems to force them back in :@
so, the other day, my daughter looks me in the eye and says "dad, you bozo".
then she had a "muwahahaha".
My parenting is complete....
of course, this is my two year old.
@AviD Perfect!
SWMBO says she loves it too!
9:27 PM
then she tells me her brother is watching pooperman.
@RoryAlsop glad I amuse....
no - Except in Bed!
gnite @JeffFerland ya sick bastard
yup, I'm gonna use that all the time now.
right - review complete. Made very minor formatting changes, but that's about it.
@RoryAlsop so, it wasnt too wordy?
no - I think anything including a review of various speakers is going to be wordy
it read fine
and has made me want to get the slides from some of the talks
9:33 PM
So we have @Jeff's audit post scheduled for Friday, and the next one not till the 4th. You fancy having it next week?
I most recommend shay chen's (TSRC), erez on crypto mistakes, and Adi's with the mobile bank job. And mine, of course.
@RoryAlsop can do, in which case, some text would need to be changed (last thursday, owasp US this week)...
or we can do it now, to be honest - there is no reason I tend to schedule them roughly the same
shall we ping it out now?
9:35 PM
on the other hand, anything wrong with squeezing it in? timeliness and all...
as you wish, m'lord
two minds - a single thought
tis done!
@RoryAlsop single mind - two thoughts. sockpuppet, and all that...
excellent! cheers mate
@AviD oh darn - not again
were you able to fix my winkies?
nah - but it doesn't matter
9:37 PM
oh hai usual suspects!
they wanted to stand out
so I let 'em
@Mvy oh hai. Am it fluffeh teim
@RoryAlsop heh
@RoryAlsop whaa?
avid on September 21, 2011

This past Thursday, OWASP Israel held their yearly regional conference, just before the larger global AppSec conference in US. The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) was gracious enough to host the conference.

Sec.se was a sponsor there, and in addition provided some great swag – lanyards for the speakers, stickers, and loads of very cool t-shirts (these were gone before the first lecture even started!) Quite a few attendees popped them straight on, and I heard a lot of compliments on the logo design (thanks @Jin!!). Btw, Sec.se didn’t just sponsor the conference – they’re now full OWASP M …

is that celtic?
re schedule, let me know when there is a gap, I'm going to write up the content of my talk, it can go out whenever (as long as its not months away)
9:39 PM
(writing it up as a post, not a talk - but based on the same format)
posts scheduled for 4th and 18th Oct, but nothing beyond that
@RoryAlsop ooo...kaaaay...
the standard ones I have generally every 14 days
but again, all moveable
nothing next week?
reminds me - need to ask for the next QOTW. We have this Friday's one. Nothing next week
9:40 PM
I'll try to squeeze it out, fill a gap.
fluffeh teim:
it's a very silly b3ta.com meme
yeah, I got that. ahhh...
still think folks could chip in with more OWASP info, and perhaps some other open source project bodies on this q
Q: Appsec Standards Organizations?

MaraI'm a Java EE developer and I was wondering if anybody has had experience with the OWASP Project and could weigh-in as to how it measures up as a security standards organization. They have a huge website with multitudes of documents, sub-projects, frameworks/APIs, etc., and I just want to be sure...

heh - look at the starred comments:-)
someone starsniped me.
good night everybody
time to get back to the land of the living
9:51 PM
ah, so you really are Hades!
@RoryAlsop have you read the transcript from the teacherscast?
hysterical. they be even more jiggered than us.
I was sitting in teachers as well - very amusing around the chaos/menorah/pitchfork nonsense
Q: Vote for your QOTW #11

Rory AlsopFor QOTW #11, scheduled for publishing to the Security Stack Exchange Blog on 30 Sept, please post your topics as Answers, and vote for your favorite question from the whole Security Stackexchange site. Please post any question that you feel is worthy and your reasons. Try not to promote your ow...

@AviD Teachers is... interesting. Like meta.
truthfully, it is a LOT of noise.
9:56 PM
LOL - interesting like.... Gneiss
a lot of letting off steam, usually
yep but I think that's kinda needed for some mods, looking at what they've had to deal with
yeah - we do have it so much easier than elsewhere
especially when those end users start saying things like use memcpy. Sheesh! Hooligans.
@Ninefingers LOL
9:57 PM
@Ninefingers LOL
so, you and @nealmcb are never gonna stop rubbing that one in, huh?
@AviD well to be honest I tried to frame a funny comment under your mod election thing, but a) I couldn't think of anything funny and b) what's sorted is kinda sorted and I didn't want it brought up unless absolutely necessary.
though to be fair, I think after my initial buckshot reaction (accidentally spraying you with response to the vitriol) it was sorted all for the best.
@Ninefingers well, a) @nealmcb brought it up and b) I am kinda proud of the rest ;)
yep, so do I. I agree programmers can be a little... difficult to deal with, especially on the subject of being wrong totally and utterly right. Study my methods, and you may just learn something (revision 2).
that's right, you saw what I did, I take credit for you :D
@Ninefingers whaaats that?? programmers are never wrong.
Actually I became a much better programmer the day I realized I am actually wrong more often than correct.
Even when I'm right.
@Ninefingers lol, love the revision
There you go, fixed my previous statement.
10:03 PM
I see you got the strikethrough working....
Yeah, turns out I can do a few things @RebeccaChernoff can do after all!
@AviD I've recently experienced having to manage programmers, which is a bit new for me.
I've been a few things before a programmer... I studied maths at uni (college for Americans) until illness put paid to that (I am now a part time student), but I also did a few french courses and used to be pretty good (got a bit rusty these days) so I an odd mix of technical and a little bit of social. My old job was the kind of place where you had to get a lot of buy-in from everyone to get things done.
So I'm a little bit used to "idiotic management" and can also see that often it's not idiotic at all. Transferring that to developers has been challenging
As has "you're not wrong, but for varying reasons we can't do that now"
@RebeccaChernoff - if you didn't know what @AviD meant:
Dr Mayhem Mask!
... oh, I don't know how to do youtube oneboxing
10:20 PM
That rocks!
@Ninefingers I can imagine. having been on both sides of management, both idiotic and not.
(yes, I am aware that the filled matrix of my answer implies that I was idiotic managment, but I while I freely admit that I claim that I was not responsible.)
@RoryAlsop excellent
oo, matching masks!
Was fun - we hadn't planned on doing that song, but the event was a bit chaotic so they asked if we could do more
no matching masks
I have a viennese mask, Erik paints his face, Lord Thrapston Flagellator has a gas mask
oh you mean the paint job
ah, yeah I guess I do.
matching paintjobs, then!
oh bloody Gravatar - trying to change my pic to the mask, and it's all going wrong
10:25 PM
That's so awesome. I reckon I'm gonna sneak up to Scotland sometime, it's not that far from here.
@AviD And you have a lot to be proud of - good nomination writeup! Some of your work isn't very apparent otherwise. I did feel good about my interactions with both of you and the happy result, so figured it was appropriate to refer obliquely to it without spewing the details. Did I offend you? That certainly wasn't my intent, but I didn't want to be completely non-responsive to the request for details.
@Ninefingers Anyone from Sec.SE turns up at a Metaltech gig - they get a guest pass :-)
@nealmcb of course not!
@AviD :)
@Ninefingers in fact - we have some small ones but then this big one in November:
10:27 PM
thanks to you I realized I was mistaken, you pointed me in the right direction and I blindly shot the saarlac's tentacles.
@RoryAlsop wow. Special promotion :!
or, something like that.
aye - supporting KMFDM is a biggie for us
we supported Alec Empire last year, but this is even bigger
@RoryAlsop doubly awesome. So you're gonna rock the place whilst I try to impress the ladies with my knowledge of kernels... I think I'm doing something wrong here...
10:29 PM
@nealmcb I found it amusing that you mentioned it, since I had been considering that... "situation", as an example of cleaning up my mess. and calming tense situations....
@Ninefingers Rock and Roll is a way to impress when they aren't interested in regex
@RoryAlsop excellent
although I was impressed - my new team secretary is cool - she runs a big Minecraft server:-)
and is much geekier than me
But she ain't on sec.se :P
or ... wait!?
@Mvy she isn't security focused. She is a programmer, graphics, coding type
and no, she isn't called @Iszi:-)
10:33 PM
@Ninefingers - we may be playing at one of the big security cons in the UK next year
@RoryAlsop looool!
just need to confirm PA requirements
@RoryAlsop as PWC or Dr.Mayhem?
@RoryAlsop we could make a new band for that event: metalsec.se?
10:34 PM
Me during the day, and Dr Mayhem in the evening
@RoryAlsop ah, a double feature
And the good thing is PwC are happy that I am IISP person, ISACA person, PwC person and Metaltech bod
Mister Aslop and Dr Mayhem
6 in one!
@AviD I haven't spoken to you about our folk angle yet, have I - Acoustech
10:36 PM
@RoryAlsop Sounds interesting. I've never been to a security conference, much to my disgust - I'm currently in the amateur realm security-wise (although a pro soft eng). I shall try to persuade the powers that be I need to go I think.
@RoryAlsop no?
@Ninefingers If you ever need good arguments to folks at CISO level about why some cons are good value, lemme know. I managed to justify Defcon for most of my team as the cheapest security training they could get:-)
Nice one
@AviD The same songs, but on slide and 12 string guitars, fretless acoustic bass, and with lots of fingerpicking, flat caps and jerseys
needs to publish more paper to go to conferences.
10:38 PM
@RoryAlsop ha!
@Mvy - that is the best way: as a speaker you get far more perks
@RoryAlsop I'm in startup land at the moment, which is actually a pretty great place to be. So I might be able to persuade them to indulge my interest, I don't know.
and with the scottish brogue, of course
@RoryAlsop Who is that douchey looking guy on the far right?
10:39 PM
@AviD nah - Erik, the singer, is from Orkney as well. Viking country!
@RoryAlsop The university will pay for the trip... that's the important part...
@ScottPack yeah, whatever - just cos my cap says "Rory Quiet Pint" on it!
and yours doesn't
personal note: grab the guitar when I got my Ph.D
That's true, I don't have my name on any of my clothes.
Shame I needed to stop playing while studying.
10:41 PM
@Mvy I think I've promised myself to learn the harmonica once I finish my MS
@ScottPack LOL
My eldest has decided after being our roadie at a festival last month that he wants to concentrate not on guitar or sax like his dad, no.
@ScottPack You think? As in you're not sure/can't remember?
Well, the difference @ScottPack is that I have 8 years of classical guitar behind me. So basically I need time and motivation.
The upside - Metaltech has loaned him a 5 string G&L bass to learn on
@Mvy best place to start
10:42 PM
I did a lot of piano and voice for a long time. I had a rather harsh bout with mono in college that left me a bit tone deaf.
okay, there really is too much crap on the internet.
makes it impossible to find the crap that I want.
you checked out our website then, eh?
@RoryAlsop I also promised me to buy a real electric guitar to throw off the piece of s*** I have at the moment... Can't get the sound to be good. Especially G string.
too many kittehs
10:44 PM
The internet is made of cats
Sucks when I never learned how to read music :/
@ScottPack I used to be really good at it when I played violin, but I suck at it now
it ain't that important
as long as you have big hands
ah hah - gravatar change complete - now to await the replacing of cached images
10:48 PM
heh heh heh - now for world domination.
Or maybe sleep - I need to go to the gym before work tomorrow morning
@Ninefingers he's just sucking up to the Musical Practice and Performance crowd....
yeah sleep
domination later
@AviD :-)
good night all. And good luck to all in the election!
@RoryAlsop Thx and good night too
@RoryAlsop gnite ya sick bastard
I love that this picture accompanies: "Rory has managed large scale security programmes, including global attack & penetration engagements, privacy and security...." that's right, Dr Mayhem is looking after your system!
@AviD I must head over there myself as I probably ought to ask some questions... my own guitar playing is pretty dire.
11:28 PM
@Ninefingers That's right, gentlemen. Doktor Mayhem personally penetrates your kit!

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